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Kentucky Tea Party challenges KY GOP to abandon gubernatorial candidate Williams

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October 6, 2011

LEO’s Sonka reports Kentucky Tea Party guru and mastermind behind Rand Paul’s primary victory, David Adams, has directed the Tea Party forces against the state’s Republican Party in an exercies in reality:

Last Chance to Save November

There are several reasons David Williams won’t be elected Governor of Kentucky in November. Voting nine times with Steve Beshear to “balance” the state budget with debt and federal stimulus funds rank high on the list. Dramatically increasing his own pension and then playing dumb when he was called on it didn’t help matters either.

We can waste time arguing about how we got into such a mess, but the fact is we are here. Republican establishment types like to talk about party loyalty at times like this, but how loyal is it to the party and its principles to lose all the down-ticket races trying to prop up a gubernatorial candidate whose fate is so clearly sealed?

Please contact Republican Party of Kentucky leadership and ask them to face reality before it is too late.

You’ll want to read Adams’ full-on assault as well as Sonka’s follow-up interview with him… and why he’s advocating for Kemper but leaving some dude named Bill Johnson out to dry.

David Adams not eyeing Beshear, but RPK

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June 27, 2011

From David Adams’s new Kentucky Knows Best PAC:

Tea party supporters in Kentucky will strongly resist any efforts to delay Republican Party of Kentucky reorganization elections by a year, Kentucky Knows Best PAC executive director David Adams said.

“The Republican Party is the vehicle for the tea party to restore sovereignty to the individual in America,” Adams said. “Reorganizing the Republican Party and writing the 2012 platform is a key step in this process so any effort to delay those things won’t be viewed favorably. I was able to make a brief video presentation on tax reform to the 2008 RNC platform committee, mostly because I knew when and where to show up. Lots of Kentuckians would love to have their voices heard on the issues of the day and we are going to work very hard to see that in 2012 the process is opened up to many more of them.”


David Adams starting tea party PAC

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May 25, 2011

David Adams (Phil Moffett’s campaign manager) may have lost last Tuesday, but he has plans on sticking around. cn|2 reports that he is going to start up a new PAC that will raise money for tea party candidates in local/statewide Kentucky races:

Fresh off a loss in the Republican gubernatorial primary, conservative political consultant David Adams is switching from managing campaigns to starting a conservative political action committee.

Adams confirmed to Pure Politics that he will serve as executive director of the Kentucky Knows Best Leadership PAC. Paperwork for the PAC has not yet been filed with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance, but Adams said he was in the process of submitting it.

The PAC will focus on state elections, and Adams said he has no plans for the PAC to get involved in federal elections. Adams said the group will get involved in races for state House, state Senate and statewide constitutional offices and would advocate for tea party principles. He said the group has not decided whether to get involved in local mayor or city council races.

This seems like a great idea, because if there’s anything this year’s election showed, it’s that David Adams can raise loads of money for candidates. Hrm. What does David say about that?

“We don’t want to overextend immediately,” Adams said. “We need to be very, very careful in our selection. Funds are limited, so we have to demonstrate value in order to attract funds.”

David, may I suggest a moneybomb? Those never fail.

Best of luck to David Adams in his pursuits, and I mean that. May they have great success in challenging mainstream Republicans in many bloody primaries to come.

In Liberty,

Kentucky Republicans are united! (VIDEO)

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May 21, 2011

Well, not really. But they sure put on a good face today at the Republican Party of Kentucky headquarters for their much hyped “unity rally“.

I got there at noon and there was already a packed house, with people spilling outside. Rep. Brett Guthrie MC’d, introducing AG candidate Todd P’Pool, Sen. Mitch McConnell, and Rand Paul (via video). P’Pool was up first and said that he wanted Jerry Abramson to come down to Western Kentucky in his “alligator boots” and explain his position on “the unborn”. He didn’t mention the J-word, but oddly enough Rand Paul spoke next while wearing a light blue yarmulke (or maybe it was doctor scrubs), praising Richie Famer. Mitch McConnell spoke next and mentioned how electing David Williams will “stop Barack Obama”, adding the lie that America resembles Greece. Very shaky video of him below:

Then it was time for the man of the hour, David Williams, as he spoke with the entire Republican ticket, Phil Moffett, and Bobbie Holsclaw on stage behind him. (first minute is shaky, apologies):

As you can see, David Williams suddenly has an amazing amount of respect for the work that Phil Moffett has done. Mmm hmm. The man is a talented actor, I’ll give him that.

Afterwards, I spoke with David Adams. I asked him if he’s going to support David Williams. He made a funny face and said “no comment”. I think you can read between the lines there. Also of note is that I didn’t see many familiar tea party faces that usually come to events like these, like our dear friend Mica Sims.

United? Color me skeptical, though this giant dose of ass-kissing by David Williams today certainly didn’t hurt.

Teabags without a cup in Kentucky

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May 20, 2011

We mentioned yesterday how the Kentucky Persons of Tea took a great deal of the shine off David Williams’ nomination Tuesday, as Phil Moffett whipped him in the Golden Triangle and turned what was supposed to be a landslide into a few hours of indigestion. But now where will they go? To David Williams, the man they castigated as a big spending, big taxing, part-of-the-problem career politician? To the Last Free Man in America and the original tea partier, Gatewood Galbraith? Or, dare we ask, Steve Beshear?

