The Gray Lady’s a trollop

First it was Judy Miller’s stenography leading us into the Iraq debacle.

Now, William “The Bloody” Kristol, desperately spinning for the Republicans with no regard whatsoever for the facts.


Eric Thomason for 3rd District Council

(re-posting for everybody in Lexington’s 3rd District)

Forgive me for getting a bit local, but it’s kind of rare that I’m so fully impressed by a political candidate that I am willing and able to throw my full support behind him/her.

Here in Lexington, one of those candidates is Eric Thomason.

Eric Thomason is running for the 3rd District Council seat vacated by Dick DeCamp (in which I am a voter). From the short amount of time that I have gotten to know Eric Thomason, I have been immensely impressed by his focus and dedication. One of the founding members of Preserve Lexington in 2006, he has been instrumental in fighting the ridiculous Dudley Webb “CentrePointe” development. When Dudley Webb presented this proposal, with Mayor Jim Newberry salivating in the background, he assumed that everyone would fall over in praise of this giant monument to his ego.

Eric Thomason had other ideas.

He chose to fight this plan, and overcoming all odds, he was able to build a massive grassroots movement here in Lexington that joined his side. Through his tireless work and dedication (unpaid, of course), he was able to win favorable press coverage and pull off the wildly successful “Wake up Lexington!” event in the KY Theater, which was filled over capacity.

The movement he built has been smart and on point, delaying the Webb’s proposed demolition, and currently forcing the Webbs to perhaps meet at the negotiating table for a compromise.

I have no doubt in my mind that Eric Thomason would be just as effective a fighter for those in the 3rd District as he has been in the effort to save our downtown from a foolish enterprise. We need people with passion, intelligence, energy and dedication to represent us here in Lexington, and that describes him perfectly. Thomason has shown that he isn’t afraid to stand up to those who are powerful, look them in the face, and challenge them when they are wrong. That is the kind of courage we need representing us in the 3rd District.

And on an additional note, I will say this: part of the problem with the Democratic Party in Kentucky is our inability to recruit talented candidates. All too often, we rely on DINO’s or leave seats unchallenged because we don’t have anyone to stand up.

The most impressive part of Eric Thomason’s leadership with Preserve Lexington is that he is only 26 years old. To see someone who is so young run such an impressive and effective operation is inspiring to me. Can you imagine the Democratic Party having a rising star such as Eric Thomason in our city/state for years to come? From a long term perspective, I see this as an added bonus to his election.

And I’m not alone in my praise and endorsement of Eric Thomason. The Herald-Leader gave him an endorsement, saying:

Eric Thomason is a relative newcomer but has accomplished a remarkable amount in a short time. He was one of the founders in 2006 of Preserve Lexington, which quickly mobilized thousands of people in response to plans for razing a number of historic downtown buildings and replacing them with a 35-story hotel complex.

As a result, the developers are meeting with preservationists to try to come up with a new plan that would satisfy both interests.

A 2003 graduate of Transylvania University, Thomason works for Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc., a Lexington-based archaeology and historic-preservation consulting firm. His vision for how to redevelop downtown is especially compelling and timely.

Thomason was also endorsed by The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, the AFL-CIO and Council 62 (the union representing Lexington’s non-sworn civil service Employees).

He was also endorsed by departing 6-term 3rd Dist. Councilman Dick DeCamp and prominent attorney Larry Roberts.

I urge everyone in the 3rd District to check out his site and vote for him this Tuesday for Council. You won’t regret it.

SUSA: Lunsford expands lead to 21 points (It’s over…)

It looks like there’s no miracle comeback in store for Greg Fischer.

The new SUSA poll is out, just 18 hours before polls open in KY, and the news is good for Bruce Lunsford. Very good.

Bruce Lunsford has expanded his lead from 18 to 21 points over Greg Fischer. He now leads 47% to 26%.

We may not be happy with it (I’m sure as hell not), but Bruce is our nominee, and he is infinitely better than Mitch McConnell. On the morning of May 21st, it’s time to rally behind him and DITCH MITCH.

Then in January of 2009, we can absolutely hound every move of Lunsford and make sure he knows we won’t allow DINO behavior.

We’ll at least have an ear, whereas with McConnell, we only get a finger…