Copping a Feel: How UK fans really celebrated in Lexington

Watched the first half at Al’s Bar, the second at the Kentucky, then wandered down Lime to Woodland and all the way back downtown at the end of the night. Saw one sad-looking attempted fight outside Lynagh’s at 2 in the morning (immediately contained by the good guys in that other color blue), and there was a fender bender on Vine, but while lots of people on twitter were enjoying the Lexington police scanner and imagining pure chaos, there really wasn’t much in the way of chaos.

If you’ve not seen, or weren’t there in person, the Herald-Leader has a bunch of good galleries of the madness, including this shot from Mr. Matt Goins:

As we discussed yesterday, while there was some dumb stuff that happened, if you were to judge it proportionate to the number of people and the overwhelming sense of goodwill (like, if you were to attempt to observe it objectively) then you’d have to say damn near everyone got along and damn near everyone was just happy to be there.

Here’s a pic sent to us through the facebook:

And some more from around town, showing the real story of the celebration in the streets of Lexington:

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