Here it is, now shut up

However, this “certificate of live birth” is an obvious forgery, as “someone” told Donald Trump it doesn’t exist. And anyone can get a certificate of live birth. I can get you one by 3:00, with nail polish.

The Big Mongiardo

In light of Mongiardo’s Vapor-inducing outburst, I felt this was only appropriate: Lebowski: You’re just looking for a handout like every other–are you employed, Mr. Lebowski? DUDE: Employed? LEBOWSKI: You don’t go out and make a living dressed like that…

John McCain is Walter Sobchack

I was of course joking this morning when I compared Mitch McConnell to The Big Lebowski’s Walter Sobchack, the hot-headed, trigger happy, foul-mouth Vietnam vet. As I’ve said before, that honor should go entirely to John McCain. And here’s some…

Dude for Obama

A little birdie just told me that this week in Miami, there is a MoveOn Lebowski Party for Barack Obama. “Far out man, far f’ing out…” This is, of course, the greatest thing ever.