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Kentucky Republicans are united! (VIDEO)

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May 21, 2011

Well, not really. But they sure put on a good face today at the Republican Party of Kentucky headquarters for their much hyped “unity rally“.

I got there at noon and there was already a packed house, with people spilling outside. Rep. Brett Guthrie MC’d, introducing AG candidate Todd P’Pool, Sen. Mitch McConnell, and Rand Paul (via video). P’Pool was up first and said that he wanted Jerry Abramson to come down to Western Kentucky in his “alligator boots” and explain his position on “the unborn”. He didn’t mention the J-word, but oddly enough Rand Paul spoke next while wearing a light blue yarmulke (or maybe it was doctor scrubs), praising Richie Famer. Mitch McConnell spoke next and mentioned how electing David Williams will “stop Barack Obama”, adding the lie that America resembles Greece. Very shaky video of him below:

Then it was time for the man of the hour, David Williams, as he spoke with the entire Republican ticket, Phil Moffett, and Bobbie Holsclaw on stage behind him. (first minute is shaky, apologies):

As you can see, David Williams suddenly has an amazing amount of respect for the work that Phil Moffett has done. Mmm hmm. The man is a talented actor, I’ll give him that.

Afterwards, I spoke with David Adams. I asked him if he’s going to support David Williams. He made a funny face and said “no comment”. I think you can read between the lines there. Also of note is that I didn’t see many familiar tea party faces that usually come to events like these, like our dear friend Mica Sims.

United? Color me skeptical, though this giant dose of ass-kissing by David Williams today certainly didn’t hurt.

KY Republican Unity Rally Funtimes

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May 21, 2011

While the rest of you are getting trashed or gathering with your loved ones, preparing for the upcoming Rapture at 6:00 today, I’ll be at the Republican Party of Kentucky headquarters amongst… well, Republicans.

Yes, it’s their “Team 2011 Rally“, where everyone is supposed to forget all of the mean things that David Williams said about the Teabaggers & Phil Moffett, and vice versa.

Will the persons of tea show up? Will they withhold their Arsenio woofs from their seats in the Dog Pound?

Tune into the Twitter Machine a little before noon and follow all of the “fun”.

Or better yet, do something more productive in your last 6 hours on earth before Jesus comes back and starts smiting.

Teabags without a cup in Kentucky

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May 20, 2011

We mentioned yesterday how the Kentucky Persons of Tea took a great deal of the shine off David Williams’ nomination Tuesday, as Phil Moffett whipped him in the Golden Triangle and turned what was supposed to be a landslide into a few hours of indigestion. But now where will they go? To David Williams, the man they castigated as a big spending, big taxing, part-of-the-problem career politician? To the Last Free Man in America and the original tea partier, Gatewood Galbraith? Or, dare we ask, Steve Beshear?

Well, there have been a few stories asking their “leadership” which way they are looking, and my goodness is it fascinating.

Paul Keith
of the Bowling Green Tea Party says he’ll fall in line behind Williams, but he says that doing so will be hard for many:

“But I’ve been reading blogs and Facebook postings all morning, and it ain’t good. They don’t like Williams, and they don’t like him even a little bit.”


“At some point they are going to mellow out and think about this and most of them will decide that David Williams is … the lesser of two evils,” he said.

Phil Moffett? Not exactly a ringing endorsement:

Moffett said he hasn’t decided to what degree he’ll help Williams and plans to meet with him soon to talk about what role he might play in the fall campaign.


“I think he has a lot of work to do in that regard,” Moffett said. “I’ll be happy to make all the introductions he needs into the tea party, but it’s going to be up to him.”

Wendy Caswell of the Louisville Tea Party?

Wendy Caswell, president of the Louisville Tea Party, said she doesn’t know how successful Williams will be in getting the tea party backing. But she said her group would consider him at some point between now and November.

“David Williams could possibly get the support but he’s really going to have to court the tea party to get them under his wing,” she said.

David Adams is busy tweeting about “scheming” in Lexington and Bowling Green, while saying things like this:

Adams said it’s possible some Tea Party and Moffett supporters might get behind Williams — if Williams engages Tea Party groups in “a serious dialogue.”

