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Chandler/Barr "Recount?" Still Not Counting

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November 4, 2010

The waiting game continues. Will he or won’t he?

Andy Barr’s not conceding anything until at earliest tomorrow when all the 16 counties hand in their results with the state and the unofficial margin of victory/defeat is better known. Then he has until Tuesday for a next step.

The Barr/Chandler race was one of 10 House elections still hanging in the balance on Wednesday. In Kentucky, at least, there’ve been no loud calls for Barr to concede for the good of the people or any of that bullshit. Probably because everyone on the Democratic side thinks he’s got a snowball’s chance in Mitch McConnell’s rectum of pulling out a victory in any recount scenario and maybe because the Republicans and their big monied corporate underwriters are too busy plotting a hunt-and-peck strategy that might bring them the 323 or so votes they need.

Given the few number of calls to the SOS Election Fraud hotline, that seems an unlikely avenue, and most everyone is sure the 644 vote margin is too much to overcome, as Cheves reports.

But Barr so far is unmoved.

Over at cn|2, Alessi has crunched all the 6th-District numbers… judging if enough votes exist out there to turn it around and also looking at how Barr held up alongside Paul, and how Chandler did versus Lunsford’s 2008 performance. Lots of interesting stuff, most especially the county by county vote break down which shows that…

  • Both Chandler and Barr got more votes than Jack Conway. Chandler bested Conway by 7,324.
  • Chandler only lost to Paul by 8,352 across his 16 county region. Maybe Ben should have quit his job in Congress and run that race instead.

Alessi also yesterday sat down with S.O.S. Trey Grayson if you want even more detail or, if you just want some eye-candy, here’s Stan Lee dropping some… wait, that thing’s not real, is it?

Herald Leader endorses… Stan Lee

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October 15, 2010

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the HL folks were trying to craft this one:

Rep. Stan Lee is passionate about his causes and uncompromising about his beliefs.


Unfortunately, voters do not have a serious alternative this election. Democratic challenger Matthew Vanderpool, a student at Bluegrass Community and Technical College, has run a limited campaign and has not made a case for himself beyond vowing to defend state sovereignty from federal power.


So, we reluctantly endorse Lee for reelection.

We do so with the hope that District 45 residents will begin expecting more from this lawmaker than just being an ideologue. He is capable of much more.

Don’t you just love it when the whole newspaper endorsement charade turns into a giant inside joke?

Slap fight among KY House GOP leadership?

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September 27, 2010

I’m well-versed in smartass passive-aggressive snark, and this Facebook comment by State House Minority Leader Jeff Hoover directed at fellow Republican Stan Lee is positively dripping with it:

Hmm. I somehow get the feeling that Hoover isn’t so much concerned with Stan Lee’s physical well-being as he is with getting in a snarky internet tube dig in on his fellow House republican.

Perhaps some leadership struggle drama bubbling to the surface? Was that very tame House declaration on giving up pay during the special session a slap in the face to hard-core wingnuts like Stan Lee? Is all-purpose movie of the week villain and rapture-ready homophobe Stan Lee gathering forces for a Teabagger blitz on House GOP leadership?

Perhaps. Or, Jeff really thinks that Stan died or something, and nobody told him about it. Or Stan had some work done, who nose, er, knows?

(h/t House of Gayskull commenter)

Stan Lee a no-show at House 45th candidate forum

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September 23, 2010

I was all ready to witness an epic debate between homophobe Stan Lee and Matthew Vanderpool at 6:00 at the Downtown Library, but Stan Lee decided not to show up.

How cowardly.

I assume he was afraid that he would catch The Gay.

Let’s hope Stan doesn’t dodge Vanderpool for the rest of the campaign, because it would be a tragedy if this debate never happens.

Must see TV: Vanderpool debates Stan Lee on Thursday

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September 20, 2010

I present to you some wonderful news, as it appears the KY House 45th district candidates will be debating each other on the teevee Thursday night at 6:00 on Channel 20. From Matthew Vanderpool’s FB page:

That’s right, the gay candidate who is bravely fighting against “the gay agenda” is taking on Stan Lee, the nuttiest fundie homophobe to ever set foot in the state capitol.

Popcorn. Get some.

Vanderpool strikes out at dirty bloggers

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August 5, 2010

The campaign of Democrat Matthew Vanderpool for the State House 45th has more drama than a episode of Real Housewives.

