Things with Comer may not be as they seem…

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July 11, 2011

When I wrote about James Comer’s hilarious hire on Friday afternoon, I wrote it off as either one of two things:

#1: Comer thinks that he’s already won, and it doesn’t matter who he hires to do field.

#2: Comer has gone a bit mad in the head.

But additional quotes in the update to the story, plus quotes in Ronnie Ellis’ story lead me to believe that there might be a third interpretation that is equally plausible:

#3: Comer made this hire with David Williams’ and RPK’s direct blessing (if it wasn’t their idea to begin with) in order to buy out and shut up Mica and tea party criticism of Williams so that they don’t hurt Williams’ already not-great chances of winning this November.

It’s easy to look at quotes like these and think it is spin, but there may be a larger truth here:

Comer said he talked to U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, Republican gubernatorial nominee David Williams and state GOP Chairman Steve Robertson about hiring Sims.

“None advised me not to get her,” he said. “They told me it was my decision.”

Robertson said the decision was Comer’s. “I know Mica has much enthusiasm for Jamie to win this race,” he said.


Comer said he’d advised Williams, U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell and RPK Chairman Steve Robertson in advance he planned to hire Sims.

“Everyone is excited,” Comer said. “They are all supporting my campaign and they trust my political judgment.”

Scott Jennings, a spokesman for Williams’ campaign, confirmed Comer and Williams spoke earlier in the week and said Williams supports Comer’s campaign and thinks “he’ll make a great Agricultural Commissioner.”

Holly Harris VonLuehrte, an in-house counsel for RPK, also confirmed Robertson and Comer spoke about Sims’ hiring in advance. She said the two men are “close and meet and speak constantly. Steve is supportive of all (of Comer’s) campaign hires.

And here’s the kicker:

Sims said she won’t be involved in any other campaign, including the governor’s race, because her goal is to help Comer attract voters from both major political parties and the Tea Party. She said she doesn’t want to alienate any of them by speaking out about another race. She said she will coordinate grassroots and volunteer efforts across the state for Comer.


If I was a betting man, I’d say this was the grand bargain. Williams shuts up the criticism of him from the Moffett/tea party crowd that trounced him in the Golden Triangle this May, and Mica Sims gets a paycheck. Meanwhile, Comer will have another competent or at least remotely qualified staffer who will actually run his field, or it will be run out of the RPK. Everybody wins (except Williams most likely, just not as bad).

Regardless of whether interpretation #3 is correct, I would say that James Comer, much like Andy Barr last year, has some rather important questions to answer.

David Adams not eyeing Beshear, but RPK

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June 27, 2011

From David Adams’s new Kentucky Knows Best PAC:

Tea party supporters in Kentucky will strongly resist any efforts to delay Republican Party of Kentucky reorganization elections by a year, Kentucky Knows Best PAC executive director David Adams said.

“The Republican Party is the vehicle for the tea party to restore sovereignty to the individual in America,” Adams said. “Reorganizing the Republican Party and writing the 2012 platform is a key step in this process so any effort to delay those things won’t be viewed favorably. I was able to make a brief video presentation on tax reform to the 2008 RNC platform committee, mostly because I knew when and where to show up. Lots of Kentuckians would love to have their voices heard on the issues of the day and we are going to work very hard to see that in 2012 the process is opened up to many more of them.”


That’s not an apology

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June 22, 2011

The current clown of the Kentucky Democrats (this is a revolving prize), Commissioner of Agriculture Bob Farmer, apologized yesterday for saying in his stand-up routine that Eastern Kentuckians are a bunch of inbred toothless hicks. (we’ll also note the fact that Kentucky Democrats nominating a non-farmer stand-up comedian for this job because his name is “Farmer” isn’t the greatest rebuttal to the stereotype)

Only he didn’t really apologize. Yes, it’s the old “if you were offended” line:

“I apologize if it offends anyone,” Farmer said in a phone interview. “I don’t want to offend people.”

And it doesn’t help that he followed that remark with this, noting that Republicans found the video and made it an issue yesterday:

“When did they lose their sense of humor, when I got 15 points ahead?” Farmer said.

Yes, so Farmer is basically saying “I apologize if you were offended, but seriously, it was funny and if you’re offended you should get a sense of humor”.


And I reject the premise that Republicans did this because they are worried about Farmer winning. They brought this out so early because they know that Farmer is an embarrassing joke, and they want to tie him as fast as possible to the KDP and Steve Beshear, as David Williams and the rest of the GOP ticket continues to look doomed. The KDP did the smart thing by denouncing Farmer, but this incredibly lame “apology” might wind up giving the story more legs than it would of if he had just said “I was totally wrong and I apologize to all Kentuckians” without the “if’s”.

