Herald-Leader, Hello?!?

I just can’t get over this. WHY, in June of 2008, is a writer in a news story at the Lexington Herald-Leader using the word “MAVERICK” to describe John McCain?

Why does this stupid mythology of the “Maverick” still exist today in our political media, and why is the Herald-Leader contributing to this in its pages? This is nonsense that our media has had no excuse in perpetuating over the last 2 years.

This is a man who voted with George W. Bush 95% of the time in 2007 and 100% of the time this year.

This is a man who has backtracked on every single issue that he once differed with Bush on in order to get the Republican nomination.

Repeat (and click) after me:

Not a maverick.

Not a maverick.

Not a maverick.

Not a maverick.

Not a maverick.

Not a maverick

Herald-Leader… please do not contribute any more to this stupid mythology.

Write the Herald-Leader
and let them know that such nonsense will not be tolerated.

And comment in the articles at PolWatchers and LHL.

McBush-McDouche fundraiser

So, John McCain and Mitch McConnell suddenly know how to play nice… ish. Both have egos the size of Texas and both are politically astute enough to know that they have to tolerate each other in an attempt to save their own arses from political extinction.

I could not make it to Louisville for the protest of the McBush-McDouche-a-thon, but those crazy cats from LPAC always know the right time and place to strike. The Hillbilly was there and got it all on tape (including Elaine Chao’s ridiculous entourage at the nail salon).

Now… I remembered reading an article a few years ago about the McConnell-McCain hate-hate relationship. So I did a little searching around and found this Roll Call article from October 21, 2002:

The battle over campaign finance reform has degenerated into a downright slugfest, with Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) trading harsh personal jabs and punches in depositions and cross-examinations in the ongoing court case.
The war of words first erupted during a deposition last month when McCain repeated charges that McConnell, as chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee in 1998, encouraged Senators to support the tobacco industry on a legislative matter in return for soft money-financed issue ads.
It escalated when McCain reiterated the charges Oct. 10 in a cross-examination, calling McConnell’s actions the “most egregious incident” demonstrating the appearance of corruption he has ever seen in his Senate career…

Ahhh, how politics makes strange bed-fellows

On a lighter note, I ran across this video while trying to find a clip of McCain showing his hot-headedness… and I think it says it all!

Sky Walker Monday

Rise and shine, campers. Kenny’s here with your Monday morning roundup. And roses!

  • The fastest man in the world is from right here in Lexington, Kentucky and graduated from my ole Lafayette High School, Tyson Gay.

  • What’s up with elitist TV reporter Mark Hebert using words like “Shoulda” and “Comin’”? Isn’t that what the commoners like Heather Ryan do?
  • Yes, LA Senator David Vitter has to be the biggest hypocrite in Washington, D.C., which would put him in the running for biggest worldwide.
  • We aren’t the only ones who’ve had their country driven into the ground by a clownish dictator.
  • The Gays took over downtown Lexington Saturday. Stan Lee viewed the festivities with binoculars from his office on Main St.
  • Did the Lexington Herald-Leader really just publish a work written by one of its employees that called John McCain a “Maverick”??? Seriously???
  • That’s one pricey government manicure, I tell ya.

Senate Predator: Sonny on Red Eye

With a h/t to PageOne (where apparently I can’t embed video in the comments)… MediaCzech’s obsession was on FOX News’ awesome ‘Red Eye’ show last night. For anyone who’s never seen it, Red Eye is a lot like the old Up All Night with Gilbert Godfried, but dumber.

Sonny’s pretty awesome though. He does his laugh, which is fabulous, and his reason for leaving the Republican Party is pretty good too:

“I couldn’t learn to tap dance in the bathroom.”

Sounds like he’s calling Mitch gay. Anyway, here’s the vid:

And here’s a bonus FOX Video:

Mandela off of America’s "Terrorist Watch List"

Much to the chagrin of Dick Cheney, I’m sure.

THE US Senate has approved a bill to remove former South African president Nelson Mandela and his African National Congress from the US terror watch list.

“Today the United States moved closer at last to removing the great shame of dishonoring this great leader by including him on our government’s terror watch list,” said Senator John Kerry.

The mental lightweight who called him a “murderer” must be having a fit.