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The Love Child of Abe Lincoln and Hunter S. Thompson

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January 18, 2012

Sonka/LEO looks back on Gatewood’s legacy and life:

Gatewood was like the love child of two other Kentucky-born legends, part Abraham Lincoln and part Hunter S. Thompson. He was the towering country lawyer, the great orator who ventured into the political sphere to protect the freedom of men. And he did so, for a great part of his adult life, while being considerably high and not taking shit from anyone.

His unapologetic support for cannabis legalization and regulation may have won him statewide name recognition and national fame among pot advocates, but in the era of “Just Say No” and the War on Drugs, this did nothing to help him win elections.

In fact, it often overshadowed his efforts to bring up other important issues that plague the commonwealth, and the great deal of intellect and common sense he brought to them. This was also complicated by his unconventional ideology, as just as many people looked at his positions and called him a radical liberal as those who called him a radical conservative.

Continue Reading: Dea Riley, Kathy Stein and Al Cross all weight in.

Gatewood, in Honor: 4-8PM @ Carnegie Center

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January 12, 2012

The public celebration of Gatewood’s life takes place this afternoon/evening from 4 to 8PM at the Carnegie Center in Downtown Lexington.

Any and all are invited, it is open the public.

HL has more details. Mayor Gray and Congressman Chandler expected among the speakers.
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So Long, Sir

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January 4, 2012

Herald-Leader endorses Gatewood

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October 30, 2011


They didn’t really. Sorry.

They went with Steve Beshear. What did you expect?

Here’s their ringing endorsement:

We’d like to see a more ambitious Beshear in his second term. He should quit avoiding tax reform, raise his sights above trading tax breaks for any low-paying jobs, get more aggressive about energy diversification and rebuild Kentucky’s environmental protection agency. The mountains desperately need an economic strategy beyond coal.

And we’d like to play with dinosaurs and grow giant fields of wheat on the Great Plains of Southeastern Kentucky.

It’s okay to dream.

Forgot to mention… CN|2′s Alessi brought us news on Friday that Steve’s saying he’s not only not challenge Mitch McConnell in 2014, he’s also not going to challenge Rand Paul in 2016… or anyone else. Sweet Jane’s had enough of Steve. Steve’s gonna do his full time, he says, not leave early and never run for anything ever again.

Beshear, a Democrat, put to rest any notion that he might run for another office, including seeking a rematch with U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell in 2014. McConnell beat Beshear by double-digits in 1996.

“No,” Beshear said flatly when asked whether he would consider another campaign. (2:20 in the video). “This is it for me. I love my wife, and I want to stay married to her. I don’t think she’d appreciate it if I did any more.”

Click over for the video and full story.

Should you believe him? You could. But maybe the people will “demand” it and, you know, you never want to say never.

Bye-bye, birdie?

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October 13, 2011

Apparently the three dudes running for governor debated each other this week. Steve finally showed up, Gatewood and David tried their best. It was fun. (Was it? I was reading a book.)

And there was this:

In their closing remarks, Galbraith said Beshear, if re-elected, would leave office in two years and turn over the reins of government to his running mate, former Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson.

Beshear’s campaign said that assertion was preposterous and that Abramson was chosen because of his record.

Williams noted that Beshear did not deny that scenario during the debate.

That actually does sound fun.

A few weeks ago, Al Cross pondered why Steve’s running up the score and while he didn’t touch explicitly on a Beshear two-year plan, he did write of the Abramson-succession:

A re-elected Beshear could not run again in 2015, but he clearly wants his running mate for lieutenant governor, former Louisville mayor Jerry Abramson, to succeed him. That’s probably why he’s had Abramson spend so much time in Western Kentucky, so the urbanite and that politically pivotal region can get better acquainted — and Abramson can learn to like, or at least tolerate, talking about roads and coal.


Yeah! Go Steve, go!

Gun Grabbers to go voteless in Gubernatorial Election

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October 7, 2011

All you fascist mommies with your whining liberal bleeding-heart waaaah-waaaaaaaah’s about how guns kill people and how people don’t really need giant automatic weapons — joke’s on you!

If you take gun control seriously, there isn’t a single candidate running for Governor of Kentucky that you can vote for.

Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear and Republican challenger David Williams have received “A” ratings from the National Rifle Association heading into the Nov. 8 general election.

Heidi Keesling, the NRA’s Kentucky liaison, said the group won’t be making an endorsement in the governor’s race.

Beshear, who is seeking re-election to a second term, faces two pro-gun challengers, Republican David Williams and independent Gatewood Galbraith. The group didn’t rate Galbraith.

Poor Gatewood. Why did the NRA ignore him, too?

Yeah well, you can cradle your giant gun all you want Gatewood, but that won’t compensate for the fact that the NRA remains unimpressed.

What the NRA does like is Governor Steve Beshear’s unrelenting gun advocacy.

Beshear said the “A” rating was a plus for his campaign.

“I think it matters to a whole lot of people who are strong believers in the Second Amendment, as I am myself,” Beshear said. “It just says that they look at me as a person they can work with.”

Beshear has been overtly pro-gun, refusing to restrict people from carrying weapons into the Capitol building since he became governor in 2007, despite calls from some lawmakers to do so.

Vote wisely, Kentucky.