First, he bizarrely trashed the Victory Fund without provocation, calling out “the gay agenda“. Then, he gave the most awkward quotes ever to a national gay blog, saying how he won’t “prance around” like those gay-and-not-ashamed-of-it candidates do. Then, the “brains” behind his operation, Jordan Palmer, took a dip into crazytown with his good buddy and colleague “Michael J. Thomas”. And yesterday, his entire volunteer staff, Palmer included, sent out out bizarre and cryptic resignation letters.

And guess who Matthew Vanderpool is blaming for all of this drama? Dirty bloggers!

From his campaign’s Facebook page:

As you can see, somebody found some humor in Matthew quoting the Great Harvey Milk, as Vanderpool is acting very un-Milk-like. But it’s the dirty bloggers’ fault!

Casey you are entitled to your opinion of me, that’s the beauty of this country. But where I have to disagree is your comments based on Internet blogs, that I assure you were taken completely out of context. I have spend hours reading the… blogs and comments amazed at how some conclusions were made. I’m proud to be a gay man. But there is far more to this man than that. Harvey Milk is a hero of mine and Cleve Jones has advised me in the past. Your opinion may never change of me, Im ok with that. Because I know the person I am, I wake up every morning thinking about the people I hope to represent. All of them, gay, straight, black, white it doesn’t matter we are all in this together. So before you go thinking I’m a self hating gay, get to know me first. It might surprise you.


I generally let my staff handle this facebook page but Ive seen a couple of your comments and wanted to know how exactly you see me. I took the comments as a dislike I apologize for assuming otherwise. I’m simply angry with the bloggers for taking a sentence and making a national anti gay blog post. I value peoples thoughts and opinions and you can’t please everyone. But I work everyday trying, that’s the best I can offer. Thanks for being engaged on this page.

My God. It burns.

Let this be a lesson for all young newbie political candidates: if you say something stupid, people will write about it. And it will not be their fault, it will be your own. The end.

Can someone please steer this campaign back towards the sane so we can focus on Stan Lee and lose by 30 instead of 50, please? Jeebus…

Vanderpool refuses to "prance" around Lexington, saying "gay this and gay that"

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July 20, 2010

Matthew Vanderpool just pressed the pedal to the metal on his Strategery Pinto.

Listen to him expand on why he’s “refusing” the Victory Fund “endorsement” and “money”: It sounds like to me that you are trying to, in your campaigning and if you are successfully elected, that you’re really going to try to be an elected official who actually represents the voice of your constituents and not necessarily yourself. Am I getting the right impression?

Matthew Vanderpool: Exactly. That’s the whole reason of what a representative should be. You should be representing the voice of the people who you represent and not yourself. They are electing me to lead them, but there are 35,000 people in the district. You have to listen to what they have to say and what their concerns are.

Among Vanderpool’s biggest concerns are what he says are the Victory Fund’s requirements for endorsed candidates. He said he was told a candidate must be open in campaign literature, on a website or elsewhere, about his or her sexual orientation and commitment to protecting privacy and reproductive rights. Although he is openly gay — he’s never shied away from it and addressed it in media reports — and is personally pro-choice, Vanderpool said taking too much of a public stand on such issues would be “political suicide.”

You see? The Victory Fund demands that candidates put asterisks by their name in all campaign literature, which at the bottom says: * Total GAYBOY. And their commercials must have gay dance music in the background. And they can only canvas door-to-door if they “prance” the entire time. That’s the whole reason of what a gay candidate should be. No really, ask Matthew:

“Excuse me for putting it this way, but if I prance around my district saying ‘gay this’ or ‘gay that,’ it will destroy me. The guy I’m running against is so conservative and anti-gay he will make it look like that is the only reason I’m running.”

Don’t play chess with Matthew Vanderpool, kids.

Predictably, the Victory Fund is in total damage control after getting “turned down” by Kentucky’s new Strategery Child. Here’s what they have to say:

Dison (VP of communications for the VF) added, “It is an interesting tactic to contact the press and say you will not accept an endorsement from an organization from which you’ve not applied for an endorsement.”

Interesting? Try brilliant. Just ask Stan Lee:

Vanderpool explained: “We’ve had several meet and greets talking to the community and the question has come up. I’ve been asked a couple times. We came to the conclusion just to address it before my opponent does because he is so anti-gay he will make it his number one issue against me. We just nipped it in the bud before he gets a hold of it.”

Nipped in the bud. Dead Issue. Take that, Stan Lee!

Lex Vegas odds remain steady on this race.

