2010 KY Senate race

The embargoed Rand Paul/Alex Jones interview finally surfaces

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November 19, 2010
By Joe Sonka

For those of who were sad that Rand Paul suddenly stopped going on his good friend Alex Jones’ show last year, here’s an early Festivus gift: a 14 month embargoed Rand Paul interview!

Yes, sadly the fact that Rand Paul is good buddies and ideological allies with a 9/11 Truther and paranoid schizophrenic was withheld from the voters of Kentucky. But after Rand Paul knew that he had a chance to win that Fall, he firgured it was best to keep this a secret from Kentucky. Which was also, ironically, a secret that Trey Grayson and Jack Conway helped him keep.

Anyway, here’s a quick edit of the main points that Rand Paul wanted his Truther audience to know:

And here’s the full interview. Enjoy!


More fun with the Fayette County precinct numbers

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November 15, 2010
By Joe Sonka

While we won’t know with any certainty how Lexingtonians voted in the mayoral race by party, the following numbers give us a pretty good clue.

Here is a breakdown of how precincts voted in the mayoral race, compared to how they voted for Senate (Conway/Paul) and Congress (Chandler/Barr):

Precincts where both Paul and Barr won (121)
Gray- 48%
Newberry- 52%

Precincts where Senate and Congress race was split (16)
Gray- 56%
Newberry- 44%

Precincts where both Conway and Chandler won (148)
Gray- 58%
Newberry- 42%

As you can see, while Gray dominated heavily Democratic and evenly split precincts, Newberry pulled out a slight lead in Republican precincts.

Looking further at those Republican precincts, it’s apparent that Newberry’s lead is due to his larger support from heavily Republican districts, while moderately Republican districts were basically dead even:

Precincts where Paul and Barr won by 60%+ (44)
Gray- 44%
Newberry- 56%

Every other precinct won by both Paul and Barr (87)
Gray- 49.4%
Newberry- 50.6%

So while it might be unlikely that Gray beat Newberry among Republicans, he certainly did well enough to compete with him. And Democrats? Well, I guess they knew what time it was.

(Friday’s post of the precinct breakdown on the mayoral race is here, if you missed it)


Conway campaign still sending out petitions

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November 13, 2010
By Joe Sonka

You know how much we loved them during the election. In fact, we loved them so much that the campaign of Jack Conway is still sending them out.

Here’s one he just sent out to his campaign list ripping the Debt Commission garbage on social security:

Congress and President Obama must reject the Debt Commission’s proposal to raise the retirement age for Social Security.

Add your name to let Congress and President Obama know that you will stand up and fight to protect Social Security from cuts and efforts to raise the retirement age proposed by the Debt Commission.


So is this part of Jack putting his toe in the water on whether to run again as AG?

Or does the man just LOVE online petitions, in a perhaps unhealthy way?


Which Mr. Paul will come to Washington?

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November 9, 2010
By Joe Sonka

Because I am a self-certified expert in Paulthamology, many people have asked me over the past few months (and the past week since he hoisted Jack Conway’s head onto a stake) how Senator Rand Paul will get along with Mitch McConnell and the rest of his colleagues in the Senate next year.

Well, in order to answer that question, you have to first ask which Rand Paul will show up in Washington, DC.

Rand Paul has shown himself as three distinct entities (think of him as Sam Merlotte from True Blood, only without human compassion). Will it be…

Rand Paul #1: (from college to Fall 2009)

This specimen of Freedom Fighter is the spitting image of his Old Man. He’s just as likely to warn us about the secret plans of the New World Order to build a NAFTA Superhighway as he is to grab a bullhorn and lead a chant to “End the Fed!” at an Alex Jones rally.

This specimen of Liberty Lover throws political polls and strategic caution to the wind, instead blurting out every paleoconservative piece of nonsense imaginable from the Mises Institute and Lew Rockwell. This brand of Rand views Utopia as something similar to Mad Max, where the Liberty of rugged individualists is not encumbered by the oppressive hand of government regulations enforcing safe food and drinking water standards. Nor does this Utopia have Big Brother disposing of the bodies of old people who have starved to death on the side of the road, as that creates unfair competition to the private entrepreneurs who will fill this hole in the market (Bootstraps Inc., for example).

