McConnell Meets Voters on Courthouse Steps (He didn’t mind doing it but it wasn’t particularly enlightening)

“So this notion that somehow going out and meeting the voters, speaking on the courthouse steps, shaking hands at the factory gate — all of which we do, you understand — is somehow a better way to communicate with our potential supporters astounds me. ‘Cause I can’t recall having had very many detailed discussions of the great issues of the day standing there bleary eyed at 4:30 a.m. working the plant gate. For those of you that haven’t tried it it’s a fascinating experience. I don’t mind doing it, but I don’t think it’s particularly enlightening.”

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Mitch McConnell wrapped up his campaigning on Saturday in Scott County where he joined Andy Barr and other Republicans to rally a small crowd of supporters on the courthouse steps as the sun set. A fitting end.

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He didn’t mind doing it but despite that setting sun, it wasn’t particularly enlightening:

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Pregnancy results from rape or incest? Andy Barr’s message to the lady-voters: Suck It Up!

The National Pro-Life Alliance is out with its 2014 endorsements — releasing them on the weekend before the election for some reason. It’s a pretty sad report since the vast, vast, vast majority of candidates from both parties simply ignored the NPLA questionnaire. But not everyone did.

Andy Barr responded to the “2014 Pro-Life Candidate Survey” and in so doing, re-affirms his belief that survivors of rape and incest should be forced by the heavy hand of the government to carry a pregnancy to term.

Andy Barr’s response also clearly establishes that the extremist Tea Party congressman believes that “emergency contraception” pills which are routinely given, for example, to women who have just been raped should be banned.

Andy Barr also affirms that he will “support and co-sponsor a Life at Conception Act defining that life begins at the moment of conception.”

Andy Barr, a self-proclaimed Constitutional scholar, answers YES to the question:

“Will you support legislation which, under Article III, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, would remove from the federal courts jurisdiction over the question of abortion?”

Yes. That’s right! In Andy Barr’s understanding of America, if the Constitution ain’t breaking their way, the checks and balances of government should no longer exist. Now if only Andy could get that piece of legislation similarly stricken from the jurisdiction of the courts, then the abortion legislation wouldn’t immediately be struck down.

Here are the questions:


(click to enlarge)

Note the Note: “These are the exact questions that were sent to the rival candidates for United States House and Senate in your state. We encourage you to use your power as a voter. Insist your candidates support the above pro-life measures.” 

Here are Andy Barr’s answers:


You’ll note that Hal Rogers did not reply. Neither did Brett Guthrie or Mitch McConnell (again, you can click here to see the whole document). You may also notice that the totally pointless Democrat running against Hal Rogers did respond to the survey — and that, curiously, on Question #10 there is not a YES or a NO but rather an Asterisk.

What does that mean?

Well, here’s questions #10:

“Will you support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution banning abortion except to save the life of the mother?”

And here’s what an * means:


Got that?

If there’s an * for Question #10, then you support a Constitutional amendment that bans all abortions unless the woman was raped.

But if you answer a straight up YES to #10, as Andy Barr clearly did, then you tell that raped woman to shove it.

Andy Barr doesn’t believe the survivors of rape and incest have suffered enough and he personally wants to shove his Big Government laws down their throats.

Life of the mother? Andy Barr will reluctantly allow an abortion if the mom would die.

Pregnancy results from rape? Andy Barr’s message to the lady-voters: Suck It Up.

None of this is new:


But it’s good to see Andy Barr is just as insane as ever.

For good measure, here’s the “Backgrounder & Explanation” information provided by the National Pro-Life Alliance on their questionnaire:


(click to enlarge)

Good thing the nation’s largest organization of pro-abortion OB/GYNs put their money behind Andy Barr’s candidacy because they felt “medical malpractice reform” was more important than the health and welfare of the women they treat.

Obamacare Destroying Kentucky!

Via the incomparable, clear evidence that the most powerful website in all the Bluegrass is literally ripping the Commonwealth apart, putting tens of millions of hard working Kentuckians out of work and cost the state literally trillions upon trillions of taxpayer dollars.

Kynect isn’t just a website, it’s a gateway to Hell!

KENTUCKY: Barr, Jensen square off in 6th district Congressional debate

Barr is finishing his first term in Congress while Jensen, who runs an education nonprofit in Lexington, is making her first run for office.

