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B&P Turns 4 Years Old! (five days ago)

March 15, 2012

I had it in my mind the anniversary was on the Ides of March but perhaps that was a recollection conflated with the forging of this little blog. As Joe pointed out on the facebook page the other day, it was four years ago on March 10th that Barefoot & Progressive was birthed onto the internet.

An entire Presidential term’s worth of ramblings. Happy birthday to us. In the blogger to wordpress switcheroo of 2011 some posts were lost, including a handful of those early ones, but I’ve restored the first post, Joe’s little mission statement.

It began:

“I want to be in Kentucky when the end of the world comes, because they are always 20 years behind.” -Mark Twain

Sad but true, Samuel. We’re experiencing a dramatic political shift in this country right now. Americans are standing up against a reckless, endless war. They are standing up for universal health insurance. They actually believe in global warming. They are starting to catch on to the hollow Republican tactic of homophobia. 80% do not approve of the mild retardation of George W. Bush’s policies and performance. Democrats are actually standing up to Republicans and fighting back. And they are about to elect a black man named Barack Hussein Obama as their friggin’ president.

Meanwhile in Kentucky…..

You can read the rest here… a wonderful throwback to the late-Aughts of the early 21st Century.

Any way, happy birthday to B&P. There’s no telling where the next four years will take us, or even the next month. There may be some new writers around here — if you are lucky — and there may be a Santorum-presidency and a Kentucky Democratic Party afraid of its own shadow. There really is no telling what drastic changes the future holds.

Lexington’s Best Local Blogger launches new blog

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September 21, 2011

Yeah, sure B&P is the “2nd Best” local blog and KSR is the “Best Blog in Lexington”… but those ACE awards fail to consider who the best blogger is — and Lexington’s best local blogger has for some time now been Rob Morris.

Rob runs Lowell’s — also known as the annual winner of ACE’s “Best Mechanic” award — and for the past few years has blogged about local issues and car issues, which is an odd mix so now he’s splitting the two and, well, listen to Rob:

In particular, I’ve wanted to shift my focus from predominantly local issues to predominantly national and global ones – to try, for instance, to decode what’s happening in Washington or Wall Street from my own distinct perspective.  These topics just didn’t feel at home among car care tips and shop news.

….To resolve this dilemma, I’ve created a new blog called CivilMechanics — sponsored by Lowell’s — in which I will express my unique perspectives on a variety of issues.  (And, yes, “CivilMechanics” is an intentional multiple-entendre. I like that kind of stuff.) Please check out our first post, “Confessions of a Job Creator“.

And yes! Check out his first post, Confessions of a Job Creator in which Rob picks apart the “House Republican Plan for America’s Job Creators.”

If only we job creators paid less money in taxes, Republicans say, we would hire more.

If only we were free from government regulation, we would hire more.

If only we were less concerned about government spending, we would hire more.

As much as I appreciate Republicans’ apparent concern – their willingness to dump money in my pocket, their longing for my freedom to pollute with abandon, their eagerness to drive the nation to the edge of default to keep government spending in check – here’s the thing:

Their efforts won’t help me create a single job.

Not one.

Go read the rest and welcome Rob at his “new” digs.

Working out the B&P bugs

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July 13, 2011

Just letting you know that we’re still working on fixing some little things on this gorgeous new redesign of Barefoot and Progressive (like the comments and the RSS feed).

If you see anything else that is amiss, please click on that contact button below the header or leave a comment on this post (by clicking on this post’s link and scrolling down).

Hello, Goodbye: Welcome to B&P 2.0, and the strangest blog introduction post ever

July 12, 2011

As you’ve surely noticed by now, we have finally switched over to the brand-spanking new Barefoot and Progressive 2.0. Looks pretty sweet, doesn’t it? Yes, it does.

But I also have some bad news. And strange news, I suppose. Or just good, it’s up to you.

Shortly after we paid for the B&P upgrade and got everything in place last week, I received a job offer from the Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO) to be their new staff writer covering local and state politics (in print and on their blog). This was an excruciating and agonizing decision, but I felt like it was a great opportunity that I shouldn’t pass up. So starting next Monday, I will be working for LEO.

So… did I just launch a brand new version of Barefoot and Progressive and immediately proceed to kill it? WTF?