Rand Paul #2: (from Fall 2009 to May 20th, 2010)

The first mutation of this species occurred in the Fall of 2009, as polls began to show that Rand Paul had a legitimate chance of beating Trey Grayson in the Republican primary.

The aforementioned paranoid views about global conspiracies of powerful bankers/overlords did not vanish from this version of Rand Paul. However, he did “find Jesus”, as the saying goes. Suddenly, this defender against all federal legislation was advocating for criminalization of abortion on the federal level, even in cases of rape and incest. Suddenly, the guy who wants “government out of our lives” was speaking out for DOMA.

And this shift was not taken lightly, as this version of Rand would be known to hold his breath or scream at Grayson and anyone else who dared to suggest that he didn’t want the federal government to imprison women who did not give birth to their rapist’s baby. It was at this time that the species took up the nickname “White Male Liberty Patriot”, as the Constitution’s rights clearly end at the nose of the socially undesirable.

Another slight mutation involved Rand’s foreign policy views, or at least how they were communicated. Gone was the Ron Paul rhetoric of immediate withdrawal around the globe, replaced with rhetoric about “getting tough, not just talking tough” with Iran, as well as fancy fighter jets ready to kick some ass in his campaign ads. Iraq and Afghanistan were now out of his hands, so please don’t ask Rand #2 what he thinks we should do from this point on, because it’s irrelevant.

Rand Paul #3: (May 20th, 2010 – November 2nd, 2010)

The second mutation of Rand Paul occurred two days after his primary victory over Trey Grayson. Paul’s transition of campaigning for Kentucky Republicans (largely white, male, heartless, somewhat crazy) to the entire state and the entire country (due to his newfound fame) was quite abrupt and jarring. The death throes of Rand Paul #2 took place on national television the day after his election, as this species thought that it would be a good idea to trash the 1964 Civil Rights Act for roughly 18 minutes on a liberal talkshow. Shortly afterwards, it became clear that Paul would have to adapt to his new environment, or die.

And Paul’s form of adaption resembled the constant shedding of skin over a period of nearly 6 months. And what was the skin? The skin was 1) Rand Paul’s Utopia of Stateless Liberty, and 2) his desire to fight the shady/oppressive forces of the establishment. The following are the viewpoints that Rand Paul #3 would shed, as the brilliance of his Mad Max Commonwealth ideas ran him into trouble:

  • Civil Rights Act unfair to private businesses.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act unfair to private businesses.
  • Workplace safety standards unfair to private businesses.
  • Fair Housing Act unfair to private businesses.
  • Farm subsidies (which are “welfare”) should be eliminated.
  • The federal government should stay out of mine safety.
  • The Department of Education should be eliminated.
  • Fancy electronic fence at the border, because real fence is to Berlin-y.
  • Big oil shouldn’t be regulated.
  • There should be a $2000 Medicare deductible (with no qualifiers)
  • The Drug War should be totally defunded and dismantled.
  • Medical marijuana should be legal.
  • The Fair Tax (23% federal sales tax) is a great idea.

Not only that, but Rand Paul #3 found that cozying up to the establishment he once railed against can be quite beneficial to him. Hence, when the very senators that he pledged not to take money from (because they had voted for the bank bailout) proposed holding a fundraiser in Rand’s honor, he did not turn them down. Hence his meeting with Bill Kristol and AIPAC, after which he was described as being “in absorption mode” and “more reasonable than his father”. Hence his abandonment of “End the Fed”. Hence his warming to the idea of Mitch McConnell as minority leader. Hence is deferral of all Iraq and Afghanistan decisions to whatever commanders-in-chief Obama and Palin wish.