Jensen said she would give President Barack Obama a B- for his job performance, saying he’s been good for economy and the healthcare exchange that prompted the creation of Kynect, which has more than 500,000 Kentuckians enrolled.


KENTUCKY & ARKANSAS: Some Southern States Expanding Medicaid

The University of Kentucky’s Chandler Hospital has seen its inpatient numbers rise by 5 percent and its outpatient numbers rise by 10 percent since July. But its number of uninsured patients has dropped, from about 9 percent to 2.5 percent.

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Medical Center has seen its number of uninsured patients drop since the state expanded Medicaid.

Prior to this year, says Chandler’s Dr. Michael Karpf, “we were getting paid 10 cents on the dollar” serving low-income patients. “Now we are getting 40 cents on the dollar, so the cost of care for these people isn’t totally covered, but there is a lot more reimbursement. It means we are having very strong bottom lines in the hospital.”


KENTUCKY & MISSISSIPPI: Why Obamacare matters

Kentuckians wondering whether our state needs the Affordable Care Act should look to Mississippi, which offers a sobering example of what happened after that state’s efforts to launch “Obamacare” collapsed amid partisan bickering and tea party politics

A report this week in Kaiser Health News shows that the blow fell on the state’s most impoverished and sickest citizens, leaving Mississippi — already the country’s poorest state — “trapped in a severe and intractable health care crisis.”

And if you missed ACASignups epic dismantling of Mitch McConnell’s Affordable Care Act lies… check it:

Mitch McConnell’s kynect / ACA / Obamacare Lies by the Numbers

B&P’s Quick & Dirty Voter Guide

Quick and easy! Apologies to all those who were overlooked, snubbed, ignored or portrayed accurately.


mitch majority turtleB&P proudly endorses… Voting Against Mitch McConnell!

You don’t even have to be a Democrat to do this. Hell… you don’t have to tell anyone that you did it. It’s a sacred place!

But why would a Republican do this?

Here’s how it works: There’s a really good chance Republicans will win the Senate without needing to win Kentucky. That means… if you are a True Conservative or a member of the Tea Party or just an independent-minded Republican, every vote that’s cast against Mitch McConnell is a vote for a new, more truly conservative leader for the Republican Party in the Upper House.

Imagine… a Senate Leadership that’s actually in-line with an even more conservative House! You won’t get that with Mitch McConnell. You’ll just get more Mitch McConnell.

Here’s another advantage to voting against Mitch McConnell: Rand Paul instantly becomes the “Senior Senator From Kentucky!” McConnell’s hold over the state Republican Party is over… Rand Paul takes the reins, and true conservatives take over the Commonwealth… all of which raises Rand Paul’s prominence and power ahead of his destined march into the White House. A vote against Mitch McConnell is a vote for Rand Paul!

Why am I telling you any of this? Because we’re all in this together. Mitch McConnell goes away… and that’s a victory for everyone (execpt Mitch McConnell). Who cares what happens next? It can’t start until he’s gone.

U.S. CONGRESS: 6th District


Vote for Elisabeth Jensen. Vote for Jensen because she’s not afraid to fight. She’s run an underdog campaign, been overlooked by powerful national Dems who shortsightedly only looked at the Senate race and she’s been snubbed by some jealous and useless local Chandlercrats who rather than run themselves decided to sit this one out entirely because they dumbly think they’ll do better some other time. But Elisabeth Jensen never stopped fighting. She didn’t let that bullshit get her down, she didn’t waste time playing the petty games that typify the KDP… instead, Elisabeth Jensen spent her time fighting Andy Barr and laying out a solid Democratic platform.

Elisabeth Jensen is for raising the minimum wage, Andy Barr is for lowering it.

Elisabeth Jensen is for equal pay for equal work, Andy Barr is for forcing rape survivors to have their rapists babies.

Elisabeth Jensen is for protecting the Affordable Care Act, Garland H. Barr IV is for stripping 500,000 Kentuckians of their insurance coverage.

Andy Barr represents Wall Street, Elisabeth Jensen represents Kentucky.

Andy Barr is funded by Predatory Payday Lenders and Debt Collectors — and Andy Barr protects and defends Predatory Payday Lenders and Debt Collectors.

