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Huckabee and O’Reilly defend the Greatest Educational Cartoons Ever

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May 23, 2011

As we mentioned two weeks ago, Mike Huckabee has just launched a new “educational” company that seeks to teach children through cartoons that Ronald Reagan single-handedly saved America from the blacks, the Disco, the terrorists, the Russians, and maybe in a future chapter the alien invasion. As you can see in the videos, they certainly meet their goal of being “historically accurate and unbiased education”.

And Bill O’Reilly certainly agrees that these wonderful videos will help protect the children of America from secular fascists who hate America:

As Huckabee explains, 91% of liberal parents said that they would show these videos to their children. I suppose it’s never too early to teach the kiddies how to spot propaganda.

Mike Huckabee launches the greatest educational videos in human history

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May 13, 2011

OK, this sounds great…

Mike Huckabee continues to spark speculation about whether he will get into the 2012 presidential race, but for now, the former Arkansas governor is getting into the educational cartoon field.

Huckabee has launched a new educational company called Learn Our History that aims to get kids excited about studying the nation’s past.

The company’s first product is an animated film series – available LearnOurHistory.com – that follows the adventures of the Time Travel Academy, a group of young friends who use a homemade time machine to travel back in time to relive America’s history.

“America’s youth aren’t excited about our past because they’re being taught history in a way that minimizes what has made America a beacon of hope around the world for over 200 years,” Huckabee, a Fox News host, said in a statement.

“It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of giving our children a historically accurate and unbiased education that allows kids today to enjoy and understand our history, and build their pride in our great nation,” he said.

… but you HAVE to watch it. Zombie Reagan saved America from the blacks, the Disco, the terrorists, the Russians, and maybe in a future chapter the alien invasion. Watch and enjoy this “historically accurate and unbiased education” from the Time Travel Academy and Mike Huckabee:

Huckabee visiting Kentucky’s favorite bigot university

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March 31, 2011

I think he’ll receive a lovely reception at the University of the Cumberlands:

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee will speak next week at the Southern Baptist-affiliated University of the Cumberlands.

Huckabee, a potential contender in next year’s Republican presidential primary, will be on the Williamsburg campus on April 5.


Huckabee will be the headliner at a leadership event sponsored by the University of the Cumberlands and the Forcht Group of Kentucky Center for Excellence.

The University of the Cumberlands of course is the bigoted fundamentalist training camp that David Williams tried to sneak $11 million in taxpayer money to back in 2006. The KY Supreme Court nixed that sweatheart deal, one of the few times that the David Williams-Frank Simon alliance for bigotry was defeated in Kentucky over the last decade.

Draft Gingrich (UPDATE)

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March 3, 2011

Now that Sarah Palin has imploded to the point where even getting the Republican nomination seems slim, what other Liberty Lover has a chance to get the nod and take on anti-colonialist Barack Obama?

How about our old friend Newt Gingrich? Here’s his fancy new exploratory site (and she better not get cancer):

This comes off the heels of the PPP poll that shows him tied in the lead with Huckabee among Republicans, and a Wintrhop poll of southern states showing him trailing only Huckabee. Considering the fact that Newt’s net favorability rating among all voters is consistently about net -10% and Huckabee’s is +10% (and Huckabee typically performs strongest against Obama), we need to give ole Gingrich all the love he needs to draft him into the race. Of course, Gingrich has shown a keen ability to resist drafts in his past, so this could be difficult.

But getting Gingrich over the top for the Republican nomination will be tough. Mike Huckabee has started an aggressive Birther Dog-whistle on Steroids strategy, that will do nothing but help him among today’s Republicans.

Send Newt your love! America needs him!

UPDATE: From the comments, I highly recommend the “Newt Gingrich in Front of Stock Photos” tumblr page:

Mike Huckabee is jonesing for the Rapture

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February 1, 2011

Mike Huckabee is currently in Israel loudly celebrating illegal settlements, and chastising President Obama for not sticking up for Dictator, er, President Mubarak:

Heaven can wait, Mike. Heaven can wait.

