Joe Biden

Early debate reactions

Farley: as far as I’m concerned, there was a coherent, well-informed adult up there, alongside someone who would get a C in a freshman American Politics course. Turn in your feminist card, Dr. Farley. Oh, and this ain’t the Civil…

Palin-Biden debate Liveblogging

She made it through standing!!! Congrats Sarah! 10:28: Palin is a SLOGAN MACHINE. Seriously, all she does is repeat slogans and catch phrases. 10:24: “quasi-cave”? 10:21: “Not got to allow”????? 10:20: MAVERICK 10:17: Biden kindly explaining what our Constitution says.…

Attack Dog!

THIS is what Joe Biden is for. Oh, and while Biden was busy taking on any interview he could, Sarah Palin was in fact in a Philadelphia Irish Bar Being Presidential, one would assume

Reality setting in

Want some news to reassure you that America hasn’t (completely) lost its mind. The NYT poll out now gives us some happy numbers showing that Americans aren’t fooled by (1) McCain trying to switch uniforms (2) a corrupt, lying, rapist-friendly,…


After the speech, Fox News literally cuts away to FIVE Republicans to rip apart Joe Biden’s speech and give as many McCain talking points as possible. Lovely. UPDATE: And cuts back from commercial to a sixth. Nice.