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Kentucky GOP, Dems working in tandem to destroy EPA

October 11, 2011

There was a good story out over the weekend that serves as a friendly reminder to any Kentucky Dems still stubbornly denying  their own party is controlled by global-warming deniers and environmental enemies. (No, really, some of them are still out there, insisting that Ben and Steve deserve our support and usually they get very defensive when you mention this topic. It’s sad.)

Article comes from Scott Wartman up at the team:

The Environmental Protection Agency has shouldered much of the blame from Kentucky politicians for the struggling economy during the 2011 campaigns.

Both Democrats and Republicans have criticized the EPA for what they see as job-inhibiting regulations.

The refusal of 19 mine permits in eastern Kentucky prompted Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear to plead with President Obama – both in person and through a letter -to relax EPA policies to relax EPA policies to allow the mines to open.

Let’s pause here for a moment.

For as great as this article is, it’s taken Governor Beshear’s word for the fact that he “pleaded” (like, down on his knees with tears streaking his face and his hands clutched together in subservience?) with President Obama “in person.”

As we have already pointed out here, only the most gullible person could actually believe Governor Beshear’s wildly unlikely story about giving Barry O the what-for — in just about 90 seconds, Beshear claims (lies, really) he insulted the President’s intelligence, told the President a bunch of stuff about infrastructure the President already knows, accused him of being an ineffective leader (pot, kettle, if ever there was…) and then started yelling at the President about the EPA. [Read all about it.]

If that story actually happened the way Beshear claims it did, he wouldn’t deserve your vote because everything expressed is offensive to your personal beliefs but instead because to cover all that in 90 seconds with the President of the United States, Steve would have to be out of his gourd crazy, a screeching, fast-talking wild-eyed beast not fit for office.

But. Enough about all that. Let’s get back to the article about the Dems colluding with the GOP to poison you by rolling back EPA regulations and environmental protections because the EPA and the Muslim President are killing all our jobs:

But reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other organizations show government regulations account for a small portion of job losses.

Ohhhh. Oh. Wait. So both the Republican Party and the Kentucky Democratic Party are lying or stupid. That’s reassuring.

Let’s hear from each of you!

The furor over the EPA and other federal regulations will only get louder, said U.S. Rep Geoff Davis, R-Hebron.

“I think the battle of regulations is a turning point over what America will become,” Davis said. “American people have lost transparency in the reach of the regulatory state.”

Davis, of course, is the draintrust behind the REINS Act, the GOP’s #1 “Jobs” Bill that does nothing to create jobs but does a lot to poison our air, poison our water and increase corporate profits.

Both candidates for attorney general, Republican Todd P’Pool and Democratic incumbent Jack Conway, have said they believe the EPA has overstepped its bounds in Kentucky…..

“The EPA says your runoff has to be the equivalent of distilled bottled water,” P’Pool said. “That’s like suggesting the speed limit should be 5 miles per hour.”

Conway said he’s already challenged the EPA on several issues, including filing suit in 2009 against the EPA’s attempt to regulate carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.

The article grazes over Rand Paul next, but everyone knows where Rand stands on this issue, so let’s skip ahead…

[Bruce Scott, commissioner for the Department of Environmental Protection] and Kentucky Coal Association president Bill Bissett testified this week before state legislators on the detrimental impact the delay of these permits has on Kentucky.

….The EPA found few allies among the state legislators at the hearing this week. “It is clear what their agenda is,” said Rep. Jim Gooch, D-Providence. “Their agenda is to stop coal mining.”

That’s good. Governor Beshear’s appointed Environmental “Protection” czar is hanging with King Coal. Way to go, KDP! Let’s all pat ourselves on the backs.

Hmm. Backs. Oh, right. It’s that time again:

You may want to read the rest of the article, especially if you’re a damned fool who’s been elected to public office and keeps on insisting that getting rid of the protections that keep people safe and alive will some how create jobs. It’s farcical, but that’s what our Democratic and Republican leaders are claiming.

Conway signs on to the fight against Wall Street

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September 23, 2011

As pointed out by a reader on our kickin’ facebook page, some great news from Attorney General Jack Conway:

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway has added his name to a list of state law enforcers who fear that a settlement being negotiated among government officials and big banks isn’t backed by a sufficient investigation into potential wrongdoing.

As law enforcers approach a deal with banks to settle allegations that the companies improperly foreclosed on American homeowners, the banks are pushing for a broad release from liability for actions that have not yet been fully investigated, Conway said in a Thursday email to the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, obtained by The Huffington Post.

By raising these concerns, Conway has aligned himself with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and law enforcers from other states who have questioned the adequacy of the groundwork underlying the settlement talks.

“Today’s economic crisis was caused by Wall Street acting improperly,” Conway, a Democrat, said in the email. “Every American has paid the price — with families losing their homes, investors losing their money, and many Americans losing their jobs. There should be absolutely no criminal or civil immunity given to banks for activity that has not yet been investigated.”