Well, there have been a few stories asking their “leadership” which way they are looking, and my goodness is it fascinating.

Paul Keith
of the Bowling Green Tea Party says he’ll fall in line behind Williams, but he says that doing so will be hard for many:

“But I’ve been reading blogs and Facebook postings all morning, and it ain’t good. They don’t like Williams, and they don’t like him even a little bit.”


“At some point they are going to mellow out and think about this and most of them will decide that David Williams is … the lesser of two evils,” he said.

Phil Moffett? Not exactly a ringing endorsement:

Moffett said he hasn’t decided to what degree he’ll help Williams and plans to meet with him soon to talk about what role he might play in the fall campaign.


“I think he has a lot of work to do in that regard,” Moffett said. “I’ll be happy to make all the introductions he needs into the tea party, but it’s going to be up to him.”

Wendy Caswell of the Louisville Tea Party?

Wendy Caswell, president of the Louisville Tea Party, said she doesn’t know how successful Williams will be in getting the tea party backing. But she said her group would consider him at some point between now and November.

“David Williams could possibly get the support but he’s really going to have to court the tea party to get them under his wing,” she said.

David Adams is busy tweeting about “scheming” in Lexington and Bowling Green, while saying things like this:

Adams said it’s possible some Tea Party and Moffett supporters might get behind Williams — if Williams engages Tea Party groups in “a serious dialogue.”

Randy Keller of the Bowling Green Tea Party?

“The Tea Party vote is totally up is in the air,” Randy Keller, a member of the Bowling Green/Southern Kentucky Tea Party, told Pure Politics in a phone interview.


“Ninety-five percent of tea party people will not endorse Williams at all,” Keller said.

But what about the most serious and thoughtful and important voice that should be listened to among the Kentucky teabaggers, and certainly the Kentucky media, our good old friend Mica Sims?

But at least one of Moffett’s strongest supporters said backing Beshear is a possibility.

“The tea party has its own mind,” said Mica Sims, a member of the Lexington Tea Party and a blogger. “I’m hearing it all. But a lot of my group will be voting for Beshear.”

Sims said the logic for voting for Beshear is that if a state is stuck with candidates who all could “mismanage the state,” it would be better to pick one that is limited to serving only four more years. Beshear is limited by law to serving beyond two terms.

That’s the awesome logic that we’ve come to know and love from old Mica. Sage.

So what’s to be learned by this, besides the obvious fact that David Williams is going to have to work for their support?

Well, David Williams should be spending the next few months beginning his move to the political center so that he’s more appealing to all of those conservative Democrats that might be willing to give him a chance. Instead, he’s now going to have to beg and plead to the radical wing of the party, all while the voters in the center watch.

The point being: Steve Beshear is thanking God (the one who ordered T-Rexes onto Noah’s Ark and told them to not eat anything while on board) for the great gift that is the tea party.

David Adams brings out the game changer

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May 17, 2011

With no money, no TV ads and very little hope for a victory over David Williams today in the GOP gubernatorial primary, things were looking bleak for Phil Moffett.

That is, until campaign manager David Adams dropped this Twitter Bomb on the Commonwealth this afternoon:

We now have a race on our hands, people.

Herald Leader endorses David Williams

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May 8, 2011

It’s always fun to watch the Herald Leader editorial team choose the “best” candidate in Republican primaries. I have a feeling that Holsclaw is probably the least repulsive to them, but they chose to give David Williams the “kiss of death” because… hey, why not? It’s fun to watch the Bully sweat.

Shockingly, David Adams hasn’t tweeted out “I told you David Williams was a socialist!” yet…

Great Moments in David Adams

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May 4, 2011

What do you do to counter the bus tour of an opponent who has a UK basketball legend (and Elementary school valedictorian) on its ticket? David Adams knows:

This is a great idea. And since the Moffett campaign is pulling in the endorsement of fringe tea party people from around the country that nobody in Kentucky knows, why not bring in a heavy hitter endorsement like Dean Smith? Total game changer. Also, the four corners offense perfectly fits the Moffett campaign right now, as they’ve got a comfortable lead over Williams and simply need to run out the clock at this point.

People react in different ways…

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May 2, 2011

Different people reacted in different ways to the news that US special forces killed Osama bin Laden last night. Some had joy. Some had cynicism. Some reflected on the pain of 9/11 and the last 10 years. Some worried/hoped about where America would go from here. Some had unbridled blood lust. To each his/her own.

Some, shortly after midnight, even posted a link on Ryan Alessi’s Facebook page to promote their campaign website touting the endorsement of an Arizona sheriff that no one’s ever heard before:

To each his own…

Unknown Republican for Phil Moffett

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April 26, 2011

Phil Moffett’s campaign manager David Adams just tweeted that he “expects establishment heads to explode” over this video:

I’m not sure why a video of a failed Alaskan candidate that no one knows in Kentucky (Joe Miller, whose claim to fame is losing last year with 34% of the vote, a whopping 69,762 votes) endorsing Phil Moffett is going to make heads “explode”. But there’s a lot about David Adams that I don’t understand…

Sarah Palin or GTFO!




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