Gurley Martin

Enjoy your weekend

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July 15, 2011

Gurley Martin says to behave yourselves.

A conversation with Gurley Martin

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May 24, 2010

You know him, you love him.

We met Republican Senate candidate Gurley L. Martin on Saturday and had a chat about Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Gooooo Daddy, Danika Patrick, David Adams (a backstabbing sneak!), and running against Mitch McConnell in 2014 (he is!). Check it:

Gurley is our favorite One World Government Birther on earth, no doubt about it.

Gurley 2014!

KY GOP Senate debate liveblog

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May 10, 2010

Well that was fun. Rand Paul absolutely hates Trey Grayson. Trey got him flustered, but there didn’t seem to be anything game-changing tonight. Virtual draw.

Here it is, if you missed it:

8:55- Gurley fittingly takes us out with words of wisdom.

8:54- Did Stephenson just talk about his bowels?

8:52- Stephenson with a scary cackle.

8:50- Rand talks about estate tax. Comes out against federal subsidies to agriculture, calls it welfare.

8:49- Trey for farm bill, feds have a role, but we’ll have less to spend in next one.

8:48- Would you bring in federal dough for agriculture?

8:47- Trey would vote for Mitch proudly. Stephenson wouldn’t, but no one cares.

8:45- Will you vote for Mitch as Republican Senate leader? Paul won’t commit to voting for McConnell. Takes a shot at Mitch on bank bailouts.

8:44- Trey says he wouldn’t end federal student aid like Rand Paul would.

8:43- Stephenson says we can use the internet… if used properly. No nipples and hooha’s.

8:42- Rand calls for bipartisanship and calls Democrats sniping in same sentence.

8:40- Stephenson needs to stop talking so Rand and Trey can start fighting again.

8:40- Stephenson droning on about Gaaaawd again.

8:39- Paul asks Trey how’d he’d save Social Security. He slides…

8:39- Paul says it’s hard to have a debate with Trey.

8:37- Paul calls Grayson “gutter trash”. Wowzers!

8:36- Gurley cries “they’re destroying each other!”. Goodman says “I think they know that”. HA! Keep it up, boys!

8:35- Paul says Trey’s campaign is sagging and failing.

8:35- Paul says he’s never wanted to close Gitmo. Crosstalk, getting heated. Gurley tries to play peacemaker!

8:34- Kooky/Strange question.

8:31- Gurley talks about the lynching he went to again. Says a good old public hanging is a learnin’ tool. it scared him straight.

8:30- Death penalty question.

8:28- Stephenson has a Pimp Cane and bling.

8:27- Paul asked how long he would keep troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Says we should leave that up to Obama. Peace candidate, huh?

8:26- Grayson comes out on the far right. Martin talking under his breath after he’s skipped. Nobody puts Gurley in a corner!

8:25- Goodman almost said Man on Dog.

8:24- Stephenson says go back to Gaaaaaaawd.

8:23- Abortion and Gay Marriage question.

8:23- GURLEY steppin’ in. He is the peace candidate! One World Government! Goooo Gurley!

8:22- Trey still hitting him on Iran/nukes.

8:21- OK, now getting very tense.

8:20- Trey brings up Paul quote about Iran/threat/nuclear weapon. Getting a little more tense.

8:17- Iran question for Rand Paul. Would he support military action against Iran if sanctions don’t work. Follow up question the same. Rand Paul says Obama shouldn’t have told people that he won’t preemptively nuke people.

8:16- Gurley goes birther.

8:15- Commerce Clause, blah blah blah.

8:13- Supreme Court question

8:12- Gurley Martin forgot Rand’s name. It’s past his bedtime. Ramp it up, Gurley!

8:12- John Stephensen IS WC Fields.

8:10- Stephensen allowed to talk. U-turn to God. AbortionAbortionAbortion. Warshington.

8:09- Grayson says Paul didn’t understand the question, hits him on California and Texas supporters of Father Liberty. Rand looks pissed.

