Occupy Rand Paul? Senator comes to UK, Friday, 4PM

As mentioned last week, Rand Paul is coming to the Next Great University on Friday to talk about stuff.

The Junior Senator (and next Vice President of the United States of America) will be in the Whitehall Classroom Building, room 106. His talk starts at 4PM.

Whether you want to protest him, bear witness to his jellied hair or just listen quietly to the dude’s golden nuggets of wisdom, Rand Paul is your Senator and he’s there for you.

The good Occupy Lexington folks are planning to show up — it’s on facebook — so you can join them, or you can go by yourself. Or bring friends. It’s your call because we’re all free individuals.

Will Rand do synthetic drugs live on stage? Will he call for the destruction of statist taxpayer funded education? Will he complain about the handicap-accessible doors on the front of the Whitehall building? Will he lament the civil rights movement? Will he talk about Henry Clay? Will he find some way to bring up slavery?

So many Will He‘s but there’s only one way to find out.

Enter and grow in wisdom, Lexington. He’s your Senator and he speaks for you (and sometimes money).

Via UK:

The event is free and open to the public. Visitor parking is available in UK Parking Structure #5, with entrances on South Limestone and South Upper Street.

(If you don’t know Whitehall, here’s a map/picture so you can find it.)

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