Richie Farmer


January 13, 2012
By David M. F. Schankula

Richie Farmer’s in some doodoo. A day after incoming Agriculture Secretary Jamie Comer asked Auditor Adam Edelen to go through the Ag Department with a fine tooth moustache comb, the Herald Leader got its hands on a list of missing or lost items already available. That means this is just what’s missing now before Edelen tries to account for everything. Many people point out that it may be the case that many items on this list will ultimately be located, but it’s worth keeping in mind that much more may ultimately turn up missing.

The list includes:

■ Four Dell Latitude ES400 laptop computers, valued at a combined $4,727, according to the state

■ 24-inch flat-panel monitor, valued at $679 and listed as lost by the department

■ HP OfficeJet printer, not returned from home

■ $890 Dell computer, listed as lost

■ $1,595 Sharp fax machine, listed as lost

[Which is odd since the top level fax machine listed on Sharp's website, the 2081, seems to list for $999 and sells for less than that.]

■ $3,630 Lexmark color printer, listed as lost

[Sweet! It's the X 658dtfe MFP Monochrome Laser - Fax / copier / printer / scanner. That would look good in any home office, garage or basement.]

■ Garmin GPS, not returned

■ TomCat GPS or radar detector, not returned

■ 110-plus computers, and other computer equipment

■ $4,122 phone system with 15 phones and two consoles

■ $4,758 Gateway media center

■ $3,880 projector

■ $758 VCR for a break room for the division of regulation and inspection


There’s way more than just all that missing. Like:

■ Numerous sets of weights for testing scales

So head on over to the HL. There’s a rumor that Beshear’s going to announce a statewide hunt… if you can find the missing/stolen Agriculture, you get to keep it! Where-oh-where will that Gateway media center be?



Tuesday morning giggle

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August 30, 2011
By Betty Spaghetti

I almost feel sorry for Bill Clary. The stuff he has had to defend in the paper – from Richie’s Louisville hotel rooms, to Richie’s failure to report his use of a state-owned vehicle on his taxes and now the case of the missing mini-fridge … I truly wonder whether he keeps a straight face when he says stuff like this:

But Clary said Thursday, and again Friday, that he doesn’t know the whereabouts of the second Frigidaire.“I haven’t found it yet,” he said Friday.

Thanks to Tom Loftus at the C-J for this hilarious story.


“I’ve had folks tell me they wouldn’t vote for [Williams] for anything, but they’d vote for Richie.”

August 8, 2011
By David M. F. Schankula

I’ll leave the news and notes from Fancy Farm to Joe whose review we can expect a little later today. I can tell you, however, that the 127 Garage Sale was awesome and no politicians showed up which made it very pleasant indeed.

There’s a lovely portrait of Richie Farmer out this morning at Yahoo! Sports — The Legend of Richie Farmer — which goes back to his roots and brings us up to the present:

The Republican establishment has been fending off rumors of Farmer’s possible removal from the ticket. A question to this end posed to the Williams-Farmer campaign spokesman predictably received a ‘No comment,’ but talk to folks in and out of Frankfort and they’ll tell you that the Farmer gambit has not paid off, yet. Some still hold out hope, having seen how hard Farmer campaigned down the stretch in his two past races. But even if it’s a lost cause, there are still many who think Farmer himself is not the problem.

“It ain’t him. It’s [David] Williams,” said Saylor, the beleaguered Manchester mayor. “I’ve had folks tell me they wouldn’t vote for [Williams] for anything, but they’d vote for Richie.”

Despite his struggles, that such a troubled candidate as Farmer could be forgiven his trespasses despite meager accomplishments speaks volumes about his ongoing popularity. George Saylor knows Richie will win Clay County, no matter what happens. An early summer poll showed the Williams-Farmer ticket trailing by 21 points, and more recent ones have been no better.

It’s a good read.


RGA outraising the DGA

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July 7, 2011
By Joe Sonka

The Republican Governors Association has more money

The Democratic Governors Association will announce today that it raised $11 million in the first six months of 2012 and has $8.6 million on hand.

The total raised is more than twice as much as the committee raised during the first six months of the last comparable year — 2007. It is slightly less than the DGA raised in the first half of the last off-year, 2009.

