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Ron Paul v. Rand Paul on question of helping tornado victims

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March 6, 2012

Rand Paul’s brilliant father who would be the next President if the media and the vast majority of people around the nation didn’t treat him like he was a total wacko went on CNN and suggested that all the people and towns devastated by the tornadoes should be left to their own devices and the federal government shouldn’t give them one red cent.

Ron Paul must really disappointed with his ignorant son who does not understand the fiat of the money, as Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell both got together to write a letter requesting millions in aid from the Obama nanny-state.


On Sunday, Gov. Steve Beshear requested the president provided Kentucky with a federal disaster declaration to help fund the clean up and rebuilding.

“Timely and serious consideration of the governor’s disaster declaration request on your part would aid Kentucky communities and families so severely affected by this most recent disaster,” the two Senators wrote.

Rand and Mitch were joined in their request for a federal handout by Hal Rogers, Ed Whitfield, Brett Guthrie and Geoff Davis. And, of course, the two Dems.

But Ron Paul totally had a point, man.

Catching up with the Pauls

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February 28, 2012

From Huffington:

Ron Paul Disavows White Supremacists, But Takes Their Money

….Paul’s 2012 campaign has received more than $6,000 from people who have identified themselves as white separatists or supremacists, or who are listed on anti-hate group sites such as the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Two prominent donors are leaders in what may be the most ambitious white nationalist political movement in the U.S., American Third Position. One is William Johnson, the group’s chairman. Another is Virginia Abernethy, a former Vanderbilt professor who is listed as a director of the party.

You are probably shocked that Ron Paul would take such money — or even garner the support of white supremacists (why do they like Ron?).

On an unrelated note, Rand Paul’s former spokesman Chris Hightower is running for State Representative over in the 16th because “Kentucky needed more regular people in office.”

And on an even less related note, WFPL reports that Senator Rand Paul is firing up his campaign machine, sending an email to his supporters telling them to head out to the Republican Party precincting and reorganization process:

The Republican Party of Kentucky holds its reorganization every four years to coincide with presidential elections. During the process, party members elect individual precinct leaders and the head of the RPK.

In an e-mail to supporters, Rand Paul asks them to take part in the precinct elections and to get involved as county delegates to the state convention where the top leaders of RPK are chosen.

Cool idea, Rand. The RPK elections go down on March 31st (like the Dems) and from the Precinct elections come, eventually, the delegates to the national conventions.

Also a cool idea — and now even less related… I apologize for the totally scattershot flow of this post – Ron Paul is quietly amassing an army of delegates while GOP frontrunners spar:

While the Republican nomination race is focused on the ongoing battle between frontrunners Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, the Ron Paul campaign is waging an under-the-radar “delegate strategy” that could make the libertarian-leaning Texan the surprise kingmaker of the race.

In states that have already voted via a caucus system – rather than a straight primary ballot – Ron Paul supporters are conducting an intensively organised ground effort aimed at securing as many convention delegate slots as possible, often in numbers that far outweigh the number of actual votes that Paul got in the ballot.

If successful, it means Paul’s campaign could arrive at the August Tampa convention at the head of an army of delegates far larger than the proportion of votes that it won during the nomination contest.

It could also increase the chances of a contested convention – where no candidate has enough delegates to declare the winner – as well as give Paul much greater ability to inject his beliefs into the Republicans’ 2012 policy platform.

The strategy is based on the fact the GOP race is in fact a “delegate contest” despite an overwhelming focus by the media and most campaigns on “winning” individual states by coming top of the popular vote. But in reality, each state, weighted proportionally by population, sends a number of delegates to Tampa where a nominee is then chosen.

Read the rest of that story at The Guardian…

Rand Paul v. Marco Rubio & Rand Paul v. Newt Gingrich!

December 9, 2011

Pat Buchanan’s got a column up in which he revisits the 2008 war between Georgia and Russia around Ossetia. It’s a complicated history which, as Buchanan notes, saw McCain rallying to the side of the Georgians (who’s wacky president shared a adviser with McCain) and G.W.Bush softly chiding Putin for the strength of Russia’s response. Yadda yadda yadda… here’s Pat:

What makes this history relevant today?

