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Get Off Our Backs: Thank the folks who created the Leaderless Republic of Lexington, KY

January 20, 2012
By David M. F. Schankula

The Senate passed the bill, the House approved it and the Governor signed it.

That’s how the heart of Fayette County came to be the Leaderless Republic of Lexington, Kentucky.

Over the past 48 hours, we’ve directed our concerns and voices at the people in positions of power who could have put a stop to the disenfranchisement of 90,000+ voters in the Commonwealth’s 2nd largest city.

By and large, our voices were ignored. Now it is time to take stock and name names.


Thank the Governor for his spinelessness. Thank him for recognizing the terrible bill for what it was and thank him for signing it anyway. He’s owned by King Coal, he’s turning the state into the Creationist Dinosaur joke of America… and now he’s taken away the most powerful woman in the State Senate.

And he did it all effortlessly. With literally no effort. He didn’t even try.

Let’s all remember that when he asks for our help, our support, or our money in the future.

Thank Steve:

PHONE:  502-564-2611

TWITTER: @GovSteveBeshear

EMAIL: Online Form



Thanks go out to most of our representatives, too. Alice Forgy Kerr represents Lexington in the Senate. Her constituents are your friends and neighbors, your family and co-workers. In many cases, her constituents are you. She needs votes in her district and she’s sure to lose them now. Thank Alice Forgy Kerr for sending a positive message to women everywhere by kowtowing to the GOP leadership’s misogyny. Way to go, Alice. Way to go.

Phone Number:  (502) 564-8100 Ext. 625

And let us not forget the State Reps, the good Democrats in the State House who represent Lexington — Sannie Overly, Jessie Crenshaw, Bob Damron and Ruth Ann Palumbo.

These brave fellow-party members blindly followed Greg Stumbo’s leadership and each one of them cast a vote to disenfranchise the heart of Fayette County. Each one of them voted to remove Kathy Stein from office. That’s how they thank you for your support so now it’s time to thank them.

And the saddest part… they didn’t even have to! The House voted 58 to 39. None of them had to bow down to Greg Stumbo’s laughable leadership. Each one of them could have easily voted against throwing Kathy Stein out of office and Stumbo’s power would have remained in tact, the bill still would have passed.

But they didn’t. They didn’t even have the courage to do that. Thank them.



Oh, Greg Stumbo. There are so many words for you. Two words in particular come to mind.

Thank You.

You played politics and you lost. Badly. You got embarrassed. And then you didn’t have the guts to try to fix the problem. You had no guts. You led a House movement to toy with districts and David Williams went nuclear in response. And you had the chance to fight David Williams and you didn’t.

Thank You, Greg Stumbo. Thank you. Give the man some love:

Rep. Greg Stumbo (D)
House Speaker
Annex: (502) 564-2363
Capitol: (502) 564-3366
Email: Email Form



You are little men. Thank you.

Senate President
Phone Number(s)
Home: (270) 433-7777
Annex: (502) 564-3120
Work: (270) 864-5636

David Williams’ Dolph Starbeam
Phone Number(s)
Home: (859) 621-6956
Home: (502) 868-6086 (fax)
Annex: (502) 564-8100 Ext. 644



And not to be lost in any of this is a few people who do deserve thanks.


She voted against Stumbo and against this bill. She voted for Kathy Stein and for Lexington voters. She also gave a rousing speech on the House floor before the vote, and she wrote this in the Herald Leader:

Even under the most partisan of normal redistricting, the people ultimately retain the right of final decision about whom they wish to represent them. This proposal uses an underhanded, legal technicality to remove our right to vote.

What can the House, and I as a Lexington representative, do? We can play along with these shameful tactics and disenfranchise our fellow Lexingtonians for the next two years. Or we can refuse to play that game and put the people of the commonwealth first.

I chose to vote “no” on House Bill 1. And to further protest this method of redistricting ourselves, I changed my “yes” vote from two days ago for the House redistricting plan to “no.”


Thank you, Rep. Flood, for doing what was right when the powerful forces in the state’s Democratic Party abandoned us.

Rep. Kelly Flood – – (502) 564-8100 Ext. 675


State Senator Carroll wrote this to a constituent yesterday:

I stood on the floor yesterday and spoke totally against this political charade.  As a member of the Senate minority, I only first saw the new map yesterday.  It was presented and passed in committee, brought to the floor and passed without any consideration.

Even you, as a constituent, had no opportunity to voice your personal feelings.   It is a sad day for our Commonwealth.

Thank you, sir:



Send Kathy some love. Tell her to keep fighting. More importantly, tell her that you will fight alongside her. While Steve Beshear and the party leadership stabbed her in the back and stabbed her in the front, you rallied around her and you aren’t going anywhere.

Tell us where to go and we’ll go where you tell us.

Thank you, Kathy Stein:


The demise of KY’s Fetal Seance Bill (VIDEO)

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February 25, 2011
By Joe Sonka

As I mentioned yesterday, Kentucky’s Fetal Seance Bill SB9 went down to defeat by a 7-9 vote, with every Democrat but John Arnold of Henderson County voting against it.

Here are some of the highlights from the hearing.

Joni Jenkins taking on the cruel nature of the bill, whose entire purpose is the shame and intimidate women:

Jim Glenn, who thankfully switched his vote to no this year, points out how the bill also serves as a tax on poor women:

Republican Addia Wuchner, gearing up for her run for State Auditor, goes all Holocaust/Nuremberg/Genocide on the committee:

Here’s the vote on the bill, in which Kelly Flood and Darryl Owens rock, Rep Housman says he wants women getting an abortion to experience pain (at least he’s honest!), and Rep. Moore compares the Fetal Seance Bill to the Emancipation Proclamation. Fun times.

So let’s all just:

#1. Take a big sigh of relief.

#2. Write or call to thank these Democrats for standing up and doing to right thing:


Kentuckians rally against homophobia

February 27, 2009
By Joe Sonka

I’m a few days late on this one, but the wonderful and brilliant Jill Laster wrote an article Wednesday in the Kentucky Kernel on the rally in Frankfort by the Fairness Campaign, featuring the also wonderful and brilliant Kathy Stein.

“We really can’t afford to let those children be pawns of those who want to use homophobia yet again to scare the citizens to pass this kind of bill,” Stein said.

Indeed. Tell that to Dan Mongiardo, Kathy…

(also, in a note of irony, Kelly Flood was there, the representative that played a big part in putting the homophobe wing of the Democratic Party in leadership in January)


Nice article on Flood’s win

August 8, 2008
By Joe Sonka

Badass Pollard was there to cover Kelly Flood’s big win on Wednesday night for the Fighting 75th nomination. A good wrap up that’s worth a read. (especially Foster Ockerman’s pathetic “I’m a big shot and people know me” shtick)


Flood won in a landslide

August 7, 2008
By Joe Sonka

Not only did Kelly Flood win the 75th nomination last night, but a reliable source told me that she won the five-way race with over 60% of the vote.

Dontcha love it win the grassroots absolutely crushes the forces of mountaintop removal/homophobia/Lexwebbington? It doesn’t come often enough, so lets enjoy this while we can.


Kelly Flood Wins!

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August 7, 2008
By David M. F. Schankula

In the face of Ockermania, the good side prevailed!

Alison Lundergan Grimes and Foster Ockerman Jr. are each great assets to our community. But hopefully, with their losses tonight, they will recaluclate their political positions and recognize that the path to victory is paved by the people you represent, not by the forces you call friends.

Mountaintop removal is anathema to the Fighting 75th. To associate yourself with it will only lose elections, no matter what power you think you might gain in the near-term.

And CentrePointe. Ah, CentrePointe. Let this be the first of a string of election results that shows the curse of that dastardly project. The Webb family might have snowed our mayor (if he wasn’t snowed already) but, tonight, they lost the election for two (almost) otherwise good candidates.

May it be a warning to you, Jim Newberry. You can spam the voters of this urban-county all you want, but the smell of bullshit still smells like feces, no matter how pretty your HTML is.

And a note to Foster: In the debate tonight, you were asked pointedly if you had voted for the marriage amendment. A very reliable source told me last week that you voted “Yes” on that amendment.

I was told that you voted “Yes” for religious reasons. I have absolute respect for your religious convictions. But banning all gay marriage is an afront to civil rights. Whether or not your church acknowledges gay marriages or preforms them — this is a debate for your own congregation. The question of whether all our citizens should be governed by the same civil rights rather than separate but unequal ones, that’s a choice of a society and the government we choose.

I asked you last week, in context and with plenty of lead time, to address your vote on this amendment. You evaded the first question and so I asked it again. Again you did not answer the question. So I asked it a third time. And I still have not received a response.

This evening at the debate you were asked directly to address this question. You claimed you had voted “No” on the amendment.

