Berea delays vote on fairness ordinance

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June 22, 2011

It looks like the citizens of Berea will have to wait a while longer before their council votes on whether they will continue to allow discrimination:

On Tuesday night, the Berea City Council announced it will take longer than expected to come to a decision about the possibility of a city fairness ordinance. The council has held public forums on the ordinance, which would prohibit discrimination in the workplace and housing market due to sexual orientation and gender identity.

“It’s a very serious issue,” says Diane Kerby, who serves on the council. ”One that deserves as much time as it needs to make sure that we’re making the right decision and that we consider all the various comments and support.”

Chris Hartman’s Fairness Campaign has lobbied for the ordinance. Although the decision will be delayed, he says he isn’t dismayed by the announcement.

“I’m not concerned that it’s not going to happen,” he says. ”Certainly I want the city to be certain that they’re moving in the right direction. It’s just the legislative process sometimes takes longer than I’d like.”

Well, that gives you a little more time to lobby your council members, Berea.


Berea Council to decide on fairness ordinance vote today

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June 20, 2011

The Berea City Council will decide today on whether to vote on adopting a fairness ordinance. If Berea adopts the ordinance, that would make them the fourth city in Kentucky to do so (along with the Godless gay-loving cities Louisville, Lexington and Covington).

Berea had its final public forum on the matter last week, in which they were presented with some more lovely logic from advocates of discrimination and fearmongering:

“We have a wonderful community,” Jeff Osborne, pastor of Berea Evangelistic Church, said before the hearing. “To see mostly outsiders pushing this agenda in this direction, creating a rift that’s not been here before, … it grieves me.”

“I don’t hate nobody,” he added. “I didn’t ask for this struggle.”


“We hear a lot of about ‘What would Jesus do?’ “I’ll tell you what Jesus would do— he’d keep his word,” said Donald Vanwinkle, who said the city was exposing itself to potential lawsuits if it sought to protect “sexual deviation.”

Fortunately, as WFPL reports, the “outside agitators” outnumbered the bigots at the forum 35-11. We’ll see today if it will come to the full Council for a vote, which very well may make Berea the only dry city in America to also pass a fairness ordinance on its own.

So we’ll see if Berea remains a city, like Hazard, where gay people can legally be kicked out of public places and told to “read the Bible”. Not the “love thy neighbor” and “due unto others” parts, I’m guessing.

Bigots defend discrimination at Berea public forum on fairness ordinance

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May 11, 2011

The Berea, KY city council held their public forum last night on a possible fairness ordinance in the city, which the religious right used to express their “concerns“:

“I’m not aware of intolerance,” he said. “I think it’s more about favoritism. You’re imposing the ideas of a few people upon the rights of others. … It’s going to hurt our communities. It’s going to hurt our families. It’s not a good thing.”


“Freedom isn’t fair, and a stifling fairness isn’t free,” he said.


Jaime Morris said that if a gay couple wanted to rent a residence from her, she should have the right to refuse.

“I have two small children,” she said. “I should be able to say ‘no.’”

Yes, because everyone knows that if a gay person lives next to you, they will either molest your child or recruit them into the homosexual lifestyle. GRRRR.

Fortunately, there were plenty of people there to advocate against discrimination and for basic civil rights.

Phillip Bailey of WFPL interviewed the Fairness Campaign’s Chris Hartman about the meeting, which you should go listen to now.

We welcome you to join us into the 21st century, Berea, it’s a lovely place. And if Kentucky wants to join Louisville, Lexington and Covington next year by passing a statewide fairness ordinance… well, I guess you’d shock me and I’d take down the Twain quote for good.

Berea, KY to consider fairness ordinance tomorrow night

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May 9, 2011

If you live in Berea and think that gay people should not be discriminated against in employment, housing, and public accommodations, head down to your city council meeting tomorrow night at 6:30 and let them know how you feel. It’s time to follow Lexington, Louisville and Covington into the wonderful world of the 21st century.

Here’s the what/where/when from the Kentucky Fairness Alliance:

Tomorrow, members of the Berea City Council will again be holding a public forum to consider the establishment of a Berea City Human Rights Commission as well as an amendment to the local ordinance to extend protections against discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations to individuals based upon sexual orientation and gender identity. We want to ask you to join KFA, and supporters of Fairness to attend this historic meeting where Berea has the potential to join other cities like Louisville, Lexington, and Covington in protecting people from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. The City Council needs to hear that these matters are important to Berea residents. Bring your family, friends, and pro-Fairness allies with you to show support. Public comments will be heard by members of the City Council.