Elisabeth Jensen has made it pretty clear that she only wants to protect and defend Kentucky families and Kentucky workers.

U.S. CONGRESS: 3rd District

John Yarmuth.

Do we really need to say anything more?



Vote for Kathy Stein.

Vote for Kathy Stein because she is awesome. Vote for Kathy Stein because she is the most qualified person for the job. Vote for Kathy Stein because her opponent is heavily funded by a guy who isn’t just Karl Rove’s banker but also because that guy is literally trying to hurt your mother and your grandmother.

Vote for Kathy Stein.


1102570_624432474272434_482663161_oCurrently, this job belongs to a Republican, Jon Larson, who’s entire reason for running for the office was to destroy it. For a variety of reasons, the position is a bit redundant in Fayette and Jefferson County, but in all other counties it’s like being the President of a County… and having  good person in this seat is better than having an incompetent and Jon Larson is incompetent — the job still exists, Larson failed miserably to back up his platform but he did collect his paycheck the entire time (now he’s running for City Council… voter beware).

Anyway… vote for Alayne White for County Judge Executive. She’s been working hard for many years to advance good Dems, and there are still some duties the Judge Executive needs to do… and who better to do it than this smart, highly capable woman?


10291049_701765546553600_2028952539051905967_nShevawn Akers has been on the Council and should stay on the Council. She’s running against a guy, Michael Stuart, who’s been vocally endorsed by the Fayette County Republican Party (see here, here) despite the fact this is a non-partisan race. Given Stuart’s prolonged effort to end the election before any of the voters had a chance to voice their own opinions through a series of questionable and ultimately failed court challenges, you can see why the Republican Party like’s Stuart’s style. They’re the party of voter suppression and it seems like that’s what was attempted here in the 2nd.

It’s a shame that this is what the 2nd District race became… the District has some real issues and Akers has been strong on all of them. But these dumb court cases are what Stuart’s entire campaign has been about and in the end, his court challenge — his attempt to win the seat without having the voters’ votes count — can only be viewed as a cynical ploy. It went nowhere, amounted to nothing but earned Stuart some free press while pointlessly impugning his opponent… who, in the end, didn’t deserve it. Stick with Shevawn, and let’s move on.


jake-yardsign-3While the 2nd presents some interesting questions, the 3rd has a very clear answer. That answer is — without doubt and not one single reservation — Jake Gibbs.

The 3rd District is Lexington’s fighting lefty core. We are the heart of the Fighting 75th House District and the blood of the Immovable 13th Senate District. Gibbs is the only candidate qualified for this office.

Gibbs is running against a dude who’s been on the City Council so long that no one has any idea what he’s ever done. Seriously… Chuck Ellinger has zero real accomplishments to call his own, historians are unable to say if he’s ever accomplished anything and about the only thing anyone actually knows about Chuck Ellinger is that he believes he should remain in city government for the rest of his life.

How someone can serve on the City Council for sixty or seventy years and have nothing to show for it is confounding… but what it clearly does show is that Chuck Ellinger does not deserve any more time in public office, and certainly not in this public office.

Gibbs is a strong progressive voice with a keen understanding of Lexington’s history and will be a strong voice for Lexington’s future. Jake Gibbs all the way.

4th District City Council


Susan Lamb. She’s good on the issues, from LexTran to race relations… on down the line. B&P loves Julian Beard… he’s the grumpy guy who keeps the Council on its toes and asks questions that surprise everyone. His answers to the KFTC questionnaire are hilarious (Julian “doesn’t believe” half the questions and the other half are fairly reasonable) but Lamb’s the better choice here… and it’ll free Julian to do something more worthy of his awesomeness. It’s time for Beard to go to Frankfort (imagine!), and it’s time for Lamb to take his seat in Lexington.



Another nonpartisan race in which the Republican Party has long been pushing a candidate of their own, this race has a very clear choice — Angela Evans.

Ms. Evans is right on the Minimum Wage, she’s right on worker’s rights, she’s right on HB70, she’s right on Lextran… and, look: Angela Evans is running against a self-described “Tea Party” member and Lexington needs that on its City Council like it needs a hole in the middle of its downtown. Like the Herald Leader said, Vote for Angela Evans.