8:08- Trey for earmark “reform”. Which means the pork would still flood into Kentucky. Now he’s naming all the goodies it goes to, including The Drug Warrr.

8:07- Liberty Christ doesn’t like the earmarks.

8:05- Rand mentions Palin’s Bridge to Nowhere, but again not that she supported it.

8:04- Trey Grayson hits Paul on national security for the first of many times tonight. Nookular Iran, rawr.

8:01- Rand Paul says he was motivated to run by the bank bailout. Sarah “I was for the bank bailouts” Palin’s endorsement made him forget that, though.

7:56- Let’s do this. Gurley Time. Tune into KET (or CSPAN nationally) if you’re by a TV.

KY GOP Senate debate highlights

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April 25, 2010

Only 23 more days of this awesome freakshow. Grab the popcorn and enjoy it while it lasts.

Here are some higlights from Friday’s Northern KY Chamber of Commerce forum that I compiled. Trust me, it’s fun.

Gurley Martin did not lynch a black man in 1929

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April 15, 2010

I suppose I would have been rattled a little too, Maurice Sweeney.

Also, Gurley Martin has never raped a woman, and has a cute little dance:

Martin/Hignite for Gov./Lt. Gov of KY 2011!

Grayson’s credibility issue

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April 13, 2010

Releasing rigged internal polls to prop up a floundering campaign can be a tricky thing. If you go down that road, you have to make sure it doesn’t go beyond the 8-ish point margin. That way, when an independent poll comes out, you can at least claim that the margins of error meet somewhere in the middle and that yours was the accurate one.

But when you inflate your numbers by around 17 points? Your credibility is completely gone. For the rest of Trey Grayson’s campaign (which might only last another month), no reporter in their right mind should believe a single word that they say.

I will give the Grayson camp credit for one thing, though. Slapping their sticker on the chest of an oblivious Gurley Martin:

Why Republican debates are more fun

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April 6, 2010

From the Republican Senate debate last night:

Gurley L. Martin, 86, a retired Army sergeant, brought the forum to a halt when he arrived 20 minutes late without his hearing aid. Unable to hear the questions, he had to get them in writing, then read them to the audience.

John Stephenson, Kentucky superintendent of education from 1992-1994 before that position was abolished, livened up the debate by occasionally breaking into song during his answers and consistently going over his one-minute limit. He also peppered his responses with biblical references.

We Democrats just can’t compete with this.

Gurley Martin waters the microphone of Liberty

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March 16, 2010

Rand Paul wants none of this Freedom Fighter

Video of the full Paducah debate

February 16, 2010

Getcha hot Randy birther protester some dude named Bill Johnson I was baptized in the Jordan River action right here:

Kentucky Republican US Senate Forum from Liberty Insider on Vimeo.

Fun at the Republican US Senate debate in Paducah

February 15, 2010

Some highlights from the big debate in Paducah between Rand Paul, Trey Grayson and some dude named Bill Johnson:

  • Nutcase Gurley Martin (who said his opponent in the race is “Satan”) was not invited to the stage to participate, so he made a big scene and was escorted out by police. He was allegedly carrying his birth certificate, and he is a birther. Which is why we must let this guy into future debates.
  • Trey Grayson wanted to let everybody know that he was baptized in the Jordan River, which is just about the most hilarious thing ever.
  • Johnson and Grayson did a virtual tag team on Paul. Both seem to think that he is pro-choice, despite him being vehemently pro-government forced birth.
  • Each of the three candidates tried to make the case that they wanted government forced birth more than the other candidates.
  • David Adams sent out whiny tweets during the debate, apparently unaware that political debates are forums in which candidates take aim at their opponents on issues. What a concept.
  • Some dude named Bill Johnson’s 8 supporters made the trip to Paducah so they could applaud after every Johnson sentence to make it look like he has more than 8 supporters.
  • Rand Paul supporters filled the chat room of the live stream of the debate with thoughtful critiques, such as saying over and over again that Grayson is gay. They are very thoughtful and informed White Male Liberty Patriots.

The video from the debate should be out soon, I’ll add it when it does.




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