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Kemper for Dog Catcher?

BlueBluegrass hit the Kemper/Edelen debate for State Auditor last night and has some thoughts on Kemper’s fellow travelers (including two Constables in full dress). Check it:

So, not only does Kemper have the sense of humor to ask for votes for an office that insures funds are managed wisely, after mismanaging his own business into bankruptcy not once, but twice. Not only does he have a guy in pajamas walking in front of him providing some sort of bizarre security function, and not only does he have a dog walking behind him, but in between, he’s raised the question of whether he’s having public resources misused as part of his election efforts. On the bright side, at least Richie Farmer must be happy that someone else is capable of actually drawing the public’s attention away from his stunning conduct…


Bankrupt Kentucky Conservative seeks taxpayer money to pay own bills

Adam Edelen, the Democrat, against John Kemper, the Republican. The Herald-Leader’s John Cheves takes a closer look at the race for Kentucky State Auditor which, in classic Kentucky fashion of course features this…

Kemper, 47, is in personal bankruptcy after the failure of his home-construction business in Lexington. He said he takes responsibility for his mistakes and he’s obeying a debt-repayment schedule administered by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, which court records confirm.

“I’m living under the thumb of the federal government for five years,” Kemper said.

Ain’t that just the most succinct encapsulation of the defining philosophy of the 21st century Republican party?

Guy fails at business, blames the government, lambasting the feds for their oppression, and then runs for office for a party that claims it stands for fiscal order and personal responsibility.


Read Cheves full report for more.

Kemper’s uphill struggle to win a taxpayer pay check for the next four years so that he can get out bankruptcy while on the dole (which would make him a ‘Welfare Queen,’ I believe) also piqued the interest of the Associated Press:

The winner of the Nov. 8 general election will oversee an office that has more than 130 employees, controls a $10.5 million budget and churns out hundreds of annual audits.

The taxpayers of Kentucky need somebody who has weathered the storm … and taken responsibility for the things that have happened,” said Kemper, a 47-year-old residential developer from Lexington.

Edelen, a 36-year-old Lexington business consultant and former chief of staff to Gov. Steve Beshear, said his opponent’s bankruptcy “goes to the heart of having a demonstrated record of competence.”

“It’s an awfully far stretch to go from being in personal bankruptcy to be making the case to the people of Kentucky that you should be the taxpayer watchdog,” Edelen said.

The winner in the November election will succeed current state Auditor Crit Luallen, a Democrat finishing her second term, the limit allowed by law. The state auditor makes just more than $110,000 a year.


Kentucky Tea Party challenges KY GOP to abandon gubernatorial candidate Williams

LEO’s Sonka reports Kentucky Tea Party guru and mastermind behind Rand Paul’s primary victory, David Adams, has directed the Tea Party forces against the state’s Republican Party in an exercies in reality:

Last Chance to Save November

There are several reasons David Williams won’t be elected Governor of Kentucky in November. Voting nine times with Steve Beshear to “balance” the state budget with debt and federal stimulus funds rank high on the list. Dramatically increasing his own pension and then playing dumb when he was called on it didn’t help matters either.

We can waste time arguing about how we got into such a mess, but the fact is we are here. Republican establishment types like to talk about party loyalty at times like this, but how loyal is it to the party and its principles to lose all the down-ticket races trying to prop up a gubernatorial candidate whose fate is so clearly sealed?

Please contact Republican Party of Kentucky leadership and ask them to face reality before it is too late.

You’ll want to read Adams’ full-on assault as well as Sonka’s follow-up interview with him… and why he’s advocating for Kemper but leaving some dude named Bill Johnson out to dry.

Hate group president pens a fundraising email for John Kemper

Well isn’t this just adorable. Check out the fundraising email that hate group president Frank Simon sent out for GOP KY State Auditor candidate John Kemper III:

Dear Friend,

John Kemper is a strong conservative who is the Republican running for Kentucky State Auditor in the General Election this November 8, 2011. The Auditor is a very important office because he can investigate all state spending and expose any corruption.

John is Pro-Life, Pro-Second Amendment, Pro-Family, and a strong Christian husband and father. John has never held an elected office and is not beholding to anyone in government.

We are having a great meeting on July 26, 2011 to help John’s Campaign. It will be at the Springhurst Clubhouse from 6pm to 8pm at: 4200 Springhurst Blvd, Louisville, KY 40241. The Clubhouse is near The Summit, behind the Kroger on Hwy 22 and next to the Springhurst Pool. See map below.

Les Naiman (probably the best caterer in the business) will be catering the event!

John will answer questions from the audience.

If at all possible, please tell others, bring a friend, and come to this great event. If you plan to attend, please RSVP by replying to this email. If you can’t make it on July 26th, please consider making a donation to help John. You can donate to his campaign by clicking below:

These levels of donors will be printed on the program:

Benefactor $500       Partner $250       Patriots $100       Minuteman $50

Please make your check out to Friends of John T Kemper, III and fill out the form on the next page. You can also donate at on John’s website using Pay Pal.

