Dudley Webb continues his PR nightmare on KET

Monday on Kentucky Tonight, Bill Goodman hosted a discussion about CentrePointe including Vice-Mayor Jim Gray, Dudley Webb, and Preserve Lexington’s Hayward Wilkirson. This is a must see, as Jim Gray runs circles around Dudley, and Dudley just couldn’t have come across any worse. View the whole show here.

Yes, once more, Dudley Webb came across as:


And to those who know the facts in this matter, blatantly dishonest.

This is really one of the big mysteries of the CentrePointe debacle: WHY is Dudley Webb the public media representative for this project? This is a million dollar company that should know enough to put a professional in charge of its media and public relations. But instead, they throw an arrogant, smug prick out there to speak to reporters, which continually makes more and more people question the project. He can’t even lie like a good PR guy, who knows how to deal in half-truths. Dudley just tells big lies that any reporter can go back and prove is a 100% lie. And then he wonders why the media has no respect for him?

Is there no one at the Webb Company with enough balls to go up to Dudley and say “hey, you’re the guy in charge here, but for the love of Gawd, get the fuck away from the cameras and reporters. You are killing us”?

It boggles the mind, but for our sake, I hope he continues to be the unsympathetic face of this travesty.

Newsflash: Billy is CRAZY

Sonny “Billy” Landham ain’t just a wife beating, Mexican hating porn star.

He’s a climate change scientist.

“Global warming, or its re-invention, climate change, is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon the people of the United States and the world. The intent of the global warming movement is to lower the standard of living of Americans by increasing the cost of living and the cost of doing business in the United States. This will drive even more good-paying jobs to other countries.”

Billy 4 Cenate!!!