Liveblogging election night 5/20!!!

(post election wrap up here)

9:50- Lunsford just finished his acceptance speech.

Joni Jenkins spoke first, then Chris Sanders of Change to Win.

A women came out (didn’t catch her name) and talked about how things were so different in 1984 when Mitch came into office. (And she called a woman a “shero”… I’m going to put that into my vocabulary too, Justin). Gas was $1.3o a gallon. “What’s Love Got to Do with it?” was the #1 song. And in terms of the price of gas, and everything else falling apart, we must ask ourselves, what’s Mitch Got to do with it? (nice zinger)

Another women came out who was apparently a childhood friend of Bruce. Told us how Bruce always talked about his mom growing up. Talking about how their mothers were always taken care of. (what the…). More talk of taking care of old people. (Jesus, is this a Fischer plant?). Then talks about the 2003 Vencor attacks on Bruce. Says that anyone who would do that to “someone with a family” is basically scum. Yikes, calling out Ben and Greg, not by name but called them liars, basically.

Steph Horne came out and gave a great speech (she told me she’s never done that type of thing before). Laid into Mitch, and told how Bruce will bring the troops home, take proper care of them, bring universal health care, etc… (and she told me that she stole a line from a Jack Johnson song in the speech! She’s hip to what the kids are digging, too!)

Heather Rene French Henry came out and prowled all over the stage scaring people. Selling Bruce like milk. I felt a bit nauseous.

Bruce came out.

The man is tiny.

Says Fischer ran a “spirited campaign”. Fischer told him on the phone that he would support him against Mitch. Great news, I hope his supporters will join him and Ditch Mitch. Said Fischer has a great career in politics ahead for him if he so chooses, and he will “learn from his mistakes” just like Bruce did when he ran as a rookie in 2003.

But his “Mission is not Accomplished yet”- Ditch Mitch (chanting), home from Iraq, Veterans health care. Fix economy and all of Bush’s other disasters.

Said he’s apologized many times for “crossing party lines” sometimes, and “if Bush and McConnell did that every once in a while, we’d be much better off.

Mitch will spend millions against him calling him lots of names, “but I don’t care what names he calls me, because in January, he’ll call me Senator”.

9:04- Will Kenneth Stepp pass Cassarro? 2.8 to 2.2. That’s the only drama at this point.

Cue Cary Grant.

9:00- latest results-

(86% in)

Lunsford- 51%
Fischer- 34%
Williams- 6%

Rice still beating to Cassarro. by .5. Judy, Judy, Judy.

(92% in)

Obama- 30%
Hillary- 65%

With 93% of Louisville in, Obama now leading Hillary 51-46%. That’s more like it, but still, I thought he would take it by more. He won Lexington by the same margin.

Every county in Appalachia had Clinton winning about 90% to 10%. Wow. I mean, wow.

We gots some messed up mountain folks…

8:53- Fischer about to give his concession speech, apparently.

8:50- I’m the only person in the room not wearing a suit, besides the Union folks. And the only one wearing a trucker hat (KY for Obama 08).

8:41- Oh my. Somebody stepped to the mic and said it’s no long a cash bar. It’s open bar.

Excuse me for a second.

8:40- (76% in)

Lunsford- 51%
Fischer- 35%
Williams- 5%

Rice still beating to Cassarro. Always listen to Judy.

(80% in)

Obama- 31%
Hillary- 65%

8:30- Just went in to see Hillary speak. Boring. I’m back now.

On the way back, Jake and I passed Heather Rene French and Steve Henry. There was almost a flat out cat fight between Heather and Jake. Jake received a mean look. He split, laughing. Kids walking by, “do you think Chelsea is there?!?”. Cute. “Is Hillary this way?”- Unfortunately.

Such cynicism.

Hillary done speaking. Should be time for Bruce’s speech soon.


55% in

Clinton- 59%
Obama- 37%

47% in

Lunsford- 50%
Fischer- 36%
Williams- 5%

Rice is beating Cassarro, 3.1 to 2.9. You should have listened to Judy at the Christmas party, Mike…

8:00- This place is dead. Far less than 100 people here. Took some pictures but I don’t have a cord to upload them. Rats.

People watching: Crit Luallen is here getting interviewed on TV. Giving congrats to Bruce, I imagine. John Y. Brown III and swishy Jake chatting. Lauren Biggs and Stephen Shepard. Richard Becker. Nathan Dickerson. Allsion Haley giving a nice smile for the camera. Joni Jenkins I think? Brandt!!!!

So boring… I need to start some trouble or I’m gonna go mad.

7:50- The results of the Sec. of State’s site appear to be going backwards now and Hillary’s gone up by a zillion. Weird. Time to roam the crowd, I guess.

