2011 KY Auditor race

Crit for Edelen (VIDEO)

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May 31, 2011

Here’s the most respected public official in Kentucky, State Auditor Crit Luallen, talking up the Democratic nominee to replace her this year, Adam Edelen.

It seems like GOP nominee John Kemper III has a steep climb ahead of him to defeat Edelen, as he trails horribly in fundraising and is going through a personal bankruptcy as well (not the greatest feature when running for the bookkeeper of the state). However, Kemper recently came across enough money to not have his home auctioned off (score), and he also has this sweet photoshop ready to blast all over the Bluegrass:

(yes, that is a real product of the Kemper campaign that just won a blowout victory 2 weeks ago)

Then again, Kemper also has tons of fun pics on his Facebook page, like this goodie:

So there’s that…

Last night’s winners and losers

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May 18, 2011

OK, here’s my rundown from last night’s 2011 Kentucky primary results, looking at the big winners and the big losers:

Winner: Alison Lundergan Grimes

Not only did she easily beat an incumbent Democrat in a statewide primary (when’s the last time that happened?), but she managed to do so despite the opposition of Governor Beshear (and Grimes people claim the KDP, too). And while the Beshear/KDP event in Frankfort featured a C-list crowd, the Grimes event in Lexington featured everyone from Chandler and Stumbo to Jorts, crowning her as the New Great Hope of the Kentucky Democratic Party (I’m sure her Dad took a little pleasure in that). And she now faces Some Dude Named Bill Johnson in November (the man whose campaign bumper stickers once said “Obama Been Lyin”), which should be relatively easy. She claimed in her victory speech that she wanted to follow in the footsteps of Martha Layne Collins and be Governor of Kentucky some day, and that doesn’t sound the least bit implausible at this point.

Loser: Steve Beshear

When a Democratic Governor sticks his neck out to endorse and work for a candidate in a Democratic primary, he better be sure that the candidate wins, or else he’s going to look weak. Hello 10+% defeat! All Steve Beshear managed to do is alienate a lot of Democrats and look like yesterday’s news. The only bright spot for him is that his opponent in November is the only person that had a worse night.

Winner: Kentucky Tea Party

They’re not dead yet. David Williams was supposed to trounce Phil Moffett, the candidate with no money and no TV ads. Instead, he wound up limping to a 10 point victory, not even breaking 50%, while Moffett dominated the Golden Triangle. Bill Johnson had no money and no TV ads, whereas his establishment opponent Hilda Legg was all over television and supposed to win easily. Johnson won by 1,000 votes. John Kemper had no money, no ads, and was running for the state’s bookkeeping position while himself being in bankruptcy. And yes, he crushed his GOP establishment opponent by 14 points. The only thing stopping the Kentucky tea partiers from their second full sweep of the GOP establishment in one year was the horrible mismanagement of money in the Moffett campaign. If they had been able to get even a fraction of the airtime as Williams, Kentucky’s shocking upset might be the #1 political story in America today, and breathe some life into the intellectually and morally bankrupt political movement.

Loser: David Williams

Now that’s what you call limping into the general election. The man that was supposed to dominate last night wound up losing Lexington by 20 points and finishing 3rd place in Louisville. Between those two cities and all the way up to Boone and Kenton counties, Williams got his ass handed to him by Phil Moffett and his People of Tea. Not only does Williams look weak by not even coming close to getting the vote of half of Republicans last night, but he now faces bitter Teabaggers who are going to give a long hard look at The Last Free Man in America, Gatewood Galbraith. Getcha popcorn.

Winner: Overs

Despite reports all day of tumbleweeds sweeping across polling stations all over the Bluegrass, those who bet on double-figure turnout had a sweet payday last night (10.34%).

Losers: Kentucky democracy

10.34%? Pathetic.

