Mitch McConnell’s Terrible Labor Day Weekend: Kentucky Senate Race Video Round-Up!

Mitch McConnell had a really bad Labor Day weekend and it wasn’t just because Republicans struggle to enjoy a holiday dedicated to the Labor movement.

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Where to begin?

buy ambien online without prescription has a simply crushing spot out this morning that targets Mitch McConnell for his votes against taking care of veterans. This ad does not pull any punches and it may be difficult to watch if you have a heart or, alternately, if you support Mitch McConnell. Viewer discretion is advised.

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That ad could not have hit harder — but for what it doesn’t mention, which is that Mitch McConnell dodged the Vietnam War twice, first enrolling in the National Guard to avoid combat and then dodging that dodge with a made-up story about going to NYU. The ol’ Mitch McConnell Double Dodge! Instead, Mitch just moved to Washington DC. If you’d like some background on that VoteVets ad, you can start here.

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Meanwhile, AFSCME drops a splendid new ad of their own, hitting McConnell over his secretly taped comments to the billionaires at the Koch Brothers retreat — it’s called #ThesePeople and you can sign up here to tell Mitch you are one of them:

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The secret recording of Mitch at the Koch Brothers retreat will not likely go away any time soon but for the time being at least it’s been overshadowed by the imploding McConnell campaign itself where an internal soap opera is bubbling up after McConnell’s campaign manager, Jesse Benton, quit on Friday over his ties to a political bribe scandal. Team Mitch is claiming that Benton hadn’t really been managing McConnell’s campaign at all and that he was just sort of hangin’ out drinking beers by the pool all summer. Which doesn’t explain why they’ve paid him over $425,000 in under two years.

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The Grimes campaign wasted no time with all this and have a new ad out this morning that highlights the cracking of the McConnell campaign:

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For much more on the unfolding Benton scandal, and what it means for Team Mitch, you can mull through B&P’s weekend coverage:

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Needless to say, if you didn’t get the picture from the above, Mitch McConnell had an awful Labor Day weekend and he and his campaign staff (or what’s left of it) spent the weekend dodging questions and hanging up on reporters:

McConnell refuses to take questions in Tompkinsville


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