Randy Keller of the Bowling Green Tea Party?

“The Tea Party vote is totally up is in the air,” Randy Keller, a member of the Bowling Green/Southern Kentucky Tea Party, told Pure Politics in a phone interview.


“Ninety-five percent of tea party people will not endorse Williams at all,” Keller said.

But what about the most serious and thoughtful and important voice that should be listened to among the Kentucky teabaggers, and certainly the Kentucky media, our good old friend Mica Sims?

But at least one of Moffett’s strongest supporters said backing Beshear is a possibility.

“The tea party has its own mind,” said Mica Sims, a member of the Lexington Tea Party and a blogger. “I’m hearing it all. But a lot of my group will be voting for Beshear.”

Sims said the logic for voting for Beshear is that if a state is stuck with candidates who all could “mismanage the state,” it would be better to pick one that is limited to serving only four more years. Beshear is limited by law to serving beyond two terms.

That’s the awesome logic that we’ve come to know and love from old Mica. Sage.

So what’s to be learned by this, besides the obvious fact that David Williams is going to have to work for their support?

Well, David Williams should be spending the next few months beginning his move to the political center so that he’s more appealing to all of those conservative Democrats that might be willing to give him a chance. Instead, he’s now going to have to beg and plead to the radical wing of the party, all while the voters in the center watch.

The point being: Steve Beshear is thanking God (the one who ordered T-Rexes onto Noah’s Ark and told them to not eat anything while on board) for the great gift that is the tea party.

The KY Tea Party has always loved King David

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May 19, 2011

What was supposed to be an impressive coronation for David Williams as the GOP gubernatorial nominee on Tuesday night turned into something… well, less than impressive.

Leading up to the election, folks either dismissively mocked the Persons of Tea as a tiny fringe of the Republican Party that had faded since Rand Paul’s 2010 primary victory, or assumed that David Williams was rabidly right-wing enough to win their support over Johnny-come-lately Phil Moffett. Either way, most assumed that Williams would breeze to a landslide victory over Moffett in a race that would be called soon after the polls in the central time zone closed.

That did not happen, as Lexington and Louisville returns started showing Williams taking a beating, registering less than 35% in both. Moffett won almost the entire golden triangle, hanging within 5 points of Williams statewide with 75% of returns in.

After the dust cleared, Williams managed to pull out a 10-point victory, registering only 48% of the vote. But what’s least impressive about Williams’ performance is the fact that only 68,528 out of 1,084,982 registered Republicans in Kentucky bothered to vote for him.

Yes, that is only 6%. No, that is not exactly intimidating, going into the general election.

But what about those 53,966 Phil Moffett voters? Where are they going to go in November? Did they just really like Phil Moffett, or did they buy his campaign’s argument that David Williams is a big spending, tax raising, big government tool of the establishment, that is just as much a part of the problem as Steve Beshear? Will they even bother to turn out in November, and if so, will they choose to vote for a candidate on the ballot that more reflects their values?

Yes, will those Moffett/tea party people vote for Gatewood Galbraith, the Last Free Man in America?

Gatewood was tea party before their was a tea party. Individual liberty, guns for all, down with the overbearing government, vehemently anti-choice on abortion… Gatewood’s been doing their shtick for 25 years. The thought of Gatewood appealing to them seems just as likely, if not more likely, as Williams. And Gatewood has spent the last two years aggressively courting them.

But never fear, says the RPK! They are holding their unity rally this Saturday (“Team 2011 Rally”) in Frankfort at Republican Party headquarters from noon to 3:00. All of the candidates will be there the unite behind the entire Republican slate in November, we’re told.

Will the Persons of Tea be there? Can they stomach David Williams? Will they give Gatewood a chance? Have they always loved Big Brother?

David might bring his fancy tri-cornered teabag hat to the rally on Saturday, but the jury is still out on what the right-wing activist base will bring to the campaign this Fall.

Speeches from KY primary night (VIDEO)

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May 18, 2011

cn|2 did a super job covering the election last night, and here are some videos of the victory/concession speeches, below.