(Also, this totally means we can nuke Iran now, right Mr. Bolton?)

Another Palin challenger bites the dust

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December 16, 2010

We all know that Mitt “I passed Obamacare before Obama” Romney has no earthly chance of winning the Republican nomination in 2012. How about the guy who looks the strongest in many general election polls, Mike Huckabee? No, not anymore:

(2007 climate change conference)

“I also support cap and trade of carbon emissions. And I was disappointed that the Senate rejected a carbon counting system to measure the sources of emissions, because that would have been the first and the most important step toward implementing true cap and trade.”

The field is looking clearer and clearer for Sarah Palin! Shakin’ things up!

Triangulating and Palin drafting

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December 12, 2010

How bout them numbers:

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s approval ratings have sunk to the lowest level of his presidency, so low that he’d lose the White House to Republican Mitt Romney if the election were held today, according to a new McClatchy-Marist poll.

The biggest reason for Obama’s fall: a sharp drop in approval among Democrats and liberals, apparently unhappy with his moves toward the center since he led the party to landslide losses in November’s midterm elections. At the same time, he’s gained nothing among independents.


Obama’s standing among Democrats dropped from a month ago, with his approval rating falling to 74 percent from 83 percent, and his disapproval rating almost doubling, from 11 percent to 21 percent.

Among liberals, his approval rating dropped from 78 percent to 69 percent and his disapproval rating jumped from 14 percent to 22 percent.

His position among independents remained virtually the same, with 39 percent approving and 52 percent disapproving. A month ago, it was 38-54.

Here are the head-to-heads:

Obama- 44
Romney- 46

Obama- 47
Huckabee- 43

Obama- 52
Palin- 40

Meet your new Liberty overlords

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November 19, 2010

Here’s your new House Labor Committee chairman John Kline telling us that with 9% unemployment, extending jobless benefits isn’t a priority:

Also, Mike Huckabee says that it’s totally cool to ignore the law.

Also, the Pope is a communist.

Also, you should definitely read Think Progress every day.

Draft Palin

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November 17, 2010


Barack Obama was the first Democratic Presidential candidate to win Virginia in a generation in 2008 and a new PPP survey finds that with the most mentioned possible 2012 GOP hopefuls viewed dimly in the state he’d probably do it again if he had to stand for election today.

Obama leads Mitt Romney (48-43) and Mike Huckabee (49-44) each by 5 points in hypothetical contests, a margin similar to his victory over John McCain in the state. If the Republican nominee was either Newt Gingrich or Sarah Palin Obama’s lead widens to 11 points, by spreads of 52-41 and 51-40 respectively.

Obama has pretty good approval numbers in the state with 50% of voters giving him good marks to 45% who disapprove. His numbers certainly compare well to the favorability numbers of the top GOP contenders. Only Huckabee, at 40/40, can even break even on that front. The rest of the crowd has pretty negative numbers with Mitt Romney at -13 (33/46), Newt Gingrich at -21 (32/53), and Sarah Palin at -23 (35/58).

Like we’re actually going to believe that socialist polling firms would allow someone as free and Liberty-loving as Sarah to show up in the lead. It’s not even worth the effort to refudiate! And they’re probably a bunch of… you know.

And now, I present to you the current high point in American history:

We will follow you there.

The hypocrisy of Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul

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October 22, 2010

Have you heard about that radio ad and robocall that Mike Huckabee is doing for Rand Paul? It starts like this:

“the only thing worse than a politician attempting to parade his faith for the purpose of getting a vote, is a person who would falsely attack his opponent’s faith”

Orly? Well, I suppose I should present this to you:

More faux outrage and hypocrisy from the Rand Paul crowd. Nothing new.

(h/t Right Wing Watch)




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