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Another look at the extravaganza of opportunity in KY-6 2014

November 13, 2012

Let’s do this again, by category. If we’ve left anybody out, or think we got something wrong, let us know.

(Oh, and feel free to vote here on the B&P Facebook page poll for your favorite candidate(s), as well.)

Would be awesome, but not going to happen

Crit Luallen- She’s going to be governor, and doesn’t want to live in the swampland. If she’s not going to run against Mitch, she certainly isn’t going to run for this busch league office.

Would beat Barr, but probably won’t happen

Alison Lundergan Grimes- Grimes is currently choosing between KY-6, 2014 Senate, secretary of state re-election, governor, attorney general, and 2016 Senate. Best bets are her taking on Mitch or AG, though you can feel free to hold out your hopes.

Jim Gray- Mr. Mayor likes his job, and Lexington likes him (we hear his numbers are staggering). We can’t rule out KY-6 totally, but it’s a very safe bet that he’ll be running for his job again in two years.

Adam Edelen- Adam also thinks he’s going to be governor. Get in line.

Can beat Barr, and should run, dammit

Kathy Stein- We’ve often wonder and daydream how a real liberal Democrat would campaign and perform in this district, and what it would be like to have someone fighting for us Yarmuth-style in Washington. And then there’s Kathy Stein, who is just… well, she’s the best. A Stein campaign would show us, at long last, just how “conservative” this district really was, with a take-no-shit tornado of sass whipping up the Democratic base in Lexington and beyond. If she lost? Well, at least we’d know what was possible, right? We still think the potential reward is worth the risk. Would she actually run? It’s currently unclear, but if you want to see this happen, be sure to let her know. Run Kathy, run.

Might run, and might win

David O’Neill- The Fayette County PVA is used to crushing hapless suckers here in Lexington, but might want to take his show on the road. He’s one of those rare folks that appears to be equally tight with the Lundergan and Beshear clans. He’d be like a really, really grumpy version of Jared Polis.

Colmon Elridge- A young talented guy that has honed his craft fighting conservative idiots on Fox News, so he’d be ready for Barr. He’d also have the full backing of Gov. Beshear, who he’s worked for since he was 5-years old or something. He lives in Lexington and would do great here, but he’s also a native of Harrison County. He’s black and he’s proud, so he’d test our non-Obama racial harmony outside Fayette and Franklin. He’s also fairly liberal, despite all the Jesus talk.

Won’t run, but would be fun

Ashley Judd- If you really believe that she’s serious about running for office in Kentucky, it would be against Mitch, not small-time Andy. That’s despite the fact that she’d have a much easier time in this race, and less Louisville Cardinal fans to deal with.

Matt Jones- Seriously, he’d be legit, with his huge fan base and world-class Transylvania political education. But why in the hell would you want to spend basketball season in DC when you already have the best job in the world? Not going to happen.

Might run, but can’t win

Teresa Isaac- The twice handily defeated former Lexington mayor told the Herald Leader that she’s “looking” at the race. Lord knows why.

Legislators that should take a look, and would be great

Kelly Flood- We kind of doubt that Flood is interested in taking this leap, but the 6th could do a hell of a lot worse than her. Should consider running if the field looks open, or is full of coal.

Sannie Overly- Another new talent that is making her way up the ranks in Frankfort. She’s more liberal than her district outside of Lexington, and she’s damned smart. No idea if she’s interested, though.

More legislators that might be interested

RJ Palmer- The state senator from Winchester is fairly conservative, but would be able to raise money and give Barr a decent race. I assume he’s getting bored doing nothing in the minority of the state Senate.

Ricky Henderson- He would have no chance, but we hear that he’s fond of snake-handling, so perhaps he’s crazy enough to run.

Shouldn’t run, though it would be fun to watch them lose

Jim Newberry- The last time ole Newb ran for KY-6 in 1998, he gay-baited Ernesto and bragged that gays should be put in prison for sodomy. For some reason, Lexington allowed him to be mayor, though they redeemed themselves by voting him out in a landslide two years ago. We assume Newberry — a man consumed by bitterness and hatred of Jim Gray — will try for a rematch, though the thought of his ego pushing him into a futile run for KY-6 as a conservative Democrat brings a smile to our face.

Doug Martin- The angry clown and Southside Screamer likes to think of himself as a very important person, so it’s not inconceivable that his ego could convince him to jump in. Unfortunately, it’s more likely that he’ll run and lose against fellow clown Stan Lee that year.

