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Lexington’s city government is looking… pretty good

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November 4, 2010
By Joe Sonka

Lexington not only has a wonderful new mayor, but check out how good the new council looks.

If things went the wrong way Tuesday night, Lexington could have had 4 years of Newberry as mayor and Chuck Ellinger as vice mayor. *shudder*

Instead, we have Jim Gray as mayor and Linda Gorton as vice mayor (who should be great). Also, Bill Farmer Jr. replaces Cheryl Feigel in the 5th. Farmer is a bit of a wild card, but I’m pretty confident that he’ll be an improvement. Meanwhile KC Crosbie held onto her seat easily, and from all indications Chris Ford should be good in his first term in the 1st (though he’s got big shoes to fill following Andrea James). And Steve Kay on the council helps fill the void of Gray.

This means that all of a sudden the 4-person cabal of Ed Lane, Jay McChord, Kevin Stinnett and Doug Martin is looking mighty, mighty small and insignificant. Look forward to lots of impotent rage from these folks over the next 2 years, while Diane Lawless & Co. sit back and chuckle at their political misfortune.

The Southside Screamer may have won, but at least we’ll have lots of temper tantrums and pouting to look forward to…

…and that LFUCG city council that’s looking pretttty prettty pretty good.


The Curse of CentrePointe

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November 1, 2010
By Joe Sonka

Dudley Webb knows about it.

Foster Ockerman knows about it.

Chuck Ellinger knows about it.

Trey Grayson knows about it.

But the Curse of CentrePointe has been waiting for one person in particular for quite some time now.

And tomorrow, at long last, the wait will be over…


Newberry may be losing polls and his cool, but he still has a bogus poll to tout

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October 25, 2010
By Joe Sonka

Shortly before the devastating Herald Leader/WKYT poll was released Thursday afternoon, Jim Newberry’s Bromanager sent out an email touting the wonderful news of a “poll” from the Lexington-Bluegrass Area Realtors showing him “up” 16 points. OMG rad!

Of course, this looked a little odd following the poll from the respected Mason-Dixon showing Gray up 4 points. In fact, one almost might think that max-out Newberry donor and WKYT general manager leaked the word of how awful their poll was going to be beforehand, so Newberry could tout the LBAR “poll” to spin the bad news.

But maybe that LBAR poll was legit?

Well, I got a hold of the numbers, so lets take a look at that, shall we?

Here’s their methodology:

Each of the two surveys had sample sizes of 300 respondents and was conducted on October 10-12, 2010 by SGS.

300 people? Oh boy, this is going to be fun.

How about their results? They polled Republican/Democrat support for state legislature candidates, as well as the US Senate race. Despite the poll having a 58/36 party advantage for the Democrats, they claimed that the residents of Fayette County (second most liberal city in this fair state) want a Republican legislature by a 42-37% margin. Odd…

And despite Mason-Dixon and cn|2 showing Jack Conway up double-digits in Lexington, LBAR found that Rand Paul was… statistically tied with Jack Conway. Tied. Odd…

As for favorable ratings, Jim Newberry’s was a net 16 points better in LBAR’s poll, and Jim Gray’s was 4 points worse. Odd…

In the Council-at-Large race, despite the fact that Chuck Ellinger pulled in only 17% of the vote in 2006, LBAR has him pulling in 41% of the vote, 14% more than the closest competitor, Linda Gorton. And despite LBAR loudly touting longshot fringe candidate George Brown placing in third (nearly doubling his vote from this race in 2006), what LBAR failed to mention is that he actually tied someone else for third, Steve Kay (the difference between the two that only one of them is a business shill). Odd…

So, this was the fine poll that Newberry was touting in an email sent out minutes before the Mason-Dixon poll showed Gray jumping ahead of Newberry by 4 points.

Take whatever meaning from this that you choose. (Newberry, for example, says this means that people love him because he’s never made a mistake and he’s awesome).

One more LBAR “finding” of note from their “poll”: In the 10th district it is Doug Martin 27%, Kevin Williams 15%, with 54% undecided.

Logic tells me two things. One, this means that Doug loses by 8 points.

Secondly, this new ad that Doug Martin is airing during the local newscast just isn’t going to work at all:





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