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Hiring & Firing & Resigning at LFUCG’s Environmental Quality and Public Works Division

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November 17, 2011

Over the past week-and-half, there’s been some salivating going on. The Gray Administration’s Commissioner of Environmental Quality and Public Works resigned, saying she’d been asked to step down, and emailed people throughout LFUCG in order to fire the first shot.

The Gray Administration has kept quiet and, in response, the usual voices in LFUCG — let’s call them Team Newberry, who know a bit about obstruction and cronyism — have tried to frame the debate as if the Gray administration had something to hide.

Which is a fine place to start from — people in positions of power should be viewed skeptically, their actions questioned and transparency demanded. That’s all fine, and it’s funny that so many in Team Newberry are now figuring this out.

It should also be interesting to see how the Ed Lanes and Doug Martins handle the latest developments — in which it becomes pretty clear the Gray Administration acted diligently to protect the city; in which it becomes pretty clear Gray’s silence on the matter isn’t a matter of obfuscation but one of legality; and in which it becomes clear that some people really want to hire their husbands even after they’re told multiple times that it ain’t cool.

City officials cautioned Lexington’s former Commissioner of Environmental Quality and Public Works Cheryl Taylor at least three times not to direct city work to her husband, according to emails obtained Wednesday by the Herald-Leader.

Taylor abruptly resigned last week, saying she was asked to step down after the city began investigating whether she inappropriately tried to direct city funds to her husband.

Some of the requests to hire her husband, Robert Taylor, an electrician, were from officials in the Division of Waste Management, under Cheryl Taylor’s supervision. At least two requests were by Taylor herself, according to the transcripts released by the city in response to an open-records request from the Herald-Leader.

On at least three occasions in 2011, Law Commissioner Janet Graham emailed Taylor that her husband could not be hired as a city employee or do contract work for the city because it would violate the city’s nepotism ordinance.

Read the entire article… it is full of hilarity.

On a bright note, Ms. Taylor is well within her right now to hire her husband for anything he wants to do since she no longer works for the city. And he can now get a job with the city because she no longer works there. So… problems solved.

It’s also worth highlighting the fact that Ms. Taylor worked previously in the Newberry Administration as the Environmental Quality Commissioner overseeing Lexington’s sanitary and storm sewer system… before leaving that job to work for Kentucky American Water. It didn’t seem like a particularly good idea to bring her back to begin with and as it turns out, it probably wasn’t.

But perhaps Ms. Taylor could now get re-hired by Lexington’s corporate overlords at KAW as they seek to further screw the city’s taxpayers:

Now investor-owned Kentucky American Water has given six months notice that it’s ending its contract with the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government to collect sewer, landfill and water quality (storm water) fees for the city.

Water and sewer bills are natural companions because sewer bills are based on water consumption. Kentucky American was paid $1.6 million a year under its latest billing contract with the city.

….Meanwhile, American Water, Kentucky American’s New Jersey-based parent, says the company’s third-quarter profits were up 2.3 percent — in part because rate increases more than offset declining water consumption.

Ah… American Water forcing rate increases they don’t need as water consumption declines — Team Newberry knows all about that.

Hopefully Martin, Lane, et al., will keep all of this in mind the next time they get their tighties in a twist. Sometimes it’s easier to just excuse yourself and dig a little deeper.

Ed Lane v. Harold Tate: Smackdown!

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April 26, 2011

Harold Tate’s goodbye/legacy tour continues with “The Lane Report” — Ed Lane’s flagship publication, which always gives the local business community an unflinching and critical look. It’s not like it’s just reprinted press releases… this stuff’s “news.”

So here goes: Ed Lane v. Harold Tate… who will win? Let’s check the highlights…

Ed Lane: How long have you lived in Lexington?            

Harold Tate:
 I attended the University of Kentucky College of Architecture and graduated in 1974…. I took [a job at the Parks Department] my last year at UK while I was doing my thesis on historic preservation. 

First round goes to Lane. (And unfortunately, UK’s thesis archive appears to be down at the moment but maybe we can dig into that later.)

EL: What was your first promotion?

 ….When I left the urban county government in 2001, I had just completed doing the two new courthouses, the jail on Old Frankfort Pike, and the downtown arts center. 

You had us at the construction of the beautiful new Courthouses, Harold. Round goes to Tate!

EL: When did you start working at the Lexington Downtown Development Authority (LDDA)?

 ….The board hired me in May 2001. 