Last week, Sen. Marco Rubio, rising star of the Republican right, on everyone’s short list for VP, called for a unanimous vote, without debate, on a resolution directing President Obama to accept Georgia’s plan for membership in NATO at the upcoming NATO summit in Chicago.

Rubio was pushing to have the U.S. Senate pressure Obama into fast-tracking Georgia into NATO, making Tbilisi an ally the United States would be obligated by treaty to go to war to defend.

Now it is impossible to believe a senator, not a year in office, dreamed this up himself.

Patrick goes on to suggest that it’s the same forces behind the McCain-travesty, business interests who’ve long sought legitimacy for a crazed leader. But poor Marco Rubio, Patrick is happy to write, met with some resistance:

The answer is unknown. What is known is the name of the senator who blocked it — Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, who alone stepped in and objected, defeating Rubio’s effort to get a unanimous vote.


Meanwhile… in Iowa, Rand Paul has a column of his own, smashing Newt Gingrich in the Des Moines Register:

Rand Paul: Republicans would take a giant step backward by choosing Gingrich

….But what worries me is that the voters are being sold a bill of goods in Gingrich.

Gingrich began his career as a Rockefeller Republican from the liberal wing of the party. And though he has often spoken and occasionally acted like he left that wing, it is clear from his flip-flops and multiple “apologies” that his heart is still there.

His record features “highlights” such as global warming commercials with Nancy Pelosi, support for cap-and-trade, funding Planned Parenthood, and, recently, announcing that life does not begin at conception.

Not only that, but Gingrich took money as a Freddie Mac lobbyist — one of the well-known government-backed agencies that served as a root cause of the financial meltdown of 2008.

While one candidate in the race, my father, Rep. Ron Paul, was publicly warning about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the crisis they were helping to create, Gingrich was earning millions to not only endorse but also promote the status quo.

….While in Washington, Gingrich also refused to stand up on right-to-work laws and Second Amendment battles. He supported the Brady Bill and the Lautenberg rifle ban. He voted to create the U.S. Department of Education.

That’s right, folks. The Department of Education. Despicable.

Rand wraps up:

This list could go on. So I will conclude by saying two things: Gingrich is not from the tea party. He is not even a conservative.

He is part of the Washington establishment I was sent to fight. He has been wrong on many of the major issues of the day, and he has taken money from those who helped cause the housing crisis and create millions of foreclosures.

As the Associated Press reports, this Paul/Gingrich tug-of-war is great news for… Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney may have some help in Iowa: Ron Paul.

Any rival who drains votes away from the rising Newt Gingrich — as Paul’s allies believe he does — could help keep Romney’s chief opponent at bay here. But Paul’s traditional, all-out campaign in Iowa has pushed the libertarian congressman into second in a key Iowa poll — and the reality is that even if he wins the caucuses, many Republicans say, he likely can’t win the Republican presidential nomination.

That means, Romney allies privately say, that Paul’s success may be Romney’s gain.

Maybe Rand’s block of Rubio and Gingrich is part of an orchestrated move to place himself in the running for Romney’s running mate. Or maybe not. Maybe Ron Paul will win Iowa and then sweep through to the nomination.

Rand Paul and the Birchers celebrate “Constitution Day!”

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September 7, 2011

From the John Birch Society:

Have any plans for Constitution Day? Join JBS and leading Constitutionalists at the inaugural Liberty Political Action Conference in Reno, Nevada, September 15-17.

JBS is a proud cosponsor of this inaugural event. We hope you can join us at the Grand Sierra Resort for what is guaranteed to be a weekend to remember and a refreshing time among other Patriots ready to restore limited, constitutional government in America.

….Speakers include Congressman Ron Paul, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Mike Lee, Congressman Justin Amash, JBS CEO Arthur Thompson, and many more.

It only costs $109 (and just $35 if you have a valid student ID).

The top item on their agenda… attacking the unconstitutional Southern Poverty Law Center because they are a “Danger to American Liberty.”

The subject of Rand’s speech is not yet disclosed and Pappy Paul will give the Sunday evening keynote.

If you aren’t familiar with the Birchers, it’s hard to know exactly where to start, except to say that the Tea Party is nothing new and neither are really simplistic views of the US Constitution. They are rippling with racism and terrified of the non-existent threat of communism and “collectivism.”

