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David Williams says KDP Chair "looks like Aqua Buddha"

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May 16, 2011

From cn|2, we see David Williams out on the campaign trail trying to shed his “Bully from Burkesville” image, as he says that KDP Chairman Daniel Logsdon “looks like Aqua Buddha”:

David Williams is free to call other people fat, however, because he himself is the model of male fitness.

If you’re counting at home, Williams has now lost his temper on Logsdon and that guy that everybody hates because he’s so mean and uncivil, Bill Goodman of KET. And we haven’t even reached the general election yet, when negative ads are going to be hammering Williams day and night.


"Crazy Dave’s Fire Sale" — a KDP PDF

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February 9, 2011

The KDP sent an email out today highlighting David Williams’ television-gate.

Here’s a preview of the flyer…

And here’s the text of the email and the link to view the PDF (warning: PDF… which on my computer has to be blown up to 300% to become readable) for “CRAZY DAVID’S FIRE SALE”:

Dear Fellow Democrat,

Republican Senate President David Williams is the kind of guy who knows how to appreciate the good things in life. A couple of years ago, he decided his office didn’t suit a man of his stature and he’d spruce up his surroundings a little. Actually, let me clarify that – he decided to spruce up his surrounding A LOT.

Williams spent $639,000 of taxpayer funds to give his office an upgrade including new furniture, some beautiful new cherry wood paneling and, if you can believe it, a $17,000 flat screen TV. You read that right, $17,000 for a flat screen TV. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t call that excessive and that $17,000 marvel of modern technology was seen by a lot of folks as a potent symbol of Williams’ excesses.

Now David is taking his show on the road to convince Kentucky voters he’s the kind of man we can trust to watch over our state’s resources and he’s working like crazy to make that TV go away. Yesterday he announced he is moving it to the State Senate chambers, where he intended to put it all along. (I know, I know – I don’t buy it either!) He even said he bought a new TV for his office down at Office Deport and paid for it with his very own money. Well, good for him – of course the most expensive TV that Office Depot sells is about $9,000 less than the one he bought with your money. Maybe we’ll just chalk that up to it being a buyer’s market and all.

Well, we wish the best of luck to David with his attempts to get rid of the evidence of his excess. We even decided to give him a hand by putting together an ad that might help him get rid of some of his bigger ticket items.


Buyer beware, I guess.


Dan Logsdon,
Chairman, Kentucky Democratic Party

So… good, bad, ugly, funny?

I’ll go with scary: 300% David Williams!

Another reason to love Daniel Logsdon

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June 23, 2010

Not only does the new KDP chair get his raindance on with good upstanding public servants like Mitch McConnell and Ernie Fletcher ($1,500), but according to Andy Mead’s article, he’s a fan Jim “Mr. Ethics and Transparency” Newberry ($500 last month).

But seriously, who among us hasn’t thrown chump change (a couple thousand $) to embarrassing and deeply harmful politicians before? It’s as American as apple pie and beating your old lady. Don’t be hatin’ on the KDP’s glorious re-birth as an efficient political machine.

Daniel Logsdon named Chairman and ED of KDP

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June 19, 2010

The Kentucky Democratic Party makes it official:

Daniel Logsdon has been appointed the new Chairman and Executive Director of the Kentucky Democratic Party effective July 1. The party’s State Central Executive Committee met on Saturday and approved Governor Steve Beshear’s recommendation of Logsdon for the job.

Logsdon, 40, who lives in Lexington, has served as Deputy Chief of Staff for Gov. Beshear since September. Prior to joining the Beshear administration, Logsdon worked for Windstream Communications for five years, supervising local and state government affairs in Kentucky and Pennsylvania. He has also served as Deputy Treasurer for Jonathon Miller.

“Daniel has been one my most trusted and important advisors in his capacity as Deputy Chief of Staff,” said Gov. Beshear. “He has valuable contacts across Kentucky at all levels of the party. He also has keen political insight as a strategist and a proven ability to raise the resources necessary to wage vigorous and successful campaigns. I have every confidence that he will be an outstanding Chairman and Executive Director for the Party during a pivotal time.”

Addressing the party’s State Central Executive Committee Logsdon said, “I will run a lean and responsive operation that works to contain costs. The money that flows in will be spent to elect Democrats. I’m excited about the opportunity to work with each of you to ensure that the Kentucky Democratic Party becomes the new template for how to win elections in the 21st century.”

Go Clippers!




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