Sometimes when you get two heavyweights in the ring, they battle to the draw. Lane’s a shrewd journalist, but Tate holds his own here.

EL: What was the status of downtown Lexington when LDDA commenced operations in 2001?

The last big project – The Woodlands condos – was completed in 1987. The Woodlands development was ahead of market demand; condominiums were not a concept that took off in Lexington. The slow absorption of these units was a drag on downtown development. That’s totally changed now.  

And then Tate comes out of his corner right into a buzzsaw! Lane creams him here, as Harold insults another of the Webb Companies failed development projects, lamenting how it destroyed development progress for years. It’s also worth noting that since the Webbs couldn’t fill The Woodlands with outside customers, they instead filled it with friends and family… including Woodford and his old neighbor Jim Newberry. Anyway, Lane takes the round easily.

The next three are mildly interesting but each were fought to a draw, so let’s skip ahead to the lightning round!

EL: You’ve worked for several mayors. Rank them 1-10 with 10 the highest rating.

EL: Foster Pettit

I’d have to give Foster a 9, because he was the first mayor of merged government. He really had many major issues with which to deal. 

EL: Jim Amato 

 I’d have to give him a 9 as well because he really appreciated the hard work of the city’s employees.    

EL: Scott Baesler

 Let’s give Scotty a 10. He was in charge, he knew what he wanted to do and he did it.

EL: Pam Miller

I’d give her a 9, because of her focus on downtown redevelopment.

EL: Teresa Isaac

 Let’s give her a 5.

EL: Jim Newberry

 Let’s give him a 9, because of his focus on revitalizing downtown and moving the Limestone corridor project forward. 

EL: Jim Gray

Not rated yet, it’s way too early since he has been in office less than 90 days. 

Round goes to Tate. Lane steered him into a minefield and he responded by giving everyone 9s and 10s except for TI who seems, somehow, to have deeply offended every aging white collared white male in downtown Lexington… it’s a powerful but small membered group and it’s Lane’s entire audience… so Lane goes down.

But seriously… Newberry was at least a 10. In fact, on that scale, he’s probably an 11.

Up next, Lane hits Tate with a CentrePointe question!

EL: What was the impact of the Webb Companies’ CenterPointe development (on the Main-Upper-Vine-Limestone block) on downtown Lexington?

 It was interesting to me that investors decided Lexington needed more entertainment venues in addition to Buster’s and The Dame – the businesses located in the buildings to be demolished (for CenterPointe). That’s when you really started seeing a lot of new places open in downtown. You had The Chase in Victorian Square, Sky Bar in Courthouse Square, Bakers 360 in the Chase Tower; so you started seeing more options. Larry Redmond had his place in the Court Square Building, then he opened up Bluegrass Tavern right beside it.

This is far and away Tate’s longest response throughout the entire steel-caged deathmatch… and for that reason alone, he goes down like an historic building filled with live music and good times.

In all his rambling, he takes credit for the New Busters and, as you see above, can’t fathom the market demands created when Lexington’s nocturnal population is displaced. Apparently multiple business people and developers see opportunities and all try to be the one (or maybe ones) to grab the customers. But hey, dude studied “historic preservation” not economics so let’s only judge him on his ability to preserve historic buildings.

And with Tate on the ropes, Lane strikes again!

EL: The Webb Company’s CentrePointe project has a $200 million price tag and that’s a significant capital investment. For comparison, the Louisville Arena cost about $235 million. The recent decline of U.S. financial markets has made financing difficult. What’s happening around the country and how hard is it to get loans for this kind of project?


Harold actually had an answer. It wasn’t a good one, but it didn’t much matter. After a question that stupid, there’s no way Ed Lane’s walking out of that one unscathed.

EL: A lot of people think that a TIF is an incentive where the city and the state give money to the developer to do a project. Could you explain how a TIF works?


Again! It’s almost like Ed Lane has forgotten he’s doing journalistic battle with Harold Tate and is instead phantom-boxing an imaginary opponent from three years ago. Maybe he’s seeing The Ghost of the Mystery Investor!

After another couple rounds of equal footing, the two fighters return to form.

EL: Why did you recently decide to end your employment with the LDDA?

 I’m stepping down…. I’d like to work in the private sector; 38 years in the public eye is a long time. 

Round to Lane… ’cause Tate’s going to Newberry. Next!

EL: What was the LDDA’s best success?

 I’d have to say the Limestone Corridor. 