What: Berea City Council Public Forum

When: TOMORROW, Tuesday, May 10th 6:30 PM

Where: 1st floor of the Police and Municipal Building, 314 Chestnut Street, Berea, KY

Intellectual child abusers at AiG admit to AP that they discriminate against gays, yet call me "intolerant"

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February 21, 2011

Ken Ham and the good folks at Answers in Genesis are in full out damage control mode. Getting caught red-handed discriminating against what they perceived to be a gay couple, they now realize that their chance to get a $40 million welfare hand out from the government to build a giant Dineysore Boat is now seriously in jeopardy.

And they didn’t help their cause much by finally admitting to the AP (which was published everywhere) that despite their previous lies, they did have a policy that no gays were allowed in the Creation Museum:

Museum spokesman Mark Looy told The Kentucky Enquirer that the promotional material for the Date Night made it clear the event was for heterosexual couples only.

Of course, that itself is a lie (as I’ve already pointed out, there was no such disclaimer on their promotion), but at least they no longer are denying the fact that they do discriminate. Not against insane people that shoot folks in the head, but definitely gay people.

Which of course means that their $40 million government welfare handout is in serious jeopardy. As Gov. Steve Beshear previously stated:

Gov. Steve Beshear said Thursday that he will require the state’s contract with developers of a Noah’s Ark-based theme park in Northern Kentucky to prohibit the project from receiving state tax incentives if there is discrimination in hiring based on religion or other attributes.


“We’re going to require that anybody that we deal with is going to obey all of the laws on hiring and not discriminate on hiring,” Beshear said. “As a matter of fact, part of the language that will be in agreements … is that they are going to abide by the law in terms of hiring and that they agree not to discriminate, so we will certainly have the ability to deal with it if we find that it happens.”

Add to that the fact that their advertisements for Ark Encounter jobs already are requiring a Christian Purity Pledge, and I think you can pretty much put the nail in the coffin on their $40 million government welfare handout to build a giant boat and tell kids that a 600-year old man herded T-Rexes and Sauropods onto it a few thousand years ago.

Seeing their $40 million scam go up in smoke, it’s no surprise that the con artists at Answers in Genesis are lashing out. An AiG flak was on hate radio merchant Bill Cunningham‘s show today, lying repeatedly (they make a good living off of that, so they know how to do it well by now) about what happened and, get this, calling me “intolerant” because I don’t believe that gay people are going to hell, humans used to ride on saddled dinosaurs, and they should get $40 million in tax breaks to spread this.

Here’s where my good friends at AiG went wrong. In order to create controversy off of fake “Christians are oppressed!” garbage and raise money off of it (this is AiG’s business model), you don’t punch down, you punch up. You go after the Pope, you go after Glenn Beck, you go after big lamestream media liberals and professors with beards. Going after bloggers for buying a ticket and trying to eat dinner? Total snoozefest. How in the world are you going to create faux outrage and raise money off of that? You’ve gotta punch up, lest you give some dirty blogger tons of ink explaining your scheme to get $40 million in welfare hand outs from the government, since you can’t build your own business without Big Brother’s help and money.

Yes, Ken Ham tried really hard to be part of the Dependency Class, but it looks like the gig is up. I wish Ken Ham the best of luck building his Giant Dineysore Boat without the financial assistance of the government, but I’m not sure that he’ll be able to. He definitely has proven his ability to con weak-minded people into believing that the Flintstones was a documentary and build a business model that takes advantage of kids’ love of dinosaurs (and now dragons). Ham is a skilled grifter, I will concede that point. But can he pull off a $150 million scam? Prove me wrong Ken, Brandon and I would love to visit!

In the meantime, remember what Rod Flanders said:

You Have the Right to Remain Fabulous!

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February 15, 2011

FYI: The original Flinstone Truthers were extremely flamboyant:

Quick Hit: What We Do Is Secret

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February 15, 2011

In case anyone is wondering what went down at the Creation Museum on Friday night, other than the whole hating teh gays thing, I offer you a teaser: Two heathen hetero couples entered without incident (more or less) and enjoyed a delightful meal followed by some songs and jokes by the evening’s entertainment. At least one of those couples also fornicated in several un-Christian fashions afterward. (Pretty sure the “gay couple” didn’t even give each other HJs.)