Invited guests include Phil Moffett, Norm Davis of Take Back Kentucky, Bob Kleets from Northern KY and Bill Farmer.

I hope you will join us on the 26th of July and give your support to John Kemper for Auditor.

Frank Simon

I don’t know about you, but I thought it was rather tasteful of Frank to not mention how the gays orchestrated the Holocaust and want to rape your children in this email.

Lex Vegas odds on the next candidate to get such an email from hate group president Frank Simon heavily favor Some Dude Named Bill Johnson, defender of democracy from non-existent organizations and their homeless minions

… no matter how much you beg him, David Williams:

Mitch McConnell’s Magical Red Pants, and other July 4th sights

Mitch McConnell did some July 4th activities in Campbellsville, Kentucky yesterday. And he did them in these bright red pants:

We had plenty of fun people visit Lexington for the parade, including Steve Beshear and Richie Farmer (Beshear walked, Richie sat in the car).

Here was the very, very honest campaign sign on John Kemper’s vehicle:

And Some Dude Named Bill Johnson getting his Gadsden on:

And the cigarette van lady, with the (I believe) new edition of the giant silver eagle on the roof:

And from the racists at the teabagging “Yup, I’m a racist” booth, here are two new spectacular editions:

Lexington had a good parade this year, but we were seriously missing out on Mitch’s red pants.

Adam Edelen on the road

Despite the fact that Adam Edelen is an overwhelming favorite this Fall in the KY State Auditor race against Republican John Kemper III, he’s still traveling Kentucky like a mad man. Here’s a video his campaign released today, where he visits the folks tucked away in the Kentucky Bend:

Good stuff. Something odd about that voice, though…

But that doesn’t mean Kemper isn’t working hard either. Here he was last week at the Bluegrass Freedom Festival, a giant $15 ticket event at LCA with all the important Republican activists in the state, even the rockstar Ken Blackwell from Ohio.

Kemper is the guy in the very top right sitting next to Candy Barr. I know, there were soooo many people there that it would have taken years to find him on your own.

I leave you with pictures of David Williams silently cursing the fact that he wasted his time on a teabagger event with 40 people for 3 hours:

Crit for Edelen (VIDEO)

Here’s the most respected public official in Kentucky, State Auditor Crit Luallen, talking up the Democratic nominee to replace her this year, Adam Edelen.

It seems like GOP nominee John Kemper III has a steep climb ahead of him to defeat Edelen, as he trails horribly in fundraising and is going through a personal bankruptcy as well (not the greatest feature when running for the bookkeeper of the state). However, Kemper recently came across enough money to not have his home auctioned off (score), and he also has this sweet photoshop ready to blast all over the Bluegrass:

(yes, that is a real product of the Kemper campaign that just won a blowout victory 2 weeks ago)

Then again, Kemper also has tons of fun pics on his Facebook page, like this goodie:

So there’s that…

Louisville Tea Party running radio ads for Moffett, Kemper, SDNB Johnson

Via cn|2, we learn that the Louisville Tea Party is running the following radio ad touting Phil Moffett, John Kemper and Some Dude Named Bill Johnson on “95 different radio stations”:

Good thing for the three of them, because they’re all flat broke and can’t even afford a single TV ad.

PI tracks down insurance defrauder and KY GOP candidate Wuchner

This John Cheves article from Friday night on the GOP candidates for KY State Auditor is the stuff of KY politics legend. He starts with what we already knew, that fiscal conservative Jon Kemper, who wants to be the bookkeeping watchdog for the state, is in bankruptcy.

But Cheves brings the true gold with this revelation about Kemper’s opponent, Addia Wuchner:

In June 2009, Wuchner sued Unum Life Insurance Co. in U.S. District Court in Covington and declared herself medically unfit to work a full-time job.

Unum had paid Wuchner long-term disability benefits from 1997 to 2006 as a result of injuries she sustained in a 1996 car crash, which forced her to leave her hospital job, according to the lawsuit. Wuchner said Unum erroneously ended her benefits after deciding that she could work, based in part on having a private investigator track her activities for eight days. She asked for her disability payments to be reinstated immediately.


In response, Unum defended its decision as proper. It acknowledged that it had hired an investigator to follow Wuchner’s activities on the campaign trail in 2004 as she ran for the state House.

The case was assigned to Judge David Bunning — son of the former U.S. senator now backing Wuchner for auditor — and it ended in March 2010 with a private settlement.

Ladies and Gentleman of Kentucky, this is your tea party. The fiscally irresponsible freeloading off of the government tea party.

Indiana Kemper and Rin Tin TEA

It’s very difficult for a political campaign to release anything as dumb as the Phil Moffett Walrus video I showed you yesterday.

But KY State Auditor candidate John Kemper stepped up to the challenge and knocked it out of the park. From cn|2, here is Kemper’s totally awesome fundraising photoshop job:

Dr. TEA is ready to operate on you, Kentucky!