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Polling KY State Senate races shows tight races

KY Democrats think they have a shot at taking back the state senate this year. To take it back, they’ll have to win several close races, like the ones that Alessi polled below:

Senate 12th
Don Blevins (D)- 45%
Alice Forgy Kerr (R)- 40%

Senate 2nd
Bob Leeper (I)- 40%
Rex Smith (D)- 36%
Mike East (R)- 10%

Senate 8th
David Boswell (D)- 57%
Joe Bowen (R)- 35%

Senate 34th
Jared Carpenter (R)- 35%
Lee Murphy (D)- 32%

Hopefully Alessi polls the Senate 38th soon, as Marty Meyer has a decent chance of ousting The Suem this November.

Quick Hits: Yay! Snow Day! Edition

I’ve heard so many sirens today. I hope everyone is safe & sound!

  • I’m a Steelers fan, but I’m thrilled that the Saints won. And have I ever told you just how much I love that Scott Fujita?
  • Convicted murderer Scott Roeder may face federal charges in the assassination of Dr. George Tiller. Investigators are looking into violations of the FACE Act, as well as if Roeder had any accomplices in the murder.
  • Some would-be kidnappers request U.S. government assistance while they are jailed.
  • Some legislators want to keep Kentuckians poor.
  • Fucking David Boswell is at it again.
  • How is this for awesome? Reality-based education! Kentucky ranks 5th in poverty nationwide, 22nd in teen pregnancy rates, and is among the highest in cervical cancer deaths.
  • Anyone got any recs for a new camera? Mine bit the dust shortly after the New Year, and this pretty snowfall has me thinking about getting a new one.

You thought YOUR grade school experience was boring!

Well now, today’s Kentucky children may have to spend an hour a day on bible study:

“Three Democratic state senators are pushing a proposal to give public schools the option of teaching the Bible as an elective social studies course.

The class would “teach students knowledge of biblical content, characters, poetry and narratives that are prerequisites to understanding contemporary society and culture,” said Democratic Sen. David Boswell of Owensboro.”

Mercifully, Kentucky is at least not at the forefront on this particular fundamentalist nutty-fest:

According to the Bible Literacy Project, more than 350 public schools in 43 states have implemented courses on the Bible this school year. More than 50 are in Texas.

In 2007, Texas lawmakers passed a law requiring public high schools to teach Bible literacy beginning this year. The law did not call for specific guidelines from the state education department and left many educators confused.


Winners and Losers

Here are the winners and losers from last night’s splendor.

Loser: David Boswell- What happens when you run like a conservative homophobe anti-choice Republican, are lazy, don’t raise money, rely on D.C. insiders to make your ads, and have no grassroots support? Even in a wave year, apparently you get handily beaten.

Winners: Michael Kelley and Heather Ryan- Despite the best efforts of Jennifer Moore, these two brave candidates put their necks on the line in order the prevent two hideous Republicans from running unopposed. They had virtually zero support from the KDP, yet they managed to run energetic and honest campaigns without any dough. It’s a shame we treat those with the bravery to get in the race in such a way as to discourage others from doing so in the future. Speaking of…

Loser: Crit Luallen- Crit gets in the race against Mitch McConnell and she wins. Hands down. P.S. Crit- stop hinting to people that you’re thinking of running for Senate in 2010. No one believes you, and we’re not listening anymore.

Winner: John Yarmuth- John Yarmuth is the blueprint for success. Stand behind your progressive beliefs, and instead of apologizing for them, aggressively defend them and work your ass off. Yarmuth gave Northup an absolute stomping (an Orange Crush), one that is likely to put her out of politics for good. And Yarmuth? We’ll be keeping Louisville Yarmuth for many years to come.

Loser: KDP- Jeebus. Where do I even begin? The pathetic state senate efforts? The uncontested seats? Staffers trolling on blogs? Gutting the heart of the burgeoning grassroots activism that popped up in KY last year? Occassionally making one wish that the Lundergan filth was still running things? Way too much, and I don’t want to waste the energy.

Winner: Kathy Stein- Kick ass take no shit unapologetic liberal feminist, kicking the ass of CentrePointe enabler Chuck Ellinger. I mean absolutely stomping him. The Curse of CentrePointe is now 3-0. And here’s your picture, Kathy:

Loser: Kathy Groob- Lost all dignity by mailing out anti-choice lit AND lost by 2%. Nice twofer.

Winner: Mitch McConnell- Despite being an unrepentant douchebag, you won your seat and got your little protege Guthrie into D.C. with you. And your wife can make big lobbyist dough screwing workers now that she lost her low paying job screwing workers.