Yet he did not shed his new socially conservative at the federal level ideals. Which kind of made him quite familiar, no? The more and more you looked at Rand Paul #3, the more you thought that perhaps your eyes were playing tricks on you:

Rand Paul #3 might not have been “mainstream Republican establishment”… but he certainly wasn’t too damned far away.


Which now brings us to the present day, one week after Rand Paul #3′s glorious victory, back to the question we set out to ask: which Rand Paul will come to Washington?

Rand Paul has already stated that he will not let the establishment co-opt him, that the teabaggers will co-opt the establishment. But he’s already making noise about earmarks that would infuriate Rand #1 and #2. And he’s already suggesting that even though he will vote against raising the debt ceiling, it’s probably for the best that we do.

Is this a sign that Rand Paul #3 not only won the election, but is coming to Washington, leaving #1 and #2 behind? It’s too soon to tell for sure… but my guess is yes.

The key here is Mitch McConnell. McConnell knows how the Senate works, and his been playing it like a fiddle over the last 4 years. He’s so good at playing the game that he has schooled Harry Reid despite being greatly outnumbered. He’ll likely do the same to Rand Paul, especially if #3 shows up, looking to work with the gang and not rock the boat.

Could #1 show up, though? I can’t totally rule it out. Rand Paul is certainly capable of being like his father, holding up legislation by being the one Senator blocking a bill because it is too long or doesn’t state what part of the Constitution allows it, or whatever other reason.

But I don’t think he will. He’s got the taste of fame and power… and he likes it. He’s not going to go and ruin that just because of a bunch of silly principles about fighting the New World Order and the Military Industrial Complex.

Besides, what has doing that ever got him?

He won a convincing victory, and it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Mitch McConnell.


Time profiles Congressman Awesome, who teaches us all a lesson

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November 5, 2010
By Joe Sonka

John Yarmuth just can’t help but be Congressman Awesome:

“One of the problems we had nationally was that we had a lot of members who had been in office a long time and had kind of been cruising,” Yarmuth told TIME on late Tuesday over the still raucous cheers of relieved supporters in the background. “So when they found themselves in an environment where people were yelling in their faces, they lacked the skills and the confidence to defend the good things they had just accomplished.” Instead, he said, too many congressional Democrats “pandered” to an angry and frustrated electorate, instead of selling them on the benefits of health care reform and the rest.

Yarmuth, easily the most liberal member of Congress from Kentucky in decades, never apologized for any of the legislation he has helped passed since Obama’s Inauguration. “I’ve been outspoken on these issues for a long time,” he told TIME. “And when I’ve been out talking to constituents, I have never wavered on my positions. They know I am someone who will say exactly what I feel.”

It was a strategy that proved pivotal compared with those of his compatriots across Kentucky. Much more moderate Democrats fared far less well. Democrat Ben Chandler declared apparent victory but only after he squeaked ahead by a few hundred votes in Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District. Paul’s opponent in the Senate race, Democratic state attorney general Jack Conway, never seemed to show voters exactly where he stood or find his voice — at least not before giving a passionate and articulate concession speech on Tuesday.

Yarmuth was reluctant to criticize Conway, who is also from Louisville, but he agreed that the Democratic Senate candidate had failed to convince skeptical voters that he stood for something powerful. “I hate to talk about Jack’s campaign, because I feel Jack did what he had to do,” Yarmuth said, giving a nod to the fact that Kentucky voters as a whole are far more conservative than the ones he faced in Louisville. “But one of the problems Jack had was that he never — well, he tried to kind of guess where most Kentuckians were on the issues. And voters usually can see through that. He didn’t stand up for particular values and say, ‘This is my position, even if it’s unpopular.’ He may have believed in every position he took, but he never convinced voters.”

Is it possible to overdose on Awesomeness? Yarmy may have to tone it down a bit, for his own health.

