Rand Paul talks with a hate group about Planned Parenthood

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July 6, 2011

The Courier Journal reported yesterday that the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled Rand Paul an extremist. And speaking of the SPLC, Rand Paul was a guest last week on the American Family Association’s radio show (which the SPLC correctly labeled a hate group last year), co-interviewed by Tom McClusky of the Family Research Council (also labeled a hate group by the SPLC last year).

The entire interview is here. Want some highlights? Here are your highlights:

Here’s the transcript of Rand Paul talking about how he has no idea what Planned Parenthood is. This is some of the most ignorant stuff I’ve ever heard on PP, as Senator Paul is absolutely baffled why Harry Reid allows the female members of his family get their health care from a place that does abortions, which means it’s probably full of poor people and filthy with baby blood, or something:

“Even worse was when we tried to get rid of money for Planned Parenthood. He got on national television and he said (effeminate voice) “oh my, my wife and daughter and granddaughter won’t be able to get health care”. And I was like, Harry, you’re sending your wife to a place that gives abortions for her health care?! And it’s like, the taxpayers subsidize some of the best health care in the country for Congress, and I’m wondering why he’s going to Planned Parenthood.”

He’s a Senator. From Kentucky.

Paul goes on to talk about how he’s advocating for a “new approach that is devastating to (Planned Parenthood)”. But since Rand Paul really isn’t good at accomplishing anything in the Senate, I think we can breathe easy. He also talks about how his great hope is that the economy doesn’t turn around so that Republicans can win back the White House and Senate in 2012, which is the kind of candid honesty that we haven’t seen from Rand Paul since early 2010.

And it’s always pleasant when your Senator speaks to a hate group and gets this kind of feedback from the hate group’s representative:

“We live in critical times, and we need men like Senator Paul, who is standing up and telling the truth.”

Remember, this is what the truth is to the AFA:

With friends like these…

Larry Forgy says more crazy things about the Jewish Bluegrass Conspiracy

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June 23, 2011

Larry Forgy, the guy who served as David Williams’ unofficial spokesman late in the primary campaign, is doubling down on Fear of The Jews.

Yes, Larry Forgy is sticking to his guns on his theory that Jerry Abramson is calling in the Big City Jews to Kentucky so they can swing the election for Steve Beshear. Steven Spielberg! Barbara Streisand! Hedge fund managers! George Soros!

No, he literally said that:

Forgy: I said that because I believe it. Because my friends in Washington and other places say, that the die is cast with George Soros and, all of those people, they know the same thing I just told you. This is the big race in the nation until 2012, and there is a lot of Soros money, Steven Spielberg. I wouldn’t even be surprised if even Barbara Streisand came off the bench.


Forgy: I wasn’t playing the religion card. (shocked face)

Alessi: Well, you mentioned the Jewish donors from New York?

Forgy: Well that’s who George Soros and the people so involved in these hedge funds and so forth, where this money’s coming from. It’s only a statement of fact.

No, that’s not playing the religion card at all, how dare you suggest that, Ryan?

Alessi further showed the lack of “Jew Money” showing up in KREF, oddly enough (no Streisand and Spielberg, noted evil Jews).

PS- as you can see early in the interview, Larry Forgy isn’t a fan of Ken Ham’s Giant Dinosaur Boat, which is downright shocking. Maybe he doesn’t like that Ken Ham has Already Compromised to make it compatible with all religions (in words)?

Berea Council to decide on fairness ordinance vote today

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June 20, 2011

The Berea City Council will decide today on whether to vote on adopting a fairness ordinance. If Berea adopts the ordinance, that would make them the fourth city in Kentucky to do so (along with the Godless gay-loving cities Louisville, Lexington and Covington).

Berea had its final public forum on the matter last week, in which they were presented with some more lovely logic from advocates of discrimination and fearmongering:

“We have a wonderful community,” Jeff Osborne, pastor of Berea Evangelistic Church, said before the hearing. “To see mostly outsiders pushing this agenda in this direction, creating a rift that’s not been here before, … it grieves me.”