Dan Mongiardo- He lives in the district now, doesn’t he? We miss Lt. Dan.

Ben Chandler- Actually, Ben doesn’t belong in this category. There’s nothing even remotely entertaining about this man. Time to let somebody else take a chance.

The Top 10 Reasons Why Every Democrat and Independent Must Vote for Ben Chandler

October 22, 2012

An endorsement from the Editors of Barefoot & Progressive

Congressman Ben Chandler eked out a victory over Garland Barr IV in the 2010 election by just one vote per precinct.

Redistricting has made Kentucky’s 6th District bluer on paper and in theory. Still, as all the advertisements on television and the radio indicate, this is a close race and every vote counts.

Because Chandler is busy campaigning, he was unable to respond to a questionnaire from public interest group Kentuckians for the Commonwealth — and thus the importance of his positions may need some clarification.

Presented here are the 10 undeniable reasons why every single Democrat and Independent voter in Central Kentucky must turn out to vote for Ben Chandler to ensure his victory.


10. THE CONTEMPT OF ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER — The House GOP engineered a contempt vote on Eric Holder in relation to the ‘Fast & Furious’ mess. As the New York Times reported, “it was the first time in American history that Congress has imposed the sanction on a sitting member of a president’s cabinet.” [NYT]

Seventeen Democrats in Congress joined the Republican majority in voting for contempt. (Two Republicans voted against.) Ben Chandler was one of those seventeen [FOX News].

Over 100 Congressional Democrats walked off the House floor to boycott the vote, including Kentucky Congressman John Yarmuth. [WFPL]

But Ben Chandler stayed and Ben Chandler took a stand.


9. THE HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA — While some Democrats believe people have the right to marry each other, Ben Chandler does not.

When House Republicans added an amendment to the defense spending bill that reaffirms the Defense of Marriage Act, nineteen brave Democrats stood with the House GOP and voted for the amendment.

Ben Chandler was one of those brave Democrats willing to stand up to the homosexual agenda. [B&P]

Just last week, activist judges in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals became the second such court to rule DOMA a violation of equal protection by denying homosexuals the same rights as more capable of love Americans. [NYT]

The 2-to-1 ruling on Thursday came in the case of Edith Windsor, who married her partnerof more than 40 years, Thea Spyer, in Canada in 2007. Their marriage was recognized by New York State. Yet, when Mrs. Spyer died in 2009, Mrs. Windsor, now 83, was prevented by the act from claiming an exemption from the federal estate tax available for surviving spouses, and was required to pay $363,053 in estate taxes.

When so few Democrats were willing to stand up to the radical homosexual agenda, Ben Chandler took a brave position and voted to reaffirm the importance of this Defense of Marriage.


8. THE DREAM ACT – The DREAM Act was crafted to give a pathway to citizenship to kids — a lot of them Hispanic — who were brought to this country and raised here, who went to school and did the Pledge of Allegience and who have only ever called America home.

Ben Chandler took a stand for America and voted against the bill. [B&PHouse Vote]


7. BIG OIL – When Big Oil dumped a couple milk gallons worth of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, a lot of weak-kneed Democrats and Independents and Environmentalists got scared and tried to shut down drilling.

But not Ben Chandler. He was one of a handful of Democrats willing to join the House GOP in a vote to open the gulfstream waters to more drilling. [B&P]

That vote might seem like an anomaly. But Ben Chandler also took a stand in defense of Big Oil as one of just 13 Democrats voting in favor of giving Big Oil $53 Billion in taxpayer subsidies. [B&P] Beacuse Big Oil needs it and Ben Chandler isn’t going to leave them behind.

Ben Chandler took a stand and now you must stand with Ben Chandler.


6. KING COAL – Andy Barr made big waves with his advertisement featuring a coal mine executive from outside the district dressed up as a coal miner and accusing Ben Chandler of trying to kill the coal industry.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

When King Coal wanted to defund the EPA’s coal ash regulations, Ben Chandler voted to defund. [B&P]

When House Republicans voted to “stop this out of control EPA,” Ben Chandler was one of just 19 Democrats who voted with the GOP on behalf of King Coal. [B&P]

When 169 members of Congress wrote to the EPA to oppose their efforts to enforce the Clean Water Act, Ben Chandler signed the letter. [B&P]

When House Republicans voted to block the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases from power plants and enforcing the Clean Air Act, Ben Chandler voted with them. [B&P]

Ben Chandler took a stand for the coal lobby and now you must stand with Ben Chandler.