No word yet on what Conway’s absolutely ridiculous opponent in the Attorney General’s race thinks of this, but it’s safe to assume it involves him waltzing around a crime scene pretending to be on a television show and making up stories about the destruction of America.

The Destruction of America is Written in the Blood of Patriots: Will you fight to support Todd P’Pool for Kentucky Attorney General?

September 15, 2011

I think the whole state of Kentucky just shat themselves with fear.

Save us, Todd P’Pool. You’re our only hope.

P’Pool pissed, pushing pathetic pleas

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September 1, 2011

Attorney General candidate and star of CSI:FantasyLand is upset because his apparent fundraising scheme — in which officials at for-profit Sullivan University pressured employees to give money to P’Pool because the current Attorney General, Jack Conway, is investigating for-profit “universities” — is being investigated by the Attorney General’s office. So now the P’Campaign is playing deflection, trying to claim that possible violations within the Beshear campaign aren’t being taken seriously by the AG’s office.

As Ronnie Ellis reports, that doesn’t appear to be the case at all:

A spokeswoman for Attorney Jack Conway said Tuesday there is no need for Conway to appoint a special prosecutor to look into allegations state workers were pressured into contributing to Gov. Steve Beshear’s re-election campaign because there is no direct conflict of interest for Conway.

Allison Martin said Conway appointed Jim Crawford, commonwealth attorney for Carroll, Grant and Owen counties, to investigate allegations that officials with Sullivan University asked employees to vote for Conway’s Republican opponent, Hopkins County Attorney Todd P’Pool, because the matter involves his political opponent.

But that doesn’t mean Conway’s office isn’t looking into allegations that non-merit employees appointed by Beshear have been pressured to give to Beshear’s re-election campaign.

“It’s our policy not to confirm or deny investigations by our office,” Martin said. She confirmed Conway’s office has received two complaints about solicitation of state employees which “are being handled according to the investigative protocol of this office.”

There’s much from Ronnie — who’s been on top of the Beshear campaign part of the story since last December – so get on over thar.

P’Pool to fight ObamaCare & EPA Brownshirts with his Jesus powers

August 16, 2011

Attorney General candidate Todd P’Pool released an ad. It is full of faith. He is full of faith. You have to have faith. Also, Barry Hussein is evil.

And as Sonka also points out, the energy behind P’Pool is surging, so much so that the AG candidate is joining the GOP Agriculture Commissioner in a bus tour… a bust tour which mysteriously avoids including nearly pointless candidate for Governor David Williams.

KY GOP still gunning heavily for Jack Conway

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June 28, 2011

Via Herald Leader Twitter Contraption:

While the GOP has plenty of internal divisions apparent with their other candidates, this is the one that everyone from Mitch to Mica is behind 100%.

Unfortunately for Todd P’Pool (pronounced ‘pee pool’ and French), the guy at the top of his party’s ticket is the most unlikable major party candidate to ever run for a statewide office in American political history*. And P’Pool’s fate lies with him.

*Embellishment. Maybe.

Jack Conway starting to raise money, show campaign pulse

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June 20, 2011

Some good news for those of you wondering if Jack Conway thought he could just sleepwalk past Tood P’Pool in the KY Attorney General race this Fall, while P’Pool was on the verge of tripling him in fundraising.

Amanda Van Benschoten reports this morning that Conway has easily doubled his fundraising totals since the last report just before the primary, passing $400,000 and almost catching up to P’Pool. If Conway can match his fundraising, it will still be a close race, but he should have the edge. Especially if the Williams campaign continues to look like a giant drag on the rest of the GOP slate down ticket. He’s also hired an actual campaign manager, Melissa Wideman, who’ll be starting full-time in July, is competent, and isn’t you know who. Factor in the happy happy cn|2 poll from earlier this month and things don’t look nearly as bleak for Conway, who had been taking on the look of a burnt out and unenthusiastic zombie candidate. (also, it’s pronounced ‘pee pool’, and I believe is French)

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that we’ve seen the last of wimpy stuff like this.

Rand Paul steps up and says what’s right (yes, I typed that non-sarcastically)

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June 17, 2011

In the race to see who is the biggest pants-wetting coward afraid of Muslin Prison Magic in the state of Kentucky, we now have two new entries joining David Williams, Greg Stumbo and Steve Beshear: current KY Attorney General candidates Todd P’Pool and Jack Conway.

Here’s P’Pool (prounced “pee pool”, and French) doing his best to bait Conway into an idiotic “Who’s Scared of Muslims in a Jail Cell More” war:

“As a conservative and a prosecutor, I believe the first and foremost priority of government should be keeping our citizens safe from enemies—foreign and domestic,” P’Pool said in a news release. “Terrorists should be tried as enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay, not here in Kentucky.”

Jack Conway, of course being the Jack Conway that we got to know in his race last year, was happy to join Mr. P’Pool in wetting his pants:

“This matter is being handled by the U.S. Department of Justice, not the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office,” says Melissa Wideman, a Conway campaign spokeswoman. “And for the record, Jack Conway believes terrorists should be tried in military tribunals, not civilian courts. He took on President Obama on this issue when terror trials were scheduled to be held in New York City.”