Not necessarily. Starting Monday morning, I will no longer be posting with any regularly on Barefoot and Progressive, and on the rare times that I do, it will only be on very Lexington-centric issues or events. Everything else that I’ve written about here over the past 3 years (Mitch McConnell, Steve Beshear, John Yarmuth, Rand Paul, Ken Ham & The Dinosaur Pips, Frank Simon, mountaintop removal, national politics, etc…) I will now be writing about on a daily basis over at LEO’s blog, and in longer pieces of their print edition in Louisville (also available online). It’s a pretty sweet gig. And unlike B&P, I get an actual paycheck. Which is nice.

The wonderful David Schankula will also continue to post here on everything Lexington-related (6th District too, Benny) when he has the time, but he’s a busy man. So things are certainly going to slow down here, as well as narrow down around Fayette County. But my hope is that we’ll be able to find some good folks in the near future that can pick up the slack, contribute regularly and effectively, and run the ship for the long haul. Any ideas? Send them my way.

So that’s that.

Anyway, I’ll probably give you a sappy thanks/goodbye post Sunday night (and I’ll continue posting regularly until then), but I’ll just take a moment here to thank all of you amazing readers over the past 3+ years. Your readership, your support, your comments, your hatred (I welcome it), your kind words, your tips, and your contributions (if you are one of the awesome people that contributed to the fundraiser, I should have already written you about refunding you, if not please contact me). Couldn’t have done it without you. And I can assure you that leaving behind B&P (my toddler) and you good folks in Lexington is a special kind of agony.

But I’m not really going anywhere, am I? Yes, I’ll be doing the same shtick at LEO, which you can read every day. And while B&P is going to slow down quite a bit starting Monday, I’m confident that good things are in its future, and it’s not going to fade completely away (we already have a deal with Ashton in the works… score!).

So that’s all for now. Enjoy the new site. Take it for a spin. Peruse the archives. Let us know what you think… about this strange, strange birth of B&P 2.0.


(and an extra special thanks to the great folks at Sunant Interactive for doing such a great job on the B&P upgrade. If anyone out there in Google Land is looking to answer the question “Who can convert my Blogger blog over to WordPress without losing links and 301 redirects?”, these are the people that you go to.)

Jim Newberry’s New Digital Media Empire turns two months old…

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July 7, 2011

Two months and five days, really. We’re late. Sorry. But it is still alive.

It’s time for our monthly roundup. A lot has happened. The links still don’t work but they did get a new small advertiser. We’d give you a guess but it’s WKYT, so a guessing game wouldn’t be any fun. They bought one ad. It’s small.
As you already know, around the middle of the month they had one big exclusive but what else have they been up to?
Well, let us tell you, in case you haven’t been reading…

And that was about it.

VIDEO: Barefoot & Progressive’s Greatest Hits?

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July 1, 2011

The B&P 2.0 Fundraiser is just over a week old and we’ve raised durn near half the money.

We love you. Thank you for helping.

As you get ready to celebrate our Declaration of Interdependence, here’s a quick video of some of B&P’s greatest hits over the past three years. Feel free to share it with friends and conservative family members.

If you’d still like to toss $5 in the bucket (or is it a non-working Bureaucrat toilet?), well, we’d be most appreciative.

And if you’re interested in advertising on the site — if that’s how you might like to gift your money (and reach thousands of the smartest Kentuckians Kentucky’s ever known) — you can send an email to: barefootandprogressive AT gmail DOT com

Space if filling up fast! Get one now! Joe says step on it!

And also, if you watched the video then you heard (and were probably enamored with) the sweet sounds of Lexington’s own super-talent, Matt Duncan. You can buy his album through his site,, or you can listen to more of his great tunes at Bandcamp.

B&P 2.0 Fundraiser almost to the halfway point!

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June 29, 2011

The Barefoot and Progressive 2.0 Fundraiser has been going for less than a week, and we’re almost halfway there!

If you appreciate what we do and would like to chip in on our server/host/website/graphics/awesomeness update, please consider clicking on that big donate button below and giving what you can.

A huge thanks to all of the readers and supporters who have poured in donations over the last week. I would go into more detail about how much your contribution means to me, but I need to keep up my public facade as the cold and heartless slayer of conservatives. I hope you understand. But really, a huge thanks to all of you.

