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Beshear goes from promoting dinosaur boats to Ghostbusters

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April 18, 2011

Why not?

CARROLLTON, Ky. — Join certified ghost hunter Starr Williams and the ghost hunting teams, RIP and Tristate Shadowchasers, for an exciting and fun paranormal experience during the Spirits of Butler Paranormal Weekend May 14-15 at General Butler State Resort Park.

This year’s program brings new members to the investigation team, new technology and new interesting investigation locations in addition to the Butler-Turpin State Historic House and cemetery.

The weekend package includes one night’s lodging, one evening buffet, one breakfast and the Saturday event program. The cost is $159 plus tax for two people and $99 plus tax for one.

The cost for the program only is $30 a person. Call 866-462-8853 for reservations. For more information, search General Butler events at

Will the holy ghost be on the Ark?

Also, which is dumber: T-Rexes on Ark, or ghost hunters? I’ll say dineysore boat, by five lengths.

Another sneak preview of Ark Encounter

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April 15, 2011

The anticipation is rising for the greatest Kitsch Park known to mankind.

Future Ark Encounter attraction

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April 15, 2011

It will be very similar to this, only with a saddle on top of it that kids can ride on:

The screaming will be done by future college admissions boards in Kentucky.

(h/t The Gunti)

Ken Ham’s new Creation Museum commercial

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April 13, 2011

Ken Ham is proud to announce that his new Creation Museum commercial is set to air on Fox News today (the man knows how and where to market himself, I’ll give him that). Here it is:

Next time feel free to quote me, Ham! My favorite part is where Ham tells you to “think for yourself”. Quite a different message from the one in his intellectual child abuse brainwashing lectures:

I will admit that this new ad is a little classier than what we’ve come to expect from Ken Ham. Anyone remember this oldie but goodie, where Ham says that if your son isn’t a Bible-is-literal Christian, he will shoot you point blank in the face?

Don’t worry, once Ken Ham gets that $40 million tax break from Steve Beshear, the chances of your son shooting you in the face will decrease exponentially.

Ken Ham makes it into peer reviewed journal!

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April 4, 2011

Let’s see how he and the Creation Museum fared:

When I visited, I discovered no way to break off the tour at any point prior to Consummation. About two hours in, I started to get claustrophobic; the spaces seemed to get tighter and darker as I walked the eschatological narrative. I decided to step away–just as racism and crime were being blamed on Eve’s taste for forbidden fruit. I tried to find an exit to the cafeteria (“Noah’s Cafe”) so I might nourish my weakening spirit. To my horror, I discovered that one cannot actually exit anywhere along the pathway. The herding is so absolute that when you attempt to backtrack, you find that the doors you’ve been entering have no handles on the opposite side. Like someone in a haunted house, you must complete the entire circuit.

Uh oh. This doesn’t sound promising.

It’s not quite accurate to call this evangelical center a “museum.” It contains almost no “information,” unless you count as information speculations on how Noah kept dinosaurs on the ark. It offers no new observations about nature, unless you think that inferring a Designer can be called observational. Unlike most other nature museums, it has no “research” component whatsoever. When I asked Mark Looy, vice president for AiG ministry relations, where the research labs and archive collections were located, he confessed that he didn’t understand the question. “This is a museum,” he finally said, chuckling.

Ouch. Maybe it gets better?

When you finally spill out of this ball of confusion into the gigantic gift shop, you become keenly aware of the unholy mixing of piety and profit. Someone is making a fortune on this stuff. The museum speaks directly to the anxieties of a fearful subculture that sees its family values under attack by a rising secular tide. The visitors at the Creation Museum feel like David, facing the secular giant Goliath. They see themselves as underdogs of righteousness who’ve chosen an origin story that’s different from the science story. Like bad reality television that drives up ratings with violent and abusive scenarios, the museum drives up profits by demonizing science. The search for meaningful origin stories is understandable, of course, but the museum’s suggestion that science causes nihilism and racism is inexcusable.

Oh well. Ken Ham doesn’t need those fancy elitists, anyway. The Intellectual Child Abuse-for-Profit industry is humming along just fine for Ham without those eggheads.

From the man who brought you "Behemoth is a Dinosaur"….

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April 4, 2011

I hope some of you were able to take in the “Father and Son Campout” at the Creation Museum this weekend. (That’s father and son, not fathers and son, thank you very much)

If you went, you were able to catch the musical stylings and intellectual child abuse of Buddy Davis, the singer/songwriter of the smash hit “Behemoth is a Dinosaur”:

For those who didn’t, here’s another Buddy Davis song to stunt the intellectual growth of your child. Be sure to spot the pics of Buddy riding a T-Rex at :49 and 1:18, because you wouldn’t want to miss that:

I tell you what, Ham. You let Ark Encounter visitors ride a T-Rex in the ark, and I’ll call off the dogs. Beshear might even throw in another $10 million. Deal?