On the one hand, 7th District voters have a Republican endorsed candidate who sent them a mailer that touted her “pubic service“… and on the other, there’s the guy the Republican Party turned their nose up at: a veteran of the Iraq War who now spends his time helping low-income families budget to pay their utility bills.

That’s Michael Moynahan. Only one candidate in this race has a history of public sevice and Michael is the one. The other… not so much.



1654322_261987637300224_2072751469_nLeTonia Jones is the one. With a distinguished career in social work, helping families, victims of domestic violence, and other pressing issues in our community, LeTonia brings a view of this city to the City Council that’s quite simply unmatched by any other sitting  member or candidate.

Elect LeTonia Jones now, make her Mayor tomorrow. She’s fearless, driven, sharp, and she needs your vote.



Yet another non-partisan race in which the Republican Party has spent months pushing a candidate of their own (in this case, as the Herald-Leader noted, a candidate who doesn’t understand even the simplest facts of city services) in an attempt to oust a sitting city council member who’s done nothing wrong except that she doesn’t ascribe to the extremist Right Wing concepts that are driving a nationwide attempt to take over local governments to advance far right policies. That’s a long winded way of saying, Vote for Jennifer Mossotti.

COUNCIL AT LARGE (vote for 3?)

You don’t have to vote for 3. There’s a theory that if you actually vote for 1 that’s like an extra vote or two for your one. Basically… there are a bunch of candidates, the top 3 vote getters become At Large Council Members with the top vote getter become the Vice Mayor.

People all across the city-county vote in this race. Each voter is allowed to vote for up to 3 candidates. You can vote for 1 if you want, or two. Or you can vote for three. But if you vote for only 1, then you are essentially depriving a vote to one or two of your 1’s opponents.

The existing field in this year’s race has some fine choices and some serious duds. One such dud is Jon Larson, the above mentioned “conservative” who became the County Judge Executive on a platform of destroying that office… and then rather than destroy the office just sat around cashing his paycheck each week for years. Don’t vote for him.

Who should you vote for? B&P is going to advise a Two Vote approach. Those two are:

  1. Steve Kay
  2. Richard Moloney

Why only two? And why those two? Because the Andy Barr and Mitch McConnell voters are going to turn out in force and they are going to vote for a handful of the other guys (yes, there are only men in this race). It is imperative that you offset the other candidates. Vote for Kay and Moloney… leave your third space blank… and tell your friends to do the same. Will this strategy ensure that one of their guys gets in? Probably… but!… that probably will happen anyway. So just make sure that two out of the three are on the good side.

(Yes, yes, I hear you… but Stinnett was a vocal Water Company lackey and Cegelka didn’t have the best month press-wise… seriously: Kay & Moloney… and scroll on…)

***Long story short… don’t vote for these guys:




Jim Gray has been a great mayor for Lexington. He’s brought people together, he’s worked miracles with the budget, he’s taking Lexington to new levels, and he’s bringing a great vision — and an inclusive, collaborative approach — to City Hall. His opponent’s a good man, but should never have tried for this office (heck, Beatty could’ve been a nice addition to that At Large race instead of wasting his effort here).

Jim Gray all the way.


Look… the State House needs help. You know this. Luckily two seats are taken care of — both George Brown (in the Jesse Crenshaw! seat) and Kelly Flood (in the Kathy Stein! seat) are unopposed. Some others need your help… if you see: Overly, Westrom, Kay, Tackett or Palumbo on your State House ballot, vote for them. B&P assures you they are better than whatever numbskull they’re running against.

Same goes for State Senate. RJ Palmer and especially Kathy Warnecke Ryan are solid bets here.

And if you can vote for Ashley Miller in her State House race… do it. Her Tea Party opponent has run a racist, sexist campaign and he needs to be put in his place.

But hey! This ain’t a directive. Decide for yourself…

Get your vote on!


Yes, this is Lexington-centric. This site is Lexington-centric. But! If you have folks in outside races who need and deserve some love, drop a note in the comments, via twitter/facebook or send an email.

The Least Among Us: Andy Barr’s Class Warfare is Immoral & Economically Ignorant

When asked if we should raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour, Andy Barr has repeatedly offered a magical counter proposal — rather than have a “minimum wage,” Andy Barr will say, we need to think about the “maximum wage.”

