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Michele Bachmann is laughing at Pawlenty, along with everyone else

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July 14, 2011

Two more polls show that Michele Bachmann is already vaulting over Romney and the rest of the field in Iowa, to which I continue to say I told you so. In fact, Romney insiders are already leaking that they are conceding Iowa to her.

And while Michele Bachmann is now claiming that she only signed part of the pledge to ban pornography and claim that black kids in slavery had it real good, that’s just the kind of truthiness that 2011 Republican crave.

But don’t look now, it’s Tim Pawlenty!


Tim Pawlenty! And he’s here to flip this race upside down with this amazing 6 minute campaign video about Faith and Family and Values and Tim Pawlenty’s Real Ultimate Power of God!

So what do you say? Does Pawlenty drop out before Iowa, or immediate after the results from Iowa are official on February 6th?

GOP Presidential debate tonight; New CNN poll; Pawlenty apologizes to meets KY big shots

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June 13, 2011

The Greatest Show on Earth rolls on tonight, with the first legit GOP presidential debate tonight in New Hampshire on CNN at 8:00. It will feature Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and HermainCainia. Holy crap, this should be fun.

And based on several factors, this should turn into not just a conservative roast of Barack Obama, but also Mitt Romney.

For starters, here’s the national CNN poll out today, followed by results omitting Giuliani and Palin (I doubt either are running):

Romney- 24%
Palin- 20%
Giuliani- 12%
Cain- 10%
Gingrich- 10%
Paul- 7%
Bachmann- 4%
Pawlenty- 3%
Santorum- 1%
Huntsman- 1%

Without Giuliani
Romney 28%
Palin 23%
Gingrich 11%
Cain 10%
Paul 10%
Bachmann 5%
Pawlenty 3%
Huntsman 1%
Santorum 1%

Without Palin and Giuliani
Romney 35%
Gingrich 16%
Paul 13%
Cain 10%
Bachmann 7%
Pawlenty 4%
Huntsman 2%
Santorum 1%

Granted, national polls mean very little compared to Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina polls, but Mittens is fairing pretty well in those polls as well. He’s looking like the candidate to beat, and Tim Pawlenty’s performance from this weekend kind of drives home that point. Here he is coining the term “Obamneycare” on Fox News this Sunday:

And speaking of the dynamic force of excitement and charisma that is Tim Pawlenty, cn|2 reports that he was in Kentucky recently hobnobbing with KY GOP fundraiser Kelly Knight, David Williams and King Coal himself, Joe Craft. Which of course makes me wonder if Pawlenty has mastered his apology/flip flop on his former support for cap-and-trade yet.

Anyway, “enjoy” the debate tonight. (I might comment on the Twitter Machine, if you’re inclined to follow)

Tim Pawlenty announzzzzz…..

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May 23, 2011

Non-completely crazy person Mitch Daniels bowed out this weekend, and not-remotely-interesting-to-anyone person Tim Pawlenty released his final slick video today that says that he is in it to win it:

If only well-edited and produced campaign videos could go out on the road in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina instead of Pawlenty himself, he’d have a shot at the nomination.

The sad truth for Pawlenty is that the candidate from Minnesota with the best chance of winning the GOP nomination is named Michele Bachmann.

Pawlenty using unique voter outreach in Iowa

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April 6, 2011

This is definitely outside the box:

ANKENY, Iowa — A 15-year-old girl found a campaign worker from Alabama banging on her Ankeny family’s back door early Wednesday morning.

Chloe Steward told KCCI she heard her dog barking around 3 a.m. and went to investigate. She said she found a man trying to get into the back door.


Iowa political strategist Eric Woolson is a consultant for the Pawlenty Exploratory Committee. He confirmed to KCCI that Foster is employed by the Pawlenty Exploratory Committee. He declined comment at this time on the incident.

The Steward family said Foster was drunk and was trying to get home to a friend’s house in Johnston. They said he vomited in their backyard and scared their daughter.

Well, I guess he’s certainly losing his job.

“Governor Pawlenty is extremely disappointed in Ben’s actions and his behavior does not meet the standards he expects of his employees. Therefore, the committee is placing Ben on a two-week unpaid suspension and expects him to bear the legal consequences for his action.’”

Bold move, playing up the “cool boss” angle.

This is obviously just a ploy to make Tim Pawlently look like he’s not the most boring candidate on earth.

The Real Ultimate Power of Tim Pawlenty

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April 4, 2011

Lightning! Bruckheimer! Krugman! Tim Pawlen…zzzzzzzzz

The Real Ultimate Power of Tim Pawlenty

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January 25, 2011

I always thought he was kind of a wimp, but BOY was I wrong!




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