If you want to support the work done here, please chip in to B&P here or here. Thanks!


No same sex couples allowed at the Creation Museum Date Night (UPDATE)

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February 12, 2011

I rushed back from DC to my old Kentucky home last night to attend the spectacular “Date Night at the Creation Museum“, where my date and I were to take in a nice dinner and listen to Ken Ham explain what makes a good relationship work.

Unfortunately, we were told at the door that we would not be allowed entry.

They explained to us (my friends, I arrived after them) that the Creation Museum Date Night was a “Christian environment”, therefore the presence of two men eating dinner together would not be allowed. The very sight of this would “add an un-Christian element to the event” and “disrupt the evening for everyone”.

Times have changed, I guess.

The Creation Museum rep further informed us that you cannot be a Christian if you are gay, asking “can you tell me what exactly is Christian about being gay?”. How can you argue with that logic?

When asked for the refund on our tickets, which were purchased in advance, he informed us that there would be no refund, since it said explicitly on their Website that “no gay couples would be permitted to attend their Date Night”. That is certainly an interesting admission, despite the fact that it isn’t true:

The Better Business Bureau has already been contacted.

And remember, these are the very same people that are claiming that they will not discriminate in hiring for their new Dineysore Ark Park in order to receive $40 million in tax breaks from our fearless leader, Governor Steve Beshear. This, despite the fact that their job advertisements for Ark Encounter explicitly state that applicants must sign a Christian oath purity pledge. And can you really expect Ken Ham to hire a gay employee and pay them money, when they won’t even accept money from two men to attend their business, because the appearance of possible Gayness would make their heads explode?

Of course not. This is who they are.

Anyway, the great irony is that while two men were not allowed to attend the Creation Museum last night, guess who they are welcoming with open arms today? None other than Jeffrey Bornhoeft, a lovely fellow making his first trip out of Ohio since the time that he shot his ex-wife’s husband three times in the head 11 years ago. Jeffrey is OK though, because he’s totally not into dudes.

So I unfortunately was not able to hear Ken Ham’s speech, the musical stylings of Ray Cummins, and the observe the rest of the evening. It’s a shame, I would have liked to share that with you. However, some friends of ours that you all know were there for the dinner and festivities, and you’ll be hearing from them shortly about all the fun going on in the 100% heterosexual Date Night at the Creation Museum.

UPDATE: One of those friends was Jonathan Meador of LEO. Here’s his account of what happened before he and his ladyfriend gained entry.

UPDATE 2: As I mentioned in the original post and pointed to in Meador’s detailed account, my friends got there before I did. There is a difference between “us” and “me”. Ken Ham decided to not allow us entry because he didn’t want two men eating together, because he is bigot, as much as he tries to pretend he isn’t one in order to get his $40 million hand out from the taxpayers of Kentucky. Go ride on your saddled dinosaur for a spell until you come to this realization.

UPDATE 3: A big thanks to Ken Ham for directing his readers our way! This is just the kind of boost we need to increase our advertising revenue! You’re all contributing money to un-Christian flamboyance while God is watching you, bwahahaha!

What kind of person is Jim Newberry?

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October 29, 2010

As Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry says in the video below, the values of political candidates are important, and they should be scrutinized. That is what this video does:

Do you share Jim Newberry’s values?

Todd Lally is a Trainwreck update

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October 21, 2010

Remember how gay-panicked Todd Lally said that gender discrimination doesn’t exist because his wife is successful and he’s never seen it? Well, he “clarified” those remarks in the last debate. As you can see, it might be because men are engineers (good at math!) and women are teachers (good with children!):

Those are the same women that he wants to go to jail if they refuse to give birth to their rapist’s baby.

Here’s another fun one. You know why it’s not important if young people have health insurance coverage. Because they don’t want it! And they don’t need it!

But besides his lack of respect for gays and women and young people, Lally’s real strength lies in his love for a good conspiracy theory.

Here Lally explains that Admiral Mullen only supports a repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell because he was bought off by the radical gay agenda:

And global warming is a grand international hoax of scientists, because of those two guys emailing each other about stuff that in no way effects the uniformity of acceptance of global warming among non-oil industry paid scientists:

In closing, just because people love it so much… they’re PEOPLE!:

John Yarmuth is looking for volunteers, fyi.




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