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Another reminder why we should celebrate Joe LIEberman’s coming retirement

Yes, he spoke at the Republican National Convention and told America what a great vice president Sarah Palin would be, and countless other things.

But this morning he gives us another reason:

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You see, Sadam was developing weapons of mass destruction and tactically supporting the terrorist movement behind 9/11.

It’s rather amazing that a senator could say this on national TV in 2011, but if you’re shocked, you just don’t know Joe LIEberman.

Mongiardo emulates LIEberman, praises Paul

Dan Mongiardo’s “Independent Democrat” show continues, in hilarious fashion. In response to the Rasmussen poll showing him getting destroyed by Rand Paul 49-35, guess what his spokesclown Kim Geveden said? That’s right folks, this just shows that people want somebody like Dan Mongiardo to represent them! Seriously:

“Today’s poll simply confirms that Kentucky voters are frustrated by an economy that is not improving their lives and want an independent Senator who puts their interests first—before the interest of either Washington Democratic or Republican political leaders.

“Daniel Mongiardo is the only candidate running who has taken on both national Republican and Democratic leaders. In 2004, Daniel ran against the failed economic policies of George Bush and Jim Bunning, and in 2009 Daniel has opposed Democratic sponsored cap and trade measures which would hike Kentucky electric rates and hurt Kentucky’s coal industry. Daniel Mongiardo will always put the interests of Kentucky working families first.”

Hmm, let’s take another look at this ridiculous quote. So Dan used to criticize Republicans in 2004, but now in 2009-10 he criticizes Democrats instead. Gee, who does that remind me of?

He also tells Joe Arnold:

“the Daniel Mongiardo campaign’s spin is that he is independent enough to tap into the conservative backlash against Obama-care”

Tap into conservative backlash against Obama-care. That’s just wonderful.

Once again, Mongiardo touting his “Independent Democrat” cred. (i.e. DINO LIEberman filth)

Oh, but there’s more. Lt. Dan stopped by the Kentucky Sports Radio podcast recently, and could not stop praising Rand Paul and comparing himself to Mr. White Male Liberty Patriot.

He said both he and Rand Paul were the only Senate candidates campaigning (well, to Trey and Jack’s defense, they actually have jobs). After detailing all of his hard hard work, he goes on to shower Rand’s ass with lipstick, comparing himself to Randy:

“Same sorta thing on Republican side. Rand Paul is barnstorming the state. He’s very passionate and willing to stand up for what he believes in.”

Of course, Dan doesn’t say a single negative word about any Republicans. He then goes on to say he will debate Rand in the Fall, conceding the Republican nomination to the guy that he polls the worst against.

But (after he praises the “Kentucky Coal Lodge”) he leaves us with perhaps the quote of 2010 so far:

“I’m not a professional politician, I’m not calculating my next political move.”

I’ll just let that one marinate a bit.

So, let’s recap Dan Mongiardo’s message over the past week:

Joe LIEberman strategy good.
Friends of murderers good.
Rand Paul good.
Illegal Coal Mining Lodge good.
Obama and Democrats bad.

Who else gots the Lt. Dan fever!

Unlike Lt. Dan, Conway won’t be an "LIEberman Democrat"

Dan Mongiardo made a big deal yesterday out of bragging about how he’d be, literally, an “Independent Democrat“, standing up to the Obama Administration. Oddly enough, “Independent Democrat” is exactly what Joe LIEberman has called himself over the last 4 years.

Well, Jack Conway was on the radio in Louisville recently, and he made it clear that he will not be Joe LIEberman, or Ben Nelson for that matter. He talked about the health care bill, with some pretty frank assessments of what he likes, and what he doesn’t like (particularly LIEberman and Nelson’s shenanigans). Check it out here.

Good mojo for you, Jack. (at last…)

Thursday Night Ketchup post

- WTF is this?

- Dudley Webb declines to comment in a downtown development puff piece:

As for CentrePointe, the Webb Companies declined to comment for this story; in a recent public statement, Dudley Webb said he was “still not sure when the project will begin.”

- The Abby Johnson abortion hoax turns out to be a really pathetic hoax.

- The Worst Man in Washington, Joe LIEberman, has approval/disapprovals of 25/69 in Connecticut. I echo the Great Orange Satan when he says: “My biggest fear is that Joe Lieberman retires on his own accord. I want the residents of Connecticut to forcefully retire him.”

- Want to hear a sentence that illustrates how messed up this state is?

Research conducted by the Institute of Taxation and Economic policy show that, in 2007, a non-elderly family earning roughly $23,000 a year pays 10.8 percent of their income in taxes, whereas those earning $346,000 (or more) are subject to a 6.1 percent rate.

- The anti-choice freaks in Louisville are perhaps the scum of the earth. But Lt. Dan at least has their vote.

- Am I the only one afraid to look at the just convened legislative session in Frankfort? The Horror… the Horror.

- Trey Grayson’s unintentional comedy webcast is coming January 14th.

- Jake Payne’s Meany McMeanerson liveblog of Gov. Beshear’s very odd State of the Commonwealth address is mean and stuff.

- I somehow missed the greatest quote ever back in December from State Rep Mary Lou Marzian when asked if she still had confidence in the word of Governor Beshear:

“What governor? What word?”

Gawker on LIEberman

Such shrillness:

We all know that Vinegar Joe Lieberman is a sanctimonious, thin-skinned, self-satisfied monster. And a pious, amoral scumbag. And a narcissistic, deluded underminer who represents everything that is wrong with the United States Senate. And a war-mongering, concern-trolling religious zealot. And, generally, a bastard. And probably a racist. But why would this weasel-human hybrid who is actually literally slowly receding into his own asshole a little bit every day suddenly pipe up on health care reform with a position at odds with most Connecticut residents and a vast majority of the Democrats he claims to represent?

Well, I think you already answered your question…

I hate Connecticut

Joe LIEberman, running for Senate in 2006:

MediChoice to allow anybody in our country to buy into a national insurance pool like the health insurance pool that we federal employees and Members of Congress have. Medical malpractice reform.

It will cover 95% of those who are not covered now, and it will reduce the pressure on rising costs for all the millions of others.

Joe LIEberman today:

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) said Tuesday that he’d back a GOP filibuster of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s health care reform bill.

Lieberman, who caucuses with Democrats and is positioning himself as a fiscal hawk on the issue, said he opposes any health care bill that includes a government-run insurance program — even if it includes a provision allowing states to opt out of the program, as Reid has said the Senate bill will.

“We’re trying to do too much at once,” Lieberman said. “To put this government-created insurance company on top of everything else is just asking for trouble for the taxpayers, for the premium payers and for the national debt. I don’t think we need it now.”

Lieberman added that he’d vote against a public option plan “even with an opt-out because it still creates a whole new government entitlement program for which taxpayers will be on the line.”

I hope Coach Coalipari runs up the score on them in December. We had the chance to get rid of this dishonest Dbag in 2006, but they bought all of his lies, hook line and sinker.

And with Dick Cheney out of office, Joe Lieberman is now #1 on my DC shitlist.