Mitch McConnell Thinks You Are An Idiot.

Here’s a picture Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party hope no one in America internalizes:

Yes, while the Republicans are busy lying about the state of America’s energy policy in a destructive attempt to again mislead voters, the truth is not on their side:

Here’s just one example of Mitch McConnell lying to the American people, from

“What [Obama] ought to do is increase public production on public land. Land in federal — within the federal jurisdiction, production is down 14%. He points, however, to increased production that he had nothing to do with. It’s up 96 % on state owned land and private land. The president simply is standing in the way of increasing domestic production.”

McConnell got one thing right — production on federal lands fell by 14% in fiscal year 2011 (after a 15% increase the year before). But overall, oil production on federal lands saw an increase of 1% during the last five fiscal years.

As for Mitch’s other factoid, that production is up nearly 100% on state and private land…

Mitch McConnell incorrectly claimed that oil production is “up 96% on state-owned land and private land,” which isn’t close to being true. Production rose 11% on those lands in fiscal year 2011, the period to which McConnell alluded. Even over the last five fiscal years, the rise has been 15% — not even one-sixth as large as he claimed.

As Mitch said recently (and the rest of the GOP chirped behind him), “It’s my view that the administration’s policies are actually designed to bring about higher gas prices.”

And it’s my view that Mitch McConnell knows full well that he’s lying to the American people, and his only hope is that you are all just stupid enough to believe him.

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