One of the founder members is Fred Koch, energy magnate and Tea Party underwriter.

And… you know what. I’m doing a bad job of explaining it. Let me hand this over to a real John Bircher now…

The FEMA Flip Flop

September 6, 2011

A week ago, Hal Rogers and his fellow Republicans were falling all over themselves trying to deny funds to the hurricane ravaged east coast or at least manufacture another fiscal crisis to force further federal cuts to the government infrastructure.

Rand Paul’s father, who is apparently is running for president though we never hear anything about that, went on the radio and said that FEMA should be disbanded and people who live in areas prone to flooding should be left to fend for themselves because, of course, they’re the one’s living there so screw them.

Yet strangely…

No such complains have been made about FEMA’s decision to bail out three Kentucky counties.

Rand Paul and his pappy are silent. Hal Rogers, on the other hand, is inserting himself into the effort, as if he hadn’t just threatened federal assistance to every other state.

The federal government has approved individual assistance funding for people whose property was damaged in flooding that hit Bell, Knox and Perry counties in June, U.S. Rep. Hal Rogers announced Friday.

The decision means people can apply for money to help with home repair and other costs incurred from the flooding.

….A presidential disaster declaration covered Bell, Knox, Perry, Breathitt, Knott, Lee and Magoffin counties.

And further more, neither Hal nor Rand (nor the Governor for that matter) are complaining about President Obama’s flagrant federal insertion into the special place of our daily lives.

There’s a word for this type of behavior.

Rand Paul caves to military-industrial complex (and sticks up for his dad)

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August 17, 2011

Ron Paul came in 2nd at the Iowa Straw Poll and Rand could’ve been happier but he was happy nonetheless:

“People want to downplay it and say it doesn’t mean much because it’s a straw poll but at the same time, presidential candidate’s whole futures can be determined by the fact that Tim Pawlenty dropped out so that shows it must be fairly important.”

Of course, the wider Ron Paul campaign is tripping over itself to define the current state of their “revolution” as maligned by media inattention. Unfortunately this is having a bit of the reverse effect. Rather than ginning up respect for the seriousness of the Paul candidacy, this Ron reframing seems to have just made Ron Paul “the candidate everyone ignores.”

Story after story is coming out in mainstream outlets across the spectrum, left right and center, each asking, “Is the media ignoring Ron Paul?” and then spending most of their time navel-gazing at the media rather than talking about any of Paul’s issues. Issue talk, apparently, is better left to Bachmann, Perry and Mittens. So, Ron will have to try harder, and his supporters should spend less time talking about how he’s ignored because, currently they’re talking a lot about him (it’s just only about how he’s ignored — the media and the Paul revolutionaires are on the exact same page!)

But back to Rand Paul, son.

Reports the Courier Journal:

Rand Paul pledges to work to protect military funding

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul met Tuesday with state leaders of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, where he pledged to do all he can to preserve funding for the military and veterans — despite his tea party beliefs in smaller government and less spending.

“There are a few things the federal government should be doing, and one of them is national defense and the other is taking care of veterans,” said Paul, a freshman Republican from Bowling Green.

Which is funny, since Rand’s supposed to be a sensible Republican who understands the wasteful spending America pours each year into the bloated military budget. He’s supposed to be the Republican who doesn’t want America’s military marching off all over the place dropping million dollar bombs willy-nilly on whomever it pleases. Hell, he’s the candidate who just six months ago pledged to strip Israel of its US military aid.

And he’s the man who, days after his election, said he wanted to cut military spending:

Senator-elect Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Sunday he believes government spending cuts shouldn’t exclude the military.

On ABC’s “This Week,” Paul said: “Republicans traditionally say, oh, we’ll cut domestic spending, but we won’t touch the military. The liberals — the ones who are good — will say, ‘Oh, we’ll cut the military, but we won’t cut domestic spending.’”

“Bottom line is, you have to look at everything across the board.”

So has Washington changed Rand Paul? Or is he lying to veterans? Or have the black helicopters gotten to him and magnetically fried his braid and/or implanted a statist chip?

Or should we just ignore this?