Yes, Jack was very brave to take on Mr. Obama, wasn’t he?

And just when it looks like every KY pair of pants in Frankfort and DC would be soaked, here comes somebody who will to tell the truth.

Rand Paul?

“I think the people who are on the ground and look at court safety and trials will have to look at that,” Paul said, ” And I think the only other way to look at it in a logical way would be to look at the other terror trials and – like I say – we’ve had several hundred terror trials in the U.S.”

“I think in this instance, if you capture them here, I think the federal courts probably can take care of them much more swiftly than Guantanamo and actually give them very lengthy sentences if they are found guilty,” Paul said.


“We have convicted over 400 terror suspects in the United States,” Paul told WHAS11, “I think we’ve done a fairly good job and our conviction rate is actually very high. I would differentiate with (9/11 mastermind) Khalid Sheik Mohammad in the sense that he is such an international figure that there could be a great danger to holding the trial here. But, there’s ample evidence that we can try people here (and) imprison them. And then we get away from the backlash we get from other countries if we hold people without determination.”

OK, so I disagree with him on Mohammad, but… relatively speaking… bravo?

Congrats to Steve Beshear, Greg Stumbo and Jack Conway. You just made Rand Paul look good.

(PS- the countdown now begins for the next time Rand Paul talks about Obama’s brown shirts breaking down your door to enslave your toilet bowl and put cameras in your light bulbs, so that we can go back to criticizing him)

Mitch McConnell pulling some strings in Kentucky, but cutting others?

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June 9, 2011

Ronnie Ellis brings up the obvious question: why is Mitch McConnell doing so much to help Todd P’Pool (who is running a campaign “independent” of other GOP candidates), yet not doing as much for David Williams?

FRANKFORT — When Todd P’Pool, the Republican candidate for attorney general, said publicly he will run his campaign independently of the Republican gubernatorial slate of David Williams and Richie Farmer, it caused a few Republican-raised eyebrows.

After all, P’Pool’s campaign is chaired by Larry Cox, the former state director for Sen. Mitch McConnell, and McConnell headlined a Madisonville primary for P’Pool that raised $100,000 right before the May 17 primary. McConnell and fellow U.S. Sen. Rand Paul are hosting a Washington, D.C., reception and fundraiser for P’Pool this week.

So, does all that add up to an indication that P’Pool or McConnell think his chances are better if he keeps a distance from other Republican candidates, including Williams?

OK, first of all we must remember that Mitch only cares about one thing: Mitch McConnell’s power.

Secondly, Todd P’Pool’s chances of beating Jack Conway are much better than David Williams’ chances of beating Steve Beshear. McConnell doesn’t like picking and wasting time on losers (especially after last year).

Thirdly, McConnell probably thinks that if Conway wins re-election, he will be a viable challenger against him in 2014. His defeat means he’s gone for years to come (“viable” being a relative term, OK?)

So, does this explain why McConnell (and McConnell-ites like Larry Cox) is going all in for P’Pool, who is remaining “independent” of the unlikable longshot David Williams?

Certainly possible. Sure, P’Pool’s “independent” campaign may be a reference to un-electable Tea Republicans down the ticket like John Kemper and Some Dude Named Bill Johnson, but that doesn’t explain McConnell’s unequal doting on P’Pool. Mitch knows that his power was weakened by Trey Grayson’s performance, and he’s not going to knock himself out by devoting political capital to a doomed Williams. He’ll support Williams, sure, but he’s not going all in unless something drastic changes.

And in other Mitch Strings news, expect Mitch to give significant support to Andy Barr, but for different reasons. While Ben Chandler running against Mitch in 2014 seems unlikely to me, he can’t count it out. And there’s a big difference between facing Ben Chandler coming off an easy 2012 win with a large war chest, and a bloodied Ben Chandler coming off a 5-10 point win who spent his entire fortune on staying in the 6th Congressional seat. Andy Barr will be Mitch’s tool to weaken Chandler, even if he knows that his chances of pulling off the win this time are slim.

But really though, Mitch McConnell wishes David Williams the best, he swears…

cn|2: The Gooch donates to Conway’s opponent

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May 2, 2011

THANK GOD Greg Stumbo has fought for Jim Gooch to remain the chair of KY’s House Natural Resources & Environment Committee:

When reached by phone, Gooch told Pure Politics he decided to support P’Pool financially because they come from the same region and share like-minded views on federal regulations, coal and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Gooch said he did not speak to Conway, a fellow Democrat, about support for Conway’s re-election bid. Gooch added that he personally liked Conway, but didn’t support Conway’s positions.

“I think generally too often (Conway) tries to support things President Obama comes up with, like health care reform,” Gooch said in a phone interview. “… We need someone in that office who will fight Obama and his policies. I believe that’s what many Kentuckians want. Anyone not standing up to (Obama’s) agenda is not standing up for Kentuckians.

Thanks, Speaker Stumbo! And to think all of those dirty liberals criticized you for keeping Gooch in the Democratic leadership. You sure proved them wrong.




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