Dan Savage coming to UK March 6th; UK President endorses homosexual agenda

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February 20, 2012
By David M. F. Schankula

Hot on the heels of news of Rand Paul’s upcoming trippy speech to the impressionable young minds at the University of Kentucky, it’s come to our attention Dan Savage is coming right behind him.

Savage, who defined Rick Santorum’s presidential asspiratations, is touring in support of his “It Gets Better” campaign, which seeks to combat the virulent homophobia of the extreme Right Wing with compassion, understanding and basic human decency.

The UK event goes down March 6th @ 7PM on the UK campus, just four days after Rand blows through:

In September 2010, in response to the numerous acts of suicides by young people bullied for their sexual orientation, Dan Savage founded the “It Gets Better” Campaign as a way to let young LGBT people know that there is hope, help, and a future despite any hardships–that they are not alone and that it WILL get better. This semester Dan is bringing the now global movement to UK to speak about how the mission of the “It Gets Better” Project is crucially important even on our own campus. A Q&A session will follow the lecture as well as a book signing of “It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living.”

Here’s one typical “It Gets Better” message to your kids being transmitted across the internet into their brains and tearing them away from your parental control:

Horrifying, no?

Supporting this homosexual agenda and seeking to turn all your college aged children queer is Eli Capilouto, president of the University of Kentucky:

How long will it take before Lexington’s really talented right wing radio hosts realize this has happened and start calling for Capilouto’s job?


Fairness Coalition takes over the airwaves

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February 20, 2012
By David M. F. Schankula

via Sonka/FatLip:

The Fairness Coalition has launched a statewide ad campaign supporting fairness ordinances across the state that would prevent people from being discriminated against based on their sexual orientation. Here is the ad below:

Read on for more…


California’s Marriage Ban ruled Unconstitutional; Jim Gray joins Mayors for the Freedom to Marry

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February 7, 2012
By David M. F. Schankula

“We stand for the freedom to marry because it enhances the economic competitiveness of our communities, improves the lives of families that call our cities home, and is simply the right thing to do.”

That’s from the official statement of the Mayors for the Freedom To Marry coalition, a group founded just two weeks ago by 80 mayors.

Jim Gray and seven other Mayors just joined the group’s call for equal rights, bringing the total to 116. Chaired by the Mayors of NYC, Boston, Houston, San Diego and Los Angeles, they represent a wide group of cities from across the country:

We are a diverse group of mayors—from cities in Kansas, Indiana and West Virginia, to the four largest cities in America. Our cities are culturally, racially and geographically diverse, but we share one important value: a common commitment to fairness.

Meanwhile… today in Los Angeles, a three judge panel in Federal Appeals Court ruled California’s Prop 8 voter approved ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional:

The three-judge panel issued its ruling Tuesday morning in San Francisco, upholding a decision by Judge Vaughn R. Walker, who had been the chief judge of the Federal District Court of the Northern District of California but has since retired. Like Judge Walker, the panel found that Proposition 8 – passed by California voters in November 2008 by a margin of 52 percent to 48 percent — violated the equal protection rights of two same-sex couples that brought he suit. The proposition placed a specific prohibition in the State Constitution against marriage between two people of the same sex.

The Freedom to Marry Mayors (because we should all be free to marry Mayors) just released this statement:

“As Mayors for the Freedom to Marry, we know how important marriage is to our neighborhoods, our cities, and our nation.  When committed couples are able to pledge their love to one another and share in the responsibilities and protections of marriage, our communities flourish and our cities are more competitive. Today’s decision by the 9th Circuit reaffirms that the American Dream is possible for everyone and brings us one step closer to ending marriage discrimination once and for all.  We look forward to a day when all of our citizens will be able to share fairly and equally in the freedom to marry.”

The Prop 8 battle will go to the Supreme Court and you… well, if you aren’t lucky enough to live in Lexington, you can tell your Mayor to get on board. Just go to the Freedom to Marry site, download this statement (PDF) and take it to your Mayor.

We’re looking at you, Louisville.


Martin Cothran is terrified of gay people

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June 13, 2011
By Joe Sonka

Martin Cothran of The Family Foundation of Kentucky sent out an urgent press release last week, warning families that the Kentucky Department of Education has adopted a new diabolical plan to recruit your children into the homosexual lifestyle.