Loser: BD Wilson

Wilson had three times the money of anyone in the Democratic primary for Commissioner of Agriculture, yet finished an embarrassing third place to a Bible-beater named “Farmer” and an old man’s cow. I guess that’s what happens when a candidate doesn’t listen to smart people on his staff. But enough about Elaine Walker…

Winner: James Comer

Bob Farmer? You can go ahead and tell Richie Farmer to hand over the keys to Mr. Comer, because there’s no way on earth that he is going to lose in November. He would have been a favorite even if Wilson or Lackey won, but now he’s a mortal lock.

Loser: Katie the Cow

John Lackey’s cow became Kentucky’s newest A-list celebrity, as she was the star of his ad that ran approximately 2.5 million times on MSNBC. But now that Lackey came up short, we’re sad to inform you that she will no longer be spotted in the trendiest Lex/Lville clubs, as she’s now “what’s for dinner”.

Winner: Frank Simon

Kentucky’s most prominent bigot only made 3 endorsements during the primary, but he was 100%, including longshot candidates Bill Johnson and Democrat Bob Farmer. Yes, Kentucky Democrats, you just nominated someone who sought and accepted the endorsement of Frank Simon and Kentucky Right to Life (i.e., no abortion even in cases of rape and incest). Pat yourself on the back. Simon also had two of his old buddies, Todd Hollenbach and David Williams advance to the general, so I’m sure that he’s a happy old disgusting bigot today.

Even: Adam Edelen

Edelen now faces John Kemper in November. Which, if you’ve followed Kemper since his Congressional run last year, is friggin hilarious. Edelen will sleepwalk into Crit Luallen’s office. The only downside to last night for him is that he now has some competition in the Young New Greatest Hope position for Kentucky Democrats in Grimes. You can almost hear the two fiefdoms taking sides and making their long-term battle plans for 2015, can’t you?

Full KY primary results

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May 18, 2011

Here you go:

Governor (R)
Williams- 68,540     48.2%
Phil Moffett- 53,950      38.0%
Holsclaw- 19,644     13.8%

Secretary of State (D)
Grimes- 85,563     55.3%
Walker- 69,077     44.7%

Secretary of State (R)
Johnson- 66,429     50.4%
Legg- 65,332     49.6%

State Auditor (R)
Kemper- 70,874      57.3%
Wuchner- 52,876     42.7%

State Treasurer (D)
Hollenbach- 106,194     71.0%
Hamrick- 43,457     29.0%

Agriculture Commissioner (D)
Farmer- 45,666     30.4%
Lackey- 31,560     21.0%
Wilson- 29,011     19.3%
Gritton- 25,003      16.6%
Williams- 19,007     12.7%

Agriculture Commissioner (R)
Comer- 86,527     66.7%
Rothenburger- 43,142      33.3%

And the total turnout number? The overs win: 10.34%

The 2011 Kentucky primary liveblog begins… NOW

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May 17, 2011

8:21- OK, I’m switching to the Twitter Contraption now. Come on over.

8:20- Williams still up 6,000, Johnson up over 500 votes, 76% in.

8:18- Anyone hearing any total turnout numbers?

8:16- OK folks, I’m going to be switching to the Twitter Machine soon. Follow along here.

8:15- 75% in, Williams up 6,000 votes. Johnson up 450 votes.

8:13- 74% in:

Johnson up 600 votes on Legg

Williams up 45% to Moffett’s 40%

8:03- Johnson up only 14 votes. Wow.

8:02- If Hilda Legg beats Johnson (I had her winning 51-49), I’m 100% on my predictions for tonight. (End Moment of Gloat)

8:00- Johnson now up only 200 votes with 69% in.

7:58- Race should be called for Kemper soon.

Johnson up about 400 votes. Looks like that is the only drama left for tonight.

7:57- WLEX calls it for Farmer.

7:56- 66% in:

Williams still up 46% to 39% over Moffett. Don’t see how Moffett could possibly catch up with the counties not yet reporting.

7:55- WLEX calls it for Grimes.

Johnson back up by about 250 votes.

7:53- 62% in:

Bob Farmer 27,969 29%
John Lackey 19,390 20%
B.D. Wilson 18,951 20%
Stewart Gritton 17,436 18%
David Williams 11,340 12%


7:52- 63% in:

Williams- 46%
Moffett- 39%

Legg and Johnson still neck and neck.

