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Election night rumor mongering

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November 4, 2010

Here’s the lowdown on some of the buzz going around on election night at the Chandler/Fayette County Democrats shindig.

  • People are lobbying hard to get Crit Luallen to run for Secretary of State next year. I approve this message.
  • Lots of people talking about how Mark Riddle should never run a major race in Kentucky ever again.
  • People claiming that Don Blevins lost the close race because the horsey people sat on their wallets. And Blevins wasn’t the most energetic guy.
  • David Schankula got to meet Ben Chandler, which is when the magic happened. It’s not your fault.
  • Ernesto took some pleasure in watching Jim Newberry lose to another one of The Gays.

That’s all you’re getting, dear readers.

Meet Jim Newberry

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October 30, 2010

In case you haven’t seen this new video and shared it with everyone you know in Lexington yet, here it is again:

And remember that in 2006 Jim Newberry told the Herald Leader that he stands by everything he said in this debate. He has never publicly apologized or retracted his statements or indicated that his hateful and ignorant thoughts have changed.

Prominent Young Republicans are already doing their part:

 Readers: if you hear or see anything over the next 4 days that indicates Newberry or his allies are “going down that road”, PLEASE email us tips at BAREFOOTANDPROGRESSIVE at GMAIL dot COM. We will NOT reveal your identity if you so wish (nor have we ever done so over the last 4 years).

What kind of person is Jim Newberry?

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October 29, 2010

As Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry says in the video below, the values of political candidates are important, and they should be scrutinized. That is what this video does:

Do you share Jim Newberry’s values?

Video: Jim Newberry pines for the criminalization of homosexuality

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June 1, 2010

Remember hearing that noise about how Jim Newberry went all Jerry Falwell/Frank Simon on our beloved Ernesto Scorsone back in the 1998 KET debate when they were running for Congress? Maybe you’ve heard some reference to it, or maybe this is the first time you’ve even heard about it at all. Anyway, very few people have actually seen it.

Oh, but here it is, on the YouTube Machine for everyone to see for themselves:

Yes, that’s right: Jim Newberry campaigned against Ernesto Scorsone because he had the gall to help decriminalize being a homosexual. Mr. “I said family values 20 times in a single debate” showed everyone what kind of human being he is that night, and certainly gave us a front row view of what his “values” looked like.

But wait, wasn’t this 12 years ago? Maybe the mayor of Lexington is now deeply ashamed of this behavior?

No, he’s not. Remember, this is what Newberry said in 2006 when asked that very question:

Newberry says his views haven’t changed since the KET debate. “I didn’t consider myself to be homophobic then, and I don’t consider myself to be homophobic now,” he said.

You see? Jim Newberry isn’t ashamed one bit by the fact that he thinks homosexuality should be criminalized. And that doesn’t make him a homophobe. After all, he hires those “criminals”, even though if it was up to him they would be in jail.

Now that’s VISION.

Another reminder to stop Senate Hate Bill 68, and remember Senate Hate Bill 245

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February 21, 2009

Jake has been all over this, and Chris Cammack has been doing a fabulous job organizing against it on Facebook, but I want to remind everyone to call these numbers on Monday morning and tell these senators on the committee that you are against Senate Hate Bill 68, which would make it illegal for gays to foster or adopt children in Kentucky.

  • Bob Stivers, Chair
    Home: (606) 598-8575
    Annex: (502) 564-8100 ext 623
  • Katie Stine, Vice Chair
    Home: (859) 781-5311
    Annex: (502) 564-3120
  • Perry Clark
    Home: (502) 366-1247
    Annex: (502) 564-8100 Ext. 715
  • Carroll Gibson
    Home: (270) 230-5866
    Annex: (502) 564-2450
  • Ray Jones
    Annex: (502) 564-8100 Ext. 681
  • Gerald Neal
    Home: (502) 776-1222
    Annex: (502) 564-8100 Ext. 718
  • Jerry Rhoads
    Home: (270) 825-2949
    Annex: (502) 564-2470
  • John Schickel
    Home: (859) 384-7506
    Annex: (502) 564-8100 Ext. 617
  • Dan Seum
    Home: (502) 749-2859
    Annex: (502) 564-2450
  • Jack Westwood
    Home: (859) 344-6154
    Annex: (502) 564-8100 Ext. 615

Also, a reminder to check out Jake’s post with the video pulled from the 2004 senate floor debate on Dan Mongiardo’s Senate Hate Bill 245 that banned any type of legal recognition for gay couples, especially the one of Ernesto Scorsone speaking with Mongiardo giggling in the background.