Rand Paul named most Freedomiest dude in Washington by some magazine

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July 28, 2011

Well, technically he tied for first with some 26 other people dude, including his father and Michelle Bachmann. They all got 100% Freedom ratings! 100%!

All the Congresspeople were rated on whether they voted to smash ObamaCare, whether they voted to smash the United Nations, whether they voted to smash NPR, whether they voted to smash the EPA, whether they voted to abort Planned Parenthood, whether they voted to expand offshore drilling, and where they stood on Libya and the Patriot Act.

As you can see, “Freedom” is most importantly defended as pertains to private corporations and also an important factor in the grading is how low an opinion one has of women.

Mitch McConnell got a terrible 60%, just squeaking past the threshold level between “Freedom” and “Tyranny.”

The Kentucky Congressional Delegation scored as follows:

  • 89% — Brett Guthrie (R-02)
  • 80% — Ed Whitfield (R-01)
  • 80% — Geoff Davis (R-04)
  • 79% — Hal Rogers (R-05)
  • 30% — Ben Chandler (D-06)
  • 20% — John Yarmuth (D-03)

So, wait… you’re telling us that Yarmuth’s body is 90% water and 20% freedom? So he’s giving 110%? Or we shouldn’t trust you guys with the economy?

Here’s a link to the PDF for the “Freedom Index” from some magazine or think tank or something that I am blissfully free to not name and, likewise, have the complete freedom to not link to so as to freely keep you from viewing their advertisements or further perusing their dumb site and can instead, freely, send you to download their dumb PDF which, really, isn’t much to look at anyway — PDF, if you care.

In other news, Rand’s shaking his Freedom-thang in Iowa this weekend, at the Pizza Ranch in Spencer and the Prime N’ Wine in Mason City, among others, to help ensure his father win’s the upcoming Iowa Straw Poll.

He was also on Greta Van Sustren last night but didn’t say anything interesting, though his hair was particularly jellied.

Rand Paul’s wife working to defeat his father

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July 8, 2011

This is fun:

Michele Bachmann’s first television ad raised eyebrows among some political consultants, not for its content but because of the firm that produced it.

That’s because the Strategy Group for Media, which made Bachmann’s Iowa spot, happens to have close ties to the family of another presidential candidate, Texas Rep. Ron Paul. SGM has worked for Ron Paul, did Rand Paul’s media during last year’s Kentucky Senate race and now employs the senator’s wife, Kelley Paul.
Continue Reading

The firm held a tense meeting with Ron Paul last month ahead of Bachmann’s campaign launch, according to a source familiar with the sit-down. The fact that SGM is now working for one of Paul’s major competitors remains “a little awkward, but that’s the business,” the source said.

GOP 2012 Circus Roundup

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July 6, 2011

In case you lost track over the holiday weekend, here’s a roundup of what’s been happening in The Greatest Show on Earth:

  • Mitt Romney is a human pinwheel, which is fascinating to watch. Over the span of one week, he’s managed to say Obama made the recession worse, then denied ever saying it, then managed to say that again. It’s not huge in itself, but when your base is wary of this and you have a new one every week, it adds up.
  • Another New Hampshire poll shows Mitt leading easily. Unfortunately for him, it’s the second straight NH poll to show Michele Bachmann sprinting up to 2nd place.
  • And look at this. Joining Oregon and Montana as states where Bachmann is leading the GOP field in a poll is New Mexico. The West is looking like Bachmann country, and it’s only July.
  • Ron Paul must have done something to really piss off David Duke, because he’s thinking about withholding his support of Father Liberty and running for president on the GOP ticket himself.
  • Even if Ron Paul doesn’t have David Duke in his corner, he does have another SPLC certified extremist campaigning for him in Iowa soon. In late June, Rand Paul will take part in Liberty Bus Tour through the Hawkeye State.
  • Unfortunately for Ron Paul, Iowa grows corn, not poppies. He’s going to lose hard, but he might be able to compete with Pawlenty.
  • HermanCainia is so full of Liberty and Awesomeness that he’s already got some kind of gay witch hunt happening with his staff and volunteers. Catch the Fever, not The Gay!

Liberty All Up in Your Birth Canal

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June 21, 2011

Blah blah states’ rights blah blah Constitution blah blah same old bullshit from St. Paul I:




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