“I don’t hate nobody,” he added. “I didn’t ask for this struggle.”


“We hear a lot of about ‘What would Jesus do?’ “I’ll tell you what Jesus would do— he’d keep his word,” said Donald Vanwinkle, who said the city was exposing itself to potential lawsuits if it sought to protect “sexual deviation.”

Fortunately, as WFPL reports, the “outside agitators” outnumbered the bigots at the forum 35-11. We’ll see today if it will come to the full Council for a vote, which very well may make Berea the only dry city in America to also pass a fairness ordinance on its own.

So we’ll see if Berea remains a city, like Hazard, where gay people can legally be kicked out of public places and told to “read the Bible”. Not the “love thy neighbor” and “due unto others” parts, I’m guessing.

David Williams slobbers all over hate group president Frank Simon, again

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June 19, 2011

Remember how David Williams repeatedly kissed the ass of hate group president Frank Simon at his candidate forum back in February? Williams said that the man who calls homosexuals pedophiles, promotes books that claims gays were behind the Holocaust, compares Obama to Hitler, refers to abortion as genocide, says that our current political system promotes sodomy in schools, and that Muslims are about to take over America… is his longtime friend and ally in Frankfort.

And today in Frankfort, even without a tea party primary opponent nipping at his heels, David Williams doubled down on his love for hate group president Frank Simon.

From the CJ:

Senate President David Williams, the Republican candidate for governor, courted members of Frank Simon’s Tea Party of Kentucky group Saturday during a candidates’ forum in which he spent as much time talking about President Barack Obama as he did his Democratic opponent, Gov. Steve Beshear.

He said that Obama, a Democrat, wants to make the country a “European-style democracy” and that he is trying to “destroy our capacity to create cheap electricity” by regulating the coal industry.


Williams was clearly the headliner, taking the stage and calling Simon “my friend for a long time.” He went on to bash Beshear for not attending the event and said his “No. 1 priority” for Jefferson County will be to repeal “the unconstitutional student assignment plan.”


“Gov. Beshear’s seat is empty because he doesn’t want your support,” Williams said. “He doesn’t want to come talk to you about the issues.”

No, Governor Beshear isn’t there because, despite all of his glaring faults, he is too good of a human being to kiss the ass of the leader of a hate group in return for his political support. There are some awful things that even he won’t do.

So there’s that…

Todd P’Pool, John Kemper III, and James Comer were also there to strut their stuff for hate group president Frank Simon. As for what I have to say about that, here’s what Simon says:

When asked afterward why it’s important to know whether candidates running for auditor or agriculture commissioner oppose abortion, Simon said those stances are telling about the candidates’ “character.”

“We want all people in public office to have good character,” Simon said.

Very true, Frank.

When you’re in the voting booth this November, be should to think about the character of Williams, P’Pool, Kemper and Comer. And their good friend Frank Simon.

Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist coming to Kentucky this weekend

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March 4, 2011

Get your witty counter signs ready, people:

LOUISVILLE (AP) – Members of a Kansas church who won a Supreme Court case that gives them broad rights to continue jeering protests say they plan to picket at Kentucky churches this weekend.

The Westboro Baptist Church announced in faxes that members plan to protest at an Owensboro Catholic church that was the site of a suicide of a man who said in a note he had been sexually abused.

The group says it will also target two more Protestant churches in Owensboro and a Catholic church in Louisville.

Here are some sign suggestions.

Which KY GOP candidates will attend the Hate Group Forum?