Well, CNN has 43% in

Clinton- 58

7:43- Goddamn! Jake looks really thin. I mean, like, sickeningly thin. And that suit! The man can dress.

(oh, and there’s this green thing around my wrist now, which has nothing to do with Jake, I assure you.)

7:40- Ron Paul representing in Lexington like I thought he would! 13%, not bad at all. The Gold Standard!!!

7:35- 32% in

Clinton- 55%
Obama- 42%

Obama cut the gap by taking Lexington 51-46 so far (76% in). Nowhere but down from here though, as Appalachia gets set to thump him.


Fischer closes a bit, taking Lexington 47-42 (76% in). Western and Eastern should widen the margin a bit, but it’s looking like he’ll keep the margin under 20, which is respectable.

7:30- With 85% in the 3rd Dist. of Lexington- Lawless-45, Thomason-24.

Congrats Eric!

7:25- Looks like Fischer in going to win Fayette County. Pretty impressive. Lunsford might have to actually, like, visit the city sometime in the next 5 months. If that’s not too much trouble for him.

7:20- 29% in

Clinton- 58%
Obama- 39%


54% of Fayette in Obama winning 51-46, Fischer winning 48-42.

7:12- As Schankula notes in the comments from Lexington’s 3rd Dist.-

Urban Council – 3rd – Fayette (69.2 % of precincts reporting)
Candidate Votes % Votes
Diane Lawless 1,021 47.9
Don Pratt 266 12.5
Garry Weston 130 6.1
Daniel Burton 0.0
Eric Thomason 533 25.0
Jonathan Rodgers 181 8.5

Congrats, Eric!!!!! (finishing 2nd means he goes on to the general election to face Lawless)

(Jonathan Rodgers is an excellent host though, sorry I couldn’t make it tonight. And the voting booth is a very private place…)

7:07- 22% in

Clinton- 54%
Obama- 43%


87% of Louisville is in, and Obama only won 49-48. It’s all downhill from here, with the exception of Fayette, which is still trickling in.

Lunsford won Jefferson 48-40, which means that Lunsford is the Democratic nominee to face Mitch McConnell.

Yep, I’m calling it.

Hillary Clinton and Bruce Lunsford win Kentucky.

(yea, I know, not exactly stopping the presses…)

7:00- 21% in


Looking close, but Louisville is 90% in, which should be Fischer’s best county (exception perhaps Fayette), so I assume it’s no place but down from here as East and West KY rolls in

6:58- 19% in


6:56- If anyone can find where the fayette county ditrict races are, please comment or email me.

6:55- Northup up 77-20 in her primary over Theinman, 36% reporting.

6:52-9% in



6:44- Forgot to mention it, but Steph Horne told me this afternoon she’s been asked to speak. If she can get here from her kids’ soccer game in time, she will. I can imagine her being the first to publicly tear into Mitch, and she deserves it.

6:38- Results finally coming in.

7% reported

Unfortunately Louisville’s 35% is already in (and Obama only up 49-48, bad news). Only 2% in Lexington.

(8% in)

6:33- Hillary ain’t dropping out. She’s having a private fundraiser tonight in the Marriot.

6:30- It is DEAD in here. Much more dead (deader?) than I thought it would be. Wonder what it looks like elsewhere.

6:00- The Wi-Fi Gods have smiled upon us!!!!

We’re up and live from the Marriot in Louisville.

The Marriot is the site for both the Lunsford and Clinton victory parties (different rooms of course). The Fischer party is a couple miles away. The Obama party is at Malones on Bardstown. Hopefully I can get into all of them, we’ll see.

Right now I’m sitting in the “Press Room” at the Lunsford event… a long table in a big empty room right next to the event room, with dirty rabble bloggers Jake Payne and Trey from Politicker. Also Gabe Bullard from NPR. The actual room is pretty sparse at this point… just staff. I’ll let you know when I spot a non-staff/Party big shot in the room (odds on that- 2:1).

Hillary has a line outside.

More to come.

Victory Party Liveblogging?!?

I shall be in Louisville tonight, trying to cover all of the Clinton / Obama / Lunsford / Fischer “victory” parties. Wi-fi Gods willing of course.

Will Clinton hang it up?

Will Obama declare victory in Oregon?

Will Lunsford have anyone who’s not a staffer or Party official there?

Will Fischer kick me out like the poll worker kicked him out this morning?

All good questions. Stayed tuned to your Gonzo Correspondent for all the juicy details. (Starting around 5:30)

Insult to Injury

I know I shouldn’t laugh at this, but… yur outta here

And Fischer’s campaign just sent an email accusing Lunsford of electioneering for having a yard sign within 300 feet of a polling place and because not all polling places have giant signs saying the Horne is not in the race.

Sigh. It’s almost over, folks. I swear.

