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Marilyn Parker: still insane

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January 10, 2011

Fringe 3rd district congressional candidate Marylin Parker has always been a total nutjob. But now she’s taking it a step further, promoting on her Facebook wall a link saying that President Obama is behind the assassination attempt in Arizona.

Also (this isn’t her, too), the dead birds in Arkansas are because Obama signed the DADT repeal.

The birds seem more plausible.

Not that this will stop the KY Teabaggers from inviting her onstage to screech her insanity at rallies. If anything, they’ll like her more.

Congressman Awesome says it gets better

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January 3, 2011

That’s just Yarmuth being Yarmuth.

Which is more likely? Ben Chandler makes one of these videos, or he joins Republicans for the health care repeal bill this month? I think you know which one I’m putting my money on.

But speaking of hope, I couldn’t help thinking at the LFUCG inauguration ceremony yesterday that the voters of Lexington gave a lot of people a lot of hope, whether that was their intention or not.

Ding Dong, DADT is dead

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December 22, 2010

America joins the rest of the civilized world. And a red-faced John McCain is busy berating staffers and everyone around him.

House votes to repeal DADT

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December 15, 2010

And Ben Chandler voted for repeal. A lost opportunity to separate himself from the “radical left“, I guess.

15 Dems voted against repeal, which means there are at least 15 Democrats in the House that worse than Chandler. 15 Republicans voted for repeal, including Ron Paul (who fortunately disagrees with his gay-panicked son).

Now on to the Senate, where McConnell will lead the filibuster against it again.

An opportunity for Ben Chandler?

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December 15, 2010

The House will vote today on a stand alone bill to repeal the idiocy that is Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. While Ben Chandler has clearly stated his opposition to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, we must remember that Ben Chandler is looking to strengthen his conservative credentials after his narrow victory.

And who could blame him! After all, votes on silly issues like this, Wall Street reform and the Stupak Amendment must take a backseat to what’s really important… keeping Ben Chandler in that seat to make those votes!

Anyway, Chandler’s already made some inroads with his two votes to end private coverage of abortion in America. What can really give him serious social conservative street cred among the voters that he craves the most would be a nice big votes against The Gays.

Is this realistic though, Chandler flipping on DADT? Probably not, but you never know with Ben. Leadership requires making bold decisions, and Ben Chandler has never shied away from being bold when it comes to what really matters… keeping his seat so he can keep on making votes that make us proud!

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell filibustered

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December 9, 2010

Thank your brave American bigots like John McCain and Blanche Lincoln and Lisa Murkowski.

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SPLC labels American Family Association a hate group

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November 24, 2010

And it’s about damned time.

People like Frank Simon should be exposed for what they are: direct ideological relatives of Klan members and skinheads.

Not that this will stop people like Rand Paul, Ryan Quarles , nearly 100% of Republicans and even some Democrats in KY from seeking out and accepting his/their endorsement. That’s how you shore up the base, after all.

I will say one good thing about Trey Grayson, though. He refused to fill out Frank Simon’s endorsement survey this year, the only Republican that I know of in the state of Kentucky.

If any would like to contact us and correct the record about accepting Frank Simon’s endorsement, please do. In the meantime, you will remain the endorsee of a hate group.

Friday night activism in Lexington for the Trevor Project

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November 5, 2010

If you don’t want to spend yet another night in Lexington at Saddle Ridge watching people ride the mechanical bull until you lose faith in humanity, come on out to Soundbar at 9:00 tonight on South Limestone to support the Trevor Project, which is well worth supporting. It won’t cost $7,000 a foot, just $5.

Look, even Dan Savage wants you to come!

Meet Jim Newberry

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October 30, 2010

In case you haven’t seen this new video and shared it with everyone you know in Lexington yet, here it is again:

And remember that in 2006 Jim Newberry told the Herald Leader that he stands by everything he said in this debate. He has never publicly apologized or retracted his statements or indicated that his hateful and ignorant thoughts have changed.

Prominent Young Republicans are already doing their part:

 Readers: if you hear or see anything over the next 4 days that indicates Newberry or his allies are “going down that road”, PLEASE email us tips at BAREFOOTANDPROGRESSIVE at GMAIL dot COM. We will NOT reveal your identity if you so wish (nor have we ever done so over the last 4 years).

What kind of person is Jim Newberry?

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October 29, 2010

As Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry says in the video below, the values of political candidates are important, and they should be scrutinized. That is what this video does:

Do you share Jim Newberry’s values?




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