Did any of you ever hear Jack Conway answer why he supported the health care bill? Almost invariably, he spent the first 30 seconds talking about what was wrong with it, going straight into apology mode. But there was one time where I heard and felt something different from him. It was at the Max Cleland event in Lexington (just after the Aqua Buddha ad exploded), when someone spoke up to thank him for favoring it. Jack seemed to throw away the script for about 5 minutes and talked passionately about how this bill effected someone he knew. It might have been the only time I’ve ever really believed something that came out of his mouth. For me, Jack had always been some person that I supported by default. He would make much better decisions than Stan Lee as AG. He would make much better votes than Dan Mongiardo or Rand Paul. But I never really believed, or at least was never sure, that he really believed what he was saying. When he talked about “Kentucky values” or “why would Rand join a group that mocked Christ” or “the Hometown Tax Credit” or how evil cap and trade was or how those Bush tax cuts for the top 2% were so vital to keep, I didn’t believe him. But for those 5 minutes when he was talking about how health care reform changed the life of someone, it was the first time up to that point that I was sure Jack was speaking from the heart. I would have loved to hear Rand Paul try to counter that story, explaining how it wasn’t fair to insurance companies or the exponential spirit of capitalism. I was kicking myself later for not videotaping the Q&A session that day, because it was one of the few truly inspirational moments of this year’s senate campaign.

Unfortunately, it was also the last.

Just throwing that out there, since Congressman Awesome went and beat me to it.

And if you haven’t seen Yarmuth’s victory speech yet, please set aside 12 minutes of your time sometime today or this weekend and watch this thing from start to finish. We should all be really grateful to have someone like this in Washington DC representing our state.:


Correction: Mark Riddle actually went 0-4

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November 4, 2010
By Joe Sonka

We take being factually accurate very seriously here at Barefoot and Progressive, which is why we would like to correct something that we reported last night.

We claimed that Mark Riddle went 0-2 last night, losing badly with both Jim Newberry and Jack Conway.

That is incorrect. As Jake Payne noted today, Riddle also worked for the state senate races of David Eaton and Mike Reynolds, both of whom were blown out. So it would be more accurate to say that he went 0-4, and lost all 4 of those races badly.

We here at B&P would like to apologize for the error.


Kentucky election night liveblogging!

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November 2, 2010
By Joe Sonka

8:12- Heading over the Chandler/O’Neill/Fayette County thing. I may be back online, may not. In the meantime….


8:10- 72% in

Ben Chandler (D) / Inc. 81,829 51%
Andy Barr (R) 79,748 49%



Again…. Louisville… whatchu got?

8:07- YARMUTH WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:05- 66% in

Ben Chandler (D) / Inc. 75,587 51%
Andy Barr (R) 71,736 49%

Razor thin. He may not make this…

8:03- WKYT has this total, but I don’t know what % is in

David O’Neill 47,032 50.1
Jay Whitehead 46,813 49.9

Anybody know if this is called, or still coming in?

8:00- Mark Riddle: 0-2. And not even close.



7:42- I’m going to take a brief JIM GRAY IS OUR NEW MAYOR break. brb.

7:41- Carpenter up big, Seum up big. Blech.

7:39- 43% in (possible Democratic shocker upset in the Senate 10th?)

Dennis Parrett (D) 7,144 53.2
Elizabeth Tori (R) 6,273 46.8

7:37- 20% in

John Yarmuth (D) 28,739 53.0
Todd Lally (R) 24,771 45.7

Too close.

7:36- 58% in

Ben Chandler (D) 65,875 52.7
Andy Barr (R) 59,194 47.3

Bad news for Ben… he only won Fayette by 5%. This is going to be TIGHT.


David O’Neill 47,032 50.1
Jay Whitehead 46,813 49.9

Thanks for sucking ass, Jack Conway.


7:30- The Homomafia now runs Lexington. Whatchu gotta say, Louisville?


7:27- 16% in

Rand Paul (R) 116,091 55.2
Jack Conway (D) 94,331 44.8

Paul might win by close to 20…

7:26- Looks like Kerr won by about a point and a half… shite. 99% in

Alice Kerr (R) 19,936 50.8
Don Blevins (D) 19,291 49.2

7:25- State House 34th 9% in

Carpenter , Jared GOP 638 49%
Murphy , Lee Dem 635 48%

gonna be tight.