Big Dog and HillRod do Transy

It was an odd night at my old Alma Mater last night, as an almost capacity gymnasium witnessed a top notch political performance by America’s First Couple, Bill and Hillary Clinton. I’m assuming some of the national media might have been thinking this, but it was fitting that Transylvania was the destination for this traveling roadshow of the walking dead.

The crowd warmed up for the show with its typical scenery for a Hillary event: old ladies dancing to the music. And I must note for a speech given at a University in which the semester is still going, young people were definitely a minority in the audience. One Ron Paul sign. One Jonathan Rodgers sign (h/t Schankula). Signs with “Hillary: the Smart Choice”. The guy from MSNBC that’s always on Olbermann. A red head that I swear was Maureen Doud, though I can’t possibly imagine her stopping in fly-over country.

It all got started with a speaker whom I never caught the name of. And right off the bat, she said that Hillary “is the only candidate that can win” the general election.


She introduced Martha Lane Collins, who I believe hadn’t endorsed yet, but she certainly did so here. Again with the “we want a person that can win in November” crap. “Hillary won all the debates” and “debates are hard”.

Collins said “we’re here for what?”, and the crowd screamed “Hillary!”. Becker astutely noted that at an Obama rally, the crowd would have screamed “Change!”. An excellent little microcosm of the campaign, I think.

“Hillary is not a quitter”. (Yes, neither is Bush, unfortuantely). And Hillary is of course responsible for all of the peace and prosperity of the 90′s. Except for NAFTA of course.

Next came everybody’s favorite corrupt crook, Jerry Lundergan. For some reason, I never really picked up the Huey Long analogy for Jerry. A good ole KY stump speech.

“Thanks for helping ME rebuild the Kentucky Democratic Party”. Wow. “But I didn’t do it alone”. You don’t say, Jerry?

Bill and Hillary came into to raise money to pay off the huge debt I was responsible for, and now it’s time to “repay the debt” to the Clintons. Well, considering the Clinton campaign owes about $20 million around the country, I’d say they could use a little help in that area.

Lundergan talks about “KY Family Values”. Cringe. Says that Hillary will bring home the troops “within 60 days”. What?!? 60 days?

“Some want to stop this election and prevent you from voting!!!” Oh, gawd. And who would those people be, Jerry? Seriously.

Out comes the Big Dog, to huge cheers. Oh. My. Gawd. His face is Red. No, I mean like a giant glowing red orb. It looks like the warning light before a train passes.

Claims that Hillary is really winning, because she’s being outspent. (Not sure of the logic, but it was interesting). Made the FALSE claim that Hilary was the only one beating McCain in the polls. Hillary’s up in Arkansas, therefore we have to have her.

Superdelegate Jenifer Moore introduced.

The man’s got charm. He just has IT, always has, always will. Women swooned, but no fainting.

Out comes Hillary. Her voice is still almost gone, but she’s still fighting.

I’m responsible for the 90′s good stuff, we must elect a Dem president, “Ready on Day one” crap.

Jennifer Moore splits early. Must be bored.

Coal is great, yay coal! Go after OPEC bastards. Gas tax holiday boondoggle. Get the 2 oil men out of the White House. Stem Cell research….

Then she closes going in the implied gutter. “We need solutions more than speeches, we need results more than rhetoric”.

The speech ends, and Bill and HillRod go down to shake hands. Bill gets swarmed more Hillary. I was told by one person down on the floor that it was a mass of older women and gay men trying to get a piece of Hillary, everybody else for Bill.

All in all, an excellent night for witnessing both political charm and savvy. And widespread delusion. But no matter how hard they clapped for the Clintons, Tinkerbell is still fucking dead.

Nobody Puts Sweetie In A Corner!

I hope you stocked up on booze yesterday, because you’re SOL until after the polling places close. Something tells me that you won’t *really* have to worry about stocking up until the general elections in November, though.

Check out the ballots where you live here, and double-check your polling location here.

For Jefferson County voters, ballots for individual precincts can be found here. The Courier-Journal provides profiles for down-ticket candidates here, and Metro Council candidates answered questions here.

Per the State Board of Elections, if you’re in line by 6:00 P.M., you can vote. You must be known to the precinct officer or provide identification. Acceptable forms of I.D. are driver’s license, Social Security card, credit card, or other I.D. that has your picture and signature. The Voter Fraud Hotline number is (800) 328-8683.

For some leisurely reading, check out this new post at Crooks & Liars. It reports on the fallacy of “voter fraud” and the wastefulness of Republicans who wish to suppress the franchise at taxpayer expense.

Consider this an open thread for today’s election. If you have any anecdotes to share, local information, profiles for other candidates throughout the state, etc., please do so in the comments section. Keep it above the belt!

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