Flashback 2004: Dan Mongiardo’s homophobe Senate Bill 245

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February 20, 2009

Jake has pulled some wonderful video from the floor of the KY senate during the debate over Senate Bill 245 in 2004, Dan Mongiardo’s hate amendment that banned any type of legal recognition for gay couples.

Check out this wonderful speech from Ernesto Scorsone, while Dan Mongiardo smiles and giggles in the background. Seriously…

Gawd, I miss Ernesto…

The Secret Election: Lexington’s 75th District (Kathy Stein’s Seat)

August 4, 2008

Dear Lexington Democratic Voter:

On Wednesday, August 6th, there will be a vitally important state representative vote for the 75th district in Lexington. This might come as a surprise to you as you are not part of it.

The 75th District runs from 6th Street on the north side of downtown out Versailles Road and over to Tates Creek. [MAP LINKED BELOW]

*What’s at stake? (Or: a bunch of confusion made simple)*
The 75th District seat has opened up because Kathy Stein has vacated her position. Ms. Stein will be running this fall for the State Senate office previousy held by Ernesto Scorsone.

Kathy Stein has served the 75th well. This district encompasses the heart of Lexington, from downtown through the city’s progressive core. The Democratic voters of this community have formed the backbone of the fight for local ownership of water, the fight for equal rights for gay and lesbian couples, and the battle to preserve Lexington’s downtown.

There are three major candidates running for Ms. Stein’s seat. One supports blowing up mountains, one supports blowing up buildings, and one supports everything you agree with.

*How to have your say in this democratic process*
This is not your regular primary election. Because Ms. Stein has vacated her seat so late in the campaign season, the Democratic Party instituted special rules.

This election will be determined by your precinct delegates. Unlike the “super” delegates of this presidential season, your precinct delegate WILL LISTEN TO YOU.

This Wednesday, August 6th, delagates of the 75th District will gather at Memorial Hall on the UK campus to select a candidate for this fall’s election. This meeting will be open to the public, but only the delegates will be allowed to ask questions of the candidates.

Your job is to make your delegates represent you. Contact them. Give them your questions for the candidates. Let them know who you support. [DIRECTIONS BELOW]

*The Major Candidates (age/profession)*
Kelly Flood, 49, Minister

Foster Ockerman, 57, Lawyer

Alison Lundergan Grimes, 29, Lawyer

*But wait, who the hell are these people?*
Alison Lundergan Grimes has not only been endorsed by Shelby Joe Lucas of the “Clean Coal” lobby but also by Joe Rosenberg. Mr. Rosenberg sold the soul of downtown Lexington for a moronic hotel development. The “clean coal” lobby supports mountaintop removal.

Foster Ockerman has most recently served as a shill for the Webb Companies in their pursuit of the aforementioned moronic hotel development in the heart of the 75th District. A source who spoke on the condition of anonymity revealed that Mr. Ockerman also voted for the ban on gay marriage. When asked directly, Mr. Ockerman refused to comment on this vote.

Mr. Ockerman has been busily emailing the delegates with news that he has been endorsed by Ms. Stein’s husband. Nevertheless, Ms. Stein has explicitly stated that she has not endorsed Mr. Ockerman or anyone else.

Kelly Flood is a minister at Lexington’s Unitarian Universalist Church. She has been endorsed by a host of the 75ths most upstanding citizens, including former mayor Pam Miller, former city council member Debra Hensley, and community activist Steve Kay.

Ms. Flood was a prominent leader in the local movement to control the city’s water company. She was a powerful opponent of the gay marriage ban, the same bill Mr. Ockerman reportedly voted in favor of. And unlike Mr. Ockerman, when asked about her stance on CentrePointe, Ms. Flood responded openly. She wrote:

“This is yet another example of leadership gone missing. The public good is not served by a closed-door process, an uninspiring building design, and by the heart of our city being demolished in the dead of night. I’m saddened and angry over the whole mess. My only solace is the transparent process, engaging ideas and imaginative buzz afoot for the Distillary District.”

