Mitch McConnell has a busy day of uranium, Gitmo, ethanol and extortion

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June 15, 2011

Yesterday was officially the slowest day of the past two years in Kentucky politics (with today runner up, perhaps), but Mitch McConnell was awfully busy in DC.

He started off Monday, pitching his plan for Paducah to get in the gloriously profitable with no downsides game of re-enriching uranium

Then on Tuesday he:

- Broke away from every corn state Republican by voting to eliminate ethanol subsidies.

- Decried the American Justice system while defending detention camps. Here he is explaining how holding two wannabes in Kentucky will put us all in grave danger from the angry muslins (they have magic powers, you see). If we put them in Gitmo, no one will want to attack America and they won’t be allowed to watch Ellen. It’s a win-win for America, as you can see:

- Renewed his extortion threat against the people of America. In this op-ed he once again lays out his case that the GOP is willing to let America face economic apocalypse unless the Democrats do what they say and agree to things that are so awful that 2012 voters forget all about that nasty Paul Ryan bill to kill Medicare that the GOP voted for. The Senate Democrats once again said no thanks:

He’s certainly a busy man. After all of that activity Tuesday, he just ate some lettuce and chilled out in the shell today.

Paul and Grayson aren’t quitters

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May 3, 2010

From Joe Gerth’s Sunday profile of Rand Paul, we learn that the “peace candidate” (snicker) thinks that pulling out of Vietnam when we did was a mistake:

But, he added, he also doesn’t believe the nation should repeat what happened in Vietnam, “where it looked like we were running away with our tail between our legs,” and should work instead to strengthen the people of Iraq and Afghanistan and turn matters over to them.

Also, Trey teaches us that just because some people we are detaining are completely innocent doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t hold them indefinitely in prison for the rest of their lives with no trial:

But at a recent event, Grayson wouldn’t say how he would save Social Security. And in an interview, he said prisoners should be held indefinitely at Guantanamo Bay if they can’t be convicted.

Very brave men, these two.

Petraeus vs. McConnell

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May 31, 2009

What say you, Mitch?

“He’s proven his devotion to this country. His integrity is above reproach. And any suggestion to the contrary is totally absurd and demonstrably untrue.”

So… which is it, Mitch? Is Petraeus a terrorist appeaser who wants to release Gitmo prisoners into our suburban strip malls and interrogate al-Qaeda leadership in Hilton Suites hot tubs? Or is his integrity beyond reproach?

I’m guessing Mitch’s response (if he ever gets this question, which I doubt) will be silence….

Wait a second, don’t the Dems have a majority?

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May 21, 2009

I have to say it, the Democrats have been letting me down these past week. First there was the news that the EPA is now set to approve 42 out of the 48 mountaintop removal permits that have recently been under the strict scrutiny of the agency. Initially Lisa Jackson, the new EPA administrator, had sent a strong signal back in March by halting all pending permits and holding nearly 200 others. Now, apparently, the review is over and the Obama administration is set to approve more MTR permits than the Bush administration did. How the hell did this happen so quickly? I haven’t seen this much waffling since Kerry ran.

The Democrats in Congress also seem to have lost their conviction. Despite a clear majority in both the House and the Senate, they continue to loose ground to the Republicans on both gun control and national security. First, an amendment was recently added to the credit card reform bill that will allow visitors to national parks to carry loaded and concealed weapons. Granted, a Republican, Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma was the one who added the proposal, but the Democrats seem more than willing to let this slide. Only five senators opposed the bill, and it appears Obama will sign the legislation this Friday. Then, just yesterday the Senate Democrats fell in line with the Republicans in a 90 to 6 vote to keep open the prison at Guantánamo Bay for the “foreseeable future” and to forbid the transfer of detainees to prisons in the US.

Look, I understand that Democrats have always had to deal with the image problem of being “soft” on terrorism, but I also know that the citizens of this country gave them a rather strong mandate to do something different than the Bush administration. That means closing down Guantánamo and giving those held there a fair trial. It also means standing up to the Republicans when they try to slip in amendments that have nothing to do with the legislation at hand, and standing up to big coal companies (whom I expect put tremendous pressure on the EPA). I’m far from losing all hope however, already it looks like Obama is putting together a clear plan on addressing this Guantánamo issue. But if we want real change on these other issues we must remind the Democrats that we voted for them, not the Republicans.




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