Lane, again. And the final round…

L: When you see all the changes that have occurred downtown over the last 10 years, what kind of feeling do you get?

A great feeling. I can’t stop smiling when I see the sidewalks full of people….

Which explains why you never see Harold Tate smile. Zing!

But we jest. We really do. Sure, Ed Lane’s superior journalistic skills destroyed Harold Tate in this no-holds-barred exit interview… but Harold Tate’s a good guy who’s given years of hard work to build downtown Lexington into exactly what it is today, and for that, we must all give a hearty and sincere thank you.

An even closer look at Lexington election results by council district (i.e., This is Gray Country)

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November 16, 2010

We’ve done two posts in the past 5 days looking at the election results by precinct in Lexington. Last Friday, we looked at Jim Gray’s incredible rise after the primary, as he was able to dominate not just on the north side, but south of New Circle Road, as well. Yesterday, we found that Jim Gray dominated precincts that voted for either Jack Conway or Ben Chandler, and only narrowly lost precincts that went for both Rand Paul and Andy Barr.

Today, we’re going to look at the results from two weeks ago by each council district in Lexington. We’ll look at Gray’s triumph in what was thought to be hostile territory, as well as look forward to 2012 council races.

The first 4 districts that we’ll look at are the ones that are home to Jim Gray’s biggest adversaries on the council: the 6th (Kevin Stinnett), the 10th (Doug Martin), the 9th (Jay McChord), and the 12th (Ed Lane).

Here are the results, for the 6th District in the races for Mayor, Senate and House:

Gray- 50.4%
Newberry- 49.6%

Conway- 49%
Paul- 51%

Chandler- 51%
Barr- 49%

This one initially looks like a real shocker. Jim Gray beat Newberry on the home turf of one his most conservative adversaries? Yes he did, and that’s remarkable. But even in a terribly down year for Democrats, this district was basically split even on the federal races, as this diverse and widely spread district stretches from African-American neighborhoods in the north to Hamburg gated communities in the southeast. The real question I have when looking at this district is how has someone as conservative as Kevin Stinnett represented this district virtually unopposed since 2004? Considering Jim Gray’s performance in this district, one would think that a more moderate/progressive candidate could finally give him a real run for his money in 2012. Then again, if Kevin Stinnett sees these numbers and moderates himself a bit over the next two years, he may wind up cutting that challenge off at the pass.

Here are the results in the 10th District, home of the Southside Screamer:

Gray- 52%
Newberry- 48%

Conway- 45%
Paul- 55%

Chandler- 48%
Barr- 52%

Jim Gray went into this conservative district of one of his adversaries where both Conway and Chandler lost… and won by 4 points. This is incredible stuff. Looking ahead to 2012, I think it’s safe to say that Doug Martin will have to look over his shoulder for a candidate that turns out to be better financed or more viable than Kevin Williams turned out to be. Sandy Shafer’s late entry into the race drew an amazing 9% of the vote, far more than I would have thought a write-in candidate could garner in a council race. If Shafer’s health continues to improve, one would think that she would be an odds on favorite to take back her seat that she held for many years. Or, there could be a viable moderate Republican in the vein of Linda Gorton or KC Crosbie that could take on Doug Martin in this district. One things for sure… this Gray Country, as Gray had 600 more votes than Martin in this district.

Here are the results from the 9th District:

Gray- 49%
Newberry- 51%

Conway- 40%
Paul- 60%

Chandler- 43%
Barr- 57%

This is one of the two most conservative districts in Lexington, home to perhaps Gray’s biggest adversary on the council and blowout losses for Conway and Chandler… yet Jim Gray almost pulls even with Newberry. This is another jaw-dropper.

McChord won by 6% in 2006, and has been unopposed the last two years. McChord would be a tough candidate to beat, but the viable moderate Republican avenue could be a winner. Or, previously term-limited and currently-awesome Jennifer Mossotti could come back and take her old seat. (and in my opinion, she would have Alice Forgy Kerr’s seat right now if the KDP hadn’t chosen Don Blevins to run over her).

Here are the results in the 12th District:

Gray- 47%
Newberry- 53%

Conway- 38%
Paul- 62%

Chandler- 40%
Barr- 60%

Easily the most conservative district Lexington, the home of Newberry’s biggest ally on the council… and Jim Gray only loses by 6 points and manages to steal away 12 precincts from Newberry. Remarkable stuff.