*What You Can Do*
Contact your precinct delegates. Their names are below. They are leaders in this community and you likely either know them or can find them in the White Pages.

Their vote takes place this Wednesday, August 6th, at Memorial Hall on the UK campus. Do not wait for the meeting to contact your delegates — contact them now. Forward this message to your friends and encourage them to contact their own delegates.

Our vote this November is based on their vote this week. The democratic process is an open one but if your delegates do not hear from you then this November you may be forced to choose between a Democrat who does not represent your values or a Republican.

You can give your delegates questions to ask these candidates and you can lobby your delegates to vote for one candidate over the other.

This is the Democratic Party. It is your party and you have the final say, if you want it. There is a clear choice here: there are three major candidates.

One has been endorsed by the CentrePointe and mountaintop removal lobbies.

Another has voted to constitutionally outlaw gay marriage and lobbied for the demolition of downtown Lexington.

And the third, Kelly Flood, has stood up against the ban on gay marriage, has stood up for the local ownership of water, and is appalled by the current corporate developments of our downtown.

The choice is ours, but we must make it.

We don’t want more CentrePointes built or mountaintops removed in the Democratic Party’s name.

This is our party and these delegates vote with us.

David M. F. Schankula

Willie Davis

MAP OF THE 75th DISTRICT (PDF) (It’s pink!)
The Democratic Party’s Description of the Selection Process (PDF)
Google Map of Memorial Hall on UK Campus — Meeting is Wednesday, August 6th
Full list of candidates for the 75th District
Full list of precinct delegates who you need to contact:

ASHLAND AVENUE Dorsett Stephen
AYLESFORD Becker Richard
AYLESFORD Gallenstein Joe
BARKLEY Graham Daniel
BARKLEY Van Hook Bradley “Skip”
BARKLEY Van Hook Elizabeth
CLIFTON Dickinson Jim
CLIFTON Lawless Kimberly
CLIFTON Stein Edward Earl “Scooter”
GIBSON PARK Canon Sandra Noble
GIBSON PARK Clenney Chuck
GOODRICH Sanders Shanna
GOODRICH Swann Lamin
GOODRICH Webb Dennis
HEADLEY GREEN Spurlin Janean
HILL-N-DALE Burton Virginia
HILL-N-DALE Snyder Damon
HILL-N-DALE Tune Chrissie Balding
HOLLYWOOD Gerhard Patricia
HOLLYWOOD Sims Patrick
IMPERIAL Agbar Jacob
IMPERIAL Dunn Amanda
LAFAYETTE Bowsher Charles A.
LAFAYETTE Browning Amber S.
LAFAYETTE Garman Leslee
LAWRENCE Emmons Jamie
LAWRENCE Emmons Kari
MONTCLAIR Collins Georgia
MT. VERNON Garden Rose
MT. VERNON Worth Ben
PICADOME Carigan Olivia
PICADOME Gross Alexis
PICADOME Gross P. Branden
PRESTON INN Cayabyab Gitlin Elva (Elle)
PRESTON INN Miller Jennifer
PRESTON INN Dennison Christopher
SEVEN PARKS Beaulieu Matt
SEVEN PARKS Morris Clinton
SHADELAND Martinolich Andrew
SHADELAND Sarkisian Kevin
SHADELAND Sarkisian Rexanne
SHADY LANE Brown Michael
SHADY LANE Davis Jeffrey
SHADY LANE O’Brien Eileen
TOWERS Cowen Janet M.
TOWERS Cowen Ted
TRIANGLE PARK Grimes Alison Lundergan
TRIANGLE PARK Stilz III Robert Coleman
WOODLAND Peter Arthur S.
WOODLAND Scott Travis
WOODLAND Slaymaker Karen
ZANDALE Perreiah Alan
ZANDALE Perreiah Grace
ZANDALE Seithers Laura

July 4th fun and mischief in Lexington

July 7, 2008

Much fun and mischief was to be had at Lexington’s 4th of July parade, so here’s my little tardy rundown of the festivities. (in every sense of the word, perhaps)

First, I must note that the fun began Thursday night the 3rd, as our own Hollywood elitist liberal, David Schankula snapped the Lexington fashion photo of the year, as Dudley Webb crony Harold Tate was completely rocking out his seersucker pink pinstriped shorts, with matching pink watch, at Thursday night live. You can say what you want about Harold completely ignoring the Downtown Master Plan to pave the way for Dudley’s Vertical Lexington Mall, but the man has friggin’ STYLE.