For a Congressman funded by

…Andy Barr’s desire to talk about “maximum wages” is bizarre. The people funding his campaign make “maximum wages” and the people those industries hurt the most don’t.

Andy Barr says that rather than pay $10 an hour, everyone should be making $30 an hour. If there were ever an example of a politician who will say and promise anything to get elected, this is it. Andy Barr, and the people who fund his campaign, have no interest in seeing regular working Americans make $30/hr.

More to the point, Andy Barr has no plan to achieve $30/hr. No serious economist would be able to construct a free market plan where that hourly rate could be either achieved or sustained.

And no serious voter should listen to Andy Barr on this subject and do anything but laugh. Andy Barr’s proposal is nonsense.

“We’re thinking too small in this country. We need to think about maximum wages, not minimum wages,” Barr said.

Jensen said she does support raising minimum wage because so many Kentucky workers are employed in minimum-wage positions.

“Increasing minimum wage would help 25 percent of Kentucky families,” Jensen said. “It’s the quickest way to get money in people’s hands that doesn’t cost the taxpayers.” [link]

But Andy Barr’s class warfare goes deeper than just his insultingly stupid opposition to the minimum wage. In addition to wanting to eliminate the minimum wage altogether in the hopes that a free market might magically pay people more than four times what it currently does, Andy Barr has also voted repeatedly to cut emergency unemployment extensions and to slash food stamps.

When Barr votes against public assistance, he says it’s necessary to prod people onto their feet. He told a Richmond audience last winter that extending unemployment benefits would provide a disincentive for the long-term jobless to seek work.

He voted a year ago to cut billions from food stamps over the next decade, calling the legislation “the most compassionate policy because it encourages people who are capable of work to move from dependence to self-sufficiency.”

Fifteen percent of 6th District households — more than 45,000 homes — get food stamps so they can purchase groceries, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Most are families with at least one parent holding a low-wage job. Their median household income is $14,237. [link]

Barr, who likes to talk about the millions of Americans who remain out of work as though he understands them, is opposed to providing continued emergency unemployment benefits because Andy Barr believes these people are lazy — and that’s why they can’t find work.

Andy Barr believes that the 45,000 homes in his own district which rely on food stamps to feed families and children are lazy as well. Andy Barr believes that if you take away the SNAP benefits, these families won’t starve to death or turn to crime to try to eat, but rather they will magically get $30/hour jobs in exciting new fields.

They will be hungry for food and thus they will work harder.

All of this from a man who has sold his office to the predatory payday lenders who prey on the millions of Americans who are forced to live paycheck-to-paycheck and still can’t make ends meet at the end of the day.

Andy Barr’s class warfare is despicable. It is unChristian, it flies in the face of the teachings of Jesus Christ, and if Andy Barr had ever paid any attention in church, he might know that he will be judged by how he has treated the least amongst us.

But it’s not just a bleeding heart that Andy Barr lacks — it’s also a basic understanding of simple economics.

Annually, 52,259 more people in Kentucky would not need SNAP if the minimum wage were raised to $10.10 an hour. Raising the minimum wage to $10.10 would result in a $97.3 million annual SNAP savings in Kentucky alone.


Andy Barr is engaged in a brutal class warfare. On the battlefield in Andy Barr’s wake lie hungry families, malnourished children, parents forced into a never-ending cycle of debt because they can’t pay their bills.

That’s Andy Barr’s America and that’s Andy Barr’s economy. A nation ravaged by debt, a starving populace told that anything is possible by a man funded by Wall Street banks and Predatory Lenders. His mother may be proud of him but Jesus Christ would be ashamed.

Here’s another worldview:

Kentucky GOP’s Racist & Sexist Attacks Get National Attention

You’ll likely recall the story of Phil Moffett, Sarah Durand and GOP Mega Donor (and Gubernatorial hopeful) Cathy Bailey and the racist, sexist, despicable attack website “SubmergeKentucky” that targeted the highly accomplished and very smart Democrat Ashley Miller (who happens to be both Black and a Woman, not to mention smarter than her racist Tea Party opponent).

If you don’t recall this particular story, you can read back here, here, and here, or…

As election day nears, this totally offensive attack on women and minorities by forces within the state’s Republican Party establishment has garnered some well-deserved national attention: