kelly flood

Nice article on Flood’s win

Badass Pollard was there to cover Kelly Flood’s big win on Wednesday night for the Fighting 75th nomination. A good wrap up that’s worth a read. (especially Foster Ockerman’s pathetic “I’m a big shot and people know me” shtick)

Flood won in a landslide

Not only did Kelly Flood win the 75th nomination last night, but a reliable source told me that she won the five-way race with over 60% of the vote. Dontcha love it win the grassroots absolutely crushes the forces of…

Kelly Flood Wins!

In the face of Ockermania, the good side prevailed! Alison Lundergan Grimes and Foster Ockerman Jr. are each great assets to our community. But hopefully, with their losses tonight, they will recaluclate their political positions and recognize that the path…