Sylvia Lovely

Sylvia Lovely, unleashed!

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November 23, 2010

“We’re not taxpayers, we’re citizens!”

“But what is government?”

Her mistake was that she didn’t defend herself more rigorously in the press, she loves the Tea Party and Sarah Palin, and she was a character in The Crucible!

Absolute gems from St. Sylvia “Oops I did it again” Lovely below, in her interview with Ryan Alessi.

Lexington Lovelies

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September 9, 2010

Remember Kathleen Imhoff, the former chief executive of the Lexington Public Library? She was fired last year for stealing spending $134,000 on herself and having 1,522 images of “adult materials” on her laptop, then sued the city for $5 million this summer.

Another victim for those meanies at the Herald Leader and Crit Luallen, you see.

Well it turns out that she has a little personal blog where she documents her oppression by the forces of sanity. Like this post from back in April:

It has been three weeks since the Library Board indicated that they would like to resume mediation, but they have failed to return phone calls to set up a date and time. It is hard to negotiate if you don’t talk.

But what’s interesting is the comment on this post:

Kathleen – how are you. I just went to your site. Very interesting. Perhaps we can get together sometime.

The comment is signed… Sylvia Lovely.

Oh, to be a fly on that wall…

First Miley, now Shaye Rabold

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September 1, 2010

Tragic news out of the 12th floor of Lexington’s city hall today: Jim Newberry’s chief of staff Shaye Rabold has finally, after a 3 month absence, deleted her Twitter account.

This means that all we have left of the most retweeted tweet in the history of Lexington is just the screenshot:

We can only assume that her reasons are the same as Miley’s, because there’s nothing to see here.

To recap: Spears = Lovely, Miley = Shaye, Sims = Lohan. That is all.

The Sylvia Lovely comeback tour

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July 27, 2010

Yesterday, Sylvia Lovely gave a strange/bizarre/surreal interview with Gabe Bullard of WFPL. The media folks and Crit Luallen are just a bunch of meanies who distorted the so-called misdeeds of the Kentucky League of Cities and Sylvia Lovely. And the KLC was totally private, they like didn’t receive money from governments around the state at all. She was bringing back important art work. Listen to it all here.

Oh, and I missed this, but KLC/Johnston/fraud obstructionist Ed Lane’s new issue has a very nice press release printed verbatim by Sylvia Lovely telling us how great she is. She is a woman of fearless leadership and vision.

Sylvia Lovely’s Elvis Comeback Tour is well underway, my friends. Hop on board.




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