The Republicans Governors Association announced earlier this week that it had raised more than twice that amount — $22.1 million — for the same period and had nearly twice as much cash on hand, with $16.2 million.

…but do they have a candidate in Kentucky that is close enough to even have a prayer of winning?

If not, there are plenty of races coming up next year that could use that money.

Personally, I think they should pour money into Kentucky with TV ads highlighting the fact that Richie Farmer was valedictorian of his elementary school.


Beshear currently polling Kentucky

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July 5, 2011
By Joe Sonka

I just received a tip that the Beshear campaign started polling the state of Kentucky tonight. Here were the details of the call:

  • Conducted by Hart Research, who are Beshear’s boys.
  • Asked who they would choose in matchups of: Beshear/Williams, B/W/Gatewood, and including the name of running mates.
  • Asked whether Williams or Beshear aligned more with certain qualities (leadership style, ethical, honest, etc…)
  • Went through 4 questions, saying “Beshear supporters might say this”, followed by talking about his work on prescription pills, horses, energy, GM/cars, etc…
  • Sample attack line on both Farmer and Abramson to gauge its effectiveness. The Farmer question brought up all of his spending scandals. The Abramson question referred to no-bid contracts after taking contributions.
  • Follow up question on who they are supporting for governor.

With Steve Beshear sitting on that giant pot of money, it looks like the campaign is making sure they know how to spend it. And they obviously want to find out just how much this Abramson stuff is going to hurt, if at all.

So there’s your little window into the Beshear mindset. Unfortunately, no dinosaur questions :(


New Farmer divorce hearing in late June

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June 9, 2011
By Joe Sonka

Some people thought everything was settled after the last hearing was canceled, but I guess not:

FRANKFORT, Ky. — The attorney for Rebecca Ann Farmer wants a June 28 hearing to set a trial date in her divorce case against Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer.

Rebecca Ann Farmer’s attorney, Brian Logan of Frankfort, filed a motion in Franklin Circuit Court this week for the hearing on that date.

“We’re just requesting the court to give a trial date,” Logan said Thursday.

Richie Farmer’s attorney, Richard Guarneri of Frankfort, could not be reached for an immediate comment.


Memorial Day Weekend Wrap-up

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May 31, 2011
By Joe Sonka

We unplugged ourselves from the intertubes Friday afternoon, so here’s just a rundown of some stuff that happened on this hot, slow, muggy weekend:

- One-time almost-Vice President of the United States of America spent her weekend riding on the back of a Harley Davidson and a bus with a giant picture of her face on it. Also, fat white people came from all over the state of Pennsylvania to stand out in 95 degree weather for over 6 hours just to catch a glimpse of Real Amurika’s Last Hope, all for not. Sarah Palin is worth it.

- The non-partisan fiscal conservatives of the tea party who aren’t into social conservative culture wars are takin’ their country back!

Ever since Republicans took control of half the country’s statehouses this year, the anti-abortion movement has won one victory after another. At least 64 new anti-abortion laws have passed, with more than 30 of them in April alone. The campaign is the largest in history and also the most creative. Virginia started regulating abortion clinics as if they were hospitals. Utah, Nebraska and several other states have stopped private health insurers from covering abortions, with rare exceptions. South Dakota will soon tell women that before they go to an abortion clinic, they must first visit a crisis pregnancy center whose mission is to talk them out of it.

- John Yarmuth’s campaign page has a petition up for folks to sign and join his email list, demanding that Rep. Patrick McHenry apologize for being a childish prick to Elizabeth Warren.

- The weekly Richie Farmer embarrassment continued Friday, with literal “LOLOLOLOL” emails from the decadent Ag Land.

- Gatewood’s campaign responded with a press release on Friday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend at 5:30 that used the phrase “pimping your ride”:

We are not above stealing a good idea when we see one. Gov. Jerry Brown of California has taken major steps to reduce the fleet of state owned cars. Kentucky would benefit from following his example.

In light of recent reports about the abuse of state vehicles, Gatewood Galbraith and Dea Riley promise to make these changes as soon as their administration takes office.

