Addison or Alison? McConnell v. Grimes underway with stampede of ads as Mitch’s Right Hand goes misogynistic

The Addison Mitchell McConnell v. Alison Lundergan Grimes thrill ride is now officially under way. Some early highlights:

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The Grimes folk released this heartfelt 1min personal appeal:
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McConnell’s multi-million-dollar support group, “Kentuckians for Strong Leadership,” released its first attack ad which links Alison to such terrible people as Ben Affleck and Leonardo DiCaprio, who are well known to be reviled by all Americans and are basically the al Qaeda of Hollywood:
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The Grimes folk released a 2min web video from their cross-state jobs tour, asking if anyone’s seen Mitch. (Spoiler Alert: They haven’t.)

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The Public Campaign Action Fund released a nice infographic on the money spent so far in this race and where it’s coming from and where it’s going.

After spending $11,000,000 to lose 40% of his own party’s voters, Mitch McConnell now faces Alison Lundergan Grimes in what will likely be the most expensive race in the country this cycle.


Perhaps the most telling stat is in the bottom left corner: 29% of Grimes’ donations came from donors giving $200 or less… compared to just 4% of McConnell’s donors.



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McConnell opened his speech last night with the ludicrous statement: “My friends, tonight we begin the process of putting Kentucky first again!” You should expect to see that statement in pro-ALG campaign ads very soon. McConnell’s been in office for five terms and after 30 years it’s a hard sell to claim that now you’re going to put Kentucky first. It’s almost as if he delivered that line specifically so the ALG forces could use it in ads as it fits perfectly into their campaign’s narrative. In fact, here ya go:

(To be clearer: If that clip is not in an ad soon, someone needs to give someone a talking t0.)

And finally… if we can revisit that “Kentuckians for Strong Leadership” ad above… the one with the red carpet that looks like a high schooler’s animation project? You know… the one where Ben Affleck and Leonardo DiCaprio decapitate the Statue of Liberty?

It’s an attack ad from the Super PAC “Kentuckians for Strong Leadership.” It’s part of a $5.2 Million ad buy from a couple of outside groups that share some common traits: 1) They are in no way coordinated with Mitch McConnell’s campaign; 2) They are both working through Scott Jennings, a former top aide to Mitch McConnell (and a former deputy to Karl Rove). But outside of Scott, Kentuckians for Strong Leadership actually has very, very, very few Kentuckians among its ranks (see: here, here, here, here).

Well last night as the results were coming in and folks were parsing those results out for hidden or spinnable meaning, Bill Goodman at KET tweeted out a comment from the journalist Al Cross.

Grimes runs a real risk of being defined as Barack Obama’s handmaiden.

To which Scott Jennings replied:

Already happening.


If you don’t know… a handmaiden is a female servant, a woman who is necessarily subservient to her master.

Now regardless of what Cross meant by his comment — he could have, for instance, meant simply that the McConnell forces would portray Grimes as a weak-willed woman — Scott Jennings, as the voice of those McConnell forces affirms that they are trying to define Alison Lundergan Grimes as a weak-willed, subservient woman.

This sort of misogyny probably sounds really good in Scott Jennings’ brain but unfortunately, we don’t all exist up there.

Whether it’s “handmaiden” or any other demeaning term, it is likely that Mitch & Co. will continue to look for ways to remind voters that Alison is a woman and women are dumb, weak, incapable of independent thinking, and so forth.

Put another way… how would Scott Jennings define Mitch McConnell?

McConnell spent eight years doing the bidding of George W. Bush. He pushed the Iraq War, raised the Debt Ceiling again and again, let the country spend trillions of dollars it didn’t have. He even got behind George’s amnesty plan for a time.

What does that make Mitch McConnell?

Better yet… what does it make Scott Jennings?

If Scott Jennings and his Super PACs are going to define Alison as Obama’s handmaiden (“already happening”), how should one define Scott Jennings?

After all, Scott’s got a job massaging Mitch’s ego. He’s getting paid to do a job to beat back Mitch’s opponent. He’s got a job trying to bring Mitch’s fantasies of re-election to fruition. That’s just Scott Jennings’ job.

So if Alison Lundergan Grimes is a weak-willed subservient handmaiden, what kind of hand does that make Scott?


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