I hope you did. That’s why I asked you in the first place. And that is all you had to say the first time I asked you, or the second time, or the third.

Your silence spoke volumes and tonight you finally answered the question. I believe my source, and I respect your religious convictions. But if you did, indeed, vote “No” on the amendment, you should have simply said so when I asked (three times). You would have saved yourself some heartache.

If you voted “No,” while I commend you for your vote, I fault you for your political savvy. But I can believe that you did not have the faith in yourself to answer my questions honestly. After all, you made yourself the face of CentrePointe.


The Fighting 75th: Tonight is a most important election

August 6, 2008
By David M. F. Schankula

This evening, Wednesday, August 6th, the delegates of the Fayette County Democratic Party will convene at 6:00PM at Memorial Hall on the UK Campus to select a candidate for the newly-opened seat of everyone’s favorite state representative, Ms. Kathy Stein. This meeting is open to all.

The following is an email sent to these delegates responding to charges from two of the five campaigns that a previous message violated the spirit of this special election.

Dear Democratic Party Precinct Delegates:

Our email from Sunday night has started a wonderful discussion, one worthy of the party to which we all belong. Through phone calls, emails and conversation, many of you have talked with each other, have spoken with us, and have contacted the party itself. This is what democracy is all about.

The process the Fayette County party created to field a candidate for
Kathy Stein’s seat was a perfect solution to an imperfect situation. The party could have simply convened its higher ups, as the county’s GOP did, and selected a candidate for us.

The leaders of our party developed an open and transparent process to select our candidate.

This past spring, each of you took time to spend a Saturday morning in your local polling place and engage in the most basic part of this American democracy. At schools and fire houses across the city, handfuls of dedicated citizens gathered and voted.

That process was also open to all and, by and large, all who showed up were elected.

This is the most fundamental activity of a democratic society. And now, because of that simple act of service, you have in your hands a very powerful decision.

It is said that all politics is local. This is true, but local politics is too often marked by apathy. The people most affected by it do not either see its rewards or really feel its effects and rarely involve themselves in its process.

The people who have pushed CentrePointe on this community, the forces that would blow the tops off mountains in our names, those who would make illegal the equal rights of all our citizens to love each other as they see fit — these are the last people we need representing our party.

Many of you have contacted us in the past two days. We have continued this democratic dialogue with each of you. Most have expressed thanks for spreading news of this vote. Some have objected to our tone and through a thoughtful exchange of ideas, we have come to a common ground with nearly all of you.

Two of the five campaigns seem particularly hurt not only by the content of our message but that our message existed to begin with. They have lamented the fact that we were able to send our message to you, the delegates who have the power in this election.

Their anger is misguided. The Party instituted rules for this special election specifically to make it a representative vote — they spread this vote amongst the precinct delegates and divided that vote proportionately. They set a date for you, the delegates, to meet, and they opened that meeting to the public.

They have encouraged voters to contact you, the delegates, with our thoughts on this election and the candidates running in it.

These two campaigns have insinuated that we misconstrued facts. We did not.

Ms. Grimes sent a message to each of you objecting to our representation of her campaign. But we simply represented her as she presented herself. It was Ms. Grimes, not us, who filed an application to the party with letters of recommendation from one of the leaders of the CentrePointe debacle and a representative of the mountaintop removal lobby.

Mr. Ockerman chose himself as a spokesperson for that same CentrePointe debacle. It was Mr. Ockerman, not us, who wrote a lengthy op-ed in the Herald-Leader arguing the project’s questionable benefits, and it was Mr. Ockerman who spent an hour on KET last month defending its questionable merits.

We have heard from a reliable source that Mr. Ockerman also voted against equal rights for our fellow citizens and after a series of emails, Mr. Ockerman continues to refuse to answer that question.

Mr. Ockerman and Ms. Grimes have complained that we were able to send our message to each of you. This is particularly disingenuous of Mr. Ockerman. He has blamed the party, but he is the one who an sent email on to you all on Saturday without hiding your email addresses. We, on the other hand, have revealed your contact information to no one.

That said, this is the Democratic Party, and it does no harm to have an open dialogue. Anyone interested should be able to take part in this process and should engage in a dialogue with you, the precinct delegates.

Our hope in sending our message was to encourage others to join this discussion, regardless of their views, and tonight you will fill the seat of our most vaunted progressive representatives, Ms. Kathy Stein currently and Mr. Ernesto Scorsone before her.

