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Pizzabagger Shares Words in Lamestream Media; Calls on David Williams to step down

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December 13, 2011

Forgot to mention yesterday that Mica Sims had an op-ed in the Herald. Obviously it’s worth listening to someone who organizes a pizza party to protest a President encouraging our littlest Americans to wash their hands, so… listen away:

David Williams needs to step down as Senate president. He is the one major opposition for real conservatives to take roles in power positions.

In the 2011 primary, Williams was weak. He barely beat underfunded Tea Party conservative Phil Moffett. Had Moffett come on strong at the end of the primary and with a couple of additional weeks in hand to secure a few more funds, he would have beaten Williams. No question. Moffett overwhelmingly won in the Golden Triangle — the four biggest cities with the most active Tea Party groups.

The general election was a complete Williams disaster and damaged the Republican Party. In the 11th hour, Williams put together a reasonably conservative platform for tax reform and other proven economic development strategies, such as a right-to-work law and prevailing wage reform. Even with these solid policy reforms, he was dusted by 21 points.

Say whatever you want about her take on things, but that column was written really well for.

If you just need more Mica, there’s Joe’s archives.

Brains Behind Non-Alcoholic Bar “concept” Back for More

August 2, 2011

Via Mr. Clark & Smiley Pete, the proprietor of Bar None, the failed bar that failed to serve booze and thus had no business, is taking over the Blue Moon Saloon which will serve alcohol and will aim to intermingle Frat Braaas and the landed gentry of greying Ashland Park who want to show these kids how the dancing’s really done:

“I hate to say, ‘wedding reception,’ but it is like a wedding reception,” Sims said. “You’ll be able to hear Motown to rock ‘n roll to some of the new stuff – upbeat music that everybody wants to hear. I’ll take control of that. I’m a DJ by trade. … I’m going to be wearing many hats it looks like at the beginning here.”

“We’re going to try to bring the Blue Moon back to its heyday. We want to take it back to a good, upstanding place of business in that community,” he said. “We had a good place for college kids to come, but if you were 55, 60 years old, you could still come in and have a good time and hear music that you like.”

It’s going to be renamed, too: Forte. The Moon is dead. Interesting factoid, if the new place was located in St. Louis and not in Lexington, locals would call it “Fartay.”

Things with Comer may not be as they seem…

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July 11, 2011

When I wrote about James Comer’s hilarious hire on Friday afternoon, I wrote it off as either one of two things:

#1: Comer thinks that he’s already won, and it doesn’t matter who he hires to do field.

#2: Comer has gone a bit mad in the head.

But additional quotes in the update to the story, plus quotes in Ronnie Ellis’ story lead me to believe that there might be a third interpretation that is equally plausible:

#3: Comer made this hire with David Williams’ and RPK’s direct blessing (if it wasn’t their idea to begin with) in order to buy out and shut up Mica and tea party criticism of Williams so that they don’t hurt Williams’ already not-great chances of winning this November.

It’s easy to look at quotes like these and think it is spin, but there may be a larger truth here:

Comer said he talked to U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, Republican gubernatorial nominee David Williams and state GOP Chairman Steve Robertson about hiring Sims.

“None advised me not to get her,” he said. “They told me it was my decision.”

Robertson said the decision was Comer’s. “I know Mica has much enthusiasm for Jamie to win this race,” he said.


Comer said he’d advised Williams, U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell and RPK Chairman Steve Robertson in advance he planned to hire Sims.

“Everyone is excited,” Comer said. “They are all supporting my campaign and they trust my political judgment.”

Scott Jennings, a spokesman for Williams’ campaign, confirmed Comer and Williams spoke earlier in the week and said Williams supports Comer’s campaign and thinks “he’ll make a great Agricultural Commissioner.”

Holly Harris VonLuehrte, an in-house counsel for RPK, also confirmed Robertson and Comer spoke about Sims’ hiring in advance. She said the two men are “close and meet and speak constantly. Steve is supportive of all (of Comer’s) campaign hires.

