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Fetal Seance Bill Passes; Kathy Stein one of 4 voting against, Dorsey Ridley one of 32 voting for

February 15, 2012
By David M. F. Schankula

The Senate made their annual vote yesterday on the Fetal Seance Bill, this year’s episode centers on SB 103 which makes it criminal for doctors not to force women to closely inspect an ultrasound of the inside of their own body before having an abortion.

The thinking behind this bill is pretty simple: Women are really stupid. Like really, really stupid. So because women are so g-ddamned stupid, they don’t understand anything about their bodies. That’s what this bill is all about, and that’s what 32 Senators voted to affirm.

That’s not to say these 32 misogynistic Senators don’t have hearts. They surely do!

The Fetal Seance Bill forces doctors (why is government getting between citizens and their doctors?) to “display the ultrasound images” so that the stupid woman can see it.

But the bill does not force the woman to look at the ultrasound. That stupid woman is granted the power to avert her eyes as the doctor is forced by state law to describe the images in great depth so that the stupid woman with the averted eyes is forced to picture the image in her mind. Because women are really stupid and they haven’t already fully considered the choice they have made with their own bodies before going to see this doctor.

Women are also so stupid that they need some stranger with cold hands in a lab coat to explain what they are doing because women are so stupid they just don’t understand, they can’t comprehend it. It’s not their fault… women are just made that way.

And the best part of this bill — the proof that the Senators who voted for this bill are actually decent people and not totally insane? — comes at the very end:

Neither the physician nor pregnant woman shall be subject to any penalty if the pregnant woman refuses to look at the presented ultrasound images.

How decent of them.

But what if she plugs her ears and goes “LALALALALALALALA” really loudly? Can we put her in jail then?

Here’s the vote:

It passed 32-4. Voting against, Shaughnessy, Harper Angel, Clark and… Lexington’s own, Ms. Kathy Stein.

Those four senators don’t believe women are basically incompetent versions of regular human beings.

Dorsey Ridley on the other hand.

Dorsey Ridley, the good senator from the great county of Henderson, voted “Yea,” lending his voice — yet again — to the worldview that believes it is better to torture a woman than trust her to make up her own mind.

Dorsey Ridley does still, as of this moment, represent Henderson and perhaps his vote accurately reflects his constituents. But Dorsey Ridley is the senator Damon Thayer (and Williams, Stumbo and Beshear) are trying to ram down Fayette County’s throats under the redistricting map. Currently the map that makes Ridley the Senator for Fayette County and expels Kathy Stein from office has been ruled unconstitutional. But if that changes, if the disenfranchisement bill wins out and Ridley somehow becomes the representative of downtown Lexington, where women are treated as respected members of the community not total morons, then good ol’ Dorsey’s gonna need to change his tune.


David Williams wants to get all up in your uterus with his camera

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March 3, 2011
By Joe Sonka

As I mentioned on Monday, not only does KY Senate President David Williams work with the likes of Frank Simon to protect Kentucky from The Gays and the Brown People, he works with Simon to take away the rights and liberties of women.

Jake found this lovely video that Williams/Farmer just posted on their campaign site, where Williams says he will fight baby genocide in Kentucky with his woman-hating Fetal Seance Bill:

Unfortunately, there are very few reasons to vote for Steve Beshear this year. But one of them is the fact that if Kentucky loses enough House seats by 2015 (which is quite possible, considering the skilled strategery of the KDP), there is a good chance that Kentucky will pass some of the draconian legislation that has passed recently in Oklahoma and several other states. We’ve had enough Democrats to defeat this legislation in the past few years, but it’s narrow margin of defeat is tenuous and fragile.

As several Wyoming Republicans noted in defeating similar legislation, there aren’t many laws as heinously intrusive as this legislation, which literally puts Big Brother into your doctor’s office to get between you and your doctor, telling you what you can and cannot do and insulting the intelligence of women.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

It will be up to each Democrat in Kentucky to decide whether this is reason enough to vote for coal shill Steve Beshear, but it’s at least something to consider. There are good arguments on both sides, and I could hardly fault either one, personally. But voting for David Williams, instead? That’s just ridiculous.


David Williams should try this

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March 1, 2011
By Joe Sonka

Check out what the Frank Simon’s to our north are up to:

A fetus has been scheduled as a legislative witness in Ohio on a unique bill that proposes outlawing abortions after the first heartbeat can be medically detected.

Faith2Action, the anti-abortion group that has targeted Ohio to pilot the measure, called the in-utero witness the youngest to ever come before the House Health Committee at 9 weeks old.

Faith2Action president Janet Folger Porter said the intent is to show lawmakers who will be affected by the bill, which abortion rights groups oppose. Ohio Right to Life has not endorsed the measure.

An aide to committee Chairman Lynn Wachtmann said a pregnant woman will be brought before the committee and an ultrasound image of her uterus will be projected onto a screen. The heartbeat of the fetus will be visible in color.

It looks like Kentucky’s ultrasound bill is dead for this session, but Friend of Simon David Williams should seriously consider this for the next session. It could provide enough momentum to pass the bill that he and Frank Simon have fought so long and hard for. You know, so pregnant women can finally “see that it is a baby” (womenz are so dumb, you see!).