7:50- AP about to call it for Grimes, announced at Grimes party.

7:48- 60% statewide

Kemper- 57%
Wuchner- 43%

Looks like Kemper’s a winner

Legg up 400 votes on Johnson. Tight.

7:46- 60% statewide

Williams- 45%
Moffett- 39%
Holsclaw- 16%

7:44- 60% statewide:

Alison Lundergan Grimes 45,117 57%
Elaine Walker 34,314 43%

52% in:

Hilda Legg 36,405 50%
Bill Johnson 35,698 50%

7:42- Stumbo and Rocky Adkins at Grimes party. Anybody in Frankfort?

7:41- WLEX calls it for Comer. If Farmer wins, which it looks like, I’ll go ahead and call the November race for Comer.

7:39- 51% statewide

David Williams 34,102 45%
Phil Moffett 29,596 39%
Bobbie Holsclaw 11,305 15%

7:38- WLEX calls it for Hollenbach. KC Crosbie still ain’t no Hollenbach girl.

7:37- 49% statewide

Bob Farmer 21,058 30%
B.D. Wilson 14,876 21%
John Lackey 13,630 19%
Stewart Gritton 12,778 18%
David Williams 8,444 12%


Legg and Johnson tied again.

7:36- 49% statewide

Williams- 45%
Moffet- 39%

7:35- Ben Chandler is standing two feet away from David Schankula. Fun shall be had?

7:34- 49% statewide

Grimes- 57%
Walker- 43%

7:33- This just in: KC Crosbie ain’t no Hollenbach girl.

7:31- 44% statewide

Grimes- 56%
Walker- 44%

7:29- 44% statewide

Williams- 44%
Moffett- 40%
Holsclaw- 15%

Liberty is gaining!

7:28- 40% statewide

Grimes- 57%
Walker- 43%

Johnson is just 300 votes ahead of Legg.

7:25- 40% statewide:

Williams- 45%
Moffett- 39%

Legg- 51%
Johnson- 49%

Also, Jerry Lewis is retiring. Just thought you’d like to kn… nevermind.

7:23- 36% statewide

John Kemper 25,782 55%
Addia Wuchner 21,072 45%

Kemper looking real good.

7:22- 35% statewide

Legg- 50%
Johnson- 50%


7:20- 35% statewide:

Farmer- 30
Lackey- 21
Wilson- 19
Gritton- 17
Williams- 12

Our worst fears confirmed. Congrats Mr. Comer on your new position.

7:18- 35% statewide:

Grimes- 56%
Walker- 44%

7:16- 38% statewide:

Williams- 45%
Moffett- 38%
Holsclaw- 17%

Williams breathing much easier now. Liberty starting to get nervous.

7:15- 29% statewide:

Johnson- 52%
Legg- 48%

7:14- 25% statewide

Grimes- 56%
Walker- 44%

7:12- 18% statewide in:

David Williams 11,319 47%
Phil Moffett 9,501 40%
Bobbie Holsclaw 3,133 13%

Alison Lundergan Grimes 14,647 56%
Elaine Walker 11,400 44%

Bill Johnson 8,500 52%
Hilda Legg 7,859 48%

John Kemper 10,766 53%
Addia Wuchner 9,399 47%

Bob Farmer 6,656 28%
B.D. Wilson 5,121 22%
John Lackey 4,882 21%
Stewart Gritton 3,956 17%
David Williams 2,871 12%

7:09: 13% statewide in:

David Williams 7,941 45%
Phil Moffett 7,225 41%
Bobbie Holsclaw 2,460 14%

Dunno if this is including Fayette totals.

7:08- 13% statewide in:

Alison Lundergan Grimes 11,827 56%
Elaine Walker 9,447 44%

7:05: The band stopped playing at Grimes Central, a reprieve, though they aren’t bad. (Club Dub)

6:59: Amanda at NKY Enquirer tweets:

“With more than half of Boone County’s 60 precincts reporting, Moffett, Johnson, Wuchner, Comer, Walker, Hollenbach & Farmer are up.”