Alison Lundergan Grimes

David Williams:

Phil Moffett (Chip is adjusting to learning microphones, I’m guessing):

And Elaine Walker:

UPDATE: Adam Edelen-

Richie Farmer:

David Adams brings out the game changer

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May 17, 2011

With no money, no TV ads and very little hope for a victory over David Williams today in the GOP gubernatorial primary, things were looking bleak for Phil Moffett.

That is, until campaign manager David Adams dropped this Twitter Bomb on the Commonwealth this afternoon:

We now have a race on our hands, people.

Robocall Fever sweeps Kentucky, starring Gov. Beshear (UPDATE)

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May 17, 2011

Kentucky got the full court press today from political robocalls, as candidates desperately tried to inform anyone and everyone that yes, there is in fact an election tomorrow.

Of biggest note (and oh man did I collect some bets on this one), Governor Steve Beshear called Democratic voters on behalf of SoS candidate Elaine Walker, officially ending his non-intervention pledge that no one really believed for a second. But what irked a few people we’ve talked to is that the call came from the KDP’s number during the afternoon, appearing to be a non-intervention double whammy. Word is that this was just a (very avoidable) technical error, as the robocall system is purchased by candidates from the party, but the KDP didn’t properly switch the return number to Walker. Hence quite a few ticked off Democrats.

Also, Gov. Martha Layne Collins made robocalls for Alison Lundergan Grimes, and Phil Moffett made calls for Phil Moffett…. because he couldn’t get anyone that any Republican knows to endorse him over the past year.

Anybody save the audio of any of these calls? If so, send that file our way to barefootandprogressive AT gmail DOT com.

UPDATE: Ask and I shall receive! A big thanks to Allan for sending the files of the MLC and Beshear robocalls, which are YouTubized below (only got last half of Beshear call):

Al Cross on the KY GOP gubernatorial primary

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May 13, 2011

The Dean of Kentucky political reporting/commenting says that the fat lady is singing over in GOP land. Here he is on KET last night, giving Phil Moffett no chance of pulling off a big shocker on Tuesday:

As we mentioned earlier this week, the Moffett campaign was a pretty sad display. We were hoping to see more of a fight.

Louisville Tea Party running radio ads for Moffett, Kemper, SDNB Johnson

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May 12, 2011

Via cn|2, we learn that the Louisville Tea Party is running the following radio ad touting Phil Moffett, John Kemper and Some Dude Named Bill Johnson on “95 different radio stations”:

Good thing for the three of them, because they’re all flat broke and can’t even afford a single TV ad.

SUSA poll: Moffett moving, but Williams still up big

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May 12, 2011

–WRITTEN BY MEDIA CZECH, rescued from the great Blogger rapture of May 12th, 2011.

With 5 days to primary day, CJ/SUSA finds that while Phil Moffett has gained a little ground in the GOP gubernatorial race, he hasn’t gained nearly enough to put The Fear into David Williams:

5/11 (4/16)
Williams/Farmer- 47 (49)
Moffett/Harmon- 21 (14)
Holsclaw/Vermillion- 12 (12)

All of that money spent on advertising, all of those mentions of playing basketball, and Williams goes down two points? That’s not good.

If Moffett had another month and enough money to compete in the ad war, he’d have a legitimate shot of pulling off a shocker in the primary. But he doesn’t. This certainly appears to be too little, too late.

Gerth’s article was highlighted by talking to some of the people who were polled. After Scott Jennings whines about the Meanie McMeanerson Librul Media, a Holsclaw voter said that Williams…

“…sounds like a whiner, and whiners don’t take care of business. He’s been in the Senate now for how many years and they’ve accomplished absolutely nothing.”

A Moffett voter said:

“I cannot stand Williams, and I cannot stand Richie Farmer,” she said, calling Williams “part of the problem” and Farmer a “joke.”

Yeah, yeah, but what did the Williams voter say:

“(I’m) not totally committed. … I guess I’m going for the lesser of the evils.”

And there’s your introduction to the dissatisfied apathetic Republican primary voter that will deliver the death blow to the fad of the Kentucky Tea Party. Such a sad, pathetic ending for the People of Tea to lose such a winnable race against a candidate as terrible and unlikable David Williams. I actually expected better of you.




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