7:24- I’ll go ahead and call it: Linda Gorton is Lexington’s new Vice Mayor!

7:23- 5% in

Yarmuth- 52%
Lally- 46%

7:21- Gray: I am here for every generation, and we are here for the next generation.

7:21- Gray: fairness in this community for everyone.

7:17- 91% in

Kerr is up by about 150 votes… wow.

7:16- 20% in

Chandler- 55%
Barr- 45%

7:15- Gray talking about preserving what is special about Lexington. (we’re in Busters…). “There are no holes in the heart of Charleston”…

7:14- Gray: “I have faith in this city, I have faith in our people”

7:14- 96% in, looks like Gray won by 6%.

7:11- Lots of shout outs.

7:10- Gray introducing mother and family. Thanks firefighters and police and city workers for their support.

7:09- 18% in

Chandler- 56%
Barr- 44%

7:08- Quoting Henry Clay on competition. Competition elevates the issues and ideas in democracy. Has higest regard for Newberry and his supporters.

7:08- Gray thanks Newberry, to applause.

7:08- “Lexington, your fresh start begins tomorrow”

7:07- Gray thanks supporters.

7:07- WTVQ calls it for Rand Paul. (buzzkill? Too happy…)

7:06- Gray introduced to big cheers!!!

7:05- Gray’s treasurer takes the mic. Show about to begin.

7:04- Crosbie wins! Martin wins… too happy to care.

7:02- 71% in

Chris Ford 1,208 62%
Marty Clifford 726 38%

7:01- Gray staff taking the stage to woots.

7:00- Bill Farmer beats Cheryl Feigel!

6:59- 91% in

Linda Gorton 36,699 23%
Chuck Ellinger 34,275 21%
Steve Kay 30,697 19%
Kathy Plomin 25,480 16%
Don Pratt 17,979 11%
George Brown 17,400 11%

Stev3e Kay is on the Council! Linda Gorton an eyelash away from Vice Mayor!

6:56- 3% in

Chandler- 53%
Barr- 47%

6:56- Stan Lee’s mustache leading Vanderpool by 7000 votes.

6:55- WLEX calls it for Jim Gray!!!

6:53- Newberry just called Gray to concede!!!!!!!!!!!


Gray- 54%
Newberry- 46%

6:52- 87% in FAYETTE ONLY

Jack Conway (D) 38,483 50%
Rand Paul (R) 37,887 50%

I’m calling it for Rand Paul. Jack needed a blowout here.

6:51- 85% in

Jim Gray 37,083 54%
Jim Newberry 31,936 46%

Somebody call this thing!!!

6:50- correction, got bad numbers. Conway running very close in Fayette. That’s not good.

6:49- from WKYT, don’t know % in

Linda Gorton 22,270 22.3
Chuck Ellinger 21,019 21.0
Steve Kay 18,461 18.4
Kathy Plomin 15,623 15.6
George Brown 11,513 11.5
Don Pratt 11,174 11.2

6:48- 81% in

Gray- 54%
Newberry- 46%


6:47- Gray’s people starting to get celebratory…

6:47- 76% in

Gray- 54%
Newberry- 46%

Looking GOOD.

6:45- with 72% in in Fayette County, Conway up 58-42.

6:45- WLEX is giving Don Pratt a heart attack. Typo says he’s up by about 50% for past 5 minutes.

6:43- not sure what % this is from WKYT

Ben Chandler (D) 23,534 52.7
Andy Barr (R) 21,114 47.3

6:41- 61% in

Jim Gray 27,187 54%
Jim Newberry 22,830 46%

6:38- 57% in

Gray- 55%
Newberry- 45%

6:37- 36% in

Don Blevins (D) 7,552 50.7
Alice Kerr (R) 7,348 49.3

6:35- 48% in

Jim Gray 21,625 55%
Jim Newberry 17,877 45%

6:34- 34% in

Linda Gorton 13,324 23%
Chuck Ellinger 11,930 21%
Steve Kay 11,270 20%
Kathy Plomin 8,852 15%
Don Pratt 6,468 11%
George Brown 5,611 10%

I like.

