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Gordon Brown isn’t as smart as Dan Mongiardo

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April 29, 2010

Obviously, Gordon Brown handled this the wrong way. All he had to do was say that the tape was altered and this is just underhanded political shenanigans, like Dan Mongiardo did when he got caught calling Steve Beshear a whore, SOB and worst governor in Kentucky history.

After all, about every media outlet in the state (except the Herald-Leader, I think) bought that insanity by saying “alledgedly” in their reporting and leaving it at that.

Dan Mongiardo will be the first to tell you, Gordon Brown: lying works.

Lt. Dan must be seeing scary poll numbers…

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April 28, 2010

… to say something like this to supporters:

Now, when you say the “truth”, Dan… are you talking about paying for the flight to Vegas for the plastic surgery convention? Or not calling Governor Beshear a whore, SOB and worst KY governor ever? Or supporting health care reform? Or being “pro-life“? Or that meth labs have doubled? Or not being a developer? Or your totally original op-eds? Or how the PSC works?

Because all this “truth” you’re laying down for us sure seems confusing…

Lt. Dan wades into Great Orange Satan again. And gets slapped down again.

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April 28, 2010

One of my favorite moments from the Senate campaign was when conservative DINO Dan Mongiardo paid $3000 to Markos for a big prominent ad on DailyKos, the home of take-no-shit-from-DINOS liberals. And less than two weeks later, Dan was called a worthless DINO who should be defeated in a post on the front page by Markos himself. Money well spent!

But now it appears that someone, either a mysterious gung-ho liberal supporter (yeah right) or a Mongiardo staffer, has decided to dip their toes back into the water with a DailyKos diary about the faux-utilities “scandal” talking point of the Mongiardo campaign that no one in the media is buying. With no citations, of course. How was he treated in the comments?:

Kinder Morgan is a pipeline company. It earns a fixed amount for each cubic foot of natural gas that flows through its pipelines, under long term contracts. Its earnings have nothing whatsoever to do with utility rate increases.

Looks like Mongiardo is scared that he’s
Gonna lose the dem primary. Sending out one of his cronies to do his dirty work on this site. We’re not buying this B.S.

Supply us links to the public record
or face ridicule and derision here. You are breaking site rules by not citing sources for your accusations.

Also a bannable offense now, if you are on a
campaign, and aren’t disclosing it openly.

Conway is still a better choice that Mongiardo.nt

How much has Mongiardo gotten from big coal….
one hand washes the other in politics.

I never heard of an AG approving a rate increase.
I see no links or information sources.

You have no links, this is a bad diary
that does a hit job on a primary opponent you’re supporting the other guy. See, that’s not ok here.

I don’t know which guy is better in the primary, I read about it and decided who the progressive was or Kos told us on the front page and I’ve forgotten. You haven’t made the case. You wrote a hit piece, and a hit piece ought to also at least have links to your accusations, which you don’t.

Bad, bad diary. I am swatting your diary with a rolled up newspaper. I’d hr it but that’s wouldn’t rise to the level though this diary thumbs its nose at the diary writing guidelines in the FAQ to CITE YOUR SOURCES or face the wrath of trusted users.

Damn! Tis some mighty strong FAIL
you have here with this diary, Dr. Mongiardo!
err.. I mean “Rural Kentucky Dem.”

I find it iteresting in that this diary……….
repeats a talking point that leads Mongiardo’s current TV attack ad buys in Kedntucky. Mongiardo was unable to beat old, batshit crazy Bunning last time. I am not willing to give him another chance.

Go Conway!

Hey, don’t let this discourage you, Kimball! I’m sure once they get to know Dan, these fancy big-city liberals will love him!

Dan Mongiardo, health care reform, and shrinks

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April 28, 2010

Dan Mongiardo says that those who don’t want health care reform need to see a shrink. Lookie:

Here’s hoping he’s getting the help he thinks he needs.

Dan Mongiardo now tries to say that he’s pro-choice

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April 27, 2010


The contrast that’s lacking on abortion among Republican candidates will likely be abundant in the fall general election. Democratic front-runners Mongiardo and Conway support the right of a woman to decide whether to get an abortion.