David and I then attended the Council meeting discussing the TIF for CentrePointe (Yes, shockingly, they’ve reversed positions and they now want the TIF. Whooda thunk it???). The first hour literally consisted of the clerk auctioneering the docket for an hour. The fun was interrupted by a slick dressed Smooth (shoe shine dude) coming in and praying for a minute on his knees in the second row, then about 20 Japanese women in kimonos filing in and sitting in the first few rows. Yes indeed. During the endless reading, Dick DeCamp and Councilman Meyers shared a terrorist fist jab. I kid you not. As for the actual discussion of the TIF, not much happened (Fortune’s account was quite accurate). Don Blevins impressed me once again, as he lamented how the Council was flying by the seat of its pants on this debate, without any rules or structure.

OK, now for the 4th parade.

I headed down Limestone to see the rather non-festive rubble of the Triple Crown Lounge amongst the otherwise festive atmosphere. Again, so nice of the Webbs to do this right in time for the parade. Directly in front of the rubble was an absolutely fitting booth. I kid you not, it was occupied by the “Center Point Church of Christ“. Ugh. I REALLY want to find out who was behind this placement. There is ZERO chance that this is coincidence. Was this a big FU from folks on the Mayor’s staff, or was this a subliminal move by someone on our side? Inquiring minds want to know…

Anyway, a nice young man was passing out cards for the church, and Schankula and I started up a conversation, of course asking if his church was affiliated with the CentrePointe project. (It should be noted that this is obviously a good all-American church, as it doesn’t use the smelly cheese French spelling). He said that their congregation actually meets in a movie theater on Sunday mornings. I asked if they ever just watch Passion of the Christ in there instead of doing a sermon. Alas, they never have. Nevertheless, their setup brings up countless jokes for me, but I’ll leave them for you to come up with on your own.

I visited my good friend Elle over at the Fayette County Democrats booth, which was absolutely hopping and completely sucked dry of Obama buttons and stickers. A wonderful cutout of Obama was there (complete with lapel pin) that everybody was taking photos with. FCD honcho David O’Neil was a good enough sport to chat with me, even though he’s not fond of me (Horton was not, however). O’Neil did question whether I was a Democrat, which means the CS must still be spreading her stupid false rumor to everyone that is listening (oh, how scandalous!).

Elle tipped me off that the Fetus Fetish Folks had a booth down on Vine St., so I had to pay them a little visit. My back and forth with them fit almost perfectly with every other time I’ve questioned these folks. I picked up one of their pamphlets, titled “The Evils of Planned Parenthood”, complete with a scary snake on the cover. The inside told me that their agenda is “pro-sex”. Wonderful. Anyway, here’s my rough transcript of the chat with a soft spoken guy with two non-aborted kids by his side.

“Hi, so, do you think that abortion should be illegal?”

“Oh, yes I do.”

“Well, once it’s made illegal, what type of prison sentence do you think the woman should have? 20 years? 30 years?”

(shocked look)” well… I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? Have you ever thought about that before?”

“Uh… no, I guess I haven’t.”

“Never? I mean, if it’s illegal, she’d have to go to jail, right?”

“Well, not everybody goes to jail for committing a crime.”

“Oh, so it could be kind of like a jaywalking ticket?”

“Well… no. I guess I’d put the Dr. in jail, but not the woman.”

“Really? But it’s murder, right? I mean, if you hired a hit man to kill someone, you’d get the same murder sentence, right?”

“Well, I’m not a lawyer.”

“Well, you don’t have to be a lawyer to know that you go to jail for murder, trust me.”

“Well, I don’t know… maybe.”

“How about capital punishment for women?”

He strictly went with the “I don’t knows” at this point. Then, a fiery red headed man came up, asking if I’m causing trouble. I told him this is an information booth, and I’m merely seeking information through this man and your pamphlets. I launched into the same spiel with him, but he was much more direct. Though we went through the same progression of questions and answers, he got riled up and went a little further when I mentioned capital punishment. To say the least.