Loser: Mitch McConnell- D.C. is going to go seriously anti-pork next year, and you will be in a very very slim and powerless minority in the Senate the next two years. You also still have to look at your lipless soulless face every morning.

Winner: Young people- People aged 18-29 voted 66% for Obama, showing everyone that our generation is smarter and more tolerant and just more awesome in general than everyone else. We know greatness when we see it, and we know pathetic douchebaggery when we see it.

Loser: Appalachia- Despite the endless poverty that you are mired in, you continued to vote against Obama in numbers as big as anywhere else in the country. Word to the wise: Republicans don’t care about you.

Winner: The American People- You chose a winner. Maybe now you’ll understand that intelligence is slightly more important in picking a leader than who you want a beer with.

Loser: Bitter Fischer people- Congrats to all of the people harboring ill feelings from the primary and trying to salt the earth as you exited stage left. Classy. It’s sad to know that so many people with influence took a bit of joy in seeing Lunsford get beat. And it was touching to see Fischer go all out in support for the homophobe anti-choice Boswell…. you know, because he’s such a proud progressive. Oh, and thanks for ALL of your help against Mitch too, Mr. Chandler.

Winner: Terri Whitehouse- Breaking out titties on the grill and bonerz in hawt liveblawgin action.

Loser: Jake Payne- Selling out to the mainstream media…. for shame. And that forehead glare…. ugh.

Winner: Felons- Apparently, there are some states where they don’t mind sending you to the Senate. Another example of why Kentucky isn’t the most backwards place in America…. there’s always Alaska.

Loser: John McCain- Much like Kathy Groob, you abandoned what you believed in to get elected, and couldn’t even do it right. Congrats on making 30% of the country think that our new President is a Commie Terrorist, I’m sure that will make his very serious job much easier, and the Secret Services job much harder.

Winner: Sarah Palin- Nice threads. You must now ask yourself this question: Which do you want more, your own reality show, or Ted Stevens’ Senate seat when he goes to the pokey. Warning: the Senate seat requires that you read and learn stuff (with the Jim Bunning exception, of course).

Loser: Steve Beshear- Squandering Democratic momentum in one year at the speed of sound.

Winner: Howard Dean- The 50-state strategy has been 100% vindicated. Eat it, James Carville.

Ack. Lemme know if I forgot any in the comments.

Boswell internal poll shows him 8 points up on Guthrie

David Boswell came out with an internal poll yesterday showing him up 8 points on Brett Guthrie in the 2nd District Congressional race (41-33, 26% undecided).

Internal polls are mostly bullshit, but I tend to read them as typically 5-10 points inflated for their candidate. So my reading on this is that the race remains dead even. The margin of the poll will likely get the attention of the DCCC, and perhaps lure some funding their way. But throwing Nancy Pelosi under the bus at the DNC didn’t help matters much.

Boswell (D) up 3 points on Guthrie (R) in 2nd District race

In the race to replace retiring Reverend Ron Lewis’ 2nd Congressional seat, slightly repugnant Democratic State Senator David Boswell has a 47-44% advantage over Republican McConnell-protege Brett Guthrie, according to a new SUSA poll.

IMO, this is fairly remarkable stuff that indicates that The Great Democratic Wave of 2008 might not leave out us in Kentucky.

The great news from the cross-tabs is Boswell leads Guthrie among “moderates” 62-29%.

However, a few caveats.

1. David Boswell is a big-time Blue Dog who makes Ben Chandler look like Dennis Kucinich. This guy will disappoint us endlessly.
2. David Boswell is a really lazy fundraiser who is behind almost 4-1 in cash to Guthrie. If he doesn’t pick up the pace, Guthrie will bury him in ads and take the race.
3. Within the margin of error and 30% say they could change their mind. A looooong way to go on this one, people.
4. “Liberals” make up only 9% of the very conservative district.

However, primary season is over and we’re stuck with what we have. As much as Boswell makes us cringe (and he will), he’ll be more reliable than another Mitch McConnell stooge who would probably hold that seat for quite a while if he gets into office.

Hold your nose, and ride the wave.

David Boswell is lazy

The rumors I’ve been hearing for a month about David Boswell appear to be true. I’ve been hearing that Boswell isn’t willing to spend any of his time raising money and is incredibly lazy when it comes to taking his campaign seriously. He thinks that he can sleepwalk into Congress. And Hebert reports that he has only raised a measly $34,000. Pathetic.

Meanwhile, his possible Republican opponent Brett Guthrie has already raised $400,000. And if he keeps this crap up , he might actually have to waste that money trying to beat Reid Haire in the primary.

Get on the ball, Boswell, you’re long overdue to start taking this race seriously.