6:32- 50% in

Farmer 55%
Feigel 45%

6:30- Walker Mattox all over some WLEX to my right.

6:29- 32% in

Gray 55%
Newberry 45%

6:28 Bromanager on WTVQ!

6:28- 10% in

Jack Conway (D) 4,203 54.1
Rand Paul (R) 3,573 45.9
That’s just Fayette, sorry.

6:27- 27% in

Wilke 51%
Ransdell 49%

6:26- 25% in

Jim Gray 10,579 56%
Jim Newberry 8,411 44%


6:25- 8% in

Alice Kerr (R) 1,520 50.6
Don Blevins (D) 1,486 49.4

6:24- 12%

Linda Gorton 4,510 23%
Steve Kay 4,015 20%
Chuck Ellinger 4,005 20%
Kathy Plomin 3,006 15%
Don Pratt 2,371 12%
George Brown 2,056 10%

I like it.

6:23- 13% in

Jim Gray 5,509 56%
Jim Newberry 4,251 44%

I like it.

6:22- WLEX calls it for Hal Rogers. Our first shocker of the evening.

6:21- Higdon says Jack Conway one Marion County absentees.

6:20- 3% in

Chuck Ellinger 1,020 22%
Linda Gorton 986 21%
Steve Kay 864 19%
Kathy Plomin 656 14%
Don Pratt 595 13%
George Brown 490 11%

6:19- 5% in

David O’Neill (D)2,072 58%
Jay Whitehead (R)1,499 42%

6:17- Fayette County ONLY 6% in

Jack Conway (D) 2,591 54%
Rand Paul (R) 2,164 46%

6:16- 4% in

Jim Gray 1,473 55%
Jim Newberry 1,199 45%

6:12- 1% in

Jim Gray 138 52%
Jim Newberry 127 48%

6:10- First results trickling in:

Rand Paul (R) 652 52.2%
Jack Conway (D) 596 47.8%

6:02- Nervous?

5:53- Jake’s doing the same here.

WKYT usually has good quick results here.

For national results, check out Politico and 538.

To figure out how big the Republican tide is in the House, follow along the timeline here.

5:45- Hey ho, let’s go.

The internet is acting very spotty, so in case I disappear for a while, I’ll be up on the Twitter Machine.


My wild guesses for election night results in Lexington and Kentucky

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November 2, 2010
By Joe Sonka

Here are my wild guesses predictions for tonight:

US Senate

Rand Paul- 55
Jack Conway- 45

(Results will look close with Fayette County coming in first, and Louisville following, but Rand will pull away as the night goes on. Fox News will be the first station in in the country to call it, and they may do it really early. Also, Liberty.)

US House 6th

Ben Chandler- 51
Andy Barr- 49

(Ben gets a scare, but hangs on. He will use this margin of victory as an excuse to move even further to the right. Joy.)

US House 3rd

John Yarmuth- 56
Todd Lally- 42

(SUSA will look really stupid. Or I’m wrong, and the Democrats lose close to 70 seats.)

Lexington Mayor

Jim Gray- 52
Jim Newberry- 48

(A Fresh Start, Ladies and Gentleman. Hurricane Tanner drags every last Gray voter to the polls, whether they like it or not. Much cathartic celebration ensues at Buster’s.)

LFUCG Council-at Large

Linda Gorton- 24
Chuck Ellinger- 23
Steve Kay- 17
Kathy Plomin- 14
Don Pratt- 11
George Brown Jr.- 10

New Vice Mayor Linda Gorton edges out The Ellinger, while Steve Kay finally slides into the shoehorn.