“So what about capital punishment for these women?”

“Yeah! Yeah, I think we should kill ‘em all! (red faced and furious at this point)”

“Oh, OK. I was just checking to see if you are really “pro-life”. I guess you’re not.”

“No, I’m pro intelligent life!”

Another wonderful brush with fundamentalism.

On my way back to Upper and Main for the Newberry Jeer, I saw Mr. Pink Pinstripe himself, Harold Tate, standing next to downtown Lexington designs, selling individuals on the Downtown Master Plan, which has so skillfully been thrown in the trash by his CentrePointe enabling.

Mayor Newberry came early in the parade and received a big boo from a large group of folks amassed in front of what used to be the Dame and Busters. Mission Accomplished. As soon as the boos started raining, his head immediately turned to the other side of the street and stayed there until he was well past us. Somebody said that Newberry had extra police security alongside him, which I didn’t notice, but would be quite hilarious if true. Ever since I posted the Newberry Jeer on the Facebook group, B&P was swamped with hits from the LFUCG building, several searching for “Newberry 4th of July protest”. “Save us from the angry mob, oh noes!!!”

Several folks got big cheers, such as KFTC, Peace groups, environmental groups, bike riders, and gay groups. Politicos got big cheers, including Eric Thomason, Ernesto Scorsone, Kathy Stein, and Bruce “Shawty” Lunsford. But the biggest cheer of the day, with no one else even coming close, was for Vice-Mayor Jim Gray, who has stuck his neck out repeatedly for us in fighting the CentrePointe debacle. He seemed to really appreciate the greeting.

Newberry wasn’t alone in the jeering. McConnell and McCain had a small contingent of folks carrying signs, and they arguably faced an even more hostile reception. (Cheers and Jeers are always a tradition at this section of the parade, which I’ve staked out for years now). The horrific Friends of Coal float received a similar reception, as Taylor Shelton noted.

Ben Chandler’s Republican challenger, Jon Larson, made a pass at Schankula’s mom, kissing her hand for some reason. I heard from 3 different people at the parade that half of the longshot’s campaign funds have already gone up his nose. Again, that’s just what people were telling me.

Anyway, a wonderfully festive 4th. I can’t wait until next year, when the floats go past the giant hole in the middle of downtown. Maybe the Webbs’ jumbotron will be up by then…

(oh, and Chuck has some priceless photos of the parade rubble at Black Wednesday. and how dare Chuck be in town and not contact me?)

A word of warning to Mayor Jim Newberry

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July 3, 2008

I’ve recently heard from a very very good source that Ben Chandler has changed his mind about running for Senate in 2010. Apparently, he now in.

I’ve also heard that if Ben does this, Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry is going to run for his 6th Dist Congressional seat.

Just so you know Jim, if you do this? You thought the Preserve Lexington movement was impressive? Wait until you see the grassroots support for whoever the Democrat


PS- Another word to the wise, Jim. Once you cross Limestone Friday, you might want to put in some earplugs.

Lexington 4th of July parade and PROTEST

July 3, 2008

Mayor Jim Newberry has been the #1 advocate for leveling our entire block. He helped Dudley Webb spring this CentrePointe project on us in the dead of night, and has also left the public and even our own Council members in the dark. Though Newberry wants us to give our tax dollars to the Webbs, he hasn’t bothered giving us input or even listening to us.

Here’s the plan. Newberry will be marching in the parade this 4th of July, which starts at 2:00. Let’s get a huge crowd gathered in front of what was The Dame and Busters, and when Mayor Newberry walks by, give him the verbal “greeting” that he so richly deserves.

(oh, and he’s also responsible for outing Scorsone when he ran against him in the Congressional primary in 98)

We’ll get local TV and print news covering the event if our turnout is big enough, I can assure you.

The Save Downtown Lexington Facebook event is here.

If you can’t make it, pass this along to everyone you know who feels the same way.


Lots of cool folks walking in the parade if you want to walk with them. KFTC, Eric Thomason, Ernesto Scorsone, Bruce “The Goose” Lunsford (though he’s not really cool), KY Young Democrats, etc…

Go down Midland Ave around 1:30 to find who you’d like to walk with.





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