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February 24, 2011

Look at the lovely event that Kentucky’s favorite bigot Frank Simon of the Hate Group the American Family Association is holding this weekend:

Speakers include:

Candidates for KY Governor
Bobbie Holsclaw
Phil Moffett
…Sen. David Williams may send a representative

Candidate for KY Secretary of State
Bill Johnson and Hilda Legg

Candidate for KY Auditor of Public Accounts
John T. Kemper III and State Rep. Addia Kathryn Wuchner

Obama’s new budget will increase our national debt by $7 trillion, add another $2 trillion in job killing taxes, and provide a bailout for our enemies in the UN.

Do you think it is time to get rid of the radical politicians?

We invited all Kentucky candidates running in the May 17th Primary, found on the KY Secretary of State site after the January filing deadline to come to one of our 3 spring meetings.

Come to the Candidate Forum
Get literature to give to relatives and friends. (Get them involved.)
We all need to work together in order to take our country back!
It’s all free and snacks will be provided.

Saturday February 26th
Evangel Conference Center
6900 Billtown Rd, Louisville, KY 40299
(Exit 19 off of the Gene Snyder Freeway)
1:00 pm Doors open at 12:30pm
FREE coffee and snacks
FREE bumper stickers

I wonder which candidates will really show up to speak at a forum run by a hate group? And I wonder if any actually think that “sending a representative” is somehow better? And I wonder if Kentucky is proud that they have a Senator who proudly touted the endorsement of a hate group last year?

Heterosexual Popcorn…

You Have the Right to Remain Fabulous!

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February 15, 2011

FYI: The original Flinstone Truthers were extremely flamboyant:

Leland Conway wishes you a happy MLK Day!

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January 17, 2011

Lexington radio personality Leland Conway has always been a proud defender of our white women against the marauding hordes of scary brown people that have come into our country to take our jobs and our way of life. But I’m glad to report on this Martin Luther King Day that he’s taken one bold step further.

He recently trumpeted the addition of Morgan Brooke Hancock to his blog, where he wrote of her:

One note of interest, when we found out that Morgan has been named Keith Olberman’s (MSNBC) “Worst Person in the World,” we knew we like her. Please welcome Morgan B. Hancock.

Yes, it doesn’t surprise anyone that Leland likes someone because she organized this kind of event:

But, our winner tonight, Morgan Wilkins, hired by the College Republican National Committee to recruit students into its membership. Her plan at the University of Michigan, a tag-like game in which contestants are invited to “catch an illegal immigrant.” And another called “fun with guns” in which they’re encouraged to test their marksmanship by firing at cardboard cutouts of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. You call it recruitment, the rest of us would call it inducement to assassination. Morgan Wilkins, today’s “Worst Person in the World.”

What is not to like about a fun game where you get to murder Clinton and Kerry, and also catch you a scary brown person? Leland sure can spot a winner.

But it gets better. The post that she wrote for Leland’s site spoke about how that whole “equality” thing is like so overrated in America, as she was able to overcome the oppression of her comfortable white suburban background to make something of herself. Oh, and she followed up by saying this on her FB:

“Q: What is a word that starts with a “N” and ends with an “R” that you never, ever, ever, want to call a black person?

A: Neighbor.”

You get it? Hilarious!

Another big thanks to Leland Conway for giving a platform to another great mind, like his own.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell filibustered

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December 9, 2010

Thank your brave American bigots like John McCain and Blanche Lincoln and Lisa Murkowski.

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Poll to Repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog< March to Keep Fear Alive

SPLC labels American Family Association a hate group

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November 24, 2010

And it’s about damned time.

People like Frank Simon should be exposed for what they are: direct ideological relatives of Klan members and skinheads.

Not that this will stop people like Rand Paul, Ryan Quarles , nearly 100% of Republicans and even some Democrats in KY from seeking out and accepting his/their endorsement. That’s how you shore up the base, after all.

I will say one good thing about Trey Grayson, though. He refused to fill out Frank Simon’s endorsement survey this year, the only Republican that I know of in the state of Kentucky.

If any would like to contact us and correct the record about accepting Frank Simon’s endorsement, please do. In the meantime, you will remain the endorsee of a hate group.




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