Ken Ham might build "Solomon’s Temple" in KY, but it won’t be "weird"

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April 1, 2011

Here’s another golden nugget from Kentucky’s new source of pride, Ark Encounter. Ken Ham’s Deputy Flintstone Truther, Mark Looy, was asked what is next for Answers in Genesis after they build their giant boat with dinosaurs on it.

Well, surprise surprise, its Solomon’s Temple!

But I know what you’re thinking: “Hey Mark, this isn’t going to be some kind secular temple where all sorts of weird religious ceremonies are held, is it?”

Well guess what? Looy literally says that it won’t be:

“We’ve been thinking about that,” Looy said, “but it’s not going to be some kind of secular temple where all sorts of weird religious ceremonies are held.”

Well thank god. Because when you’re building a temple next to a giant boat that depicts a 600-year old man herding T-Rexes onto it a few thousand years ago, the last thing you want is for it to be weird.

Ken Ham wins the NCSE Upchucky Award

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March 31, 2011

Every year the National Center for Science Education gives the Upchucky Award, which “is bestowed upon that person or organization who persists in denying evolution despite a blizzard of empirical evidence. This tiara of temerity, this garland of gagacity, this diadem of dunderheadedness, isn’t awarded to just any Darwin doubter. The UpChucky is bestowed on that one creationist whose efforts in the preceding year would inspire Darwin (or any rational person) to “drive the porcelain bus”.

Congrats to Ken Ham and his Ark Park on the big win!

On a related note, I wonder how many people will puke on this ride:

Ken Ham’s "independent" feasibility study author co-authoring his next book, too

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March 30, 2011

Flintstone Truther and intellectual child abuser Ken Ham enjoys pointing to the “independent” feasibility study he commissioned for his new Ark Encounter Dineysore Boat Park. Ham says the 10,000 page study shows that Ark Encounter will bring in as many people as King’s Island, as “200 million people” want to come to it.

What he won’t show people who aren’t down with Flintstone Truth is the study itself. And what he won’t say (as we first showed) is that the author of his “independent” feasibility study is his business partner in milking money out of Christian fundamentalists, the co-author of his last book. The same author who is a lifelong conservative activist, including his time pioneering Gay Panic attacks against politicians in 1970′s Iowa.

And guess who is co-authoring Ken Ham’s new book “Already Compromised”, ready to hit the shelves soon? That’s right, Britt Beemer:

The state’s official feasibility study into Ark Encounter should come out soon. I sort of wonder how “independent” that one will be, too. There’s an election to be won and jobs to be created, after all. I guess we’ll find out when we read it… the big clue will be whether they agree that King’s Island has new competition with a park whose main ride is this tip of the hat to genocide and human suffering at the hands of a loving god:

Intellectual child abuser Ken Ham can’t stop quoting me

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March 29, 2011

Creation Museum founder and intellectual child abuser Ken Ham really hates it when I point out that he makes his living off of brainwashing and exploiting children for his own personal financial gain. As we’ve mentioned several times before.

Yesterday, Ken Ham just couldn’t help quoting me again (though the whole blog-ethics-linking thing sadly escapes him):

Of course, atheist bloggers poured forth hatred as they wrote (and continue to write on a daily basis) emotional, error-laden blogs against the Ark project… here are just a couple of negative reactions to the future Ark Encounter and our current Creation Museum:

“The most tragic part of the Creation Museum on both of my visits was the intellectual child abuse. There’s some heartbreaking stuff in this video [on the Ark Encounter website] . . . plus a preview of the idiotic Noah’s Ark nonsense that Kentucky will soon be known for around the globe if Ark Encounter is built.

Not only will the state of Kentucky give $40 million in tax breaks to Ken Ham so we can be an accomplice to such intellectual child abuse, we’re also going to spend many millions on road construction to help them out as well. Based on the numbers in Ken Ham’s insanely inflated fake study, of course…”

But here’s the kicker: why do I write such completely rational things, saying that it is deeply immoral to teach children that science shows how men rode on saddled dinosaurs and few thousand years ago while personally making millions off of it?

The reason so many atheist bloggers and secular reporters/editorial writers reacted so negatively and write so furiously against the project (and AiG) is because they know in their hearts that there is a God—and they actively suppress that.

What we are seeing today is just the outworking of this active suppression. Right before our eyes, the warnings from God’s Word are being illustrated.

Also, remember that “the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked” (Jeremiah 17:9). Proverbs 1:29 also reminds us that these scoffers “hate knowledge.”

My god, it’s like he’s looking into my soul!

Thank goodness our governor’s heart is neither deceitful or desperately wicked, to the tune of $40 million.




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