C-J piece on Amanda Ross murder

EDIT 4:46pm: Since I posted this, the Herald-Leader, the AP (this one’s particularly sensational), and Lex 18 (and probably others) have also published articles on the subject.  None of them mention the activism following Amanda’s death.

Today’s Courier-Journal has an article about the release of files relating to Amanda Ross’ murder by Steve Nunn.  I’m not reposting any of the content of it, because it only rehashes sordid details about what a messed up person Steve Nunn is and doesn’t talk about any of the good that’s come out of the tragedy over the past three years.

The article doesn’t discuss the content or passage of the Amanda’s law, the problems we’ve had getting judges to utilize it, or on-going efforts by efforts by Amanda’s friends and family to enact stronger protections for victims of domestic violence.  In my mind, the only reason to continue dragging the details of Amanda’s murder out into the public sphere is to work towards a world where we can ensure that what happened to Amanda doesn’t happen to other women (or men, for that matter).  Any other reason seems kind of sleazy.

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