And here’s the kicker:

Sims said she won’t be involved in any other campaign, including the governor’s race, because her goal is to help Comer attract voters from both major political parties and the Tea Party. She said she doesn’t want to alienate any of them by speaking out about another race. She said she will coordinate grassroots and volunteer efforts across the state for Comer.


If I was a betting man, I’d say this was the grand bargain. Williams shuts up the criticism of him from the Moffett/tea party crowd that trounced him in the Golden Triangle this May, and Mica Sims gets a paycheck. Meanwhile, Comer will have another competent or at least remotely qualified staffer who will actually run his field, or it will be run out of the RPK. Everybody wins (except Williams most likely, just not as bad).

Regardless of whether interpretation #3 is correct, I would say that James Comer, much like Andy Barr last year, has some rather important questions to answer.

James Comer does something really funny

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July 8, 2011

Oh my.

FRANKFORT — Lexington Tea Party movement organizer Mica Sims has joined Republican James Comer’s campaign for state agriculture commissioner as state field director, the Comer campaign said Friday.

“Rep. Comer is the not only the best choice for this office because he is a life-long farmer but he’s the voter’s only choice as a valid candidate for this office,” Sims said in a release.

She is to coordinate the campaign’s statewide grassroots and volunteer efforts.


“I am very excited to announce my team who will coordinate with my local organizations to ensure victory in November. These individuals have lots of energy, they are very well respected, and are all experienced in organizing successful campaigns,” Comer said.

So that really happened. Mica Sims is directing a statewide field campaign. Because of her experience running campaigns and how respected she is. Wow.

I’ve heard lots of rumblings about bad blood between David Williams and James Comer. This certainly makes those rumblings a little more interesting (Sims is encouraging teabaggers not to vote for Williams). And I’m not sure whether this hire means that Comer already knows he has won, or he’s completely insane. I’m better the former, but who knows?

Teabags without a cup in Kentucky

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May 20, 2011

We mentioned yesterday how the Kentucky Persons of Tea took a great deal of the shine off David Williams’ nomination Tuesday, as Phil Moffett whipped him in the Golden Triangle and turned what was supposed to be a landslide into a few hours of indigestion. But now where will they go? To David Williams, the man they castigated as a big spending, big taxing, part-of-the-problem career politician? To the Last Free Man in America and the original tea partier, Gatewood Galbraith? Or, dare we ask, Steve Beshear?

Well, there have been a few stories asking their “leadership” which way they are looking, and my goodness is it fascinating.

Paul Keith
of the Bowling Green Tea Party says he’ll fall in line behind Williams, but he says that doing so will be hard for many:

“But I’ve been reading blogs and Facebook postings all morning, and it ain’t good. They don’t like Williams, and they don’t like him even a little bit.”


“At some point they are going to mellow out and think about this and most of them will decide that David Williams is … the lesser of two evils,” he said.

Phil Moffett? Not exactly a ringing endorsement:

Moffett said he hasn’t decided to what degree he’ll help Williams and plans to meet with him soon to talk about what role he might play in the fall campaign.


“I think he has a lot of work to do in that regard,” Moffett said. “I’ll be happy to make all the introductions he needs into the tea party, but it’s going to be up to him.”

Wendy Caswell of the Louisville Tea Party?

Wendy Caswell, president of the Louisville Tea Party, said she doesn’t know how successful Williams will be in getting the tea party backing. But she said her group would consider him at some point between now and November.

“David Williams could possibly get the support but he’s really going to have to court the tea party to get them under his wing,” she said.

David Adams is busy tweeting about “scheming” in Lexington and Bowling Green, while saying things like this:

Adams said it’s possible some Tea Party and Moffett supporters might get behind Williams — if Williams engages Tea Party groups in “a serious dialogue.”

Randy Keller of the Bowling Green Tea Party?

“The Tea Party vote is totally up is in the air,” Randy Keller, a member of the Bowling Green/Southern Kentucky Tea Party, told Pure Politics in a phone interview.


“Ninety-five percent of tea party people will not endorse Williams at all,” Keller said.

But what about the most serious and thoughtful and important voice that should be listened to among the Kentucky teabaggers, and certainly the Kentucky media, our good old friend Mica Sims?