5. BUSH TAX CUTS — This image should tell you all you need to know:

If that doesn’t make Ben Chandler’s stance on the issue clear, consider that he is one of just three Democrats who signed Grover Norquist’s pledge to never raise taxes on the rich. [B&P]

When the House of Representatives voted to extend the Bush Tax Cuts, only one Kentucky representative voted against it. That one was John Yarmuth. Ben Chandler voted again in favor of the Bush Tax Cuts. [CN|2]

Ben Chandler took a principled and not at all politically motivated stand for the super rich and now you must stand with Ben Chandler again.


4. OBAMACARE – Again, Andy Barr runs advertisements insinuating Ben Chandler supported the attempt to rein in health insurance companies — forcing them to provide coverage to kids, provide coverage to people with “pre-existing conditions,” provide preventative care and cancer screenings and all sorts of other maybe or maybe not unconstitutional inhumanities.

But the facts are not on Garland’s side. Ben Chandler broke with the Democratic Party and voted AGAINST health care reform. [TPM]

Let’s be clear: Ben Chandler does not support health care reform.

Ben Chandler took a stand. Won’t you stand with Ben Chandler?


3. STUPAK AND ABORTION — Not only did Ben Chandler not support Obamacare, he worked actively to water it down.

Put another way, Ben Chandler voted to weaken the health care bill… and then once weakened, he still voted against it.

That’s how against Obamacare Ben Chandler is.

Feminists and women’s organizations view the Stupak Amendment as “a monumental setback for abortion access.” [ThinkProgress]

Ben Chandler voted against abortion access not once but twice… and the second time was so extreme, even Stupak didn’t support it. [B&P, B&P]

Ben Chandler opposes a woman’s right to choose and he’s okay with that. That’s political conviction and it’s worth supporting.

Ben Chandler took a stand and he’s not worried if you stand with him. But you have to.


2. WALL STREET REFORM – Ben Chandler voted against it.

After the economic collapse of 2008, some people thought that Wall Street needed more oversight and everyday consumers needed better protections against aggressive lenders.

Ben Chandler wasn’t one of them.

In fact, Chandler was one of just 27 Democrats to join every single Republican in Congress in voting against the Dodd-Frank bill. [B&P]

Again, Ben Chandler took a stand. He voted for you. Now you must vote for Ben Chandler.


1. HIV & 3rd World Humanitarian Aid – In 2011, a House Subcommittee voted to ban US aid to those working in third world nations to provide help to women infected with HIV and to their sick and starving children.

One Democrat voted for this ban. That Democrat was Ben Chandler. [LEO WeeklyB&P]

“The provision included in this bill is far more extreme than the Global Gag Rule policy that was implemented under Presidents Reagan, George Bush, or George W. Bush,” said Berman. “It bars ALL assistance to local health care providers in poor countries – including HIV/AIDS funding, water and sanitation, child survival, and education. In the name of ‘right to life,’ the majority is cutting off funds that are literally saving hundreds of thousands of lives.”

Ben Chandler took a stand. Now you must stand with Ben Chandler.



This is Ben Chandler’s record.

You must support it.

If you are a Democrat, you must vote for Ben Chandler.

If you are an Independent, you must vote for Ben Chandler.

If you are an environmentalist, if you are a feminist, if you support women’s rights, if you support health care reform or Wall Street reform… you must vote for Ben Chandler.

He needs every single vote.

Every single vote matters.

You vote for Ben Chandler because Ben Chandler votes for you.

He represents us and looking at Ben Chandler’s record, you can’t say he’s not doing a good job of it.

What is at stake here?

First and foremost, Ben Chandler’s place in Congress and history. Second of all, the balance of power in the House of Representatives.

If Ben Chandler loses, who will be there to cast the deciding vote on an issue that matters to the voters of Central Kentucky? He may never have done it in the past, but maybe he will in the future.

If Ben Chandler loses, then the Republicans will maintain control of the House. Sure, it may be the case that Republicans are pretty much guaranteed 226 seats and Democrats only have 183 and there are just 26 “toss-ups”… but one of those toss up seats is Chandler’s and if he loses then it will have no substantive affect on the balance of power especially since on some of the most important votes (see all 10 points above) Ben Chandler caucuses with the Republicans, but what if none of that were true and you accept the importance of Ben Chandler’s victory?

And that is why every single Democrat and every single Independent should vote for Ben Chandler.

Because what other choice do you have?





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