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Lexington Limo fight! (UPDATE)

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September 20, 2010

The World Equestrian Games are sure to give us plenty of entertainment (both intentional and unintentional) and headaches (for both commoners and super-rich folk).

Case in point: The Great WEG Limo War of 2010.

I’ll be damned if Lexington has ever had one of these before, or if the stars will ever align for us to have one of these again. Let’s all enjoy it while it lasts, mkay?

UPDATE: Oh, uh, maybe this is a little more interesting.

Remember our good friend Christopher Hignite, aka Higgy, who ran for Council At-Large this year? Well, his big issue was the supposed murder of a call girl 11 years ago by a police officer, possibly one who moonlighted as the owner of a sexytime limo company here in Lexington called Gold Shield Limousines. Yeah, he sorta mentions him in this video:

Just, uh, throwing that information out there. Do with it what you choose, and such.

Higgy Bait

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July 26, 2010

The Lexington police are obviously luring Public Enemy #1 in for the kill with this. Also, if anyone at the DoP wants to get Higgy’s righteous explosion on tape today, please send it to me, I won’t name names.

Higgy comes up short

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May 19, 2010

Lexington’s loss, I guess.

Though Christopher Hignite didn’t make it into the top 6 in the LFUCG at-Large race last night, he at least left us with this video of him in a giant bunny costume trying to talk to Jim Newberry:

Having second thoughts, Lexington?

Also, the Chuck Ellinger victory party was OFF THE HOOK.

Steve Kay’s first ad

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May 3, 2010

I’m not sure if it’s actually on the air yet or just on the web, but here is LFUCG at-Large candidate Steve Kay‘s first ad.

I’m imagining a cup of coffee, so I can make it through watching that ad again without getting the sleepies.

In all seriousness, at the moment Kay is the only one I’m surely voting for at-Large, with Linda Gorton my current second place (voters get to choose three in the primary). Don Pratt is my tentative third, but only because Christopher Hignite was totally bluffing us on having the Ellinger dirt. What a tease…

Here’s another Kay video, with some unexpected psychedelic video effects to keep you on your toes.

LFUCG At-Large debate

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April 22, 2010

Eight of the candidates participated in the Fayette Alliance forum last night at the Central Library. Below are the links to the final statements of a few of the candidates (crank up the volume, audio is very weak).

Steve Kay

Don Pratt

Ruschell (the only candidate so far that I know you shouldn’t vote for)

Christopher Hignite (calls Ellinger a “former client” of his escort service)

The moderator did an effective job of reining in Hignite for most of the forum, but he grabbed the microphone after the forum ended so he could chastise those who don’t want to hear about his persecution by the police and city hall for the dangerous secret murders he knows about. I caught this about 20 seconds into it, until the angry moderator ripped the microphone out of his hand.

Lexington at-Large candidate forum

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April 15, 2010

8 of the at-Large LFUCG candidates met on the North end last night for a forum. They barely outnumbered the audience. Some higlights:

- Steve Kay was by far the strongest candidate on stage, and is the only candidate that I can definitely say I’m going to vote for next month. (We can vote for 3 in the primary, and 6 candidates advance to the general)

- Don Pratt’s good thoughts outnumbered his crazy thoughts. He called for having a publicly elected auditor of Lexington, which is interesting. Still needs to dial down the anger a bit.

- Chuck Ellinger gives me the creeps.

- Ruschell opened the forum by telling everyone that he is a rich real estate agent that owns race horses, and believes in the Lord Jesus Christ. It kind of went as you would expect from there.

- Plomin seems like a nice woman, by I can only take so much in repetitive general platitudes about agreement and listening and understanding.

- The questions picked were just awful. Really, really awful.

That was about it.

Oh, all right. I’ll give you the highlight and star of the evening. Introducing: Christopher Hignite!

Hignite led off the forum by telling us all that he is poor and wears hand-me-down clothes, and carried a silver spoon. He then turned around and accused Chuck Ellinger of covering up a murder by the police, and murder that Hignite’s knowledge of has led to his harassment and incarceration by the cops. He says that he is often literally dodging their bullets, and he has been arrested 26 times. As you can see in the video above, the police run the prostitution and escort service industry in Lexington, and city officials take their kickbacks.

All of this was said while literally screaming into the microphone.

The next debate is coming up next week. Hignite is something to be experienced, I recommend checking it out.




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