Neither one of us is party to any particular campaign. We are members of the Democratic Party. No candidate asked us to email you. We simply took it upon ourselves to take part in this great process.

It is untrue to suggest otherwise.

We are genuinely concerned that Kathy Stein — who has served this community in tremendous fashion — might be replaced by someone who does not truly represent the spirit of this district’s citizens. Her valuable seat should be filled by a candidate who stands against mountaintop removal and who opposes the same old plans for downtown development that have so clearly failed in the past.

Kathy Stein championed the campaign for the local ownership of our water company and was an outspoken critic of the attempts to restrict the civil rights of the gay and lesbian community. We need a candidate who represents these values.

That is why we wrote to you with our thoughts on Ms. Kelly Flood. We looked at the candidates and what they stood for and we concluded that Ms. Flood is the candidate best positioned to succeed in Ms. Stein’s seat. Ms. Flood is a champion of this community, a strong woman who serves as an inspiration to us all.

But our vote lies with you. All we can do is share our thoughts. That some would wish to silence public input is simply further evidence that they do not have what it takes to hold Kathy Stein’s most important seat.

If they take office, what will they do when you wish to speak your mind to them?

The Democratic Party has principles. One of those is an open dialogue with an open exchange of ideas. We have greatly enjoyed this chance to communicate with so many of you and we look forward to continuing that dialogue in the day ahead.

More importantly, we wish you luck this evening. Your service is fundamental to this democratic union, and it is to be commended.

Willie Davis & David Schankula

Until we each individually engage in the local political process, we are collectively asking for leaders on every level who do not represent our values as a community.


The Secret Election: Lexington’s 75th District (Kathy Stein’s Seat)

August 4, 2008
By David M. F. Schankula

Dear Lexington Democratic Voter:

On Wednesday, August 6th, there will be a vitally important state representative vote for the 75th district in Lexington. This might come as a surprise to you as you are not part of it.

The 75th District runs from 6th Street on the north side of downtown out Versailles Road and over to Tates Creek. [MAP LINKED BELOW]

*What’s at stake? (Or: a bunch of confusion made simple)*
The 75th District seat has opened up because Kathy Stein has vacated her position. Ms. Stein will be running this fall for the State Senate office previousy held by Ernesto Scorsone.

Kathy Stein has served the 75th well. This district encompasses the heart of Lexington, from downtown through the city’s progressive core. The Democratic voters of this community have formed the backbone of the fight for local ownership of water, the fight for equal rights for gay and lesbian couples, and the battle to preserve Lexington’s downtown.

There are three major candidates running for Ms. Stein’s seat. One supports blowing up mountains, one supports blowing up buildings, and one supports everything you agree with.

*How to have your say in this democratic process*
This is not your regular primary election. Because Ms. Stein has vacated her seat so late in the campaign season, the Democratic Party instituted special rules.

This election will be determined by your precinct delegates. Unlike the “super” delegates of this presidential season, your precinct delegate WILL LISTEN TO YOU.

This Wednesday, August 6th, delagates of the 75th District will gather at Memorial Hall on the UK campus to select a candidate for this fall’s election. This meeting will be open to the public, but only the delegates will be allowed to ask questions of the candidates.

Your job is to make your delegates represent you. Contact them. Give them your questions for the candidates. Let them know who you support. [DIRECTIONS BELOW]

*The Major Candidates (age/profession)*
Kelly Flood, 49, Minister

Foster Ockerman, 57, Lawyer

Alison Lundergan Grimes, 29, Lawyer

*But wait, who the hell are these people?*
Alison Lundergan Grimes has not only been endorsed by Shelby Joe Lucas of the “Clean Coal” lobby but also by Joe Rosenberg. Mr. Rosenberg sold the soul of downtown Lexington for a moronic hotel development. The “clean coal” lobby supports mountaintop removal.

Foster Ockerman has most recently served as a shill for the Webb Companies in their pursuit of the aforementioned moronic hotel development in the heart of the 75th District. A source who spoke on the condition of anonymity revealed that Mr. Ockerman also voted for the ban on gay marriage. When asked directly, Mr. Ockerman refused to comment on this vote.

Mr. Ockerman has been busily emailing the delegates with news that he has been endorsed by Ms. Stein’s husband. Nevertheless, Ms. Stein has explicitly stated that she has not endorsed Mr. Ockerman or anyone else.

Kelly Flood is a minister at Lexington’s Unitarian Universalist Church. She has been endorsed by a host of the 75ths most upstanding citizens, including former mayor Pam Miller, former city council member Debra Hensley, and community activist Steve Kay.