This Idiot is Still Around, and Ya’ll Paulbots Prolly Voted for Him. Twice.

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November 10, 2010
By Terri

Fortunate son saw a fetus in a jar and from thenceforth, knew every sperm was sacred. Sensible feminist calls bullshit. I had a rat brain in a jar of formaldehyde for years all through high school, but don’t really have any special warm feelings towards rats’ brains that magically lead me to believe that rats are human beings. Weird, huh?


With Democrats Like These

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June 17, 2010
By Terri

Louisiana passed its own fetal seance bill. State Sen. Sharon Broome said of the measure:

This is a bill that empowers women.

I can think of nothing more empowering than being impregnated by a rapist and then having to undergoing state-mandated sodomy in order to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. That’s so empowerful!

In Kentucky-specific women-hating news, the Kentucky Supreme Court fortunately ruled against criminalizing pregnant women who are addicted to drugs. Rep. Rep. Richard Henderson, who had earlier proposed a bill that would charge women with felonies if they drank or used drugs while pregnant, said:

My intent is not to penalize the woman but to protect the child.

Rep. Henderson was not available for follow-up, as his pants had spontaneously burst into flames.


Harassment and lies at Louisville clinic continue

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March 3, 2010
By Joe Sonka

Dan Mongiardo, Rand Paul and Trey Grayson aren’t the only ones who want Big Government regulating your uterus. Here’s a WHAS report on like-minded women-haters lying and harassing women in Louisville.

Rand Paul should hold a rally there so his supporters can get in on the act and scream at the women entering the clinic. I’m sure that would boost his anti-choice credentials that he’s trying so hard to gain.


Grayson and Johnson get out their measuring sticks…

February 25, 2010
By Joe Sonka

… to see who has the biggest, most radical and out of touch fetus fetish.

Trey Grayson tipped us all off that he is indeed in big electoral trouble by taking the very odd step of issuing a joint press release with fellow opponent some dude named Bill Johnson. The press release did do a very good job of showing that Rand Paul’s previous statements on abortion in no way match his rhetoric over the past month or so. So, well done on that front I suppose.

But what this press release also revealed is that Trey Grayson’s views on abortion are way outside the mainstream. This is what you would have to assume that Trey Grayson wants, based on the release: a federal criminal ban on all abortion for every single state, including cases of rape and health of the mother, and even a ban on the morning after pill, that has nothing to do with abortion. One could even imply that he is against the family planning of birth control and condoms.

Now, in a Republican primary race in Kentucky where you are on the verge of getting stomped and need to run to the far right of your opponent, this might wind up working.

But if you win that primary? Sorry to break this to you Trey, but 60-70% of voters are going to think that you’re a Stan Lee radical. And they’ll be right.

And if Rand Paul wants to continue to ditch his beliefs and principles in order to be elected? Well, he’ll have to face the voters in the general too, with that tag.

So keep holding onto those measuring sticks, boys. Jack Conway and the rest of the voters will be waiting for you on May 19th.


Will KY one-up the Clockwork Orange for Women Bill?

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January 14, 2010
By Joe Sonka

Please, make sure that Stan Lee doesn’t see this.

New Law Requires Women To Name Baby, Paint Nursery Before Getting Abortion


Thursday Night Ketchup post

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January 7, 2010
By Joe Sonka

- WTF is this?

- Dudley Webb declines to comment in a downtown development puff piece:

As for CentrePointe, the Webb Companies declined to comment for this story; in a recent public statement, Dudley Webb said he was “still not sure when the project will begin.”

- The Abby Johnson abortion hoax turns out to be a really pathetic hoax.

- The Worst Man in Washington, Joe LIEberman, has approval/disapprovals of 25/69 in Connecticut. I echo the Great Orange Satan when he says: “My biggest fear is that Joe Lieberman retires on his own accord. I want the residents of Connecticut to forcefully retire him.”

- Want to hear a sentence that illustrates how messed up this state is?

Research conducted by the Institute of Taxation and Economic policy show that, in 2007, a non-elderly family earning roughly $23,000 a year pays 10.8 percent of their income in taxes, whereas those earning $346,000 (or more) are subject to a 6.1 percent rate.

- The anti-choice freaks in Louisville are perhaps the scum of the earth. But Lt. Dan at least has their vote.

- Am I the only one afraid to look at the just convened legislative session in Frankfort? The Horror… the Horror.

- Trey Grayson’s unintentional comedy webcast is coming January 14th.

- Jake Payne’s Meany McMeanerson liveblog of Gov. Beshear’s very odd State of the Commonwealth address is mean and stuff.

- I somehow missed the greatest quote ever back in December from State Rep Mary Lou Marzian when asked if she still had confidence in the word of Governor Beshear:

“What governor? What word?”


Chris Matthews steals my abortion routine

October 25, 2009
By Joe Sonka

Chris stole my abortion questionnaire routine for anti-choicers, before I could patent it.

Favorite part: “Happy Halloween!”





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