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Happy 5-year anniversary, CentrePointe!

On this day five years ago, a great man and a great mayor came together to announce a very great hotel that would sweep away the rabble and shower Lexington with jobs, prosperity, pride and a Hard Rock Cafe.

Not so much, eh?

But seriously, who could have predicted such a failure? (Besides us and Rob Morris.)

Speaking of Rob Morris, today he marked the anniversary with much deserved derision and “I told you so’s” in this tour de force that you should go read in its entirety.

I think I’ll call this my favorite excerpt, which pretty much sums it up:

The developers lied.

They lied repeatedly. And with no trace of shame. It isn’t a pleasant or polite thing to say, but Lexington needs to stop being polite to hucksters and charlatans.

They lied about their secret mystery financier. They lied about his death. They lied about his heirs and ‘numbered Swiss bank accounts’. They lied about backup financing. They lied about backup financing for the backup financing. They lied about the urgency of demolishing historic buildings. They lied about their schedule. They lied about tenant commitments. They lied about 61 (or 64! or 65!) ‘handshake’ deals for their condominiums. They lied with pretty pictures of ugly buildings. They lied with pretty pictures of pretty buildings. And they lied with overly optimistic financial projections.

They lied to the press. They lied to the public. They lied to the Urban County Council. They might have even lied to themselves.

And when their thick layers of lies wore thin, they resorted to insulting and bullying their critics instead of offering substantive rebuttals.

Strong words, but I hear Dudley is breaking ground in 60-90 days, so we’ll be eating crow soon.

Until then, continue enjoying your invisible unicorn park, Lexington.

(For additional fun times, this classic 2,300-word screed (once described by a dirty foul-mouthed blogger as “Dudley Webb’s ego masturbating in public“) by The Dud just keeps getting funnier with age, so you should go soak in that for a bit, too, because how often do we get to celebrate an anniversary so festive?)

So who is our Democratic upgrade to run against Andy Barr in 2014?

Now that sometimes-Democrat Ben Chandler will no longer be in Washington to ignore and frustrate us damned dirty liberals in Lexington while he votes against Obama and most of what we believe in, we now have an invigorating choice to make:

Which Democrat will step up and crush Andy Barr — who will spend the next two years voting for an unpopular and extreme Tea Party agenda, to no legislative fruition thanks to Obama and the Democratic Senate — in 2014?

There are so many options, and they all sound well worth waiting through two years of Andy Barr’s irrelevance.

Do you want…

Crit Luallen?

Jim Gray?

Kathy Stein?

Alison Lundergan Grimes?

Ashley Judd?

David O’Neill?

Colmon Elridge?

Sannie Overly?

Matt Jones?

Let us know in the comments, including your thoughts on various strengths and weaknesses. Things are looking up, I swear.

Kentucky has an ass

We’ve always shared with you the musical odes to Ron and Rand Paul from their followers here at B&P. We think it’s only fitting that we share with you the first song (that we know of) devoted to Rand Paul and Rep. Stan Lee from someone who doesn’t consider them Liberty Christ or Liberty Stache.

Get your scatological groove on, via Lexington’s Jerry Moody:

You’re welcome? Sure you are.

Appalachian Voices on the Real Ben Chandler

Andy Barr is devoting his entire campaign to explaining that Ben Chandler is taking away jobs from miners in his district by supporting the evil EPA and Nobama — even though, you know, there are ZERO miners employed in the 6th District, including the western KY coal CEO that plays dress up as a miner in all of his ads. And, of course, Chandler votes against the EPA every opportunity he gets.

Matt Wasson of Appalachian Voices sent out an email today with actual truth in it:

SUBJECT: Ben Chandler let us down

Dear Joe,

Last Friday, the House of Representatives passed a package of bills designed to give the coal industry free reign over our streams and mountains. The bill attacks both the EPA and the Office of Surface Mining, preventing them from fulfilling their duties to limit the dumping of mountaintop removal waste.

Ben Chandler voted FOR this bill that would reverse years of progress made on ending mountaintop removal. Please tell Congressman Chandler that you expect more from him, and that you do not support his pro-mountaintop removal vote.

While we were unable to defeat this package of bills in the House, there was enough bipartisan opposition to ensure that a Presidential veto can be sustained. With your ongoing support, we will continue to demonstrate America’s commitment to ending mountaintop removal.

But it’s important to take time to tell Rep. Ben Chandler that we need him to show the courage to stand up against the financial and political power of the coal industry.

Thanks for standing up for Appalachia,

Matt Wasson

Asking Ben Chandler to “show the courage to stand up against the financial and political power of the coal industry”? That’s like asking Garland Barr III to tell the truth.

Rand Paul runs from the 47%

Pretend journalist Wolf Blitzer asked Rand Paul tonight if he agrees with Mitt Romney’s comments on how 47 percent of the population are lazy parasites. After completely avoiding the question by rambling off talking points about government workers (something he’s completely ignorant about), Wolf asked him if that means he agreed with Mitt. Rand Paul said that it showed the difference between the two candidates (True! We agree!), then repeated another unrelated government worker talking point.

Rand’s becoming an even better surrogate for Mitt than Liz Cheney and Dan Senor. Quick learner.

Mitt Romney hates Americans, needs Kim Geveden

Well, I guess I shouldn’t say all Americans. Just 150 million or so of them.

You know, I really should feel bad about sitting at home all day eating my food stamp food and using your tax dollars to buy drugs and mooch off of the 53%… but Barack Obama just makes it soooo easy! It’s hard not to.

Mitt Romney simultaneously said he misspoke and doubled down on his comments tonight in a hastily called press conference, which was as much of a trainwreck as every single moment from his campaign over the last three months.

It’s a whole lotta fail, and it could have been so easily avoided.


Just ask Lt. Dan. It’s called “the tape was heavily edited.”

Then again, fuck the 47%. Mitt Romney doesn’t need this job.