Ms. Flood was a prominent leader in the local movement to control the city’s water company. She was a powerful opponent of the gay marriage ban, the same bill Mr. Ockerman reportedly voted in favor of. And unlike Mr. Ockerman, when asked about her stance on CentrePointe, Ms. Flood responded openly. She wrote:

“This is yet another example of leadership gone missing. The public good is not served by a closed-door process, an uninspiring building design, and by the heart of our city being demolished in the dead of night. I’m saddened and angry over the whole mess. My only solace is the transparent process, engaging ideas and imaginative buzz afoot for the Distillary District.”

*What You Can Do*
Contact your precinct delegates. Their names are below. They are leaders in this community and you likely either know them or can find them in the White Pages.

Their vote takes place this Wednesday, August 6th, at Memorial Hall on the UK campus. Do not wait for the meeting to contact your delegates — contact them now. Forward this message to your friends and encourage them to contact their own delegates.

Our vote this November is based on their vote this week. The democratic process is an open one but if your delegates do not hear from you then this November you may be forced to choose between a Democrat who does not represent your values or a Republican.

You can give your delegates questions to ask these candidates and you can lobby your delegates to vote for one candidate over the other.

This is the Democratic Party. It is your party and you have the final say, if you want it. There is a clear choice here: there are three major candidates.

One has been endorsed by the CentrePointe and mountaintop removal lobbies.

Another has voted to constitutionally outlaw gay marriage and lobbied for the demolition of downtown Lexington.

And the third, Kelly Flood, has stood up against the ban on gay marriage, has stood up for the local ownership of water, and is appalled by the current corporate developments of our downtown.

The choice is ours, but we must make it.

We don’t want more CentrePointes built or mountaintops removed in the Democratic Party’s name.

This is our party and these delegates vote with us.

David M. F. Schankula

Willie Davis

MAP OF THE 75th DISTRICT (PDF) (It’s pink!)
The Democratic Party’s Description of the Selection Process (PDF)
Google Map of Memorial Hall on UK Campus — Meeting is Wednesday, August 6th
Full list of candidates for the 75th District
Full list of precinct delegates who you need to contact:

ASHLAND AVENUE Dorsett Stephen
AYLESFORD Becker Richard
AYLESFORD Gallenstein Joe
BARKLEY Graham Daniel
BARKLEY Van Hook Bradley “Skip”
BARKLEY Van Hook Elizabeth
CLIFTON Dickinson Jim
CLIFTON Lawless Kimberly
CLIFTON Stein Edward Earl “Scooter”
GIBSON PARK Canon Sandra Noble
GIBSON PARK Clenney Chuck
GOODRICH Sanders Shanna
GOODRICH Swann Lamin
GOODRICH Webb Dennis
HEADLEY GREEN Spurlin Janean
HILL-N-DALE Burton Virginia
HILL-N-DALE Snyder Damon
HILL-N-DALE Tune Chrissie Balding
HOLLYWOOD Gerhard Patricia
HOLLYWOOD Sims Patrick
IMPERIAL Agbar Jacob
IMPERIAL Dunn Amanda
LAFAYETTE Bowsher Charles A.
LAFAYETTE Browning Amber S.
LAFAYETTE Garman Leslee
LAWRENCE Emmons Jamie
LAWRENCE Emmons Kari
MONTCLAIR Collins Georgia
MT. VERNON Garden Rose
MT. VERNON Worth Ben
PICADOME Carigan Olivia
PICADOME Gross Alexis
PICADOME Gross P. Branden
PRESTON INN Cayabyab Gitlin Elva (Elle)
PRESTON INN Miller Jennifer
PRESTON INN Dennison Christopher
SEVEN PARKS Beaulieu Matt
SEVEN PARKS Morris Clinton
SHADELAND Martinolich Andrew
SHADELAND Sarkisian Kevin
SHADELAND Sarkisian Rexanne
SHADY LANE Brown Michael
SHADY LANE Davis Jeffrey
SHADY LANE O’Brien Eileen
TOWERS Cowen Janet M.
TOWERS Cowen Ted
TRIANGLE PARK Grimes Alison Lundergan
TRIANGLE PARK Stilz III Robert Coleman
WOODLAND Peter Arthur S.
WOODLAND Scott Travis
WOODLAND Slaymaker Karen
ZANDALE Perreiah Alan
ZANDALE Perreiah Grace
ZANDALE Seithers Laura





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