The results from these 4 council districts show that Jim Gray was able to go into what could have been hostile conservative territory and not only compete, but in the case of the 6th and 10th, win. I’m not sure what message Stinnett, Martin, McChord and Lane take from this, but they’d be rather dim to ignore it.


Alright, now for the rest of Lexington’s council districts, starting with the most conservative and going to the most liberal.

7th District (KC Crosbie):

Gray- 51%
Newberry- 49%

Conway- 48%
Paul- 52%

Chandler- 50%
Barr- 50%
(Barr won by 20 votes)

Another conservative-ish district that Paul and Barr won… another district that Jim Gray won anyway. I’m sure a good deal of this victory is due to help that both Scott and KC Crosbie provided in the district. Crosbie won her election easily, and it’s doubtful that she’s going to be flanked anytime soon from the right, as the close federal races show that this district isn’t exactly right-wing.

5th District (now Bill Farmer Jr.’s):

Gray- 56%
Newberry- 44%

Conway- 52%
Paul- 48%

Chandler- 51%
Barr- 49%

Here’s a slightly Democrat-leaning district… and Gray just cold blows out Newberry. Bill Farmer is a Republican and kind of a loose canon, but I assume that he won’t be too adversarial with Mayor Gray. At least he won’t be if he looks at his constituents.

4th District (Julian Beard)

Gray- 56%
Newberry- 44%

Conway- 52%
Paul- 48%

Chandler- 54%
Barr- 46%

Again, the 4th leans Democrat, but Gray wins in a blowout. Beard will likely sit here safely as long as he wants, because no one eff’s with Julian.

8th District (George Myers)

Gray- 55%
Newberry- 45%

Conway- 54%
Paul- 46%

Chandler- 56%
Barr- 44%

A solidly Democratic district that went solidly for Gray. No alarms and no surprises. As for 2012, I’m sure Ed Lane would like nothing more than to find a challenger to run against Myers, but anyone acceptable to Lane would not be acceptable to this not-conservative district.

11th District (Peggy Henson)

Gray- 56%
Newberry- 44%

Conway- 57%
Paul- 43%

Chandler- 59%
Barr- 41%

No alarms and no surprises. As we get into more heavily Democratic districts like this one, we begin to see Gray’s margin dip lower than Conway and Chandler, as some Democrats obviously go towards Newberry, though certainly not most.

2nd District (Tom Blues)

Gray- 55%
Newberry- 45%

Conway- 66%
Paul- 34%

Chandler- 67%
Barr- 33%

Those observing closely noted that Blues started to cozy up to Newberry in 2010. Time to start cozying of to Gray, me thinks.

3rd District (Diane Lawless)

Gray- 68%
Newberry- 32%

Conway- 69%
Paul- 31%

Chandler- 70%
Barr- 30%

This was easily Jim Gray’s best district, as the heart of Lexington’s downtown helped him double up Newberry. A source tells me that when Diane Lawless was asked how she feels about working with Gray instead of Newberry next year that she proceeded to do the cabbage patch. Developing…

1st District (now Chris Ford)

Gray- 67%
Newberry- 33%

Conway- 78%
Paul- 22%

Chandler- 79%
Barr- 21%

Shocking that Lexington’s African-American community forcefully rejected the guy against the Civil Rights Act and the guy at the all-white country club. Shocking. Chris Ford is kind of a mystery, we’ll see what we get out of him soon, I guess.


So there’s our 3rd edition of Fun With Lexington Election Results and Numbers. Until next time…

Lexington’s city government is looking… pretty good

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November 4, 2010

Lexington not only has a wonderful new mayor, but check out how good the new council looks.

If things went the wrong way Tuesday night, Lexington could have had 4 years of Newberry as mayor and Chuck Ellinger as vice mayor. *shudder*

Instead, we have Jim Gray as mayor and Linda Gorton as vice mayor (who should be great). Also, Bill Farmer Jr. replaces Cheryl Feigel in the 5th. Farmer is a bit of a wild card, but I’m pretty confident that he’ll be an improvement. Meanwhile KC Crosbie held onto her seat easily, and from all indications Chris Ford should be good in his first term in the 1st (though he’s got big shoes to fill following Andrea James). And Steve Kay on the council helps fill the void of Gray.

This means that all of a sudden the 4-person cabal of Ed Lane, Jay McChord, Kevin Stinnett and Doug Martin is looking mighty, mighty small and insignificant. Look forward to lots of impotent rage from these folks over the next 2 years, while Diane Lawless & Co. sit back and chuckle at their political misfortune.