Here it is:

LEXINGTON, KY—A family advocacy group today criticized the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) for including gay rights language in a new document designed to guide local school curricula. “The last thing we need in our schools is a shift in focus away from academics toward special interest politics,” said Martin Cothran, senior policy analyst for The Family Foundation, who criticized the language which was included in an April 11 draft of the state’s new Model Curriculum Framework. “We need less politics in schools and more academics,” Cothran said.

This is the first time “sexual orientation” language has been included in a state document governing elementary and secondary education according to Cothran. “What we don’t need in order to academically improve our schools is a larger dose of political correctness.”

Well that just sounds terrifying. The KDE is literally “shift(ing) focus away from academics” and into “special interest politics” and “political correctness”.

But shockingly, when you look at the actually document that he’s referring to, the obsessive fear and gay-panic of Cothran and the Family Foundation becomes apparent.

Here is the link to the document (PDF). As you can see, it is 69 pages long. The part that they take issue with? Two words in one sentence. Here it is, from page 15 of this document that simply provides suggestions for teachers that may or may not be followed, but is there for them if they need it:

The chart below is neither exhaustive nor exclusive and is grounded in the underlying beliefs stated in the Learning Goals and Capacities for Kentucky’s young people as outlined in legislation. The headings for each column are the student outcomes identified by the 21st Century Partnership as necessary for success in life and career. Considering these outcomes together with the four powerful forces (knowledge work, thinking tools, digital lifestyles, learning research) can serve as a starting point for expanding the use and further development of the Learning Goals and Capacities to reflect a 21st century context. As a result, educators, families and communities who find themselves in increasingly complex and unfamiliar situations will be better equipped to prepare the next generation of learners.

Life and Career Dispositions

Excellence – achieving at high levels and persevering regardless of circumstances

Diversity – promoting an appreciation for one’s own cultural/historical background and respecting the history, language, and tradition of other cultures

Equity – exhibiting qualities of human worth and justice (i.e., ethnicity, sexual orientation, geography, religion, gender, and socioeconomic status)

Ethical behavior – willingness to think about, articulate, and support beliefs, judgments, and behavior

Qualities of character – exhibiting altruism, citizenship, courtesy, hard work, responsibility

Relating to others – interacting effectively with a diverse range of people in a variety of contexts

Yes, two terrifying words (sexual orientation!) in a 69-page draft document that merely seeks to provide assistance and resources to educators as they develop their own curricula, giving them suggestions and guidelines without mandate anything.

From the document:

The Kentucky Model Curriculum Framework serves as a facilitation guide to assist an instructional supervisor, principal and/or teacher leader in providing a rationale for the need to revisit curriculum planning, offering some background information and exercises to generate “future oriented” thinking, and suggesting a process for designing and reviewing the local curriculum.

Remember, Cothran and the Family Foundation have been fighting many invisible gay boogeymen over the past decade in Kentucky, with their most recent target being Jim Gray. Gray, you see, took money from real live GAY PEOPLE, which they felt necessitated warning the the people of Lexington before the election, as well as prompting their supporters to call into radio stations and spew homophobic bile about him.

And now they are keeping our children safe from 69-page drafts of suggestions to teachers that dare to use the words “sexual orientation” once.

Martin Cothran… what a sad, sad man. But you keep looking for those gay boogeymen under the bed, Marty.


Huckabee visiting Kentucky’s favorite bigot university

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March 31, 2011
By Joe Sonka

I think he’ll receive a lovely reception at the University of the Cumberlands:

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee will speak next week at the Southern Baptist-affiliated University of the Cumberlands.

Huckabee, a potential contender in next year’s Republican presidential primary, will be on the Williamsburg campus on April 5.


Huckabee will be the headliner at a leadership event sponsored by the University of the Cumberlands and the Forcht Group of Kentucky Center for Excellence.

The University of the Cumberlands of course is the bigoted fundamentalist training camp that David Williams tried to sneak $11 million in taxpayer money to back in 2006. The KY Supreme Court nixed that sweatheart deal, one of the few times that the David Williams-Frank Simon alliance for bigotry was defeated in Kentucky over the last decade.