The issue here isn’t Bob Farmer, because despite the name and Beshear’s advantage at the top of the ticket, he just isn’t going to win this race. The issue is how well the RPK succeeds at tying the embarrassment that is Bob Farmer to the rest of the Democratic Party. Is it desperate? Yes. Can I blame them, based on the situation that is staring the KY GOP in the face come this November? Not really… they’d be stupid not to.

PS- I’ll never get tired of saying “I told you so” about nominating Bob Farmer…

Early Lex Vegas odds on Speakerpalooza

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May 31, 2011

With Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner coming to Lexington for a joint event at Transy on June 24th, the Lex Vegas odds makers are already hard at work taking bets.

So far they say that by July 1st, the Republican Party of Kentucky will have sent out 6 press releases tying Steve Beshear and Jack Conway to Nancy Pelosi. The KDP’s expected output of press releases tying Boehner and his horrendous Medicare-killing bill to McConnell and the KY GOP House members that voted for it is currently zero.

Might want to go with the overs on RPK.

Also, the odds that John Boehner cries on stage is currently at 10:1.

Odds that our old friend Shaye Rabold grants us a press pass? 2:1

Odds that Rand Paul will send out a press release calling John Boehner a weak-kneed compromiser for making a deal with Democrats to raise the debt ceiling and turn us into “Greece”, just like that sell out Henry Clay would probably do? 8:1

We’ll fill you in if there are any updates…

Kentucky Republicans are united! (VIDEO)

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May 21, 2011

Well, not really. But they sure put on a good face today at the Republican Party of Kentucky headquarters for their much hyped “unity rally“.

I got there at noon and there was already a packed house, with people spilling outside. Rep. Brett Guthrie MC’d, introducing AG candidate Todd P’Pool, Sen. Mitch McConnell, and Rand Paul (via video). P’Pool was up first and said that he wanted Jerry Abramson to come down to Western Kentucky in his “alligator boots” and explain his position on “the unborn”. He didn’t mention the J-word, but oddly enough Rand Paul spoke next while wearing a light blue yarmulke (or maybe it was doctor scrubs), praising Richie Famer. Mitch McConnell spoke next and mentioned how electing David Williams will “stop Barack Obama”, adding the lie that America resembles Greece. Very shaky video of him below:

Then it was time for the man of the hour, David Williams, as he spoke with the entire Republican ticket, Phil Moffett, and Bobbie Holsclaw on stage behind him. (first minute is shaky, apologies):

As you can see, David Williams suddenly has an amazing amount of respect for the work that Phil Moffett has done. Mmm hmm. The man is a talented actor, I’ll give him that.

Afterwards, I spoke with David Adams. I asked him if he’s going to support David Williams. He made a funny face and said “no comment”. I think you can read between the lines there. Also of note is that I didn’t see many familiar tea party faces that usually come to events like these, like our dear friend Mica Sims.

United? Color me skeptical, though this giant dose of ass-kissing by David Williams today certainly didn’t hurt.

KY Republican Unity Rally Funtimes

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May 21, 2011

While the rest of you are getting trashed or gathering with your loved ones, preparing for the upcoming Rapture at 6:00 today, I’ll be at the Republican Party of Kentucky headquarters amongst… well, Republicans.

Yes, it’s their “Team 2011 Rally“, where everyone is supposed to forget all of the mean things that David Williams said about the Teabaggers & Phil Moffett, and vice versa.

Will the persons of tea show up? Will they withhold their Arsenio woofs from their seats in the Dog Pound?

Tune into the Twitter Machine a little before noon and follow all of the “fun”.

Or better yet, do something more productive in your last 6 hours on earth before Jesus comes back and starts smiting.

GOP KY House member switching parties (UPDATE: confirmed)

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April 22, 2011

We’ve received word that Republican State Representative Wade Hurt is announcing today that he is switching to the Democratic Party.

Hurt was elected to his first term representing the 37th House District in southwest Louisville last November, running unopposed. He took the seat vacated by Democrat Ron Weston, who chose not to run last year.

A message was left at the home of Hurt, the office of the House Republican Leadership and the Republican Party of Kentucky seeking comment.

Kentucky Democratic Party Communications Director Matt Erwin said that he was unaware of any development concerning Hurt.

Greg Stumbo’s Communications Director Brian Wilkerson gave this statement from the Speaker of the House:

“We don’t know anything official, but we would certainly welcome him into our party and our caucus if that’s his decision”

We’ll let you know if we get any updates on this story, or comments from Hurt, Hoover and the RPK.

UPDATE: Joe Gerth at CJ reports that it’s official, with statement from Hurt:

State Rep. Wade Hurt, a Republican who sailed to victory last year after his Democratic opponent was declared ineligible to run, said Friday that he is switching parties.

Hurt, 44, a longtime GOP activist, said he made the decision because he believes a Democrat can better represent his district in a legislative body controlled by the Democrats.

The 37th District, which Hurt represents, is 62 percent Democratic and 29 percent Republican by registration.

