Hillary Clinton

HRC Streaming Now!

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April 9, 2010

Click here to watch “No Greater Danger: Protecting our Nation and Allies from Nuclear Terror and Nuclear Proliferation,” Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s lecture at U of L’s McConnell Center.

Makin’ Hearthands for HRC

August 11, 2009

You know, I did not care for how she ran her presidential campaign and therefore I ultimately didn’t vote for her, but I really love me some Hillary Clinton, who had this to say during her trip to Congo:

My husband is not secretary of state, I am.

While the whole exchange seems to have been a misunderstanding due to things not quite translating, and even though the whole article basically goes on and on about what an uptight bitch the Secretary of State is, I still heartily applause her handling of the matter.

Making Heart-hands for HRC

April 23, 2009

This is the awesome:

Little Miss Soapbox

December 10, 2008

Q: Will Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin have a lasting impact on the women’s movement?

A: Kind of.

So Sick of This

November 24, 2008

Headline to an AP piece about Sen. Hillary Clinton’s appointment as Secretary of State: “Clinton ready to give up her independence again.” OFFS.

See also: The “Bitch” and the “Ditz”

"Hillary Hypotheticals"

November 13, 2008

Nate Silver has a piece up about what the 2008 presidential campaign might have looked like with Hillary atop the Democratic ticket. I agree that it’s “doubtful” Hillary would have been able to put together the field and fundraising operation that were in large part responsible for Obama’s success. The hypothetical back-and-forth is still worth a look though, I suppose.

Hillary returns to KY to rally for Lunsford

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October 29, 2008

HillRod returns!!!

Hillary Clinton will be in Hazard on Sunday, and will also be making a stop TBD.

The last time she was here, Lunsford had a huge bump in the polls. Let’s hope she can pull off the same effect this weekend.

Oh, and Bruce is running this Hillary-tastic ad now

Hillary on the debate

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September 27, 2008

Kentucky seems to love her. Here are her thoughts on the debate:

“Tonight Barack Obama displayed beyond a doubt that he understands both the gravity of the financial crisis facing America, and the challenges we face in Iraq and around the world. Senator McCain offered only more of the same failed policies of the Bush Administration. America deserves better.

“I stood next to Barack Obama in 22 debates and tonight epitomized why millions are joining me in standing with him and working hard to ensure he is the next President of the United States.”

HillRod rocks the GLA

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September 21, 2008

Hillary Clinton came to the Greater Lexington Area for Bruce Lunsford yesterday. Hopefully you have an easier time getting this video to load than I did.

Does this help out Bruce? You betcha.

What Gloria Steinam says

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September 6, 2008


Selecting Sarah Palin, who was touted all summer by Rush Limbaugh, is no way to attract most women, including die-hard Clinton supporters. Palin shares nothing but a chromosome with Clinton. Her down-home, divisive and deceptive speech did nothing to cosmeticize a Republican convention that has more than twice as many male delegates as female, a presidential candidate who is owned and operated by the right wing and a platform that opposes pretty much everything Clinton’s candidacy stood for — and that Barack Obama’s still does. To vote in protest for McCain/Palin would be like saying, “Somebody stole my shoes, so I’ll amputate my legs.”




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