She says Moffett is up 320 votes with most of Boone Co. in

6:47- Fayette is 96% in, numbers aren’t moving. Let’s get those other counties in and start having some fun!

The BIG WINNER so far in Fayette is PHIL MOFFETT and LIBERTY. Grimes and Kemper also have to feel good. Dem Ag Commish race is going to be an absolute free for all.

6:46- 94% of Fayette in:

Kemper- 58%
Wuchner- 42%

6:45- 94% of Fayette in:

Farmer- 25%
Lackey- 23%
Gritton- 23%
Wilson- 20%
Williams- 9%

6:44- 94% of Fayette in:

Grimes- 57%
Walker- 43%

6:42- Looks like the statewide figures are just ET absentees, not counting Fayette, which is much more.

6:41- Comer and Hollenbach still cleaning up in Lexington with over 90% of Fayette in.

6:40- 91% of FAyette in:

Grimes- 57%
Walker- 43%

6:37- 87% of Fayette in:

John Kemper 4,789 58%
Addia Wuchner 3,511 42%

6:37- Farmer remains in first, Wilson in 4th in Fayette with 87% in. Not down by much, but still ominous news.

6:36- 87% of Fayette in:

Legg- 51%
Johnson- 49%

6:34- 85% of Fayette in:

Moffett- 54%
Williams- 35%
Holsclaw- 11%

86% of Fayette in:

Grimes- 57%
Walker- 43%

6:32- Kemper needed to be up big in Fayette, he’s up 57-43 on Wuchner

6:31- 68% of Fayette in:

Robert ‘Bob’ Farmer 1,930 24.9
John Faris Lackey 1,832 23.6
Stewart Gritton 1,769 22.8
B. D. Wilson 1,592 20.5
David Williams 629 8.1

6:30- Jody Richards in attendance at the Grimes event.

6:30- 75% of Fayette in:

Legg- 51%
Johnson- 49%

6:27- 60% of Fayette in:

Phil Moffett 3,552 55.2
David L. Williams 2,157 33.5
Barbara Holsclaw 731 11.4

Looking VERY good for Moffett. He needed to take Fayette big, and he’s well on his way to doing that.

6:26- 63% of Fayette in:

Grimes 57%
Walker 43%

6:25- 51% of Fayette in:

Robert ‘Bob’ Farmer 1,482 24.3
John Faris Lackey 1,446 23.7
Stewart Gritton 1,396 22.9
B. D. Wilson 1,292 21.2
David Williams 492 8.1

6:25- 1% statewide in

Grimes- 52%
Walker- 48%

6:24- 55% of Fayette in:

Kemper- 54%
Wuchner- 46%

6:23- 1% statewide in:

Wilson- 25%
Farmer- 25%
Lackey- 21%

6:22- 50% of Fayette in:

Legg- 50%
Johnson- 50%

6:22- 54% of Fayette in:

Phil Moffett 1,267 54%
David Williams 839 34%
Bobbie Holsclaw 311 12%

6:21- Comer up big in Fayette.

6:20- 45% of Fayete in:

Phil Moffett 1,267 54%
David Williams 839 34%
Bobbie Holsclaw 311 12%

6:19- 39% of Fayette in:

Kemper- 51%
Wuchner- 49%

6:18- 40% of Fayette in:

Phil Moffett 1,267 54%
David Williams 839 34%
Bobbie Holsclaw 311 12%

6:17- 24% of Fayette in:

Alison Lundergan Grimes 1,815 57%
Elaine Walker 1,390 43%

6:15- 20% of Fayette in:

Tight race bewteen all Dem. Ag. Commish candidates except Williams

6:12- 22% of Fayette in:

Moffet- 57%
Williams- 34%
Holsclaw- 9%

Here we go!