The largely working-class district had been represented by Democrats for generations. Ron Weston held the seat before Hurt, and state Sen. Perry Clark had it for a dozen years before Weston.

Kentucky Republicans welcome Haley Barbour and his dreaded "amnesty"

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February 16, 2011

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour will be in Lexington on Thursday, headlining a fundraiser for the Republican Party of Kentucky.

Which is interesting, considering that Kentucky Republicans are trying to ram through an immigration bill that is even worse than Arizona’s “Papers Please” bill. Why interesting? Well, Haley Barbour used to be a lobbyist for Mexico, advocating for (what most conservatives would surely call) “amnesty“.


Sounds a little too sane to be the Republican nominee in 2012, in my opinion. Sorry, Haley.

RPK Lincoln Day Dinner fun (UPDATE)

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February 15, 2011

Saturday night was the Jefferson County Republican Party Lincoln Dinner, and for some odd reason I decided to waste 3 hours of my life at it. Rand Paul was to introduce Mitch McConnell’s keynote address, and then the 2011 statewide candidates would get a few minutes to introduce themselves. Of the 320 people eating at this dinner in Louisville celebrating the Great Emancipator, there was exactly one black person. The wait staff outnumbered him by 8, but sometimes Liberty requires that.

Unfortunately, there was no Henry Clay rap battle between Rand and Mitch. In fact, half of the room could not hear Rand Paul’s introduction to Mitch, as they didn’t turn the microphone up until Mitch McConnell was speaking. Rand spoke about how much he admires Senator McConnell, what with his effort to make democracy for sale. It was a lovefest.

Then it was Mitch McConnell’s turn. The Senior Senator informed the crowd that Obama’s big tax and spend agenda is dead, and that Americans are clamoring for a repeal of health care (he didn’t cite the poll, of course). McConnell went the fearmongering route, using the “we’re turning into Greece” scare line that I haven’t actually heard him use before. After decrying the big taxing, big government spending Obama Dems, Mitch then went on to praise Ronald Reagan for savings Social Security in 1983. And… how did he do that, Mitch? Raising taxes on the rich? Mmm hmm.

Mitch McConnell then told a big ole whopper:

Not even remotely true. And he knows it, of course.

Mitch then went into Reagan overdrive. Number of times Lincoln was mentioned in his Lincoln Dinner speech? Once in passing (maybe he didn’t want to get Rand mad). Number of times Reagan mentioned? At least 20. Gotta go with the trends.

After a shockingly blond Anne Northup won an award and Dan Seum told the audience that “kids outta go to school in their own neighborhood”, it was time for the statewide candidates.

Bobbie Holsclaw took the stage with a giant pyramid of butter. Larry Cox, Mitch McConnell’s former chief of staff, was openly laughing at her throughout the speech. She was eventually pulled off by the Sandman. Phil Moffett kissed Rand Paul’s ass, but refrained from calling David Williams a communist. Williams gave a shout out to Todd Lally and then kissed his own ass with the delivery of an auctioneer (he’s had a lot of practice).

In the Secretary of State race, Some Dude Named Bill Johnson informed us of his platform to confiscate calculators from middle schools:

Then Hilda Legg (who had been chugging coffee the entire night) said that she will protect your vote from being stolen by ACORN thugs and pimps (continuing the retro theme of the evening):

FYI, Hilda Legg and her primary against SDNBJ is going to be a lot of fun.

Attorney General candidate Todd P’Pool then taught everyone how to pronounce his name:

He’s going to use the name “Keith Olbermann” approximately 2,000 times during the campaign, so you have that to look forward to.

KC Crosbie didn’t talk about ACORN or gays or fetuses, but she did mention that Todd Hollenbach’s office has not issued a press release since the summer of 2008 (check his site, it’s true):

The only sad news of the evening is that some Young Republican DB didn’t try to assault Jonathan Meador this year. He brought nunchucks and everything, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

In summation: Raising taxes for government handouts is bad unless you’re Reagan, ACORN pimps are still trying to steal your vote, calculators may or may not be manufactured by Satan, Reagan is awesome when you forget everything about him, and it’s pronounced “pee pool”.

Lincoln is proud.

UPDATE: Meador has his account of the fun up, including this glorious pic I took of Richie’s new Bieber-esque hairdo:

Some lovely RPK mailers

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October 28, 2010

Jack Conway is a “liberal”, you see, who wants to oppress the most downtrodden of them all in Kentucky: trust fund kids.

Jack Conway once shot a coal miner just to watch him die!

And all medical decision must be approved by OBAMA HIMSELF!!! (Jack Conway’s “good friend”, if you know what I mean)

Curbstomp this liberal DUMB-o-crat before he curbstomps your grandma with his Kenyan Death Panel!!!1!*

Pat yourself on the back RPK. You’re doing great work.

*(if your grandma is on chemo and wearing a WIG, she kinda deserves the curbstomping. It’s in the Constitution.)




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