The Southside Screamer may have won, but at least we’ll have lots of temper tantrums and pouting to look forward to…

…and that LFUCG city council that’s looking pretttty prettty pretty good.

Internal Audit Board presenting to LFUCG right now (UPDATE)

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September 28, 2010

Oh my, this should be fun.

Tune in on channel 3 in Lexington or watch online here.


Jennifer Burke (Audit Board chairperson) is presenting to the council, and reveals that both the internal audit board and Mayor Jim Newberry have a copy of Crit Luallen’s State Audit report on the Patrick Johnston/LFUCG brewhaha. George Myers wants to know why he as an audit board member is just figuring this out along with the public.

Obviously, they just like keeping Myers completely out of the loop and in the dark on everything.

Here we go…


OMG, Bruce Sahli has come out of his hole and is showing off his shadow in the LFUCG chambers right now. KC Crosbie asked him why he didn’t redact Johnston’s name from Askew ORR, and he just read/filibustered on something totally unrelated until Crosbie’s time ran out. Newberry says your time is up, move along…


Lawless tries to prevent Sahli from filibustering during her questioning, and Newberry says “how DARE you!”. He says that Sahli should be able to filibuster as long as he wants so meanies like Lawless and Crosbie only have time for one question. THAT’s vision.

Myers spoke up and said he had no questions but a comment. He railed against Sahli and said he’s had months to answer questions, and he’s not going to ask him anything now under these extremely constrained and contrived conditions.


Even STINNETT is ripping into Bruce Sahli. Wow. This is something.


Chuck Ellinger is now ripping Sahli. Stinnett AND Ellinger. This audit must have totally reemed Bruce Sahli if even Newberry allies are ripping him openly in chamber.

Under the bus with you!

Get your popcorn and watch this, folks. One of the more entertaining LFUCG sessions I’ve ever watched.


Doug Martin makes a motion for the council to withdraw it’s subpoena against Bruce Sahli. Huuuuuuuuh?

Oh, but the motion dies, as no one seconds it. Another embarrassment for poor little Dougie.

Cue the clown music…

Councilman Ed Lane is transparent

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September 10, 2010

At the LFUCG Council Session last night, Ed Lane thought he was going to do something clever. Before the special investigation committee final report was put into the record, he thought he would make an emergency motion to block any actions on this report until people mentioned in this report could appear before them and speak (in over two weeks). And he stated about 5 times that he was doing so “for the sake of transparency”.

You know, so people like Bruce Sahli, who declined to speak to them and sued the committee for subpoenaing him, can have his say? Or perhaps he meant Bill Hamilton at KLC? Cheerleader Jay McChord spoke up in favor of Ed Lane, saying that there were indeed people who didn’t get to speak to the committee, and that isn’t right. Even though Jay McChord is on the committee and could have asked anyone to appear. You see, Jay gets so caught up in cheerleading for others sometimes that he winds up flogging himself. Cheerin’ ain’t easy.

Here’s what George Myers had to say:

Other council members appeared baffled by Lane’s motion, which he said was drafted by the city law department. The law department has recused itself from any dealings with the investigative committee because Johnston worked for Law Commissioner Logan Askew.

“I don’t understand,” said the committee’s chairman, George Myers. “He could have asked any questions of the committee at any time.”

In addition, Myers said, any council action on the report wasn’t scheduled to happen until the week of Sept. 21.

“It wasn’t necessary to block any action,” Myers said.

But don’t you see, George? Ed Lane, the man who met in secret with the internal audit board so they could sue the council so that they would not be able to see documents relating to their investigation, is all about transparency. Gosh, what’s so hard about that to understand?

Ed Lane is perhaps the most transparent person on the council. It’s rather obvious what’s behind every single thing he says, no?

Lexington’s Internal Audit Board goes retro

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August 17, 2010

Yes, the merry band of obstructionists has gone back and voted on their illegal move last week to sue George Myers’ committee without a public hearing.

Oh, and that not all. Here’s what they told George Myers when he wanted to say something at the meeting:

The audit board members would not let Myers speak because he had recused himself from the discussion about the subpoena at a previous audit board meeting.

“I think I have a right to ask questions about how we got here,” Myers said.

“I think the recusal would still be in play,” Rumpke said. “I thought you were recusing yourself from the issue, not just the meeting.”

Lane said that Myers’ dual role was clearly a conflict of interest.

