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Lundergan v. Beshear Secretary of State Race Heating Up…

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January 21, 2011

This morning Alison Lundergan Grimes announced her candidacy for Secretary of State, setting off a battle at the top levels of the state’s Democratic Party as the Herald-Leader’s Jack Brammer reports:

The May primary election for secretary of state promises to showcase a long-standing feud within the Kentucky Democratic Party and threatens to make Gov. Steve Beshear look politically weak as he seeks re-election.

Less than two weeks after Beshear appointed Bowling Green Mayor Elaine Walker to fill the final 11 months of outgoing Secretary of State Trey Grayson’s term, a Who’s Who list of Kentucky Democrats pledged their support for another candidate on Thursday.

There’s much more in Brammer’s article, with Lt. Dan and others all weighing in (including Gov. Beshear who would not go so far as to endorse his own pick) and setting the scene for an entertaining Primary Race/Soap Opera — so go read it and click on the advertisements to support good reporting.

Monday Afternoon Catch-up

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November 8, 2010

I’ve been out traveling the past 4 days, here’s what you may have missed:

-Some Dude Named Bill Johnson
filed to run for Secretary of State.

-Word on the street is that Steve Beshear has a choice: stick with Daniel Logsdon as your KDP chair an risk losing, or put your arch-enemy Jerry Lundergan back in charge and win easily. There actually is a third choice, but nobody’s talking about it yet.

-Trey Grayson is toying with the idea of running for Attorney General.

-Speaking of Trey Grayson, nobody really believes that Trey voted for Paul when he was in the privacy of the voting booth, and nobody believes that Rand Paul doesn’t still hold a grudge.

-Mitch McConnell is irrelevant.

-Yarmy changed his tune, and now supports Pelosi as minority leader.

-Bigots Martin Cothran and Jeff Fugate are trying their best not to cry about the Homomafia taking over city hall.

Governor endorsements, and Beshear’s big chance

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May 15, 2008

As we saw yesterday, 4 former KY governors endorsed Hillary Clinton for President: including Paul Patton and John Y. Brown.

As the elitist Mark Hebert notes, what’s more interesting is the name that is missing, that of our first female governor, Martha Lane Collins.

But Hebert misses the most glaring omission, however: that of Brereton Jones, who is close to Steve Beshear. Could Brereton’s reluctance also signal reluctance on the part of Beshear?

Whereas the Lundergan-Governors John Y. Brown and Paul Patton are falling in line between the eventual-loser Hillary Clinton, there is a great opportunity for Steve Beshear to step away from the old guard of Lundercrooks and take a step towards the future of the Democratic Party: Barack Obama.

Many have credited the failure of the current legislative session to Beshear surrounding himself with the old guard Democrats. Wouldn’t it send a great message if he turned his back on this crowd and joined the new vanguard of Democrats along with John Yarmuth, Ben Chandler and Dan Mongiardo?

How about it Steve? Would you like to join and score big points with the new wave of Democrats all over this state that reject the Lundergan-era Good ole’ boys?

(and I echo Stephen Shepard’s sentiments)

The Hillary good ol’ boy roadshow comes to KY

May 7, 2008

With Hillary’s bad, bad night behind her, the nation now turns its eyes to Kentucky (finally), where her campaign will make its final (and statistically impossible) last stand.

And when the nation looks at Hillary campaigning in KY, what will they see? Well, it will look much different from Obama. Besides the obvious difference in the size of the crowds, let’s take a look at the company they will keep.

Barack Obama will have John Yarmuth and Ben Chandler at his side, two squeaky clean guys, one of whom is the single best progressive Democrat we have in this state, and the other whom I’m hopeful will straighten up and make us proud this year.

Who will Hillary Clinton have at her side? The festering boil on the ass of the Kentucky Democratic Party: Jerry Lundergan. And his henchman, Jonathan Hurst. And Steve Friggin’ Henry.

One of the (many) reasons we, progressives, all worked so hard to get Steve Beshear elected was to oust the untrustworthy Lundergan and his good ol’ boy clan from power.

And what is Hillary doing? Letting all the good ‘ol boys run back into the room so they can control things.

Jerry Lundergan is EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH THE KENTUCKY DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Want the endless Mark Nickolas dossier at Bluegrass Report? Here.

And a question: is Lundergan simply doing this because Hillary promised him an ambassadorship to Italy? Is this simply the pay-for-play cronyism that we are all too accustomed to here in Kentucky?

If these quasi-crook good ‘ol boys want to parade Hillary around this state in the next two weeks, I think we owe everybody in the nation a favor by shining a light on just what kind of people are running the show here for her.

Anybody want to help?




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