6:11- 11% of Fayette in:

Grimes- 58%
Walker- 42%

6:10- 2% of Fayette in

Phil Moffett 89 56.0
David L. Williams 55 34.6
Barbara Holsclaw 15 9.4

6:03- The absentees from the Eastern Time Zone will be in first.

6:00- Polls have closed! Look for Fayette to come in first. Moffett needs to be even or up to have a prayer. Grimes should be up big there, if not that spells trouble.

5:45- The Wi-fi Gods are smiling upon us, so the fun begins now. Stay tuned for the results and mean comments.

Check for results here, and also check out WKYT, Herald Leader and the Secretary of State site.

2011 KY primary wild guesses predictions

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May 17, 2011

There’s a good reason that Rasmussen doesn’t poll primary races close to the election. They are incredibly hard to predict, and they’ll throw off your success rating. And, well, they’re Rasmussen.

Well, fortunately we have no shame, because we’re going to give today’s primary another crack. Last year we (quick moment of gloat) had a great deal of success in both the primary and the general, but this primary is going to be incredibly difficult to call, with only about 10% turning out to vote and plenty of races with candidates that no one has heard of. Nevertheless, we’re putting our sterling record on the line with some guesses that Lex Vegas odds are showing will be wildly off base.

All right, here we go.

Democratic- 7.5%
Republican- 12%
Total- 8.7%

GOP Governor
David Williams- 52%
Phil Moffet- 34%
Bobbie Holsclaw- 14%

Democratic Secretary of State
Grimes- 58%
Walker- 42%

GOP Secretary of State
Hilda Legg- 51%
Some Dude Named Bill Johnson- 49%

GOP Auditor
John Kemper- 53%
Addia Wuchner- 47%

Democratic Treasurer
Todd Hollenbach- 61%
Steve Hamrick- 39%

Democratic Commissioner of Agriculture 
Bob Farmer- 31%
BD Wilson- 30%
John Lackey- 26%
Stewart Gritton- 8%
David Williams- 6%

GOP Commissioner of Agriculture
James Comer- 66%
Rob Rothenberger- 34%

There you go. We’ll try to redeem ourselves in the general.

Grandpa Simpson makes a robocall for Addia Wuchner

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May 16, 2011

Sen. Jim Bunning is gone, but not forgotten. This just popped up on GOP Auditor candidate Addia Wuchner’s YouTube page, which I assume is a robocall that will be going out to his rabid fans around the Bluegrass:

Louisville Tea Party running radio ads for Moffett, Kemper, SDNB Johnson

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May 12, 2011

Via cn|2, we learn that the Louisville Tea Party is running the following radio ad touting Phil Moffett, John Kemper and Some Dude Named Bill Johnson on “95 different radio stations”:

Good thing for the three of them, because they’re all flat broke and can’t even afford a single TV ad.

Addia Wuchner has a message for Kentucky

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May 11, 2011

KY GOP Auditor candidate Addia Wuchner took a break from her busy schedule (running away from private investigators hired by the insurance company that she’s defrauding) to read you this message off of the paper in front of her about “seeking the nominee for KY State Auditor”:


15-day pre-primary filings for 2011 KY statewide candidates (UPDATE)

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May 9, 2011

As we head down the home stretch, here are (almost) all of the 2011 KY statewide candidates’ fundraising numbers (as of May 2nd). We list the amount raised since last filing (April 15th), amount spent since last filing, total amount raised, total amount spent and the total cash on hand.


Beshear/Abramson (D): $200,627 raised since last filing, $284,109 spent since last filing,  $4.9 million total, $1.664 million spent, $3.24 million cash on hand.

Holsclaw/Vermillion (R): $3,925 raised since last filing, $6,566 spent since last filing, $26,699 total, $14,051 spent, $12,647 cash on hand.

Williams/Farmer (R): $76,934 raised since last filing, $540,261 spent since last filing, $1.277 million total, $1.07 million spent, $669,839 cash on hand.