Whore v. Virgin: A Date Night Retrospective (Pt. 1)

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February 16, 2011
By Terri


Life’s a hard fucker, sometimes. Worlds we build for ourselves can go topsy-turvy pretty rapidly without warning. Foundations shift. Purposes become muddled. I was stuck in that place for months, in a sort of reckless limbo, so disenchanted with the internal and the external, that I had to step back from blogging for a while. Maybe my absence was notable. Probably not. I missed the writing and the caring, but it just got too draining to give a shit for the most part.

I think the not giving a shit is what they’re counting on. And I guess it worked for a while, on me at least. The 2010 race for U.S. Senate was both mind-boggling and unsurprising. The Dreamboat went all Mongiardo-ish and tried to Blue Dog the Teacracker. This failed, in part because the actual “conservative” dipshit will win out over the pretend one every time. Over trolls‘ insistence that it was the economy, stupid, anyone with a modicum of common sense could see right through that claim. They wanted a culture war from the get-go.

So I’m saying, “Bring it.” Loudly. Repeatedly. Publicly. It’s not just elections they’re after. They’re out for blood. And they want it indelibly.

Kentucky, of course, has played no small role in this wingnut awakening. Emboldened by a so-called mandate to stop government spending and decrease the deficit, Sen. Rand Paul’s first actual move as U.S. Senator was to proudly cosponsor anti-choice legislation that is wholly unenforceable, defies any sort of medical education he claims to have had, and would be prohibitively expensive to actually enforce. (Straight from the fetus fetishism playbook, natch.) The junior Senator recently took up with the popular pay-per-rapist, Sen. David Vitter, to co-sponsor a bill meant to codify the second-class status of babies born to the “wrong” (i.e., brown) parents. The growing frustration with these transparent culture warriors is as palpable as it is familiar.

Unfortunately, it isn’t just our federal office-holders who are showing their hands for upcoming campaign strategies. Gubernatorial candidate David Williams – whose running mate is former Mr. Basketball (seriously) and current Ag. Commissioner Richie Farmer – introduced a “papers please” bill of his very own. Not to be outdone, Gov. Steve Beshear is also courting the “conservative” vote that every Blue Dog both loves and fears by supporting state tax incentives for a Noah’s Ark theme park. (FYI: No rides, proving my point yet again that godbags are able to suck the fun out of practically everything.

What am I getting at? Quite simply, the personal is political. And when bigoted, science-denying patriarchs set up shop in my beloved state and fleece money from good people, I ain’t gonna shut up and just watch it happen. And I am sure as hell not going to let Kentucky’s rich history of progressive activism go unnoticed, just because we’ve been written off as “red.”


Gay-baiting cornucopia on Kruser today

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November 1, 2010
By Joe Sonka

Today on 590 WVLK, Kruser is taking a flood of calls from people warning about The Insidious Homosexual Plot to make Lexington gay, directing people to the website of the mouth-breathing homophobic bigots of the Family Foundation.

And Kruser just lets them talk and talk and talk, then thanks them for their call. Because he’s Kruser.

Disgusting bigots, every last one of them.

And yes, Jim Newberry “likes this”:


Last Dance with Mayor Newberry

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October 31, 2010
By Joe Sonka

We’re so close…


Meet Jim Newberry

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October 30, 2010
By Joe Sonka

In case you haven’t seen this new video and shared it with everyone you know in Lexington yet, here it is again:

And remember that in 2006 Jim Newberry told the Herald Leader that he stands by everything he said in this debate. He has never publicly apologized or retracted his statements or indicated that his hateful and ignorant thoughts have changed.

Prominent Young Republicans are already doing their part:

 Readers: if you hear or see anything over the next 4 days that indicates Newberry or his allies are “going down that road”, PLEASE email us tips at BAREFOOTANDPROGRESSIVE at GMAIL dot COM. We will NOT reveal your identity if you so wish (nor have we ever done so over the last 4 years).


What kind of person is Jim Newberry?

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October 29, 2010
By Joe Sonka

As Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry says in the video below, the values of political candidates are important, and they should be scrutinized. That is what this video does:

Do you share Jim Newberry’s values?





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