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Conway rules Beshear admin can’t deny request for Ark Encounter study

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March 11, 2011

KY State Senator Darryl Owens recently submitted an open records request for “Ark Encounter’s” joke feasibility study, and was denied by the tourism department. Today, Attorney General Jack Conway had a difference of opinion:

The state tourism department cannot withhold information about a Bible-themed amusement park without giving justification for its decision, the state Attorney General’s office has ruled.


However, the Attorney General said the department “failed to meet the assigned burden of proof” that the disputed records are confidential and could have given a brief description of the competitive harm their release would cause.

Owens said he would file another records request for the information.

“My concern is what the basis is for the preliminary approval of these tax incentives,” Owens said.

Tourism officials said they were studying the opinion.

I guess we’ll see if “because I said so” passes muster.

Also, Owens and his badass salmon suit just raised the bar on badassedness.




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