Matthew Vanderpool is not part of the gay agenda

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July 19, 2010


FRANKFORT – Matthew Vanderpool, an openly gay candidate for a state House seat in Fayette County, has decided not to accept or pursue about $15,000 in campaign funds from a national group that provides financial and campaign support to gay and lesbian political candidates.

The campaign of Vanderpool, a 25-year-old Democrat who is trying to oust Republican incumbent Stan Lee in the 45th House District in the Nov. 2 general election, said Monday that the Victory Fund requires candidates it supports to state on their Web site that they are gay.

“If you accept money from them, you will be in their back pocket,” Vanderpool said.

Vanderpool said in a statement that the “price attached to accepted money from the Victory Fund were incompatible with my beliefs.

“I am gay but that does not define my entire life or the things I stand for, which are explained in detail on my Web site.

“I have no ‘gay agenda.’

Quite a shrewd move to not “accept” this money. After all, he won his primary by raising and spending $290, so I’m sure he’ll be able to beat 5-term incumbent homophobe Stan Lee in this conservative district with no money as well. Plus, this gay 25-year old college drop out part-time J.Peterman employee has now totally neutralized the whole “gay” issue in his district. It is now dead. I declare it so. Brilliant.

On a related note, Lex Vegas odds have Stan Lee’s over/under at 80. Odds of much more comedy from this race are steady at 1:500.

The Matthew Vanderpool story you’ve been waiting for

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May 19, 2010

No, this is not The Onion. This is Lexington’s Democratic nominee for the State House in the 45th District against the one and only Stan Lee. Here is the Herald Leader staff report, which shows that it must have been a fun night in the news room:

24-year-old wins 45th District race

Matthew Vanderpool, a 24-year-old with no college degree, beat a patent lawyer and Air Force veteran in a race to challenge incumbent Republican state Rep. Stan Lee in Lexington’s 45th District.

Michael Coblenz, 50, raised $6,000 to winner Vanderpool’s $150, according to campaign finance reports.

Vanderpool works for Tempur-Pedic and J. Peterman, has attended Bluegrass Community and Technical College, and is planning to go to the University of Kentucky in the fall.

“It was just a shock for us to win this,” said Vanderpool, who said he bought no advertising or yard signs.

He attributed his win to “talking to everyone I meet and being very accessible to people.”

“My plan has always been to stay true to myself and talk to people about the issues,” Vanderpool said.

He quit plans for school in 2003 when the jet ski he was riding on Lake Cumberland was hit by a drunk driver, Vanderpool says on his Web site. He has been working various jobs since then.

He still plans to attend UK in the fall, though he will probably attend only part-time so he can campaign.

Coblenz was stunned and wondered whether the appearance of Vanderpool’s name first on the ballot had anything to do with his win.

“It’s more surprising than disappointing,” he said, acknowledging that either man would have a hard time beating incumbent Lee.

A gay 24-year old who works at J. Peterman is taking on the craziest homophobe in Frankfort.


Restore America! (UPDATE)

February 20, 2010

I’ll have more on this tomorrow or later tonight, and The Hillbilly will have more video of it tomorrow, but here’s a recap of the fun that went down at today’s nutjob Restore America rally in Frankfort.

  • Walking up the steps of the capitol today was like walking into Juniper Creek from HBO’s Big Love. Woman followers of Pastor Jeff Fugate all wear long denim skirts, which are kind of a more tolerant Christian version of the burqa.

  • Restore America told WKYT on Friday that they expected 7,500 people to show up. According to both WKYT and the LHL, 400 showed up. Which is OK, I guess, though getting 5% of your goal might be considered embarrassing to some.
  • They sang a version of the Star-Spangled Banner that lasted approximately 15 minutes, with over eleventy million verses. It was, of course, the awesome.
  • The BEST part of the entire day was a song called “We Want America Back”, which talked about taking it back from “those who have no self-control”, saying that “it’s time for the Army of God to arise”. The Army of God is, of course, the group that advocates killing doctors who perform abortion. There was also some weird spoken word/rappsih thing in the middle of it that talked about our children being forced into public schools that are like war zones, with drug addicted thuggish school children and devil condoms, saying those schools glorify abortion and “what God calls an abomination is called an alternative lifestyle”. The Hillbilly has the spoken word part here:

    Here is the full version of the song itself, which I dare you not to make your new favorite song:

  • Marge Montgomery from KY Right to Life spoke, calling Tom Burch and members of his committee pro-abortion. She told everyone there to flood Ruth Ann Palumbo and Jim Glenn’s office with letters and calls to convince them to vote for the Clockwork Orange Seance with Fetus Bill.
  • Jeff Fugate introduced Stan Lee as a “real man”. Stan got the crowd going more than anyone, and should definitely run for Governor. Lots of the usual from him, with lots of 10th amendment gobbledeegook. He made a joke saying that Al Gore wants to kill himself because there is snow in February, thus he has been proven a fraud. Funny!
  • Tom Dupree gave a damning indictment of the Coen Brothers (Jews!) and their 10 year old movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou, as it shows how the evil liberal Jew media tries to portray good decent patriotic Americans as Klansmen. Fo realz!
  • Homophobe Kent Ostrander asked for all candidates and public official in attendance to shout out their names. They did. I wrote them down, so thanks Kent! The two notables were US Senate candidate Bill Johnson and 6th US House candidate Andy Barr. Johnson got decent applause, as these appear to be his kind of people. The others there:

    Stan Lee (45th House)
    Tim Moore (26th House)
    John Stevenson (US Senate candidate)
    David Darnell (candidate in House 77th)
    Roger Ayers (candidate in House 36th)
    Jimmy Yancy (candidate in House 32nd)
    Chad Crouch (candidate in Senate 22nd)
    Ricky Hostetler (candidate in House 62nd)
    Frank Haynes (candidate in House 57th)

    They’re all Republicans. Which does surprise me a little, I must say. I’m sure a good number of our Democratic State Senators (Boswell, Carroll, etc..) would have fit in very well here, just like Jim Gooch and Dan Mongiardo would have.

    Rand Paul was a big no-show, apparently because he chose to go to a big gun show in Louisville instead. I hear that Rand has a booth at every gun show in the state these days, including the Kenny Woods Gun and Knife Show recently in Lexington, where the booth was a few down from the one proudly displaying a large Nazi flag. Nevertheless, Rand had a booth here at the rally with quite a few staff or volunteers.

  • Speaking of Bill Johnson, check out this tasteful campaign bumper sticker that he was handing out. You get it?!? It sounds like Osama Bin Laden, because they’re both Muslim terrorists! So funny!

  • This bumper sticker provided one of the sickest displays of the day. Fugate’s church does a “Bus Ministry” that picks up kids from poor areas of Lexington to spread the good word about Jesus to them. Well, a white lady had several black children with her at the rally, as this was just the type of wholesome affair that the children needed to witness. One of the kids asked what Bill Johnson’s disgusting bumper sticker was about. The woman railed against the evil Communist lies of Obama, and the child replied “well, my mom voted for him”. The woman snapped back at him “well, she regrets it now!”

    So charming…

  • They showed a huge picture of a beautiful green countryside in Kentucky, and said that this is what coal mining sites in Kentucky look like. Not joking, here it is:

  • Pastor Jeff Fugate let loose with 10 minutes of unbridled crazy, all while Stan Lee was furiously applauding every big line to his right:

    Jeff Fugate Speaking At The Right Wing Restore America Rally from James Pence on Vimeo.

  • During a song called “America is Still Beautiful”, one line pined for the past, saying “and I remember when church was not an option”, but “those simple days are over”. Forced church = FREEEEEEEDOM!
  • During Leland Conway’s speech when referring to Obama and Democrats, people in the crowd shouted “terrorist!” and “communist!”, while the idiot behind me muttered “lynch them” and “cut their throats”. Fun people.
  • If you want to fully grasp how these people view women, check out this degree program from “Commonwealth Baptist” the cultish college offshoot of Clays Mill Baptist Church:
    Associate of Arts
    Christian Womanhood

    An Associate of Arts Degree in Christian Womanhood requires completion of the freshman Core Curriculum plus 32 additional credit hours including:

    Sewing- 3
    Cooking- 3
    Health and Nutrition- 3
    Childcare- 3
    Personal Finance- 2
    Marriage and Family Rolls- 2
    Balance and Character- 2
    Child Rearing- 3

    What, no course in shin concealment?

    Oh, but they do offer this fun class:

    CE 305 Cults (2 Hours) A study of the historical and theological positions of modern-day perversions of Biblical truth, such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Adventists, Christian Scientists and Roman Catholics.

    Hey, any of those candidates attending have any Roman Cultists, er, I mean Catholics voting in their district? Anyone?

That’s about all folks, if I remember anything I left out I’ll add it on later. Scary, scary people.

What do you think?




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