For the rest of you out there that haven’t chipped in: the sooner we get to our goal, the sooner we can upgrade, and the sooner I can focus more time and trouble on the folks that deserve it. Plus, with a minimum $10 contribution, I will be giving out one free dinosaur ride! I swear.


B&P Fundraising: Rand Paul and King Coal haven’t donated, but plenty of good people have

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June 24, 2011

It’s day three of the Barefoot & Progressive 2.0 fundraising drive and we’re going strong!

Almost fifty kind souls have generously chipped in so far. Earlier this afternoon we topped the $1,000 mark. That is, in a word, awesome.

Still nothing from Rand Paul or the Big Monied Coal folks… which is strange. But we’re patient.

If you’ve already given, we thank you adamantly. You kick ass.

If you haven’t, there’s still time and we’d appreciate it. We understand times are tough and if you ain’t got it, you can help in other ways… encouraging your friends and family and coworkers, for example. Heck, you can even lie to them and tell them you gave $10 and challenge them to match it. They don’t have to know and we won’t tell.

Over half of the donations have come in amounts smaller than $20… no amount is too little, every single cent helps. One of our resident critc-commenters even promised to give a pocket full of nickels. We’ll take it!

Yesterday we wondered aloud if anyone would be willing to top the $50 mark and, lo, it happened! Four excellent readers one-upped the competition and tossed in $51 each, and one very smart contestant went in for $52.

But alas, that was not all! We got our first $100 donation just a couple hours ago and that, friends, means the bar is raised.

Who out there is feeling the itch to Price-Is-Right our current leader?

Click the DONATE BUTTON, spread the word, and thank you! for reading, for giving and for helping to show the world that Kentucky is more than Mitch McConnell and some nutball who wants to starve grandma to death.

In Commonwealth,
The B&P Team

The B&P 2.0 fundraiser continues!

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June 23, 2011

Oh, we’re not done yet!

As we told you yesterday afternoon, Barefoot and Progressive is making the big leap to a new website/server, which is going to require a significant chunk of change. So we’re asking you, our brilliant and attractive readers, to help us make that possible by contributing whatever you can to the cause, whether that be $5 or $50 or more. We’ve had about two dozen people pitch in over the last 24 hours, all under $50, and every little bit helps. You might even be daring enough to be the first to give $51!

If you’d like to assist in speeding the process along and helping Barefoot and Progressive boldly go where no snarky Kentucky liberal rabble rousing blog has gone before, please consider clicking on that big thermometer or donate button below.


The Barefoot and Progressive 2.0 fundraiser!

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June 22, 2011

OK folks, we here at Barefoot and Progressive have decided that it’s finally time to graduate from our Blogger/Blogspot platform and make the big leap onto our very own server. This will allow us to greatly improve the site (WordPress!) and upgrade your daily Lexington/Kentucky political fix experience.

Yes, it’s time for Barefoot & Progressive 2.0!

But in order to make this big switch, it’s going to cost us some serious dough. We have to pay for:

  • sufficient web hosting server power to handle the flow of traffic and maintain browser speed
  • the hiring of web wizards to transfer over the 3-plus years of B&P archives, so that links are re-directed and Google rankings are not lost
  • web and graphic design goodness

Unfortunately, this kind of stuff ain’t cheap. So we’re asking you, our loyal readers, to contribute whatever you can spare to help us meet our goal. We’re setting a goal of $5,000 to cover these costs of the move to a new website, plus the additional costs that we’ll incur in order to cover the 2011 statewide races on the ground all over the state this summer and fall.

If all of our regular readers chip in $10 each, we’ll reach this goal without breaking a sweat. But that’s the big “if”. So if you see value in the service that we at Barefoot and Progressive provide (liberal muckraking, analysis, coverage and troublemaking in general), I ask you to please consider clicking on the donate button below and giving what you can (either through paypal or credit card… if you’re more comfortable paying by check, please email me at barefootandprogressive AT gmail DOT com):

A big thanks to everyone for their support over the last three plus years, and a big thanks to the folks willing to chip in and let Barefoot and Progressive make our next big step. The sooner we can get close to our goal, the sooner we’ll get to share a shiny happy snarky B&P 2.0 with you!

*(same rules apply as before: if you are a current elected official or current political candidate in Kentucky, your donations will not be accepted. Also, contributions will have zero effect on the content of this site. No exceptions.)




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