Bluegrass Blogtopia Reconciliation Day

Coming to a KY blog near you on May 21st.

(this whole thing has become tiresome… I’ll be more than happy to initiate it, though this stuff is certainly not my forte…)

10:15- (on second thought, maybe not. Though I am glad to see Sam Wise criticize me publicly. He’s usually not man enough or confident enough to say it to my face. With age, comes courage, perhaps…)

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The urge to play the role of Rodney King at a press conference is suddenly waning … (and it’s so damn rare to begin with… damn you, devil blogdrama!!!)

Onward, Clinton Soldiers! …a message from Kentucky

Quitting now would be like quitting when you’re ahead! Kentucky votes in less than two weeks — Bring it on!

Hillary said it best today: “It’s a new day, it’s a new state, it’s a new election!”

Clinton and her supporters have endured hardship, but they have soldiered on, and they are now just a few short states from victory.

Desparate Obama supporters, sensing their own candidate’s crumbling campaign are frantically calling for Ms. Clinton to step aside — they know this is their only hope!

If Hillary were a lesser candidate, she would fall for these ridiculous attacks. She would cower before the Obama-slanted media.

But no! Hillary Clinton is a fighter! And her campaign is stronger than ever!

She isthisclose to victory!

After her decisive win in Indiana last night, Hillary flew directly to West Virginia — the next primary state, May 13 — to continue her mighty come from behind campaign.

And what did Obama and his supporters do? They simply trotted out yet another failed politician from the past. What does George McGovern know about winning an election anyway?

Hillary Clinton knows how to win an election! That’s why she’s a shoo-in against McCain in the fall and Obama’s running in the margin of error. Only one candidate can take the White House back from the GOP and we all know who that is.

Obama has shown time and again that he can’t win the important states — like Indiana! He needs to acknowledge this, but if he continues to refuse, well Hillary: Just keep stomping him like you did last night!

Obama is afraid of West Virginia — Hillary’s going to roll over him there at least 56% to 27%. That’s a trouncing! But it will not be enough to convince that stubborn Obama campaign to see the light.

That’s why we have Kentucky!

We haven’t voted in a presidential primary since the BCCI scandal! And we are SOOO ready to hand this election to you, Hillary!

You’re going to destroy Obama in Kentucky — 62% to 28%!!!

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow! Don’t stop believing! No sleep till Kentucky! Let us help you! Don’t listing to the media! Don’t listen to those Obama people! You have this election in the bag!

DO NOT DROP OUT! Obama can’t win. Only YOU can, Hillary Clinton.

Only YOU! You are the only one who is qualified, the only one who can do the job. The only one who can answer the phone at 3 in the morning.

Kentucky is behind you. We are ready to vote. Bring it on!

Don’t let us down. Don’t listen to everybody. Come to Kentucky!

Hollenbach: he’s baaaach…

I just knew that I couldn’t go two consecutive KDP emails without cringing…

In difficult financial times, money management is more important than ever. As reported in today’s Lexington Herald-Leader, State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach and former University of Kentucky Quarterback Andre Woodson are using a video game called Financial Football to teach teenagers and young adults about money management.

The game will be available at every high school and public library in Kentucky.

Of course, what the email neglects to tell you is that Todd and Frank Simon have also come out with a video game for kids. In this one, you get points for going around the school and beating up gay kids.

Billy Gillespie: one strange dude

As you might have heard already, UK Bball coach Billy Gillespie recently received a verbal commitment from… an 8th grader. Yes, the number eight.

Think that’s strange? Well, uh… there’s more:

His mother, Robin Curry, agreed. She said she felt “comfortable” at Kentucky and was moved by Gillispie’s compassion.

“For coach Gillispie to cry and tell us it was the best day of his life and to tell Vinny he wanted him more than any recruit he had ever got, that was something. He didn’t have to say that,” Curry said. “Then he told us he was just a big baby and he cried. I am a big baby, too, I cried. Vinny was crying. It was emotional. But I just couldn’t see any college providing for Vinny like Kentucky will.

(awkward silence….. )

Kentucky Sports Radio (by far the best UK Bball blog) brings home some much deserved snark on some other recruits Billy G is going after:

Katelyn So
Age: 7
School: Holy Mother Elementary; Eugene, Oregon
Coach’s Notes: Shows real possibility, tenacity. Though I haven’t seen her play basketball, her four square techniques indicate a tenacity of competition. Big on unicorns. It’s important to think to the future, where men and women’s basketball will be less segregated, important to plan ahead. Forward thinking will pay off!

Lil’ Bow Wow
Age: 14
School: Orange County School of Performing Arts
Coach’s Notes: Was watching HBO yesterday and saw some tape of this kid. He’s the real deal. Has even spent some time in the NBA but still has college eligibility. Also seems to own a pair of magic shoes. Make sure those come with him and stay protected at all costs. Likes rap (see if Ramel has any leads).

Much more wonderful snark at KSR.