LFUCG 1st District

Chris Ford- 61
Marty Clifford- 39

LFUCG 5th District

Cheryl Feigel- 49
Bill Farmer Jr.- 51

LFUCG 7th District

KC Crosbie- 62
Chris Logan- 38

LFUCG 10th District

Kevin Williams- 43
Doug Martin- 42
Sandy Shafer- 15

(OK, this one is the biggest guess I have. As a write-in candidate, Shafer could get 33% of the vote, she could get 3% of the vote… I have no idea. It’ll be a toss up between Martin and Williams, but Martin loses by a clown nose.)

Fayette County PVA

David O’Neill- 66
Jay Whitehead- 33

(O’Neill lets us all down by not beating his opponent by 43 this time. And if he doesn’t double up Whitehead, it’ll be twice as bad.)

State Senate 12th District

Don Blevins- 50
Alice Forgy Kerr- 50

(Photo finish. My heart says Blevins by a hair, my head says Kerr by a hair. Blevins? Blevins.)

State House 45th District

Stan Lee- 69
Matthew Vanderpool- 31

(The radical homosexual agenda lost before the race even began…)

KY State Senate

Democrats Boswell, Reynolds, Webb and Palmer hold onto their seats by a slim margin. So does Dan Seum on the Republican side in the 38th, unfortunately.

In the open 20th for Tapp’s (R) old seat, Hornback (R) edges out Eaton (D). In the open 34th for Worley’s (D) old seat, Carpenter (R) edges out Murphy (D) to pick up a seat.

Blevins (D) edges out Kerr (R) in a nailbiter to pick up a seat for the Democrats.

In the 2nd, Rex Smith (D) wins somewhat comfortably over incumbent Leeper (I) to give another seat to the Democrats.

End result: Republicans with 20 seats and Democrats with 18, just one race short of taking out David Williams.

If the Democrats have any chance of taking Williams out, they’ll have to hold their ground, take out Kerr, and win one out of the 20th, 34th and 38th. It’ll be hard, but not impossible.

KY State House

Democrats lose 6 seats, bringing the total to Democrats 59, Republicans 41

US House

Democrats lose 55 seats. Boehner Jamz across America.

US Senate

Democrats take CA, WA, CT and WV

Sharon Angle takes NV by a hair.

IL, AK and CO are toss ups. Democrats will take one.

That leaves Dems up 53-47.



Stay tuned for the election results liveblogging, coming in a few minutes (or directly above this post)


KY election liveblogging tonight!

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November 2, 2010
By Joe Sonka

…the most wonderful daaaay of the yeeeear….

Tune into B&P at 6:00 for some hot election liveblogging action (wi-fi gods willing, and they should be). We’ll be crunching the numbers from counties/precincts in real time and might be able to tell you where some of the races are going before the teevee men/ladies tell you.

We’ll also be making lots of bitter/snide/mean remarks for your reading pleasure, so you won’t want to miss that. Also, we’ll be reporting from next door to the Chandler party, so there may be more election violence to report if the race is too close and they get word that Schankula is over here. (It’s not his fault)

So you’re all welcome to come here and celebrate/vent in the comments at 6:00.


(I will start a new post before 6, it won’t be in this one)


Election night parties in Lexington/Kentucky (UPDATE)

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November 2, 2010
By Joe Sonka

If you want to go celebrate or cry tonight at candidates’ victory/devastating defeat parties, here’s a list of where some are:

(if you have any more, leave in the comments and I will update)

Jim Gray- Buster’s

Jim Newberry- Lexington Center, “Elkhorn Room” (we welcome tips, from anyone attending)

Rand Paul- Bowling Green convention center

Jack Conway and John Yarmuth- Louisville Marriott downtown

Ben Chandler/Fayette County Democrats/David O’Neill PVA – Barrelhouse (next to Buster’s on Manchester Street)

Andy Barr- Campbell House, Lexington


Also, I’ll be live blogging from Manchester Street all night starting at pre-6:00, so if you want to stay home and follow along here, you’re all welcome on B&P.


UPDATE: from comments-

Don Blevins at Fasig-Tipton on Newtown Pike.

Jesse Crenshaw at 1450 North Broadway.

Don Pratt at Winchell’s on Southland Drive





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