Moffett/Harmon (R): $23,328 raised since last filing, $18,446 spent since last filing, $135,978 total, $119,393 spent, $16,244 cash on hand

Attorney General

Conway (D): $35,530 raised since last filing, $4,206 spent since last filing, $166,353 total, $19,017 spent, $147,336 cash on hand

P’Pool (R): $114,335 raised since last filing, $6,428 spent since last filing, $466,467 total, $54,914 spent, $411,552 cash on hand.

Secretary of State

Walker (D): $23,025 raised since last filing, $8,258 spent since last filing, $123,945 total, $29,909 spent, $94,036 cash on hand.

Grimes (D): $75,377 raised since last filing, $19,954 spent since last filing, $378,660 total, $66,889 spent, $311,770 cash on hand

Johnson (R): $925 raised since last filing, $2,574 spent since last filing, $24,041 total, $22,300 spent, $1,890 cash on hand.

Legg (R): $24,525 raised since last filing, $11,411 spent since last filing, $143,910 total, $26,844 spent, $117,065 cash on hand.

State Auditor

Edelen (D): $14,390 raised since last filing, $6,817 spent since last filing, $431,995 total, $95,660 spent, $336,334 cash on hand

Wuchner (R): $7,658 raised since last filing, $1,758 spent since last filing, $42,730 total, ~$13,500 spent, $29,261 cash on hand

Kemper (R): $3,330 raised since last filing, $6,426 spent since last filing, $22,657 total, $19,991 spent, $2,665 cash on hand

State Treasurer

Crosbie (R): $4,650 raised since last filing, $0 spent since last filing, $57,510 total, $4,025 spent, $53,484 cash on hand

Hollenbach (D): $15,470 raised since last filing, $7,922 spent since last filing, $63,479 total, $22,628 spent, $33,302 cash on hand

Hamrick (D): $600 raised since last filing, $400 spent since last filing, $7,710 total, $6,753 spent, $957 cash on hand

Agriculture Commissioner

Comer (R): $19,610 raised since last filing, $69,558 spent since last filing, $200,305 total, $97,494 spent, $102,810 cash on hand

Rotherberger (R): $2,390 raised since last filing, $17,455 spent since last filing, $33,945 total, $32,750 spent, $1,089 cash on hand

Wilson (D): $17,260 raised since last filing, $45,959 spent since last filing, $144,710 total, $116,402 spent, $28,307 cash on hand

Williams (D): no filing with KREF yet.

Lackey (D): $15,080 raised since last filing, $12,078 spent since last filing, $25,244 total, $20,948 spent, $4,396 cash on hand

Gritton (D): $10,175 raised since last filing, $6,207 spent since last filing, $38,994 total, $24,335 spent, $14,659 cash on hand

Farmer (D): $400 raised since last filing, $0 spent since last filing, $16,341 total, $6,508 spent, $9,833 cash on hand

PI tracks down insurance defrauder and KY GOP candidate Wuchner

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May 8, 2011

This John Cheves article from Friday night on the GOP candidates for KY State Auditor is the stuff of KY politics legend. He starts with what we already knew, that fiscal conservative Jon Kemper, who wants to be the bookkeeping watchdog for the state, is in bankruptcy.

But Cheves brings the true gold with this revelation about Kemper’s opponent, Addia Wuchner:

In June 2009, Wuchner sued Unum Life Insurance Co. in U.S. District Court in Covington and declared herself medically unfit to work a full-time job.

Unum had paid Wuchner long-term disability benefits from 1997 to 2006 as a result of injuries she sustained in a 1996 car crash, which forced her to leave her hospital job, according to the lawsuit. Wuchner said Unum erroneously ended her benefits after deciding that she could work, based in part on having a private investigator track her activities for eight days. She asked for her disability payments to be reinstated immediately.


In response, Unum defended its decision as proper. It acknowledged that it had hired an investigator to follow Wuchner’s activities on the campaign trail in 2004 as she ran for the state House.

The case was assigned to Judge David Bunning — son of the former U.S. senator now backing Wuchner for auditor — and it ended in March 2010 with a private settlement.

Ladies and Gentleman of Kentucky, this is your tea party. The fiscally irresponsible freeloading off of the government tea party.




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