Rally @ Noon, Phoenix Park: America’s Christians Coming Out of the Closet to Openly Practice Their Religion

Hundreds of millions of terrified and persecuted Christian-Americans will rally across the country tomorrow against the totalitarian Obama regime and its government mandate that no one any where be able to think any thoughts about G-d or Jesus Christ’s latter day resurrection.

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Here in Lexington, expect to see at least one hundred thousand brave Christians emerge from the shadows to take back their streets. They have been persecuted and villified and they are now, finally, fighting back:

Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom, Lexington Kentucky
Stand up for Religious Freedom!

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Join us in Lexington, KY as we fight President Obama’s HHS Mandate with the “Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom,” along with over a hundred cities on March 23 at Noon.

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* Exactly 237 years to the day before our March 23 Rally, American patriot Patrick Henry delivered his famous speech with the concluding line, “I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!”

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Rally is being held in Phoenix Park, Downtown Lexington.

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There’s another rally in Owensboro, if you are too lazy to come to Lexington. It features a letter from Congressman Brett Guthrie who couldn’t be bothered to attend, recalling the old saying:

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First they came for the Southern Baptists,
and Brett Guthrie just sent a letter.

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