But at least one of Moffett’s strongest supporters said backing Beshear is a possibility.

“The tea party has its own mind,” said Mica Sims, a member of the Lexington Tea Party and a blogger. “I’m hearing it all. But a lot of my group will be voting for Beshear.”

Sims said the logic for voting for Beshear is that if a state is stuck with candidates who all could “mismanage the state,” it would be better to pick one that is limited to serving only four more years. Beshear is limited by law to serving beyond two terms.

That’s the awesome logic that we’ve come to know and love from old Mica. Sage.

So what’s to be learned by this, besides the obvious fact that David Williams is going to have to work for their support?

Well, David Williams should be spending the next few months beginning his move to the political center so that he’s more appealing to all of those conservative Democrats that might be willing to give him a chance. Instead, he’s now going to have to beg and plead to the radical wing of the party, all while the voters in the center watch.

The point being: Steve Beshear is thanking God (the one who ordered T-Rexes onto Noah’s Ark and told them to not eat anything while on board) for the great gift that is the tea party.

Miss Pizzabagger switches to pro-abortion rights

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March 22, 2011

Glad to know that she finally sees the blatant hypocrisy of being for limited government and pro-forced birth:

There is a big difference between being socially conservative and enforcing social conservatism through government. I am socially conservative. I do not spend my money on things that do not support my lifestyle. But I don’t believe that I have a right to enforce my personal values through law.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Keeping it in the Pizzabagger family

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November 22, 2010

I think it’s both touching and adorable that racist conspiracy theory email forwarder Mica Sims is letting her dad blog for her (instead of just writing what David Adams tells her to).

What say you, Chris Rock?

The Stupid, it burns!

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November 2, 2010

Local racist nutjob Pizzabagger Mica Sims loves to cut and paste a good chain email hoax. Like about Dr. Tiller (whose assassin is a “hero”), or Obama ordering that no white folks were to be saved in Haiti.

Today, she’s outdone herself, attributing a quote to Abraham Lincoln in a speech she gave at a Teabagger rally about how you can’t commit class warfare on the rich:

“You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred… You cannot build character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and independence. You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.”

Yeah… that ain’t Lincoln.

Congratulations America, these are the mouthbreathers that you’re handing the House to.

Oh, she also likes to talk about fiscal responsibility… I wouldn’t listen to her on that, either:

(Also, aren’t teabaggers supposed to think that Lincoln was a genocidal communist? Maybe she met this guy once and thought he was the real Lincoln… which is quite possible:)

Pizzabaggers for Jim Newberry!

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November 2, 2010

I was hoping that the Sims lady in the Newberry ad that gushed about how much she loves Newb and his “essence” was related. Yes, she is, and Miss Pizzabagger is rooting for Newb too.

Let’s make the racist homophobe Pizzabaggers cry today! GO VOTE, Lexington!

Pizzabagging liar channels Higgy for grand police conspiracy theory against Quarles

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October 5, 2010

I really don’t intend to smear Higgy’s good name and reputation by saying this, but Lexington’s easily duped conspiracy theorist and liar Mica Sims appears to be channeling him with her latest offering.

In response to the arrest of GOP state house candidate Ryan Quarles for playing parking lot slalom at 3:00 AM in downtown Lexington with a barely legal blood alcohol level, she says this:

Wishful thinking on the left has Ryan dropping out of his race, but the facts are more interesting than that. Ryan didn’t break any laws. The policeman who arrested Ryan after finding out he is a Republican candidate for office is the one with real questions to answer.

My response to reading this was obviously hysterical laughter. Once I composed myself, I decided to call the Lexington Police’s PIO to see if they had a comment on this batshit crazy conspiracy theory. After about a minute of hysterical laughter, the PIO composed herself and gave this statement:

This case is a matter for the courts to decide at this point. Our job is simply to enforce the law, we don’t get into political arguments.

You thought we dirty libruls only controlled the media and international banking? Oh no, we control the Lexington Police Department as well! And if you dare cross us, get ready to rot behind our bars, Freedom Fighters! Bwahahahahaha!




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