“As a doctor, I understand that a federal ban on abortion could imperil some women’s health,” said Mongiardo, a Hazard physician. “The fact is, however, the United States Supreme Court has ruled that women have the right to make their own reproductive decisions.”

Looks like Dan’s willing to change his views on reproductive rights. Well, at least until the primary’s over.

We have this stuff called videotape, Dan:

Unless he’s actual changed his mind over the last few months. If so, please explain your come to Jeebus moment, Dan. I’d be fascinated to hear. (I’m guessing they involve poll numbers…)

Jack Conway’s new web ad

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April 27, 2010

Too big to whatevah…

Kentucky bloggers ethics panel

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April 26, 2010

Politics bloggers are quite free to advocate for or against candidates, but when you are quite literally on the payroll of an official political campaign, you are most certainly supposed to disclose this prominently on your blog.

Frank Liederman, who writes at the The Crossroads and The Bridge, took almost $2,000 from Dan Mongiardo’s Senate campaign for “consulting”. Though you’ll find all of Mongiardo’s press releases and talking points on both of these sites, what you won’t find is a disclosure that Mongiardo’s campaign gave him $2,000.

Mica Sims, who “writes” at the xenophobic and lie-filled MicaDaily (where she calls Nancy Pelosi “Nazi Pelosi”, professes her admiration for the man that assassinated Dr. George Tiller, and Obama forbid anyone from rescuing Americans in Haiti) took over $1,000 from Rand Paul’s Senate campaign (including the free and undocumented $500 ticket given to her for the private Ron Paul reception). Though you suddenly found her endorsing Rand Paul and attacking Trey Grayson immediately after she received this check, what you won’t find is a disclosure that Rand Paul’s campaign gave her over $1,000.

It’s quite easy to put a disclosure on the top right of your blog on blogspot and typepad, kids. I think your readers deserve to know that you’re on the dole when they read your scribbles.

Mongiardo jumps the… oh wait, we don’t have those

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April 23, 2010

Dan Mongiardo, the guy that was silent for over a week when Mitch McConnell was lying to the country about Wall Street reform, now says that he’s Mr. Wall Street Fighter, and the guy that was out there ripping McConnell is Mr. Wall Street. Here’s the new ad, complete with manly man and pick up truck.

So Mongiardo so far has lied about: taxpayers funding his Las Vegas flight to a platic surgery convention, taxpayers funding his real estate development investment, calling Steve Beshear a whore/SOB/worst governor ever, the PSC/utiliy rates, his opposition to the health insurance reform bill, and now this.

It’s getting hard to keep up with these lies…

(h/t Jake)

New KY road signs

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April 23, 2010

Dan Mongiardo has pitched his new idea to the Governor he continually stabs in the back. Here it is:

Kentucky: No Sharks!

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April 23, 2010

Linda Blackford profiles Dan Mongiardo. Highlights!

On West-Coast high-tech entrepreneurs coming to Kentucky to shoot things:

“We give them everything they can imagine doing outdoors, except saltwater of course — Kentucky: No Sharks!” he said with a straight face.

Character references from back home in the mountains:

Pineville lawyer and former state Rep. Steve Cawood said Mongiardo hasn’t lived up to his promise as an advocate. “I see him as failing to address health care, failing to speak out on mine safety, failing to support industrial development of any sort for Eastern Kentucky,” Cawood said.

On the grand conspiracy to splice together thousands of syllables to make it sound like Dan Mongiardo called Steve Beshear a son of a bitch, whore, and the worst governor in Kentucky’s history:

When asked about the recording this week, Mongiardo replied: “The tapes were doctored. They were spliced. They had audio that was overlaid to hide things.”

When asked to clarify what he said on the tape, Mongiardo said, “I don’t recall.”

Why is mountaintop removal awesome?:

He supports mountaintop-removal mining because, he says, it has created more flat land in Eastern Kentucky.

The man knows how to work a crowd at McDonald’s though, I’ll give him that.




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