KY-Sen poll results

Our little poll experiment is up for who you think will win Kentucky’s Senate race, and the winner is..

Bruce “Shawty” Lunsford!!!

Mitch McConnell
21 (17%)
Bruce Lunsford
54 (44%)
Sonny “Billy” Landham
3 (2%)
Carl Weathers
5 (4%)
The Appalachian Predator
38 (31%)

The Appalachian Predator made a strong showing, at one time edging Lunsford. But, in the funniest part of the poll, someone from the Lunsford camp started Freeping the fake snark poll, as he gained 15 consecutive votes towards the very end and pulled out a comfortable win.

Congrats Shawty, the election is now yours to win.

Fun with Google searches

Here are some Google searches from this weekend that landed on B&P:

–Hillbilly fancy dress boots (hell, why not?)

–I want to be in Kentucky (may I suggest Louisville, and nothing else, sir or madam)

–Part Cherokee white supremacist (Billy 4 Cenate gaining steam!)

–Muhlenberg County dope (wow. What Prine says…)

And my personal favorite….

–Larry Chiles crusty (say hi to the BagMan, Andrew!)

Lexwebbington or Lexiggdon?

Last week, Taylor told us about John McCain’s “Lexington Project,” his plan for energy independence.

While not named after this Lexington, as someone who likes words, I was intrigued. I’ve recently been pondering a campaign to re-name my hometown “Lexwebbington” but it looks like Mr. McCain has beaten me to the punch:

But when McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, came to the intended sound bite of his speech — the part about reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil — he hit a slick.

“I have set before the American people an energy plan, the Lex-eegton Project,” McCain said, drawing a quick breath and correcting himself. “The Lex-ing-ton Proj-ect,” he said slowly. “The Lexington Project,” he repeated. “Remember that name.”

In a town meeting in Cincinnati the next day, McCain would again slip up on the name of the Massachusetts town, where, he noted, “Americans asserted their independence once before.” He called it “the Lexiggdon Project,” and twice tried to fix his error, before flipping the name (“Project Lexington”) in subsequent references.

McCain’s battle of Lexington is part of a struggle he is engaged in every day. A politician who has thrived in the give-and-take settings of campaign buses, late-night TV couches and town meetings, he now is trying to meet the more formal speaking demands of a general election campaign.

John: I rather like you. Come to this Lexiggdon and I will join you at a press conference and together we can proclaim progress from the rubble of the past.

And furthermore, there already is a “Lexington Project” which is not to be confused with my own “Lexicon Project,” though, words being what they are, adding a few G’s and mangling a pronounciation is basically how language develops.

Harold Tate is a man with style

Some men don’t have the guts to wear seersucker pink pinstriped shorts.

But Harold Tate, head of the Lexington Downtown Development Authority (and Dudley Webb’s biggest crony), showed that he is not afraid at Lexington’s Thursday Night live on the 3rd.

Keep on rockin’ it, Harold.

Happy 4th

Here’s the most patriotic, profound, rebellious and brilliant performance of any song ever, which manages to be so without a single word. (h/t Out of the Mountains)

Lots more to come on the 4th parade in Lexington. Good stuff.