WHAS/CJ Poll tells same story…

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October 3, 2011

The new poll puts Beshear at 57% and Williams at 26% which some quick math show leaves 17% for neither one of them — is that 17% in the Gatwood camp? Will he surge past Williams? No… no, probably not as according to the poll, Gatewood’s pulling less than half that 17%. So it goes:

Kentucky Democrats are really responding positively to their environment-poisoning governor. Much respect to you all.

In Blow to Galbraith Campaign, Kentucky Right to Life Endorses David Williams

September 13, 2011

Well this one stings:

In a press conferences in Louisville and Owensboro, Kentucky Right to Life PAC conferred its endorsement on Williams, as KRLA Executive Director Margie Montgomery called Williams “the most significant leader the pro-life movement has ever had in Frankfort.

Gatewood’s campaign (more on his record here or here, since they have nothing about it on their campaign site) surely could have used this key endorsement in their continuing effort to eat into the disaffected Williams base.

On a brighter note… if David Williams really is the “most significant leader the pro-life movement has ever had in Frankfort” then things are looking up for true defenders of freedom.

Williams had this to say for himself:

“I will stand up for every unborn baby. I will fight for their right to live, to get a good education, and to give them a state where they can find a good job and raise their own family,” Williams said. “My opponent and his running mate believe abortion should be legal. They hold those of us who are pro-life in low esteem. They will spend the next four years doing absolutely nothing to protect life, and in fact have extremely troubling views about those who are pro-life,” Williams said.

Now if only we could get Williams into the governor’s mansion and Bill Johnson into the Secretary of State’s office, we could bar all homeless veterans from voting en masse and grant voting rights to “every unborn baby.” Because they have a voice, too.

And, for whatever it’s worth, the Williams campaign has some harsh words for Beshear and his stance on abortion, so here’s the Governor talking about the issue in his own words:

Gubernatorial Candidates Take on Mountaintop Removal… or not

September 13, 2011

Via Bruggers, it appears Governor Steve Beshear — who all Kentucky Democrats adore and respect — expressed his tacit support of mountaintop removal in a recent Seirra Club survey.

The Club asked:

Question: What steps would you propose to curtail the environmental damage and risks to communities caused by mountaintop removal mining?

There are many ways to answer such a question. For an impassioned supporter of King Coal and an alleged Democrat with Democratic Principles such as Steve Beshear, there’s even a way to answer such a question while appealing to both groups… like, claiming that his administration works closely to ensure extraction — including via mountaintop removal — is done as safely as possible.

That’s still a bald-faced lie, but it would at least leave open the possibility that our vaunted Democratic Governor recognizes that mountaintop removal does in fact damage the environment and put people’s lives and health at risk.

But no. No, that’s not Steve Beshear’s style. Steve Beshear belongs to King Coal, and perhaps so too does your vote if that’s how you want to cast it.

Says Steve:

Coal is and will continue to be a critical component of this country’s energy and economic strategy. In Kentucky, the industry is the lifeblood of many of our rural towns and counties, creating thousands of jobs. The state, the nation and the world will continue to be dependent upon the industry while we also fully harness solar, wind, hydro and other energy sources for our energy needs. In this technological age, I believe it is possible to make economic progress and at the same time protect our environment. For example, over the past few years, numerous companies and universities have conducted research on coal-to-liquid and coal-to-gas production, as well as carbon-capture/sequestration methods. It is time to apply this knowledge as we begin constructing the framework for a 21st century economy.

None of that answers or even comes close to addressing the question. Steve Beshear continues to run interference for King Coal.

Additionally… rather than the bald-faced lie proposed above, Steve has chosen a different bald-faced lie: “…while we also fully harness solar, wind, hydro and other energy sources for our energy needs.”

That, friends, is what it sounds like when a politician lies. Looking out across this state, only a liar could claim we are “fully harnessing” any other source of energy. It’s just not true.

The other candidates for the Governor’s office responded as you might expect — which means David Williams followed exactly Beshear’s tactics and totally avoided answering the question, and Galbraith’s campaign, via Ms. Riley, pointed out that theirs is the only one opposed to the practice of mountaintop removal:

As you likely know Gatewood and I are the only candidates to oppose the process of MTR – if elected we would move to ban MTR in the state of KY via any means necessary including but not limited to, legislative, executive order and/or legal action if necessary.

The Attorney General candidates, Messrs. P’Pool and Conway, refused to answer the question.

CN|2 Poll shows Beshear 29 points up… Conway, Edelen & Grimes also up

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September 2, 2011

Mr. Pure Politics, Ryan Alessi, has a new poll out and, on the Governor’s race at least, it mirrors the PPP of Wednesday:

53.5% for Beshear

25.3% for Williams

7.2% for Galbraith

So if Gatewood can pick up all of Williams’ support, he’d still be down by about twenty.


[If you missed B&P's exclusive forward-looking statement predicting (with a surprise ending) the outcome of this fascinating race, you'll want to go back to that. It's the kind of in-depth analysis you will get no where else.]

In other races:


  • 53.2% Jack Conway, Democrat
  • 26.4% Todd P’Pool, Republican


  • 31.5% Adam Edelen, Democrat
  • 28.6% John Kemper, Republican


  • 36.8% Alison Lundergan Grimes, Democrat
  • 27.9% Bill Johnson, Republican


All those have wiiiiide swaths of “Unsures” so they are very fluid, but good news for all three Dems there.

Alessi has much, much more including numbers on other races and some fun video with David Williams saying that polls don’t matter because when you’re down 25+ in two different polls, they can’t both be right. (And further down, Mr. Edelen).


Go to CN|2!






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