Fischer a big Ventas investor?

If Bruce Lunsford drove his company into the ground, how is Greg Fischer investing in funds that own $26 million of stock in it?


From the Lunsford campaign’s press release:

At a press conference last week, Greg Fischer said “my record is an open book.” If that is true, why didn’t he file his federally required financial disclosure form with the Senate Ethics Committee on time? Could he have been trying to hide the fact that he invests in both Ventas and Kindred, which exist today thanks in no small part to Bruce Lunsford’s business acumen? The same two companies he railed against last week and used as an example of Bruce Lunsford’s failed leadership? This begs the question, what other hypocrisies is Greg Fischer hiding?


Fischer Actually Owns Publically Traded Investments in Ventas & Kindred; Corporate Descendants of Vencor. Despite repeated criticism and false personal attacks against Bruce Lunsford for how he ran Vencor, Greg Fischer invested in five different public funds which have a combined total of over $26 million invested in Ventas and Kindred, both corporate descendants of Vencor.

Labor about to come out big against Fischer’s gutter tactics?

I’m getting word from Labor that they are about to come out big against Greg Fischer’s gutter campaign tactics against Bruce Lunsford. Look for an online petition to be coming out soon denouncing the negative campaign of Greg Fischer, with support from many Kentucky Democrats.

Tried to warn you, Greg.

Also, a few tidbits from the Courier Journal’s big profile of Greg Fischer in the Sunday paper:

-Learned that Greg Fischer has a few business flops that I didn’t know about, in addition to the thirsty machine success.

-He doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on this race if he makes it past May 20th. Considering the fact that he won’t receive additional funds from Labor or the DSCC, that would give him virtually no chance of competing against Mitch in November.

-Democratic campaign consultant Danny Briscoe absolutely reamed Fischer in the story, saying “I don’t think he has a chance to win” and describing his performance in his first campaign commercial by saying he sounded like he “was going to a funeral”. Julian Carroll twisted the knife further, saying “he just doesn’t excite a crowd”. What? General Democratic talking points delivered in a soft monotone don’t excite people? Whatever…

- Fischer said he decided to run after McConnell’s SCHIP veto in October. This must have been right before he went to Chuck Schumer begging for his support and got laughed out of the room.

- Dant Clayton is not union. Wasn’t aware of that.

An additional note: if Greg Fischer wants my respect, he needs to take back his statement that basically said there is no difference between Mitch and Bruce. That is deceiving voters… no other way to describe it. He also needs to clearly state that he will fully support Bruce and urge his supporters to as well if he falls short on May 20th. If he’s done so, I haven’t heard it.

A World of Fantasy

On so many different levels, this is the most idiotic idea I’ve ever heard of in my life. This makes CentrePointe look like the Taj Mahal.

The White House has repeatedly insisted that the United States has “no desire for permanent bases” in Iraq. Nevertheless, the Bush administration is seeking to leave its footprint on Iraq through other means. The AP reports that the Pentagon is backing a $5 billion dollar plan to “transform the U.S.-protected Green Zone” into a “centerpiece for Baghdad’s future,” resulting in “big paydays for early investors“:

An incentive for the project, which would include hotels, resorts, and commercial development in the Green Zone, appears to be lining the pockets of investors and allies rather than re-building Iraq’s economy. In fact, Karnowski acknowledged that American officials would vet potential investors because of a “vested interest” — mirroring the cronyism of Saddam’s Hussein’s regime.


But the permanent U.S. footprint in Iraq is already making inroads. In addition to construction of the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, the largest in the world, the Los Angeles-based company that developed Disneyland is developing a “massive American-style amusement park” in Baghdad “that will feature a skateboard park, rides, a concert theatre and a museum.” That project has the support of Gen. David Petraeus.

Hey kids, lets take a vacation to Baghdad!

Our government is run by criminals and fools. Be very, very afraid.

Another Obama endorsement

Yes, not only does Barack Obama have the OC’s Ben MacKenzie campaigning for him here in KY, he’s now reportedly bringing in the big guns…


Game. Set. Match.

Four dead in Ohio

38 years ago.

I feel so fortunate that my generation never had to go through something like this. But it still happens all over the world today… governments murdering unarmed civilians for speaking out against their government.

Here’s Neil’s classic from just 9 months after Kent State. Right up there with Sam Stone as the saddest song ever penned.