Eliminate the assignment of Ford Crown Victoria, large SUV’s and other vehicles for the personal use of all elected officials, including the Governor and Lt. Governor, and all agency and department heads.

A fifty percent reduction in the state owned fleet of automobiles.

The conversion of all state vehicles to more energy efficient vehicles.

Elimination of all reserved parking spaces at state owned buildings except for handicap and visitor spaces.

“If you are important enough to have a reserved parking space you should be at work early enough to get the best space in the lot and the state is going to quit pimping the ride you put in that space,” said Gatewood Galbraith.

- Beshear’s campaign never sends us anything or responds to any of our questions, so I don’t have anything from them on Richie.

- Kentuckians testified before the EPA (PDF) in Atlanta on Thursday, advocating for the new rules to limit mercury and arsenic emissions from coal plants, getting on everybody’s back in the process.


Herald Leader shortchanges Richie Farmer

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May 9, 2011
By Joe Sonka

The Herald Leader did it’s candidate profile of Richie Farmer on Sunday, and while they mentioned his success with Kentucky Proud, they glossed over his biggest accomplishment.

Yes, absolutely zero mention of Richie Farmer being valedictorian of the elementary school class:

The liberal bias of the Herald Leader rears it’s ugly head again…


Cooking with Richie Farmer

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May 5, 2011
By Joe Sonka

A reader sent this our way. Back in October, Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis visited Lexington and did a show from Rupp Arena. At the end, she pulled Richie Farmer on stage to do some cooking with him. This exchange followed:

GDL: We’re making a pesto. I’m guessing Richie doesn’t know what pesto is.

[Richie nods, agreeing.]

GDL: We’re using arugula. Have you ever had arugula?

[Richie shakes his head. No.]

GDL: Did you say you’re the head of Agriculture??

In fairness to Richie, only liberal elitists like Barack Obama know what pesto and arugula are.

It was all fun and games until the Farmer kids gave their pesto pasta a taste:

The responses might map childhood taste buds. Mr. 13 Year Old says, “It’s okay.” Mr. 11 Year Old says, “I don’t like it.” Mr. 8 Year Old looks for a place to spit his bite out and says, eventually, to much laughing in the audience “It’s disgusting.”

Giada says, “Yes, it can be an acquired taste,” and turns, laughing, back to the audience for two final questions.

There has to be a David Williams analogy there somewhere…


KY Club for Growth piles onto Richie Farmer

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May 4, 2011
By Joe Sonka

Farmer is getting it from the media, the KDP, Trey Grayson, my old Transy professors, and now from the far right business class. Here’s what the KY Club for Growth had to say about Richie Farmer’s debate performance on Monday night:

Lt. Governor candidate Richie Farmer is certainly new to the “conservative Republican” thing.

He and opposing gubernatorial candidate Bobbie Holsclaw continue to act like fish out of water in this Republican Primary, continually saying and doing things that cause well-founded concern among conservatives.


Farmer has gone on with spending as usual while the rest of state government cut back, and done so unapologetically.

At least Holsclaw has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, pledging to oppose and veto all efforts to increase taxes.

Richie Farmer has done the opposite.

Last night, asked by Bill Goodman to name a Kentucky governor he admired, Farmer replied that he liked the tax-raising Republican Louie Nunn. But he didn’t just say he liked Louie Nunn, he said:

Louie Nunn is somebody that I have always heard is one of the greatest governors that we’ve had, and he certainly instituted, I think, a tax system at that point in time that allowed our state to thrive.

He thinks Louie Nunn is great BECAUSE NUNN RAISED TAXES.

We would not be surprised if Farmer, in a follow-up question, said he did not realize that Nunn had raised taxes, and that he personally opposes tax increases. But here’s the biggest concern:

While Holsclaw and candidate Phil Moffett have both signed the pledge not to raise taxes, David Williams refuses.

What KY Club for Growth doesn’t mention from the debate is that Farmer said he favored increasing the salaries of socialist public school teachers, and thought that furloughing the collectivist state workers was a mistake.

David Williams is counting his lucky stars that he’s running against Phil Moffett and David Adams, otherwise the next two weeks would be very, very long.





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