Hilarious, no? Folks like Linda Rumpke and Ed Lane talking about “conflicts of interest”. All of Newberry’s horses and all of Newberry’s men think you are really, really stupid.

Oh, and did you catch who is getting the case on Friday?

At issue is whether the investigative committee, or by extension, the entire council, has subpoena power. Fayette Circuit Judge Ernesto Scorsone will hear the case Friday.


Lexington’s internal audit board has gone rogue

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August 13, 2010

Well, we’ve always suspected that they’ve been going rogue on Johnstongate, but here’s even more shady happenings.

Three members of the city’s Internal Audit Board met last week without holding a public meeting and agreed to file legal action to block a subpoena.

Under Kentucky law, public agencies can meet in secret to discuss litigation, but they must first convene in a meeting that’s open to the public and must later return to open session before taking any formal action.

Bruce Sahli, director of the internal audit division, canvassed three of the board’s four voting members by phone before he authorized external attorney Terry Sellars to file a petition to block a subpoena from an Urban County Council investigative committee, Sellars said.

Well isn’t that marvelous. The one they didn’t consult at all was Myers. You know, the guy that as chair of the special investigation committee had subpoenaed Sahli. Oh, but never fear, they are meeting in the open next Tuesday to “retroactively” approve the action.

But what are “rules” and “openness” to the Mayor of Oz’s attack squad of flying monkeys?

Also, the LHL’s editorial from today states the obvious to anyone paying attention, as they scratch their head at Newberry’s “ridiculous” claim that the investigation into the Johnston matter is unwarranted. In reaction to Newberry’s “stunning” line in the letter to Mountjoy:

What’s stunning is that Newberry thinks anyone who’s been paying attention would fall for that.

Yes, but Newberry knows that he’s in big trouble on this, first hand. He was in the field polling last week with plenty of questions about his administration’s “handling” of Johnston’s allegations. Based on his effort to rewrite history and assault logic this week, I’d say those numbers weren’t pretty and he can only hope to confuse to public until they’re indifferent.

We’ll see. Be sure to tune into the Twitter Machine on Monday at 2:00 for the next round of questioning from the special investigation committee. Logan Askew is up first again. Well, that is if he shows up. Should be entertaining, either way.

The Sylvia Lovely comeback tour

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July 27, 2010

Yesterday, Sylvia Lovely gave a strange/bizarre/surreal interview with Gabe Bullard of WFPL. The media folks and Crit Luallen are just a bunch of meanies who distorted the so-called misdeeds of the Kentucky League of Cities and Sylvia Lovely. And the KLC was totally private, they like didn’t receive money from governments around the state at all. She was bringing back important art work. Listen to it all here.

Oh, and I missed this, but KLC/Johnston/fraud obstructionist Ed Lane’s new issue has a very nice press release printed verbatim by Sylvia Lovely telling us how great she is. She is a woman of fearless leadership and vision.

Sylvia Lovely’s Elvis Comeback Tour is well underway, my friends. Hop on board.

A series of coincidences

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July 12, 2010

A Herald Leader editorial last week asks if it is a coincidence that the long-overdue firing of KLC ED Bill Hamilton happened just as the LFUCG investigation into fraud allegations with the hiring of KLC began.

Surely, this is just one of a series of coincidences happening around Lexington’s city hall.

Just like it was a total coincidence that Patrick Johnston’s position was eliminated by the Newberry administration, and it had nothing to do with him calling out funny business in Lexington’s insurance procurement.

Just like it was a total coincidence that LFUCG’s lawyer Logan Askew (max Newberry donor) hired outside counsel Terry Sellars (max Newberry donor) who told internal auditor Bruce Sahli to withhold Johnston’s fraud reports from the council unless the internal audit board told him to (chaired by Newberry’s campaign treasurer Dewitt Hisle, made up of his Senior Adviser, Finance Commissioner, and 4 of the 7 members being max Newberry donors).

Just like it was a total coincidence that the internal audit board kept non-Newberry staffer and contributor George Myers in the total dark about Johnston’s allegations, and also mysteriously canceled their meeting where they could have permitted Sahli to give the council these documents.

Just like it was a total coincidence that Ed Lane (internal audit board member and max Newberry donor) tried to block the effort of Myers to remove Hisle as chair of the board and called the actions of Myers “political”.

Just like it was a total coincidence that Sellars told the council that they did not have the right to request Johnston’s fraud reports, citing one sentence out of context of a paragraph that explicitly stated that the council did have this power.

All coincidences, I assure you.




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